Strength in Stealth

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Quick lunchtime read for current energies at play.
Intent: breakthrough insight, highest good for all readers

1. Galileo Galilei – Silver Astronomer *
Mars conjunct North Node of Destiny in Libra – powerful push towards destiny here via Venusian matters.

* Apt this card turns up as he recognized the phases of Venus + the 4 larger moons of Jupiter with his own landmark improvements to the telescope.  His work on heliocentrism was revolutionary – though sadly, he was accused of heresy, spending the last quarter of his life under house arrest, writing.
Galileo represents deepening awareness and perception, clarity.  This card signals getting right to the heart of Venusian matters in order to fulfill your unique destiny.  

Review your life plan.

2. Archangel Sandalphon – Divine Guidance
Cancer Jupiter Rx square Uranus in Aries – Here at home, hearth, heart we are learning what ideas need to break free, run wild.

Archangel Sandalphon watches over metaphysical and spiritual knowledge, call on this angel when communications need amplification.
Be open to new ideas, perspectives but not bound to them. (Cancer loves to cling and cling, Jupiter Rx heals via unlearning what we have learned)   Invention in tandem with old school methods that work well together.

3. Bael – Secrecy
Mercury Rx in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio – Old thought roads, revisited. Reinvention in progress, esp re: matters of deep partnership bonds and contracts with another.

Bael Element fire; planet, Sun.  
This is the most powerful card in the Fallen Angel deck, he guides in dreams and visions both waking and sleeping.  He is sometimes depicted with 3 heads: a toad (metamorphosis), a cat (stealth) and human (material matters).
Bael grants invisibility while orchestrating events.
Strength through Stealth.
Sacrifice of immediate recognition in order to achieve long-term ambitions.


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