Foundation of Strength

I’ve been outside mowing, planting and digging in the dirt.  Getting my Toro moon on – good for the soul !

Tonight’s post is actually a card reading for you!
A tarot reading for everyone who will read this post, activated – when they read it.  With the intent that it will result in the highest good of all who choose to read it.

Shall we begin..?
I am using the Robin Wood tarot, my personal fave; you may purchase it here:

The two bottom cards are the ‘foundation’ -of the- ‘strength’ card at the top.  The card at the bottom of the pile (on the far left) is the ‘teacher card’ (what’s really going on, ‘the bottom of things’).

*Focus on the positive; for the only constant in the world is change; align energies to the highest good of all.*
Teacher card: Let go of that which binds or restricts; let go of doubts and fear of change.

This reading could also be summed up by the Mahatma Gandhi quote: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Have a great day all~ Cheers!
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