drawing down divinations

photo 4Mary-El Tarot

Quickie draw for current Sag Sun sitch – intent: insight, highest outcome for all.

Sag Sun trine Uranus Rx in Aries – 6 Cups: Archangel Uriel, the patron saint of artists and the arts – keys to the subconscious unlocked by going deep into spirit self for answers. Allowing the truth within to rise to the surface – that which is unique, innovative that can only rise form the wellspring of YOU.  Letting the creative spirit soar freely.
Willpower in the act of creation. Spirit giving of the heart, gifts of friendship, past highlighted as Uranus is Rx.

Sag Sun squares Neptune/Chiron in Pisces – Hermit: Hermit is a luminous being in process of assessment, contemplation and growth.  The enlightened soul on a spiritual quest, carrying energy as a baton or torch of knowledge passed from one soul to another – hermit lights the way for those who also seek answers.  Quiet healing and inspiration that illuminates from within, drawing down the divinations of the heavens.

Spirit Card, crux : Justice :  Grounding the heavens to the earth through intellect, balance.  Temet Nosce  The crux between chaos and order, seeing both sides clearly.
A light heart, sharp intellect, seeing the truth.  The esoteric inner vision matches the reality of the outer vision.  Fairness, balance.

Sun square Neptune/Chiron while trine Uranus Rx gives us the opportunity to hone and finesse our spiritual journey via tapping the high qi inspiration of Neptune, the philosophical study of Chiron, in tandem with the revolutionary thought inventions that strike from the vibe of the electric, eccentric planet.