cups overflowing

YemajaYemaja is the Nigerian Goddess of flowing water, bringing luck and fertility – her name means fish mother, hence the net for luck during fishing season.
Brazilian goddess Iemanja is the spirit of the ocean, bringing foresight, divination and psychic abilities.   Yemaya is the Yoruban Orisha, Goddess of the living ocean, source of all rivers.  The amneotic fluid inside the mother’s womb is also a sea where the embryo must transform and evolve (through a form similar to a fish) before becoming a human baby, in this way, she is Mother of all.

OlokunJames C. Lewis

Olokun is patron Orisa of the descendants of Africans that were abducted during the Transatlantic slave trade, aka The Middle Passage, or Maafa which means great disaster in Swahili.  This Orisa’s name is dervived from Olo (owner) of Okun (oceans) and can be called on to assist with future visions and enduring hardships with patience and grace.

Olokun is patron of unfathomable knowing – spiritual quests across lifetimes, psychic abilities, dreaming, meditation, mental health and water based healing. Olokun is one of many Orisa known to help women that desire children.

Venus in Pisces

Venusian cups overflow in Pisces.  
They are compassionate, genius artisans, sensitive to vibrations and highly intuitive.
Venus attracts – in this sign she attracts musicians, artists, poets and creators that spin their rich fantasy lives into magnificent manifestations on the material plane.

Venus in Pisces transcends, often through a painful process of separation from others.
Pisces naturally inclines to inclusiveness, leading the love sensitives to full immersion in murky waters of over-dependency or co-dependency.  They attract mysterious mystical partners who tend to be elusive themselves.

Hopeful romantics seduced by ethereal beauty of people and lush experiences, Venus in Pisces is often the martyred patron saint of doomed relationships.  They are born with rose-colored glasses, seeing love in everything and everyone – devastated if that love is not returned equally.  Choice of partner is of the utmost importance for this Venus placement – for they will unconsciously absorb many qualities and traits of their partner.

This tendency to immersion experiences is the tipping point for many Venusians in this sign.  Loss of boundaries and the incoming rush of feelings and vibrations from others is heady and intense, but often leads to a need to numb the senses when the noise outside of oneself becomes too overwhelming.

Here is where Venus in Pisces falls and rises like the tides with the feeling moon.
When seclusion is needed, silence craved, they can often mistake alcoholism, drugs, dependency on anything that stops the tidal flow of sensitivities as a good solution.

Tender psyche, feelings need poised reflection  +  boundaries set.

Forgiving others comes all too easily – devotion to forgiving oneself needs cultivation.
This placement of Venus also is known to have very strong angels guarding and protecting them throughout their lives.
When vibrating high qi – this placement of Venus is extremely compassionate towards all people, particularly the underdogs living in poverty without hope.  Here, in Pisces, this Venus rises and shines brightly – the light bearer for the spiritual sun – they excel at helping those less fortunate, for they see the beauty and grace behind the eyes of all earthkind.