set the MoOod


Venus in Taurus is a very strong comfortable placement for her, she rules the roost in this earth house.   Toro Venus loves money for the security and the luxury it brings. Soft fabrics, smooth sounds, sweet smells, fine wine, chef’s specialties have great appeal, for this Venus knows and demands quality.  They appreciate finery and finesse in their love relationships.

Toro Venus loves their pleasure (Venus) and they crave a calm, drama free comfort zone – space to zen out and relax – their peace of mind undisturbed, their Kasbah beautiful and harmonious.  Material security is important to them, as are the things they possess – don’t be juggling the family heirlooms they hold dear if you want to stay in good graces.

This Venus placement is kind, patient and understanding – to a point.  They can be far more patient than other Venus placements, but when pushed too far, they see red – you may as well forget stuffing that bull back in the box.  

While operating high qi, this Venus is artistic, friendly, sociable, they love to please others in their circle.  When operating low qi, this Venus can be infuriatingly possessive, stubborn and immovable.  They often border on overly possessive of their love partners,  and while very sensual, they find it difficult to reveal their deepest feelings.

Toro Venus is known for common sense, reliability, though they are often more than a little predictable.  They want to be courted, wooed and given lavish gifts – they are earthy and the material world is important to them.  Pleasing scents, voices, fabrics, and loving attention to their neck (Taurus rules) will set them into the mood very quickly.

Venus in Taurus vibration allows you to feel comfortable and secure, they radiate sensual appreciation of all the experiences this life has to offer.