Sun, Mercury, Mars in Taurus. Capricorn Moon, Saturn in Virgo.

Very grounded.

 He was electrocuted onstage in Florida in December of 1976.
Ace nearly died – yet he finished the show.
Earth peeps do have stamina.

Transiting Uranus (electricity) in Scorpio opposite Taurus stellium.

Transiting Saturn Rx (delay / also in this case, ungrounded metal) conjunct natal Pluto (death) in Leo, square natal Mars (accidents) in Taurus.

Transiting Pluto conjunct (4 degrees) natal Neptune (which quintiles natal Venus) in Libra.

 Transiting Sun, Mars, Neptune opposite natal Venus in Gemini (polarities / pairs).

Transiting Venus in Aquarius (electricity, polarities) square natal Mercury (rules Gemini/ hands) in Taurus.

Aces in the hole.

Ace had Sun (life, benefic) transiting his solar 8th house (death).
Transit Venus (benefic) in the house of Aquarius (electricity).
Transiting Jupiter Rx (luck) was re-applying to his Taurus (Venus rules) stellium; natal Jupiter quintiles natal Venus (both are benefics).


Jaan Uhelszki, one of the founding editors at Detroit’s legendary Creem magazine interviews Ace. (full story linked below)
J U: You were electrocuted in 1976 in Lakeland, Florida. Was that before or after you wrote “Shock Me?”

A F: Before; that inspired [“Shock Me”]. That’s something like Paul and Gene don’t even talk about because they don’t want me to get any press about it. And that was a big thing—I almost died. It was a pretty traumatic experience. I mean, I had burns on my fingers. I was knocked out. [My then-wife ] Jeannette was there and I think she had a premonition about it. It was very weird.

Were you any different after you were electrocuted?

I don’t think so. A few days after I was nervous, because I remember reading that … some guy got electrocuted and he died two days later. So I’m saying, am I going to die two days later? Because that was a bad shock.

Was it painful?

Yeah. I mean, I knew it for an instant and then I blacked out. I woke up behind the amplifiers. I said, “I can’t play.” Then the fans started chanting my name and I finished the show. But I had no feeling in my hands. I don’t know how I even did it. I guess it was all *adrenalin. (source)

[*Ace had transiting Mercury (hands) trine natal Mars (adrenaline) in Taurus (stamina).]