good grief


Emotional energy is strong : 
– Mars at 29 Libra, ready to push off into Scorpio 
– Void Cancer Moon at 19; Mercury 17; and Venus 8

Deep Cancer roots and growth (or lack thereof) is in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.
They feel each other profoundly – juggling – the energies of emotional growth and/or restriction/ power or powerlessness back and forth to find balance.  We all feel it in a myriad of ways according to our individual circumstances/ transits/ chart.

photo 6
This little Charlie Brown tomato is a beef master.
I saw this little tomato in my garden, and I laughed.
Later, I cried because I identify with this sad little tomato on a pitiful little stalk who has given its all to produce one magnificent thing.  

Working 2 jobs, no vaca, single 10 years, hornmoanal, mysterious health issues, Saturn opp moon, plethora of Cancer, soopercranky Mars, fight with dude at work.  pffft.
This too shall pass.

All that is hard, but, I have this place, Gneiss Moon Astrology.
It brings me joy.
It is a boatload of work – but also happiness.

I wasn’t going to share this pitiful little tomato (that I carefully planted on the Cancer moon to ensure good growth) because it doesn’t speak very highly of my gardening skills of late.

This little vine proudly produced a tomato, it deserves a bit of spotlight, yeah ?!
Not every tomato in the world is going to be perfectly red, big and juicy, not every transit delivers sunshine and rainbows.

Not everyone has or wants big numbers, some are doing just fine doing what they can as fast as they can as well as they can for as many as they can.  

This void moon post is for them.
For us.
The Charlie Browns.

Grief can lead to good things via Plutonic shifts in perspective. 

I may not have the ear of thousands, but I have the ear of those who do.
Just keep swimming !

Love & peace & thanks to my loyal readers.


7 thoughts on “good grief

  1. That tomato picture is really very funny. Very Charlie Brown like. I can relate because many times I’ve planted things hoping for some huge robust fertility rite of plant growth going on. But yeah.. I can relate.

    • It is isn’t it….?
      Poor little thing, I’m gonna have a little ceremony when I eat it.
      I gotta lotta Romas, I gotta lotta Cherries – but bitty wee beefsteaks.
      Ah well…there’s always next year !

      • lol, yeah. Maybe the soil wasn’t right or something too. It seems like a lot for me to get the soil right.
        I love that cherry tomatoes can almost always be counted on to give out ton’s of little tomatoey gems. Whereas the beefs a lot of time need a little more in time and everything in general.
        Yep I always say to myself there is always next year when my vegetable garden hasn’t turned out how I planned.

      • Could be soil needs work, likely also because they went in late this year. I have 15 plants, so hopefully something else will crop up. ha
        thx, ya cheered me

  2. Great post. The more you share, the more similarities between us that I notice. My mars in Cancer, retro by progression, opposing Saturn is veeery cranky!I feel the same way about my blog that you do about yours. It is my baby and it is an honest representation of me. We are so lucky to have passions in this life a midst the toil and grief and cruelty.


    • Oy ! Dude I mentioned above has Mars on my Moon – sometimes good, sometimes not so good. lol
      I getcha – Zero to Supersonic Crank in a nanosec.
      I am glad you enjoyed my cuss & discuss bitch session.
      I try to keep them to a minimum, Saturn ruled ya know.
      I get tired of my pity parties Real Quick.
      I knew I liked you when I saw your random post generator. x

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