weird, wild & wooly

Friday 20
10:29am CST, USA
Pluto stations direct
8 degrees 59′ Capricorn

Pluto will then begin to close the square to Uranus Rx in Aries – becoming exact at 9 26′ degrees on November 1st.  
This square is followed by a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Scorpio on the 3rd of November (more on that later).

Pluto stations are weird, wild & wooly – energies are shifting, finding their groove.

Energies shift while Pluto is square Moon/Uranus in Aries; also square Mercury in Libra.
Think twice, speak once – because Mercury is also square Jupiter in Cancer.
Feelings will be strong, power will be shifting and obstacles will need to be overcome.

Thinking and speaking about feelings, with family and friends with fairness and patience is key.
Eye on actions/speech that enhances balanced outcomes – be creative, fun and full of heart.  Aries Moon/Uranus trine Leo Marsfire signs inspire !  
Work this. Game ON ! 

Avoid power-trippy fit-throwers ::: they are not facing themselves, instead are blaming others.
Cultivate and channel your inner strength and zen poise.  All you have learned during this Pluto retrograde cycle is coming forward to bear new growth outwardly.  Deep psyche insights fill our mojo bags, we see our course and are ready to dive in and work it !
Use what you have learned to launch new healing as Venus in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces.
Water to Water . . . deep feelings released . . . shared slowly, with care.

More later
peace GMA

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    • You are so welcome, Cyn.
      I am Virgo-ing out – jettisoning compiling, cleaning…psychically (pictorially) warned (verbally) cat there are incoming new critters visiting in the morn – ha HA !
      Won 5 bucks at bingo Boogie.
      BOOGIE was the clincher !
      I popped 3 and won 8 WoOohOoO

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