express lane


Moon in Sagittarius
Uranus in Aries
Mercury, Sun in Leo

Venus into Libra
Friday 16
10:37pm CST, USA

Hyperdrive fire sign rebirth !

Uranus in Aries pings eccentric electric charges across all early fire signs 12 degrees or less and that includes emo moon for the next twenty-four hours.  

Something on your mind..?
Set it on fire and let it out – Moon moves to trine Uranus, Mercury, then Sun.
Octaves of communication are feeling harmonious and can be full of fun surprises while emotions light the fire !  Hot to trot to communicate – ? – be creative !
Fire sign trine incoming will move that water trine into high gear onto the expressway

Venus is free agent until in Libra – she will need to analyze, operate hi qi refined integration  late degrees Cancer and Scorpio are called to build harmony into work via service or self-improvement, think twice, speak once.

Feelings are locked and loaded – brash, courageous and passionate with an *intuitive compassionate water trine* lurking low as an undertow. 
Compassion hand in hand with courage. 
*This helps curb foot in mouth disease.*
Coming from a Mars in Sag ‘I can’t believe you just said that !’ girl, it IS worth noting.

Be aware while the greater goodness is gearing UP
Moon will square Chiron
preparation meets opportunity – the healer is also healed

internal dialogue forces changes – you are driven to PRO actively heal

Feelings acute, the will to progress, make it work !
wounding / healing – bought upon you, and that you have delivered
study / mentorship – qualifications and charity
suffering that seems unending – to all things a season, purpose

Go for the gusto