Quick one card draw from The Psychic Tarot Deck by John Holland
Intent, clarity into Aries season with most benevolent outcome for all.

Both cards chosen (spirit card indicates crux of sitch) are Majors indicating POWER.

Listen to the symbols unfolding all around you – pay attention to the non-verbals:
body language, omens, synchronicities and hunches your gut calls you to follow.
Watch the plant and animal kingdom, direction of the wind, rocks on your path.
Listen to your dreams – day & night -keep a journal to invite them into your memory.
Seek the answers within, let your conscience be the compass pointing your head.
Aries is focused, single-minded – remember to be open to alternate routes to goal.

Spirit card
Remain connected to source; the higher power that binds the universe together.  Singular progress – harm none – benefits the whole of the species, raises the vibration.
Keen awareness of self-limitations, roadblocks that are doubts, fears and addictions thrown into your path to test you, your convictions.
Moderation in all things, even moderation.