Moon into Scorpio
11:33pm CST, USA 

Waning Moon into Scorpio moves to conjunct Saturn Rx, North Node; bringing desires, deep sea soul – emo mining into penetratingly high inward focus.  North Node in Scorp is partnership bonds and the future of them, consider where you are headed – alter emotional course if need be.

Scorpio Moon will trine everything Pisces in turn one after another: Neptune, Venus, Chiron, Sun, Mercury Rx, Mars.  Water to water – so expect deep regenerative emotional states, intuitions, powerful day/night dreams into high gear.  Circles are coming back around.

Healing is hi qi use of this energy; emo power control issues is obviously, low.

Heightened emotional perceptions while Venus closes the square to Jupiter in Gemini.  Emo wranglings are on our minds, begging to roll off the tongue – how freely do you want (Venus sextile Toro) to share the depths is the question.  Jupiter in Gemini wants conversational largess, always – though Pisces is subtle, Scorpio sneaky.

Be creative.

Leo and Aquarius overcome emotional obstacles; Virgo and Capricorn have emotional opportunities; Toro goes head to head in emo peace talks.
Moon into Sagittarius
Sunday 3:11pm CST,USA