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Mercury is retrograde from August 2 through August 25th.

Planets that are retrograde (Rx) only appear so from the vantage point of Earth.
Click here for a visual of retrograde motion:

Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo and represents communication and travel of all forms.

Retrograde motion in the natal as well as the transit, indicates an inner working of the energies of the planet.  It is a time to re-view, re-evaluate, re-vise.  Check the house Mercury retrograde is transiting in your chart for an indication of what areas of your life you will be re-working.

Mercury retrograde begins at 1 degree Virgo; resumes direct motion at 18 degrees Leo.  During these times it is advised to avoid signing any legal documents, or binding agreements as they are more likely to need revision.

Malfunctioning equipment is more likely to occur, (power surges & blown fuses here today/dvd’s not loading properly) and it is advised to think carefully before you speak or write.

Mercury is still in ‘shadowzone’ or slowly catching up to where it began retrograde, until the 9th of September.  While Mercury is in the shadowzone, communication matters will improve, but remain slow.

Mercury is also a quick, restless planet with a high-strung nature, so please remember to take a moment and breathe deeply if you feel jittery, and remember to nurture yourself if you feel a need to.

I plan on watching this transit carefully as Mercury rules my Virgo stellium, is closest to mid-heaven, and by transit it will be knocking off my natal squares in Leo.  On the plus side, it will be great for the metaphysical and occult research and writing I will be doing while it is in my 8th house.

Mercury retrograde in the fire sign of artistic Leo will charge up some inspiring and creative thinking for everyone !
The mercurial, trickster or Magician card pictured above creatively uses the tools of Water (emotions), Air (thought), Fire (action), Earth (building), to blend an alchemy of sacred new life.
Take this time to listen to the voice within for guidance from your spirit…
All the best~

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