Pranava is the original vibration (Uranus rules vibrations) of the universe that is dancing your life into being. If you feel a resonance calling you back to your inner nature, to the Source of creation, then you have the seed of dharma or wisdom.

To re-establish the balance between the inner and outer worlds is what the Buddha called the middle way, and what Aristotle called the Golden Mean, what Lao Tsu called the silent balance between Yin and Yang. 

For those asking how yantra and mantra meditation works…
A yantra or mantra is a tool or mechanism for awakening inner energy and consciousness simultaneously. The mantra is simply the audible form of the visual yantra- the two are not separate; it is only our senses that filter the vibratory world.

Simply be fully present and conscious, while at the same time removing all resistance to the phenomena you experience (gross and subtle sensations, visuals, sounds, thoughts, emotions, etc.). Do not try to DO anything, think anything or make anything happen, but observe reality as it actually is with a still and unmoving mind. This combination of presence and surrender to what IS, is the essence of meditation.
Same peeps who did Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds below, created this.
Note: Text above (aside from Uranus rules) is theirs.

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