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Quickie Read – focus on energies – insights !

1 Uranus – Two of Wands aka choice – in what actions to take because Uranus is in Aries.
Note: Mars in Virgo is opposite Chiron the wounded healer. – actions that lead to healing are spot-on at the mo !

2 Pluto/Saturnian energies – Naberius : Element, Water; Planet, Moon.  Completion. Standing guard between the realms of the living and the dead.  Wisdom in tandem with work accomplished – rewards to those deserving.   Samhain !

3 Solar Eclipse – Big love + protection while balance is in flux.  Intuition strong, follow heart.

4 Venus – Amdusias : Element, Air; Planet, Venus.  Harmony.  Mystical, enigmatic, feelings.  Let dreams and visions of the heart/mind guide you.  Coming together with like-minded souls for an adventurous new project.
Note: Venus is a free agent in a few (without major aspects when Moon glides into Libra tomorrow 7:22am CST).  Sagittarius drapes her in luck.

Happy Scorpio Eclipse 
Uranus Rx square Pluto
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