Double Blessings

Titania’s Fortune Cards

Hi all
A quickie TWIN : NIWT reading for the globe in anticipation for what is in store for us globally as Jupiter moves into Gemini.  As always, my readings are done with the intent it will bring the highest good, the most benevolent outcome for all my readers, whenever it is read by you.

I am reading these from a global perspective, as that is how I framed the question:

Fox:  Sly, cunning. the enigma.  Possible duplicity, trickster energies at work and play.
Whip: Strife, tension and quarrelling caused by the former card.
Spirit card: Key: Success and overcoming obstacles, revelations bring ideas, solutions.

Welcome to Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries times.  Globally, we have been duped – big corporations pillage the Earth, lie to consumers, deal dirty under that table with rockstar politicos all for profit.  Globally, we the people want better solutions, alternative cleaner sources of energy, poisons out of our products, and more productive smaller marketplaces rather than big corp box stores.

Solution is to work together, to individually and globally be cunning in the global marketplace – shop smarter, vote wiser, conserve energy and resources, help stop the use of (disposables that are NOT disposable) plastics and poisons, while we protect our sources of fresh water and encourage free trade for local economies.  Wise use of media outlets via social networks to spread news of global events in a grassroots movement led by the people, for the people without big business bias.

Spirit card indicates that globally we are the key.  When we en masse decide to peacefully initiate change and be the wave of the future, spiritual guidance is behind us and beside us, guiding us to overcome obstacles in order to create a better, more balanced future.
Today at 12:23pm, CST, USA Jupiter leaves Taurus, moves into Gemini where it will join Venus Rx (which stations direct at 7 degrees on the 27th of June, 10:07am, CST, USA) and Sun and South Node.

June 23 – Uranus square Pluto exact 10:19pm, CST, USA.

Expect something surprising to be revealed regarding a past love near the 25th, as South Node dovetails between Venus and Jupiter while they sextile Mercury and Uranus and trine Moon and Mars (also sextile Mercury).  Moon is quintile North Node nearing midnight on that day, this surprising news will reveal new paths of destiny.

May Jupiter into Gemini bring us all many blessings !
 Also, I would like to thank all my readers old and new, that have been showing up and reading here at GMA.  As Jupiter entered Taurus one year ago, I began writing here in earnest.  This effort turned into more than I bargained for in the beginning, but it has been incredibly rewarding, and I am happier for it.  I have met some really great new friends and learned so much just by showing up and giving it a go.  I thank you.

Yes, readings are coming as soon as possible, I am working on fleshing out the bones here, (I’m a Cap rising  with a Virgo stellium, ya know, lol) so I can concentrate fully on readings when that time comes.  Post on 3/9th houses coming over lunch or tonight.