Moon Man


Apollo 11 mission in 1969.  I remember watching this, enthralled.  I was nearly two.  I couldn’t quite grasp how they got up there and I wanted to get up there too.

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon died today.

Neil was a Leo Sun, Gemini rising with Mars in Gemini (strong, Mars rules the first house). Mars rising – North Node of Destiny and Uranus (in the 11th, strong it rules) also rising, both in Aries – radical pioneering vibe.

Mercury, his chart ruler was in Virgo (strong, it rules) tightly conjunct Neptune – both in trine to Moon in Sagittarius.

Mercury rules walking, Neptune rules dreams, Sagittarius thighs and exploration – and Moon is right there in Sagittarius trine both.  Very cool.   Neptune is often prominent in the charts of astronauts, it being the sea of cosmic space.

Saturn is in Capricorn (strong, it rules) on the eighth of mysteries, the unseen and research.  Also Saturn = earth man !

Jupiter is quintile North Node of Destiny in Aries on the 12th cosmic house – large scale exploration was his destiny. Moon and Jupiter are in mutual reception (in the sign the other rules) for excellent communication and energy exchange between the two Venus- ruled houses, the second and the seventh.*


The Apollo landing was on 7/20/69.

At this time, transiting Venus * was conjunct Neil’s natal Mars in Gemini while transiting Pluto was applying to Neil’s natal Venus in Virgo.

By transit, Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct and just into Venus – ruled Libra at 0 degrees.  Zero degrees of any Cardinal sign is a critical point and signifies an explosive outpouring of energy !   Jupiter is expansion and Uranus the strange or unusual – first guy to go walking on the moon overqualifies, yes ?!

Also a whammy pile up of planets (Pluto, Moon, Jupiter conjunct Uranus) were  transiting through Neil’s 5th house, which is the natural house of Leo = fame.
Mars had just crossed Neil’s Descendant axis and was in the Venus – ruled seventh house.

Pretty amazing chart for an amazing fellow.
Be at peace, Neil. . .


Here is a recent post, dewdrop with groovy NASA space flight vids in honor of Neil.