Ace It

photo 15I love this reading.
I asked what we collectively do NOW to prepare for the incoming October Full Moon Aries Eclipse…these cards point to simplicity of action prior to eclipse energies listed below.
Pluto is focal point in a T-Square with Moon conjunct Uranus and South Node opposing Venus, Sun and North Node.

Pluto points to metamorphosis, plain & simple – house Capricorn will be making things happen while Aries and Libra go head to head in peace talks.

This card is The Ace of Jewels, the first human decoration (Tarot of the Origins).
Skin is Saturn, which is also constructing.  
Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception – they ‘get’ each other.
Tag team metamorphosis.

Make it work.

What exactly do we make work ?

photo 16
Fountain of Water: Moon/Mars
Sin: Babylonian Moon God, (Elemental Tarot)

Purity of Love
Joy & peace & Happiness
Sudden birth of new feelings, awakening of emotional energy after a long period of control.

Overwhelming desire to express oneself and pour out deep feelings.

This reading is the epitome of simplicity.
Do work you love.
Make your love work.

Work yourself out now so you can more easily work together later.