Reception is Mutual Moon

doe_by_hoooook-d61w5d2doe by hoooook

Monday December 2
New Moon 10 degrees Sagittarius
6:22pm CST, USA

Mercury into Sagittarius
Wednesday 4
8:42pm CST, USA

Sagittarius New Moon/Sun trine Uranus Rx in Aries with Fortuna rising smack on the regenerative 8th degree Cancer ASC trine North Node of Destiny in Scorpio.  Not too shabby for a new Moon, eh ?

New Moon trine Uranus Rx in Aries delivers higher inventive mindscapes – changes ala the planet of electricity and synapses firing on all pistons.  Reflections on Mars, as well as innovation re: who, what, where, when and why to AIM your Arrows !
Pluto squares Uranus from Cap – this is the time of demolition, rebuilding, fixing, solving, streamlining, dispersing.  Know your w’s – – that is your intent. 

Sagittarius expands, explores, opens doors of perception – Jupiter, the greater benefic, rules.  Jupiter rules New Moon while Moon rules Cancer – the reception is mutual – the signal clear, crisp, co-operative.  Follow your heart as well as your head.

The sign of family, females and home walks hand in hand with the sign of philosophy, optimism and hopeSixth sense SEEs the big picture.  Jupiter Rx at time of Fresh New Moon Starts clearly defines where subconscious drives have tripped us up in the past.

Higher mind moving to oppose Pluto in Capricorn, count on re-thinking past responses – honing traditional/instinctual knee-jerk responses into higher, more sensitive, globally ethical realms.  Better balanced, harmonious, refined – as only Capricorn Venus can be.

Jumpstart Jupiter New Moon heals across the 1st – 7th house axis, aka self and other.  While trine Saturn in Scorpio, cut to the chase never felt so good – streamlining the mind-set to highest qi is primed and powerful.

Who am I 
what are we in the middle of the wheel on earth.

Capricorn Venus moves to trine Mars in Virgo – this is tangible earth with a kick of perceptual conceptual Scorpionic power as rocketfuel via sextile to Mercury in Scorpio.

What relationship do you desire to transform your perceptions of ?
Make it so.

Set your intention, plant your release with the new Moon or slightly after and your intention will manifest with the moon as she grows to full.

Late Scorpio Mercury is (out of sign) square Neptune /Chiron
Sag New Moon/Sun are also square Neptune/Chiron
If there ever was a time to shift perspectives into/onto higher realms – THIS IS IT !
We all know our trouble spots, where we fail, we are painfully aware of it – we can shift paths in a nanosecond.  Just as simple as changing our mind.  *snap*  

Our mind and heart and imagination are at the helm, we are the Captains of our ship.  This new moon mutual reception means BOTH Conscious and Subconscious selves are working together to DREAM BIG

Let’s work it people !
peace GMA