List of Seven by Les EdwardsList of Seven – Les Edwards

Loving the quieting of the moon at the moment.  
Jupiter Rx in Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio.  
Quiet contemplation of emotional/family/home matters before Sun trots off into Sagittarius.

North Node trines Neptune and Chiron, both recently emerging from chrysalis retrograde with new tender wings.  Compassion, and the delicate relationship between hurting and healing is under the scrutiny of latter degree Scorpio Sun. 

Scorpio knows hurting and healing inside and out.
Scorpio Sun and Virgo Mars perceive the unique soul, the beauty laying in wait inside the human imperfection.   Jupiter Rx honors the sense of sympathy, Neptune the forgiveness, while Saturn anchors deep commitments through time, bonds, and patience.

Sun into Sagittarius
9:48pm CST, USA
Then our spirits light fire.


Seek not the favor of the multitude… But seek the testimony of the few; and number not the voices, but weigh them.

Immanuel Kant