O Captain ! My Captain !

robinwilliams_2_652_featured_photo_galleryRobin Williams

Terribly sad about Robin’s death today.  I mourn privately at home, but share my grief with those that knew him and loved him, as well as Robin’s fans the world over.

I fell for him immediately as a loveable, curious alien trying to figure out life, earthlings, and grow up in the process.  Robin was wacky and fun, full of life and over the top…all of which made his still waters and great depth all the more poignant.

I tweeted a Dune passage today about the universe, captioned it Pisces Moon.  I was thinking about how Virgo loves to organize thoughts and things to find and feel the sacred while its opposite, Pisces l e  t   s       g       o      .         .               .
It is a Pisces Moon, soon to go void of course for 21 hours, we will pause to reflect.

Dune quoteI am wowed by this choice of quote earlier, it seems a message because Robin had Pisces Moon tightly conjunct North Node of Destiny opposite Venus in Virgo.
South Node (always opposite N Node) was exactly conjunct Virgo Venus, making it a tough placement, for South Node is the past and has a restrictive quality to it, akin to Saturn.

There was always a lesson for the public (moon) in Robin’s work … how can we be more loving and kind ?  This is his feeling Pisces Moon in addition to Leo Mercury conjunct Pluto (powerful drama delivery) at MC from 9th (teaching) in trine to Jupiter (teaching) in Aries.*

He was a late degree Cancer Sun in the 9th, a sensitive teacher with Moon quintile Chiron.  Empathy and understanding for others was his path, for he also had Neptune (film) and North Node of Destiny quintile Chiron.  Chiron was the wounded teacher, herbalist, mentor to heroes, and Robin’s is in Sagittarius, well-placed in a teaching sign.

Neptune opposes Jupiter in Aries – both square a tight Cancer Mars/Uranus conjunction, making them dual focal points in a T-Square.  This is the wild and wacky artistic exuberance tailor-made to: first get rapt attention; then sensitively shape shift  viewer imagination into more creative, courageous, altruistic paths for themselves.*

This last Aquarius Full Moon that was difficult for so many with fixed sign placements was opposite Robin’s Pluto, meaning Sun (always opposes full moon) was exactly conjunct his Pluto. The luminaries squared Saturn in his first house of self, causing much self-review.

Such a beautiful soul, gone far too soon.

My heart goes out to all who cherish Robin…
… I celebrate the gifts of love he so joyfully gave us all.

In peace
Gneiss Moon

My highest respects are paid by sharing one of my most favorite scenes that perfectly encapsulates how I (and many others) feel by Robin’s passing into the next adventure…

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  1. Thank you, excellent post. Sounds like there were a lot of astrological things in play. I expected so. He will be very sorely missed!

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