Thursday 19
Pisces Full Moon
6:13am CST, USA

Friday 20
Pluto stations direct in Capricorn

Sunday 22
Mabon (Fall equinox Northern Hemisphere)
Sun into Libra


Pisces Full Moon at 26 degrees (opposing Sun in Virgo) brings illumination to house Pisces and the matters that house rules in your natal.
Balance between feeling higher spiritual awareness, the deep cosmic seas, and how to improve the manifestation of them on the material plane.
Spiritual made practical.
The mundane and the transcendent reached by the simple daily chores, routines.

Before enlightenment, chop wood carry water.
After enlightenment, chop wood carry water.
Breathe in, breathe out.

Neptune Rx (ruler of Pisces) conjunct Chiron Rx in Pisces are both in harmonious aspect to North Node, Saturn (both 8 degrees) and Venus (9 degrees) in Scorpio.
Balance between Future/Past is found by delving deep into the psyche, recognizing what is efficient (Virgo) and working, and what is restrictive (Saturn) without purpose and needs to go.

Pluto direct will jettison the feldercarb.
Bumpy ride for house Capricorn with stationing direct, certainly near +/- 8 degrees.

Foundations of house Scorpio and Capricorn have been in a phase of mutual metamorphosis for many moons.  Understanding and support via mutual reception – aka: culling the outdated, outworn; building stronger new foundations from the wreckage.

Pisces Full Moon is a call to awareness of service to others, as well as service to self – care of the physical vehicle. (Saturn)  This includes mental, emotional and spiritual health as well. (Of course [mistyped curse] the day I wrote this, I was laid horizontal with illness.) 

How rocky are the tides of emotion we drift upon ?
How well do we analyze (Sun Virgo) balance of our life’s work – with our work life ?
Moon reaches full across the ASC/DC axis –
Self / competition vs. Other / teamwork are in peace talks

Venus conjunct Saturn and North Node of Destiny turns the restriction screws to love, money, women, relationships – all are feeling weighty, serious and they are meant to teach hard lessons, pushing us into our future.  
Karma is in the air revolving around all these things.

Libra Mercury square Cancer Jupiter – Communication breakdown ?! – whoa.
THINK about what you are hearing that flips your emo triggers off the deep end.

eg.  Racial slurs will set me right off – as will sending me news of a birth with deets to “practice on’.  Fair Warning.  When Moon in Toro patience finally pops, you’re gonna get it and good – obviously, I don’t need a lot of provocation to step on my Sag soapbox.

Squares mean finding the tension inside and working to release the pressure.
Find balance between teaching and learning; speaking and listening, traveling and staying close to your hood.  

Do you need to Raise your thought bar HIGHER ?
I think about it often. (Saturn Rx in 3rd.)
I turn my other cheek plenty . . . then one day I don’t.

Consider Toro South Node what we are collectively moving away from.
Interesting as that puts Venus, Saturn and North Node of Destiny in Scorpio opposite Toro and South Node in a Venus-ruled sign.

Transformation of POWER via Love, Money, Balance

peace out