Martians have landed


My progressed Mars is conjunct Moon in Capricorn, square Saturn in Aries this is my nine (culmination, working tail off) year and my timely North Node of Destiny is powering HULK SMASH in natal Aries 4. 

This recent Venus / Uranus opposition triggered my chart.  Transit Uranus Rx is applying trine to natal Mars, while transit Pluto applies to natal 3rd house Aries Saturn Rx (which trines natal Mars).  Transit Pluto is also applying to progressed Mars.

One factoid randomly pitched in conversation, my ex replied with something he most probably and completely stupidly thought was innocent – and I saw RED !

I’ll spare you the details, but know the cycles of life are teaching me how to operate my own Mars by pitching me Martians and their antics / teachings at every turn.  North Node activates around 40 + years, and my Mars is burning tread around every corner.

Crazy times !!
This astro is forcing growth on all of us, take a break and sit on the bench – you’re UP to bat again soon.

Play ball !

2 thoughts on “Martians have landed

  1. Take a break…you are up to bat again soon!

    I love this succinct piece of advice…tickles me no end. 😀

    North Node activates around 40+? Why? Is it because of the return.

  2. 40 + we finally get a clue ?! 😀 HA !
    Seriously though – Nodes around the entire zodiac once (Rx) in roughly 18 years, twice that is roughly 40. I figure the first go around is a test run – by 40 we’ve figured out SN past habits bite – second go around we have found our true life path, we suck it up, dig in and fulfill our NN Destiny.

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