creative expression

Mercury stations direct today at 7:43 pm CST, USA.
Mercury leaves the shadowzone (trail in the zodiac where it began retrograde) at 20’07 Sagittarius on December 31, 2011 at 11:00pm, CST, USA.

During stationary direct motion, expect a weird vibe as the planetary energies ‘build up’ to a release.  How much you will feel Mercury stationing direct is according to the aspects it makes in your chart, the more aspects, the more you will feel it.  Mercury travels fast, so I would expect a day, maybe two on either side of the station.  Caution is advised in speech and travel.  Sagittarius is known to be blunt and tell their truth, so yeah, keep mustard handy for that foot you’ll be eating later.  ha  Outer planets move slower and I have felt the ‘build-up’ as much a 5 days prior.  Shadowzone energies are finding their groove again, so give it time.

Retrograde periods are times of personal reflection and turning the eye inward to review, revise and revision our progress in life. Mercury retrograde in the fire sign of Sagittarius brings insights into creativity, passions, self-expression and the fire in the belly.  Where is your coiled snake rising, what fuels and feeds it..?  What do you see in your long term future, where do you want to expand your horizons, what do you want to learn, how have you changed your philosophy towards life…?