Someone recently posed the question,  
“If you could talk to a hummingbird, what would you say ?”
My answer, “Nothing.”
I feel compelled to explain why.
Neptune rules spiritual intelligence, infinity, feeling mystically infused with the cosmos.
Neptune rules humming.
Neptune is my most highly aspected planet.
Neptune lives in my 11th house, the natural house of Aquarius.
Aquarius rules flight, birds.

The faster the bird -the more Uranian- lightning fast.  
Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, or speech.
Uranus is divine intuition.
ya dig ?
I wouldn’t have to say anything because hummingbird would already KNOW.
but I am going to tell you anyway

…you KNOW who you are…
amin mela lle

2 thoughts on “hummm

  1. Thanks much, Perianne
    Yes, I am beginning to realize how often birds deliver spirit messages…
    hawks, ravens, cardinals all kinds !
    I love it ~
    amin mela lle

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