Camp Lemniscate

Peaks of JoyEnchanted Map Oracle

Quick Draw for incoming Cancer Sun opposite Pluto Rx on the 4th of July.
See highest manifestation above; message from Spirit, the crux – below.

Perspectives shifts !  Happiness and sharing of it.
Power planets meet and cooperatively share power – cyclically.
Recycling, reforming, regenerating.
Peace talks – what’s ours – between us.

StuckPluto busts a rut. 
Slowing down and looking around is most definitely Capricorn, ruthlessly chucking the outdated and useless is Pluto.

Empathy is Neptune + she sextiles Pluto from Pisces. 
Neptune, the wordless wonder.  You either get it or you don’t.  I get a feeling it might be time to cultivate more empathy.