micro epiphanies


Last night I was deep in thought staring at my natal chart
::: brilliant epiphany :::
I have been studying a new form of divination
forming my own intuitive impressions on keywords.
Then it hit me.

Thunder & Lightning

It’s how I think  ::: how I KNOW 

Virgo Sun (epiphany) conjunct Uranus (knowing, lightning) Pluto (BOOM)

The natal chart can be interpreted just that easily.

BOOM Strike !

In one sentence
I described my 8, 9, 10 house aspects
in relation to the person who is involved with that house in my chart


6 maybe 7 words encapsulated the whole thing
It’s ::: BIG :::  
but i tucked it into a nutshell – how cool is that ?

I love it when the pieces

fall. right. into. place.

micro – macro
interpretation methods : keep it simple
build up the spiral from there
sacred geometry

Astrology IS a study
it is

:: l a y e r e d ::

flip your difficult chart aspects

like vinyl to the B side
to show genius backdoor alleyways 

out of the very same difficult aspect




2 thoughts on “micro epiphanies

  1. Thank you, ~
    I LOVE that the chart is “multi D”.

    I like to look at the aspects with lenticular vision. I didn’t go into detail above because another is involved. I will go through my Saturn layers in the next post as an example of layering.

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