Static in the Attic

Soft Wing by Jessica M Sanders

This morning, a thank you for my lovely readers for showing up and letting me know that what I write here is helping you light your own path.  (deep bow)
A friend who contacted me directly astutely noted that through the revelations of other astro-fiends and their natal chart difficulties, learning and understanding is shared and understood by those who are on the same vibration, wavelength aka similar planetary placements.  We are giving each other a hand up.

Lately, Uranians are my touchstones. 

Touchstones are stones used to identify precious metals or physical or intellectual measures by which the validity or merit of a concept is determined.

It occurs to me this is an interesting play on words/concepts. ( I am a late ’67 Virgo with Sun conjunct Uranus/Pluto – as the square heats up, I do as well.)

Toro is sensate, Moon is exalted here
(Merc, Mars, Sun, South Node, Venus in Taurus now – New Moon/eclipse on the way)
Saturn rules earth, the body, tests
(opposite Toro in Scorp – Rx, with North Node)
Mercury rules crystals and communications
(coming to conjunct everything Toro; oppose Saturn Rx)
Uranus rules piezoelectrics
(squares Pluto; Moon in Aquarius)

Piezoelectricity (pron.: /piˌeɪzoʊˌilɛkˈtrɪsɪti/) is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (notably crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins)[1] in response to applied mechanical stress.
See Liquid Human Crystals.

I am Capricorn rising; Pluto Rx is in my 1st (self) opposite everyone else in 7th (other) square Uranus in Aries (again, self and competition), which is obviously causing a great deal of self renovation via stress from dealing with fuqwit whiners from across the wheel in Moon-ruled Cancer.

As my Uranian friend astutely noted – too much static in the attic from the internet.
(My Moon opposes Nept/11th and trines Sun/Ur/Plu in 9)
We were experiencing many of the same problems, we have sensitivity skills others don’t, so we both unplugged. We are wild – we piss people off just by sucking air – by nature of being ourselves. Trying to be ‘nice’ and fit in is just that – too trying.

When my oddball friends (whom I love dearly) tell me things like: “I hear my dead uncle talking to me”, or “my reiki  practitioner saw sparks shooting off me”, or “when I get pissed off, my electrical equipment shorts out”, or “birds surrounded me and it was a message”, or “why am I waking up at 11:11 every night”, or “I saw my electricians future job offer”, I don’t bat an eyelash because it is par for the course with us.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

When I obliquely speak of my experiences with time, I am called a liar, an attention seeker, or my personal favorite, crazy.  …yaaawwn…  How predictably tired that label is.  Notably I am called this by those without the cachucha/cojones to do so to my face.

I am not widely popular, haven’t ever been – Uranian enough to not really give a rat’s.
Note: it does piss me off when others wrongly assume I am incapable of seeing through insecurities swaddled in a self-righteous blanket of ignorance, or transparent dialogues rife with jealous tree-pissing.

For the record – I don’t expect anyone but those directly involved to understand my experiences, and I am fully aware they / we may not wholly understand it yet, either.
Hey, my freak flag is admittedly, proudly flying sky high but know this.

I am honest.

Life is a learning process – I am a multi-Virgo with a packed 8th house, thankfully still sucking air, turning all discerning eyes toward the infinite web of life that surrounds me.
I don’t know everything – far from it.

I am watching and learning and listening intently.
I learn far more by what is actually happening than what others SAY is happening.

As the square heats up –
May 21 Uranus Pluto Square exact – 11 degree Cardinals alert via squares
Ponder this…

House Capricorn is the Volcano

House Aries is the Magma
House Scorpio is our paydirt – Rebirth from the depths of death


2 thoughts on “Static in the Attic

  1. Uranians united.. don’t we all fly the freak flag? Internet static is just that.. static. Watching the noise is way more fun than listening and tuning into it. Keeping a distance helps us NOT to absorb the static, but rather view it and move on. Lots of lessons to be learned in the static.. Thank you Gneiss for pointing out that life is an individual ride but its sure fun to have tight bonds with friends who WANT to go along for the ride for the fun of it.. not to dampen the spirit of the journey but celebrate it with you. I for one am sure glad I’m along for the ride. I think you rock.. in a POSITIVELY CHARGED way… XO

  2. Thank you !
    I feel your positivity as well !
    I was sticking with a situation waiting for the lesson that I knew Pluto in first trine natal Moon would deliver.
    I prefer the company of men, or very strong independent women.
    I chose critical thinking, honesty, honoring those who honor me in return.
    So many falsehoods in the static, scads of emo wrangling, rampant hypocrisy – very little critical thinking.
    I am far happier without all the noise.

    The phrase “Real Life’ is such an idiotic, overused misnomer.
    :::: ALL LIFE is energetically connected ::::
    :::: Where thoughts go, energy flows ::::

    When I am being misaligned, I feel it – regardless of the physical distance.
    I am sensitive to distance (see time above) with Sag Mars Q Uranus in my packed 9th trine sensate Toro Moon. Neptuner in 11th as well . . . too much incoming – filter in place – lock and load.

    Hive Five my Uranian friend ! xo

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