photo 20Working with my hands, crunching numbers this morning a thought popped in.

What a fucked up way to begin year of the horse.  A man (Philip Seymour Hoffman) whose work I admire loses his battle with heroin addiction.  Heroin aka: horse.

I get messages from the other side all the time, so not wondering where he is, more what he would like to tell us in retrospect.
I decided to ask. I wanted to know.  Addiction sucks, been there.
So, this reading is in a nutshell what PSH would like to tell us.

Element fire, planet, Moon.  Aside from the obvious message of hope he delivers, this card indicates a need for his fans to refresh their spirits with art, music and poetry.
Make a new start, move on.  He encourages this, being an artist himself.

King of Arrows- Kingfisher
Bird of air & water, smart and creative, emotions keen, kingfisher dives into the water.  Arrows obviously refers to needles, this suit is intellect, but it is also strife.  He thought he had it, judged (the amount ?) correctly.  Mercurial thought conjoined Neptunian substances and illusion, this was sadly, not the case.

Bones of Blood
This card is attitude.  Any addict knows the user gets one after a long period of sobriety.  Starts getting cocky, thinking I can handle it now.   Been there.  This is a card of caution for other addicts, like me.

Be at peace, GMA

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  1. Philip-From the Greek name Φιλιππος (Philippos) which means “friend (fond, lover) of horses”

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