thrice benefic

photo-3Tarot of the Orishas

Intent: Highest vibe incoming from:
1 Jupiter Rx in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio
2 Fortuna trine North Node of Destiny
3 Spirit message, crux

1 Message of Water: Psyche of 3 parts (Jupiter rules 3)
– docile emotional (pale)
– rebellious appetitive (dark)
– rational represented by the driver
Middle path – rational thought and desires in equality, in tandem – integrity through balance

2 Oba:  Patroness of the River Oba in Africa
Jealousy drove her to cut off her ear and serve it to her husband in a delectable, magickal soup.  When he found out, he left her for another.  
You are wondering how this is fortunate ?
New Moon in Sagittarius is an open door – we begin to SEE clearly.

Moral – Oba closed her senses to rational thought – became overemotional, driven by desires she sought to control others instead of herself. 
Justice is incorruptible, not vulnerable to gifts of persuasion.
Oba is influenced by the card of balanced progress – beneficial, our outcome is.

3 Spirit: Ace of Fire: Obviously Leo, rules SUN
Vehemence, Vigor, Centrality – a leader able to undertake any challenges.

Set your intentions to success in all dimensions of space and time.
Happy New Moon in Sagittarius !

Monday December 2
New Moon 10 degrees Sagittarius
6:22pm CST, USA