A Wealth of Endings

Spirits by Karoo Ashevak  (Inuit, 1940-1974)

Dude looks how I felt yesterday. 

I purposefully kept my mouth shut during void Cancer Moon – Cancer Moons square my Saturn and Mercury.  Is kinda one of my ‘up yours’ transits – I have learned to post poetry or music, not spill the whine all over the page. Mars is currently in my house of Mars (Sag), so I have a ton of energy, but also a hair trigger temper, which Cancer Moon was irritating. 

So YaY ! 
Moon into LEO so all those natal Sag planets out there get a trine wheee !   She is also moving to trine Uranus in Aries, so a boho emotional boost from the Marsy sector is on the way from your Aries house.

Keep working that Scorp Saturn trine Pisces Neptuner – this is the primo aspect for manifesting dreams into reality.  Work is fixed and building, and inspirations are mutable and shifting. 

Sagittarius Mars square Pisces Chiron is our opportunity to actively research personal healing methods, gather knowledge and crack our codes.

If you feel your stores of knowledge will help others, then disperse !  
It is the Way of the Centaur.

My Chiron is in Pisces 3 trine Neptuner in Scorp 11th. . . research of healing, astrology, metaphysics and Mercurious Alchemy transformed into the written word.  Present.

What makes you tick
How do you grease your gears
How can you streamline your rocket engine
emotionally ? 
physically ?
spiritually ?

Whatever is of USE, feels good and keeps you happy and healthy – do more of it. 
If it (desire) drags you down, physically, emotionally or spiritually – then LOSE it already !

Hone your power !

Be patient with your Capricorn and Scorpio houses.
They are being forged and hammered into a new shape.

Wealth of Earth is experiencing an Emotional Ending.
Micro and Macro.

Transformation. Metamorphosis. Regeneration. 

Discipline. Concentration. Building.

Peace out space trippers ~

4 thoughts on “A Wealth of Endings

  1. Yep, I am feeling the love and inspiration here as well. I have little fire so it is always good to put myself in front of the flow. Mmmm, toasty!

    • I am feeling my Mars on Mars transit, firey flow is forcing forward HO !
      Flew through a mountain of chores, cut myself, with Sag Mars righteous indignation in full swing – popped my Saturnian cork re: the media.
      situation normal. lol

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