Aces High

Pulled this whammy combo on the night of January 17, 2012.
Had to go back to Mystic’s to find exactly when.  I knew I talked about it, I was that shocked – I had to spill it to peeps who would get it asap.

I take pictures of tarot reads like foodies take pictures of meals – literally thousands of reads I have done for myself to document my life.  My form of a diary, I suppose.  It also happens to be THE BEST WAY to TEACH YOURSELF TAROT.
Do daily draws; synthesize.

As you can imagine, my jaw dropped when I turned up ALL FOUR ACES because out of millions of reads this is the first time all four were in the same spread.  My Virgo brain tilted – thoughts spinning – who or what is on its way to me ?!

Many of my readers are readers themselves, so I’m not going to interpret it.  I will say we dovetail, our work is similar and I know this is why I dreamt of two people strolling out of the heavens chatting away totally immersed in conversation despite the crowd of family around them.  I told my friend, Mo (Wild Woman) about it as I was also getting information meant for her in this dream.

This spread above is ACES HIGH.
The spread I got many, many moons ago was quite different.

It was completely unnerving for another reason altogether.  I do not have a picture, it was before the prevalence of cell phones and digital cameras.  I can remember it clearly, it was using every single card in the deck, I am pretty sure it was called the Gypsy spread in the book I had at the time.

The last row of cards descended in numerical order 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-Fool-DEVIL.
Trust me, you wouldn’t forget it either if you were a reader.  It was a portent of much evil incoming that turned my life upside down akin to Odin hanging from Yggdrasil.  Only nine days turned into YEARS.

I mentioned my PROMISE in a former post, I am almost done, and with each step I take forward, my life improves – as reflected in the cards I draw.

peace & love