divining the sworld

Amnesty International

Amnesty is rooted in the greek word amnestia (amnesia stems from the same root). Amnesty is a pardon extended by the government to large groups of people.

Neptune rules Pisces, the 12th house of imprisonment.
Neptune is suffering and transcendence.

Pardon and forgiving is Venus, the stem.

Higher octave is Neptune, the root.

Venusian (personal) love is a stem of the cosmic root; Neptune (source) love.
We are here to grow on earth, branch from the root, learn by experience.

Earthbound love – I HAVE unBALANCEd DESIREs  
(you are mine, I am yours)

Cosmic love – I BELIEVE that LOVE creates HARMONY.
(justice is Just Us)

Venus rules Libra
Saturn (Karma) is exalted in Libra, bringing Balance to the Scales of Justice.

Equalization :: Love and Harmony

Mitakuye Oyasin
All My Relations
One Tribe


When imprisoned, immobile, the sworld catches your attention.

I left that misspelling…because that is exactly how it is.
When the worlds swirls . . . minutiae beckons.

Desperation (Saturn) meets innovation (Uranus).
Cosmos (Pisces) meets (Virgo) microspace.
Seconds of divinity are plucked from an ocean of time.

Squares to Pisces land in the houses of travel (ouch); trines are in water – metamorphosis (Scorpio) through caring (Cancer) for another life.

Piscean prisoners seek awareness, compromise, redemption, through the (reflection/opposition) of Virgo.

Balance through Opposites
The Wound and the Healer.
Isolation and transcendence.
The prisoner and the pet.

Virgo rules pets.
Have you ever thought about how many inmates in prison stories have pets..?

– Bird Man of Alcatraz
– Brook’s crow, Jake in Shawshank
– Mr. Jingles the mouse in Green Mile
– Litmus pet mouse in Escape from Alcatraz
– Max’s cat in Midnight Express

Spider freely spins a microcosmic sworld – while the prisoner, trapped… watches, contemplating his micro sworld.  Each separately building one moment on top of another and another and another and another and another.  They become friends passing the time, doing their daily routines (Virgo) together.
Helping each other heal.  Pisces / Virgo axis.

Life is Life.
All life deserves respect, the freedom to live, explore and seek happiness.



Venus rules forgiveness and navels – entering.
Neptune rules accomplices, meditation, third eye – departure.




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  1. Wish I had come across this sooner . But information probably reaches us when we would find it relevant.

    • I agree, information arises when we are most open to receive. I have found the old adage true in my life.
      :::When the student is ready the teacher appears:::

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