Pluto rules power, force, struggle atomics, research, decay, the underworld, mining, anything rare or miraculous, psychoanalysis, transformation & rebirth, and is the ruler of Scorpio.

Pluto is small, yet very impressive…dynamite comes in small packages after all.

Pluto is direct on the 16th (two days).
In my natal, Pluto is conjunct my Sun/ Uranus and trine my Moon, and transiting Pluto is currently parked right near my Ascendant ….waiting….silently waiting.

Fun~ Not !
It’s a fuqin luminary party crash and anyone telling you Moon trine Pluto is easier than a conjunction, square or opposition…well just keep them the hell away from me right now…fair warning !
Pluto is Pluto, no matter how it blows up in your face, ya dig ?!

Pluto is now going to press down by square on my Saturn Rx in Aries, so hello headaches.  My Moon is in 4th, the natural house of Cancer, (rules the stomach) so yes, stomach issues again.  Grrr…have had years of this and am soOo Over It Already.
Yammering on, I know- sorry, sick and cranky…it will pass.

If you want to know how Pluto going direct will be working in your life, look to the house of Capricorn, where is it in your chart ? Expect a forward surge of energy there.
It will also likely be changing the house opposite (Cancer) and those square (Aries and Libra), look to these spots for answers.
What is your Pluto doing, what other planets does it contact ?

(Pluto is affecting all my angles so bitchy morning noon and night today, lol.)

The good news is…rebirth is imminent.

4 thoughts on “BOOM

  1. Pluto on the AC..whoa! geez women. Just quietly Im a little scared for you, lol.
    May the force of postive transformation be with you my friend 🙂

    Seriously though, sounds like to me its time to evolve into that agent of change and transformation. Plutos going to be there for a while so this could get interesting, looking forward to witnessing what this powerful transit can bring.. I mean this is a once in a life time transit, I say embrace it Gneiss.
    Also I had a quick peak at your chart again, I had to see it for myself,lol. but I noticed that your Transiting Saturn is oposed your natal saturn. I see it separating wondering how that transit manifested?

    • Thanks Susan, you’re a sweetie. May the force be with you, as well.
      Pluto is making my health a little shakey, need to re-introduce myself (1st) to a new outlook on life. I am fine, really, just finding the balance in my life…I have decided to put myself on a schedule that includes one day off for no electronics & peaceful reading.

      I have a full-time job outside of writing this blog and writing natal charts, so there will probably be some restructuring involving astrology work since Pluto is in Capricorn. I will be making a push ahead with this site after I finish what is on my plate currently.

      Transiting Saturn, well that manifested Gneiss Moon Astrology ! It wasn’t something I was planning on, but I enjoy writing, so I’m gonna stick around in some form or fashion. I am looking forward to new horizons and rebirth, yes I AM. hee

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