Source Vibrations
“We employ sacred geometric sound design, integrating golden mean mathematics, universal harmonics, and solfeggio frequencies for establishing resonant fields of internal coherence.

Embedded with mathematically tuned brainwave entrainment technology, our music promotes hemisphere synchronization, cognitive and bio-energetic evolution, sonically entraining the structures of consciousness into the transcendent frequencies of the Source.”
The pineal gland is associated with the Sahasrara (crown) chakra.
Its prime function is transcendence, enlightenment and cosmic understanding.
This frequency will engender love and compassion, peace and harmony.

gonna turn out the lights go fullscreen and chill…

2 thoughts on “chill.

  1. After painting all day in the hot sun, I needed this. Thanks for helping me chill!!!

    • ha ha !
      I soOo knew you would LOVE this ! Thanks for the comment, glad you got a moment to relax.
      It is going on my playlist asap !
      Check out the link in green, you can go there and download them…

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