onward through the past

. . . is the slogan on my favorite record store.  Ancient hippies, perpetual incense and music I haven’t heard before, I love it.

Dark Moon in Cancer swings up to square the  Mars / Saturn conjunction in Venus- ruled Libra while Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto Rx in Capricorn and squares Uranus Rx in Aries.

Doors are opening into the past.  

Major metamorphosis involving relationships, women, mothers, money, exchanges of energy and love, dynamics around work, men and how to balance past and present are all in hyperdrive ~>

What do we choose to molt, shed, or cleanse ourselves from ?  

Deep well of psyche is reached during Cancer dark moon.

Primal instincts take over.
We shelter and cocoon, germinate underground.  We follow our gut.
(Cancer rules stomach)

Cancer is the womb and the tomb.

This T-Square is a call to reach deep within, identify old feelings and jettison those that do not serve our highest good.

Cancer rules Moon and fluctuation, she pulls the tidal waters aka feelings in our physical bodies.

Think of yourself as Captain of your ship (body).

Your crew (cells) are depending on you to guide them well from the cradle to the grave.

Make it so.