Manifestation Station

We have a fun weekend in store !
Sun in the last degrees of Cancer brings feelings to a culmination point in that house.
Sun enters Leo Sunday the 22nd, 5:01am CST, USA

Sun will play with fire and join Mercury Rx in Leo.
Uranus Rx in Aries is fire, North Node also in fire – Sagittarius.

Mercury Rx trines Uranus Rx , is quintile Saturn … expect messages from the past, discoveries or radical solutions – especially when you least expect it.  Creative ideas, solutions, actions plans will unfold in front of you with this astro.

Mars trines Venus and Jupiter in Gemini so is it any wonder the chit – chat, even if only inner dialogue is pumped up and on steroids ?   Mars sextiles Mercury, so there is some real creative problem – solving to be found in the quiet moments – brainstorms will erupt ! 

What I mostly want to mention is this :  
Neptune Rx in super fresh Pisces home waters is the dream reality – our earthly link to the cosmos and vice versa.   This is the manifestation aspect – Mars action closes in on Saturn in Libra – which trines Neptune – Manifestation Station… !  

Dream it then BE IT !

Balance is circling & coming in for a landing ….

Make it so.
So mote it be.

blessings & peace

2 thoughts on “Manifestation Station

    • Close, but no.
      The artist may be Feli Devs ? (lower right)
      I can find no info, would love help crediting the artist !
      I love that she looks like she is manifesting lumos

      All the best on your manifestations too, mountainmae

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