imageOcean Oracle

Question raised for insight leading to highest understanding, manifestation of New Virgo Moon planetary energies.

Virgo Sun: Giant Sundial
Virgo Moon: Candy-Stripe Tree Snail
(which only grows on one species of Haitian tree)

Patience is needed.  Slow, steady tracking of circumstances over time, coupled with a clever, observant mind will lead to intelligent organization and streamlining of home, properties and possessions.

Know where you grow.

imageVenus trine Uranus: Prostitute Venus Clam; Angaria Delphinula

Going through the motions, detached from heartfelt emotions.  Bartering leading to arguments or anger – intellectual perspectives on work, love, money and the energy exchange that takes place with all of them.

image Mars/Saturn conjunction: Sea Biscuit

Giving props to the Square to Leo Venus, this card indicates pride, being concerned about other people’s perceptions, craving external validation.  This card reminds that we must put our spirit, our needs first.  Self-respect is paramount, those attuned to similar vibration will arrive when one’s self is ‘centered’ in personal power.


Leo Venus square Mars/Saturn: Hieroglyphic Venus Clam, Foliated Thorn Murex

Pictorial communication, clarity arrives – a key to understanding.  You hold the key, the Rosetta Stone – breakthrough is imminent.  Review official forms, legal documents and contracts – spoken or written – shifts in perspectives arrive re: money, creativity, time, work, authority.


Leo Jupiter quincunx Pisces Neptune & Capricorn Pluto: Zoned Paper Bubble, Blue Mussel, Black-Lipped Pearl Oyster

Bubble mollusks indicate secrets.  They only eat while buried, in secret.  They empty the contents of their stomachs in order to fit in their shells.  This resembles human bulimia which is often a closely guarded secret. While normal in the molluscan world, bubble mollusks are hermaphrodites which in humans often remains secret.

Jupiter focal point indicates not only secrets, but also indebtedness (strings attached due to mussels slow, decisive anchoring movements) as well as altruism and trust.  

Venus rules gifts, and this New Moon chart – a need for perspective shifts re: balance, trade, giving and taking is indicated.
Look for the gift of beauty delivered from your greatest irritation – here lies the crucible.                

Your Pearl is secreted within.



17 thoughts on “Pearl

  1. thanks you for this post and showing me these wonderful cards. Are they readily available? Do you want to join in on my unofficial symbol challenge?

    very cool Gneiss 🙂

    • Yes, they are in print Author/Artist: Michelle Hanson
      Includes 200 cards/book, both tucked in a hard box with the two sturdy laminate foldouts pictured at the end, printed front & back.
      I highly rec !
      As far as the challenge, I’m not much on competition (other than with myself), but keep me posted.
      That’s a strong maaaybe. lol

      • It is not a competition, more of an exercise for folks to see where there intentions take them.So far I have yet to see my symbols except on blogs of those who read about it, lol.

        Yet, the idea is sparking interest and I think that is cool in itself 🙂

        I may get these cards, I am intrigued!

      • Sure, why not…post about it and I’ll join in. I do love these cards, as you can tell from my post, she forms divinatory meanings from the natural habits of the creatures themselves. She divides them into groups: interaction, behavior, name and appearance, intuition. I think you would enjoy it.

        I also have lots of shells I have collected, as well as skulls, feathers, rocks. If offered a free vaca I would choose mountains first every time, despite having a big Neptune… but I do absolutely love beachcombing for shells, and the sound of the ocean is like a sirens call to me.
        I’m glad you spurred me to pull out these cards again, thanks. x

    • I’m sorry I have to laugh, is your Sun/Mercury by any chance near 22 degrees because I am often left going huh? when we are communicating. I read that post and even commented, sheesh. I definitely need a vacation.

      I guess my comment re: signs would be I can’t stand German chocolate cake and my mother made it for my birthday more than once because she loved it. I have Moon opposite Neptune. That kinda sign ? lol.

      We finally got it straightened out and she quit making it, but then there was the tilted jello with whip + fruit phase, the greasy cabbage brussel sprouts stage. We had weird food power issues me and my mom. Yee gads, Toro Moon food horrors via strange mouth tastes/feels triggering the vomit reflex (moon afflicted in 4).

      I was happy to eat other vegetables, mind you – just not those particular ones. Many times I was left at the table alone ruminating a starvation speech with creepy cold cabbages that I couldn’t even coax the dog to eat.

      A funny Kate Beckinsale (Moon-Pluto) sushi quote comes to mind here. I’ll let you google it.

      This concludes my New Moon Virgo (Uranus) word vomit comet. HA

      • Sun 14 scorp Merc 16 scorp. Close enough??
        I have this conjunct Neptune so I am either inspiring or confusing 😉

        Good luck to you with this lunation new moon opp neptune -, geez near your Sun?
        I hate jello if that is any consolation. Also have moon in 4th, okay aspects but mars in cancer in 6th causes stomach drama, so let’s stop there.

        Feel free to participate if you are led, ok either way 🙂

      • Yes, your Merc close enough to my Neptooney by my standards.
        My natal Neptune is opposite my natal Moon.
        New Moon at 2 is wide, my late 29 Virgo Sun/Uran/Plu stellium.
        Much stomach drama here as well, though it has abated from what it once was, I am familiar.

        Yes, inspiring/confusing I totally get it.
        I did some (blind) vinyl divination from my late brother’s collection for you/us/everyone in celebration of what I first read on your page & in celebration of our Neptunes + the current Mars/Saturn conjunction above us.
        You’ll love it.
        Funny/odd, Scorpio is my 11th, my brother was mega Aquarius, and Venus is trine Uranus at new moon . . . so el signo, si ?

        Perhaps now would be a good time to mention Mercury and twins also. heh

  2. great song and video, love the Stones..

    colour me slow today ( where is your mercury lol) but I don’t see how this video corresponds with what you wrote about reading my page, our Neptuneyness, Mars Saturn in Scorp…

    Please elaborate!

    unless you mean that you like having Scorps like me as friends. I do enjoy having Virgos as friends, even said so on my latest post 🙂

    PS Mick looks good in his white pants.

    • hahaaa SEE ?! Then not just me. Hilarious.
      Next we try pictograms ?… mind meld ?! hee
      My Mercury at 20 Libra MC, yours loosely conjunct my Scorpio Neptune and closer to opposition of my 13 Toro moon.
      The first post I read on your page was a random via Han & Leia about vinyl divination, hence my choice to dive into my records again.
      Mars conjunct Saturn is men, in Scorpio – dead ones. (Particularly older men, my late brother was older than me.) Venus and Aquarius/Uranus points to friends, in our case female. Neptunes is a vinyl reference (plastic is Neptune) as well as music in general.
      I could get all weird and mention Mars/Saturn is conjunct my Neptune at the ‘pressing’ of this vinyl – type post…am I being too obtuse again ? haa Welcome to Virgo 9 satellite dish thinking. lol
      You said you wanted signs ! I can’t guarantee mainstream thought processes, but I do thank you so kindly for your patience. I have taken potshots lately from close-minded men who repeatedly test my patience.
      I am not surprised my/our comments are MIA, only makes this whole thing funnier to my notion. We have to work harder to find one another.
      Neptune much ? (Waves from across the wheel !)
      Summer Mick eh cute, winter leather Mick is teh sexeh !
      Although I am definitely a Keith girl, I have that Sagittarius radar thang.

      • Your mercury does not adversely contact me, but mine messes with yours. great astro references. My oracle is the radio, not vinyl, but I will let it slide 🙂

        I Neptune all the time, blogging to me is very Neptune, coloring outside of time and space,yet alone lines. I like Sag fine, but Keith is not my type. Jim and Brad yes and yes if Brad was less stuffy and Jim was alive!

        Mars Saturn stationed on my Mercury, Squaring my ascendant. Don’t get me started on 2014, can we fastforward to 2015 pulleaze??

      • I hear ya, 2 Uranus Pluto squares yet, ay caramba !
        Yes to Brad, yes to Lizard King. Toro Moons hmmm… Pondering days & nights of leather wear.
        A curious thing, that meandering sensate pathway…
        Happy New Moon ! !

  3. BTW your responses to my comments rarely make it to my site, some weird glitch I suppose but when I rummage through Comments I made, on my reader, they show up there.

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