Father of Logic

photo 2Elemental Tarot

How to hone in and best manifest highest energies of Saturn quincunx Uranus for all.

Caracasa represents Uranus in Aries – Apt as it is the Angel of Spring.
Fresh starts incoming lots of planets changing signs/energy, feels great – yes ?

We also see Sun and Pluto on the card a nod to not only Uranus square Pluto, but also Mercury coming to oppose Capricorn Pluto from Cancer.  Metamorphosis of both thoughts and feelings via another.
Bodies tumbling reflect the tower card in tarot – Enlightenment !
We SEE with our KNOWING sense.

This is an Air Card, the powerful Father (Saturn) King of Thoughts and Quick Decisions.  

He speaks the Power of the Spoken Word from his mouth, while others look upon, gaining wisdom and insight from the electric ether that is the electrical neural grid of all humans.  Power of magnetism – both to repel or attract – depending on your polarity.

Use sharp persuasion of logic, reason coupled with calm, cool, collection.

photo 3The Philosopher’s Stone

This one is Saturn energy and points to richness of materials and tools.
Elements are in place, all we have to do is USE them to the best of our abilities.
Note Pluto is holding fort in the Earth Element.
Metamorphosis of tangible things is in progress – visible.