Restless Immortals

Bridge of Immortals, Huangshan, China.From the azure skies above
descends a jade-like flow
and nine fascinating lotuses
rise out of the hills below
:::  Libai :::

July 12
Full Moon 20 degrees Capricorn
London 12:25pm
Beijing 7:25pm
Chicago 6:25am

Huangshan, China (above: Bridge of Immortals) is famous for what are called, the four wonders: ancient pines, bizarre rock formations, sea of clouds, hot springs.  Four is Saturn, Earth, structure, rocks, time.  Pictured below is Wulingyuan known for over 3,000 quartzite sandstone pillars – yes, they are the basis for the Hallelujah Mts. on Pandora.
These sites are from the Anhui and Hunan provinces, respectively, I’ll pop in more pics from the former, in the text below.


Full Moon in Capricorn is gonna get the lead out ! 
As luna travels, she metamorphs over Pluto Rx, squares Uranus before full lunation, then squares Mars tightly conjunct North Node of Destiny in Libra.

We will feel the tension to act + NOW  – but with the utmost restraint/decorum as is fitting a Capricorn moon.  Cardinal energy pushes us into the front of the fracas –  we have to work our feelings out, work past previous limits of both thought and faith.

Gemini Mercury and Cancer Jupiter have reached 29 (culmination) degrees.  Full to bursting with knowledge inherent in each sign, they are restless, ready to graduate and move on.  Each is signaling new ways of thinking and feeling in regards to the past, authority, structures we have built.

bridgeofimmortals8Libra Mars tag teams with North Node of Destiny - instinctually striving for guts/glory though balanced use of what was & what will be.  This tag team also trines Venus and Mercury in Gemini illuminating interactive communications re: fairness in relationships, money and art.  Powered thinking drives parity.

Restless comms are taken stratospheric with the addition of Mercury quintile Uranus.  Heads UP – incoming brainstorms / bolts from the blue.

Saturn Rx (rules Capricorn and this Full Moon) trines Sun, Chiron Rx in Pisces, sextiles Moon while it is quincunx Uranus in Aries.  Driving with the brakes on even though you know where you’re going, rubber meets the road via the daily health grind.  Oxygen mask on self first, then your sidekick, savvy ?

This Capricorn full lunation presides over feeling the release of all the deep psyche dredging and swamp navel gazing we have been doing while Saturn revised house Scorpio.  We lift our collective eyes from staring into the abyss when Saturn stations direct at 16 Scorpio 8 days after full moon, hallelujah amen.  But, that’s not all…

Uranus stations retrograde at 16 Aries the day after that, shifting our styles of competition into innovative, yet more reflective directions.  Mercury moves into Cancer on the 13th, Jupiter moves into Leo on the 16th, Venus moves into Cancer on the 18th, Mars moves into Scorpio on the 25th, and Mercury moves into Leo on the 31st.  Restless immortals, indeed.

Peace out

Circles of Time

gptribbwGram Parsons

The other day I was reading about Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake speaking together at a symposium in Joshua Tree, and I felt sadness and regret twice over for missing this Gram as well.

Gram was a Scorpio Sun conjunct Jupiter, Mars at 29th culmination degree.  Mercury and Venus are conjunct in early Sagittarius (and along with Mars, out-of-sign) trine a Saturn Pluto conjunction in Leo.  (Leo fire/fire loves flash, Nudie suits, anyone ?)

Gram was a man with a positive outlook and free spirit, though burdened with the heartache of losing his parents through tragedy while still very young – his father took his own life when Gram was 12, later his mother died due to cirrhosis when he was 19.
(Sun/Jupiter square Saturn/Pluto)

gram-parsonsGram had Uranus Rx and North Node of Destiny in Gemini; North Node trines Neptune in Libra, Uranus tightly opposes Lilith in Sagittarius.  Wild open spaces appealed, as did thinking outside the box – he has influenced an incredible number of musicians with his laid-back cutting-edge style.

His creative power lingers in the minds/hearts/ears of so many, and I am one.

keith-richards-and-gram-parsons-joshua-tree-thumb-400x235Gram and Keith Richards in Joshua Tree

I wanted to ask Gram what if anything he had to say to all his fans left here missing him, and this is what I drew.

photo 6
Shaman carrying out a peacemaking dance – HOPE.

photo 5
Message from spirit, crux.
Complexity, reward and worth.
All that is – surrounds us, expressed in circles of time.


Camp Lemniscate

Peaks of JoyEnchanted Map Oracle

Quick Draw for incoming Cancer Sun opposite Pluto Rx on the 4th of July.
See highest manifestation above; message from Spirit, the crux – below.

Perspectives shifts !  Happiness and sharing of it.
Power planets meet and cooperatively share power – cyclically.
Recycling, reforming, regenerating.
Peace talks – what’s ours – between us.

StuckPluto busts a rut. 
Slowing down and looking around is most definitely Capricorn, ruthlessly chucking the outdated and useless is Pluto.

Empathy is Neptune + she sextiles Pluto from Pisces. 
Neptune, the wordless wonder.  You either get it or you don’t.  I get a feeling it might be time to cultivate more empathy.


Genius for Adaptablility

1_ Pollen Boy on the SunPollen Boy on the Sun

The Navajo Nightway (Night Chant) is a nine-day healing ceremony used to restore order, health, harmony and balance to the people.  Each ceremony will vary depending on the seeker / ailment / remedy and the medicine man performing the ritual. Four days are devoted to purification, after which The Holy People are called upon.

Prayer sticks, rattles, dancing and construction of sandpaintings are tools used in retelling ancestral stories of a “cultural hero of particular visionary power.  Through this retelling, the singer aims to bring about hozho, or holiness, harmony.”  source

Genius for adaptability.

Description of Diné, found in Navajo Ceremonial Systems, here.
Mercury and fluctuating moon rule adaptability.
Adaptability tests incoming as Mercury stations direct at 24 degrees Gemini on July 1.

Transits of the Moon always shows swings and tests of adaptability - moods, imaginations, sensitivities, energy.
Twice a month when it applies in square to our natal moon, an inner emotional crisis point looms, twice by trine we are gifted harmony, once by opposition we work on emotional compromise, and once moon comes home to roost, we find the ultimate comfort zone.  Moon also phases, meaning more adaptability is required as our energy rises and wanes.

Frogs and the Four Sacred PlantsFrogs and the Four Sacred Plants [corn, bean, tobacco, squash]

This sandpainting would be used for treating a person who was crippled or suffering some form of paralysis, even arthritis. Sounds like a Saturn transit.  These types of illnesses are believed to be caused by the Water People.

I loved reading in Ceremonial Systems how something as simple as too much weaving can upset the natural balance.   Addicted to weaving is not exactly late-night drunken binges territory, but it delivered a resounding aha moment, nonetheless.

Mars retrograde in Libra (my midheaven) found me wrong – granted less tragically wrong than I have been previously – but still very wrong.  In my case (as astutely noted by The Oracle of John Dee), the acquisition of knowledge and the eternal quest for understanding caused my suffering.

How poignantly 9th house Virgo.  Natal Sun/Uranus/Pluto hashing out the square delivered both an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, as well as the subsequent realization of chaos as I was pitched headfirst from the blasted tower.
Perfection issues much ? 
How hilariously apt. 
Only two more hits to go.

Despite all my errors, much has gone right, and I am working very hard at two jobs with very little if any time off.  I am moving slow (still moving) with a lovely Saturn opposite Moon transit – I am sober as a judge.  This is a good thing.
I am adapting well in some areas and for this I am thankful.

navajo sand paintingHow to be adept at adaptability.

1. StructureCull the trivial. Know your peak Hours, Moons, Transits - work with them.
2.  Know your Elements - Your natal Moon and Mercury, how they operate in differing elements that alter vibrations - work with the energies as they transit.

Moon = Emotions, sensitivities, comforts
Mercury = Thought processes, communications

Moon or Mercury in fire is outspoken and inspiring
Moon or Mercury in earth is practical, slow and steady
Moon or Mercury in air is fast, thoughtful and social

Moon or Mercury in water is 
nurturing and feeling

3. Know your Moon phases.
New Moon = new beginnings, instinctual re-birthing
Cresent = breakthrough, formation of future through the past
First Quarter = active pioneers, here to change things
Gibbous = need to perfect, analytical, learning truth
Full Moon = completion, exploring ideas/relationships/goals
Disseminating = distribution of knowledge, communicators
Last Quarter = re-examination of self, contemplation
Balsamic = quiet visionaries, loners, distilled wisdom

4. Know your Mercury Rx stations.  The retrograde period is intensified around stations, note this and give extra time + heaps of patience around travel, communications and machinery.

With these things in mind, you can plan peak productivity times, craft rituals and ceremonies in your life accordingly, work the cosmic energies to your advantage for ultimate balance and harmony.



Nature has much to teach us about balanced, co-operative thinking.
Mercury stations direct at 24 Gemini Tues trine North Node in Libra.
Rethink direction, reset towards kindness, equality for all creatures.

You know the drill – dim lights, full screen.
Thanks be to Graham Hancock who posted it when I needed it.



Peace & Harmony

Gneiss Moon



Nugent lionNugent

Ted’s (fb) photo caption for the above:
And the lion sleeps tonight!! Wellwell well,looky looky here! Young Ted lastwhiteboy to get out of the Sudan alive March 1978 as the Idi Amin rebels killed everybody & blew up everything, hot on my trail!! [excerpt]Lynx photo below posted on Ted’s fb June 12, no caption.

Nugent June 12
A friend shared this lynx link yesterday, and of course, it elicited an immediate visceral reaction.  Moon is currently in Leo, and I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo. 
Stranglehold has long been a fave, my first roommate will attest to it – I’ve seen him live covered in skin/tail, he put on a good show.  I have seen interviews over the years, Ted is a livewire - intelligent and outspoken – he has a commanding presence.

I managed to watch his tv show a couple of times, (despite not having cable) it was as I expected, wild & crazy, OTT.   It always stuck me as odd when people were shocked by Ted’s demeanor.   After all, he IS the Motor City Madman.  What did they think it/he was going to be like, (presumably) signing a waiver to be on a madman’s survivalist reality show ?  Obviously the dude on foot who played “chicken” with a truck envisioned something quite different than what actually happened.  I saw that comin’, easily.

I knew Ted is a Sagittarian bow hunter, obviously it stuck with me having bow hunters in my family. Today, I took a closer look at his natal chart.  I’ll be honest, I have mixed feelings about Ted, agree with some ideas – others not at all.  To use this platform to write a heated knee-jerk response without looking at all the info would put me in the category of this crap journalism, which is not gonna happen.  So I will give you the astrological deets and you can make up your own mind about what he says/does.
I will add you might want to google poaching and reality star duped for starters, and of course, Ted’s viewpoints can be found on the link to his official page under top photo.

I will also add that Endangered population deets can always be found on The Red List on the sidebar under conservation.  I will directly link vulnerable African Lion here and the NA (Bobcat) Lynx here – also please note dates on reports given in link as well as the date on the top photo caption.  Also note that I do not know where the Lynx was killed, I presume North America, but do not know for certain, as he did not provide that info.

PRZ-006444Ted is a Sagittarius with Sun conjunct Mercury (combust) opposite late degree Uranus Rx in Gemini.  That is the outspoken livewire aspect across communication houses – Sagittarians tend to be blunt; Uranus, radical.  Ted is obviously earthy, with Mars (guns) exalted in Capricorn (T. Pluto is bang on Mars at the mo), Saturn in Virgo and Moon and North Node of Destiny in Taurus.

Capricorn Mars (conjunct 6+ orb) Jupiter square Neptune in Libra denotes his hardline approach/outreach via music (Neptune rules guitars, the other string instrument) as well as his stance re: balance/loss and responsible conservation (Saturn/Capricorn) that does not always set well with others (Libra).  Mars and Jupiter (in exact) trine to Saturn again is a relentless hardline re: analyzation of use of any and all things.  He is known for being very anti-alcohol/drugs, which is obviously unusual in the world of S/D & R&R.

hairy dudes
Ted is a catalyst, provoking transformation over the haves/desires what is mine/ours axis of Taurus/Scorpio.  Not exactly a surprise, is it ?  Moon in Taurus (no deets, no orb) opposes Venus in Scorpio – both of which square focal planet Pluto Rx in Leo.  Pluto is death; Leo is life – square the Moon and Venus which are public favor or lack thereof.  Note Pluto in Leo is fixed as are the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, he is not changing anytime soon, regardless of what anyone thinks - just saying.

Lastly, Ted has Sagittarius Chiron (wounding/healing/teacher) square Saturn in Virgo indicating restless tension re: philosophies of teaching/hunting and conservation/limits as well as personal responsibilities re: same.  These are mutable signs, indicating he will listen - only if you have done your research, know the facts and have a valid argument – otherwise, forget it.

peace out
Gneiss Moon
Stranglehold in comments

Forging Tree

delvikingErik Delvigne

A twitter convo early am with fellow astrologer Sagittarian Mind led me to this read.

Our planets / placements are like family – how do they get along ?” is a fair question.
I contemplated much the same in my last ‘popularity’ post.  So I decided to let the cosmos speak through divination.

Specifically, I consulted The Goddess, as both Neptune/Pisces and Moon/Cancer are watery, emotional, receptive, Yin energies.  They trine each other at New Moon.
Draw from Dark Goddess Tarot.

What does Neptune Rx have to say to incoming Cancer New Moon (conjunct Sun) ?

photo 4Dhumavati is the Hindu smoke goddess, who when hungry, ate her husband, the god Shiva and became an outcast widow.  She is assertive, determined and associated with ugliness that goes hand and hand with reality, the material world – need, hunger, thirst. She represents all that is inauspicious – she is Shakti without Shiva – in a directionless cart rather than a galloping chariot.   She transforms where she stands.

She is worshipped by widows and bachelors, by those who renounce the material world, also by sorcerers and witches.  Crows, symbols of magick are her companions. The Hag of Air delivers endings, separation and death.  In this case, illusory thinking is clearing.  Her tool is the winnowing basket – she separates (ala Virgo; Mercury Rx in Gemini) what is needed or nourishing, what is true or false.
Rethink your patterns of THINKING.

She has the power to see through smoke to the inner essence; to take the unlucky and sanctify it – turn it into a blessing.  Set yourself free through acceptance of what is weird or strange.  Set a fire to burn past trauma, as it rises into smoke, inhale the lessons, exhale the grief.

Dhumavati is in truth a wisdom goddess who becomes a divine teacher, revealing the secrets to obtaining ultimate knowledge beyond all illusion – blessings in the lessons.


photo 3
New Moon and Sun reply to Neptune with the Irish Goddess of Craft, Art and Healing – Brigid.

Asteroid 450 Brigitta will be found at 10 Aries applying square to Pluto Rx in Capricorn at time of New Moon in Cancer. 
Asteroid Quercus 8643 (Oak, see link below) will be found forming a Grand Water Trine at 17 Cancer trine Saturn Rx in Scorpio and trine Chiron Rx in Pisces.  

Brigid is the goddess of fire and forge – her vessel is the cauldron, her flame burns in Kildare, a sacred tree of the druids, an Oak Tree.  She is a goddess of water, healing, midwifery, keeper of sacred wells.   Brigid is a triple goddess – union between opposites – growth, and the power of three.

She is the goddess of poetry, inspiring oral traditions, songs and tales.  Brigid, patron saint of Students, was born in tumultuous times when Christianity was gaining a foothold in Ireland – she helped to marry the Celtic and Christian worlds, she developed a scriptorium to distribute books, particularly The Book of Kildare, said to rival the Book of Kells.  (The weaving of worlds is apparent in the artwork.)

New Moon/Sun in accordance with Brigid indicates a need for skill and attention, expression rather than suppression.  Speak your mind, forge your purpose. 
Personal pain fueling tangible material results.

Capture the elemental worlds of fire and water and work them in your favor.
Fire purifies, water restores.
Pyromancy, sage smudge, salt baths and cleansings, candle magicks are favored, esp to clear the energy in your home and the deep well of your psyche. 




I’m Saturn’s bitch.  Solution = workWorkWORK.  No Whiners !
Sucking it up moon-wise, tucking the emo BS into my back pocket for the duration. 
We are in dark moon low ebb prior to New Moon/Sun in Cancer – I’m nailing a line drive into popularity. 

Popularity is ruled by:
Sun (shines, creates, fun) is the personal expression of conscious light
Moon (feel, safe, clan) is the personal expression of subconscious dark
Venus ( beauty, loves, graces) is the personal expression of friendship/love

Sun rules fame
Moon rules the public

Venus rules public as well, but more so speaks to direct interpersonal relationships

Chart indicators of popularity
1. When these planets are in good aspect
2.  When these planets are placed in social signs / houses
3.  When the planets are above the horizon + well aspected
4.  When the 10th/ruler of 10th is well aspected

What do you do when the popularity planets are all tied up in tough aspects ? 
Good question.  I’m still working on it.  heh.  Kidding, keep reading…

1.  Find a good aspect to one of the planets above (if it applies) then work it like crazy.
2.  Work those that land in mutable houses aka flexible circumstances. 
3.  Do inner work - transform difficult energies into powerful triumphs/lessons learned.

4.  Golden Rule: Be yourself.

ps.  Yes this post is also a nod to Jupiter into Leo on July 16.  More on that later…

Shadow & Light

shadow-puppet-animation-gifs-artJune 27
New Moon 5 degrees Cancer
Wellington 8:05pm
London 9:08 am
Chicago 3:08am
Seattle 1:08am

New Moon in Cancer opposite house Capricorn in addition to five retrogrades leads me to contemplate Light and Shadow.
Rx: Mercury in Gemini, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune & Chiron in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn

Shadow is ruled by Saturn as is restraint – arguably, retrogrades slow the process of that planetary expression to individual perfection, which is also Saturn. 

New Moon/Sun trine Neptune Rx while they also loosely oppose Pluto Rx at 12 degrees Capricorn indicates juggling and peace talks in these houses leading to fresh starts and new perspectives.  Thinking about women, love, money, art, balance – and taking the kit & caboodle to the next octave – is certainly on the table via a square to Neptune Rx from Gemini Venus.

With that in mind, I drew from the Elemental Tarot for first, the Shadow.
I will also add that I love the synchronicity of this post.  
11′s everywhere, very interesting, appropriate.

photo 2

Shadow is two, signaling polarities/opposites.  We have a letter, open scales with talking heads in cuss and discuss (Mars in Libra ! lol) mode hashing out final results.  The upside down head cautions against losing one’s head due to greed or naiveté.

Renpet is the Sumerian goddess of youth and spring, pointing to nine new beginnings (shoots) springing up with the energies of Venus and Uranus – impulsive excitement and headstrong will.  An offer that may someday bear strange fruit. heh. Venus/Uranus ya know.  Jus’ saying’.
HA !  Headstrong was typed first as headstone will, which is so apt – for this card signals Shadow of premature action.  Curiosity and the cat, if you will.

Now for the card of Light, drawn from the Oracle of the Radiant Sun.
See the 11, polarities theme emerging here ?  Fascinating.  Especially on an emotional New Moon in touchy-feely Cancer at 5 degrees with Mercury Rx.  (motto: I FEEL)

The Light is immersion in thought while ignoring emotional waters.  Being friendly with everyone while also keeping an appropriate distance.  Obviously, YOU judge appropriate distance.  Unusual tastes and cultivation of new perspectives of humanity – hippies, ashrams, communes.  Knowing your place in the world – loving it / yourself / others for all the differences that make us a whole unified ONE.
This card also signals an inventive bent to artistic expression, brainstorms that produce balance and – Yes – both attachment to and detachment from money and / or love.

The Light is found in unusual friendships / relationships, agreements between lovers, exchanges of money and unusual artistic expression.


The below is just for fun – hilarious !

shadow dogGotcha !

Race is ON


Venus in Gemini is an intellectual placement for the planet of love money and art.  Insatiably curious and clever, this placement of Venus insists upon mental gymnastics and displays of verbal prowess.  This Venus discriminates due to the influence of Mercury, they are changeable, easily bored – the exchange of information must be fresh, exciting and new.  They will quickly let you know that they already know if you prattle on about yesterday’s old news.

The affections of Gemini Venus will crash and burn when the conversation – or heaven forbid you – turns boring.  They can be abrupt, dismissive for the next shiny object to come along the pike.  Fair warning – Mercury flits and flirts – rarely settling in one place for long unless other natal chart factors indicate otherwise.

Gemini/Mercury is the messenger, the trickster and the perceptive – people with Venus here don’t miss a trick (if they can shut up long enough to hear you) and will swiftly, deftly take advantage of the sitch if Venus is poorly aspected.  Under good aspects, this Venus fondly shares ideas freely and widely as they truly love ideas and are not greedy with them in the least.  Bookworms, film buffs and writers proliferate for they love wordplay !

The influence of Venus attracts a love of learning and information of all kinds – nothing is too trivial for this Venus.  This Venus loves spice-of-life variety, jack-of-all-trades thinkers, who can and do trade ideas across all possible spectrums.  Savvy intellectual foreplay will get them undressing far quicker than gifts or goodies – take note !

Gemini rules hands – hands of a Venus Gemini are often lovely and tapered.  They are one sure thing to watch if you want to know what’s really going on in that head of theirs. They can’t help but spill over the verbal language information glut into talking with their hands.

They are a bit twitchy (again, influence of nervous Mercury) by nature, but when upset it increases tenfold – if hands are in the air waving around, you can bet the information and / or pressure has reached overload capacity. To help tension disperse, let them spill what’s on their minds, and they will feel better almost immediately.

Also know that any sort of hand contact is very much a turn on – massage, holding hands, finger painting, ceramics etc… (Ghost, anyone ?) will work wonders with this Venus placement.

Venus attracts money here through communication of all kinds: talking, writing, being versatile in social groups is their forte.  They hook up like-minded people in a snap ! and are able to move between differing intellectual groups with ease – they know a little about everything.  Venus in Gemini attracts kindness and love from others as well, capitalize on these natural traits and Gemini Venus has money coming in easily.

Most of all, Gemini Venus must have a myriad of avenues to express themselves freely and often.  They are after all, social animals who need lively entertainment, cuss & discuss, and several perspective shifts daily to feel they have lived well.  
If you can keep up with Mercury, you’re in the race !


myths & monuments

Graham HancockGraham Hancock

Graham Hancock is a British writer and journalist specializing in unconventional theories involving ancient civilizations, stone monuments/megaliths, altered states of consciousness, ancient myths and astronomical/astrological data from the past. One of the main themes running through his books is a posited global connection with a “mother culture” from which he believes all ancient historical civilizations sprang.  (wiki)

As many of my regular readers know, I am a big fan of cleaning with (Virgo 9) and falling asleep listening to lectures.  (Sagittarius Mars in 12)  I am also a big fan of Graham, who consistently delivers the curious/unusual and thought-provoking from sites around the globe.

Graham is a Leo Sun (ruling) conjunct (8 degree orb) Pluto trine Sagittarius Chiron Rx.  Fantastic placement for Chiron, a centaur body, naturally curious – the eternal student/teacher.  Chiron the hopeful healer in the sign of higher philosophies and the Big Picture signifies a man who will travel, study, and expand horizons wherever he goes and teach and help countless others in the process.  His study and consequent teachings will revolutionize how we SEE the world.

Driven by a quest for the Truth, he will find obstacles where authority is concerned (Chiron square Virgo Saturn) but he will also find a creative tension that is very rewarding when unlocking the puzzles of time and myths and monuments built on earth. (Saturn)

Graham Hancock diving in the “Basin” at Yonaguni.Graham Hancock diving in The Basin at Yonaguni

Pisces Jupiter trines Cancer Venus conjunct Uranus – both yin water signs of nurturing and healing, reflect his deeply felt care for our earth and herstory.  Venus conjunct Uranus in Cancer is an interesting combo – simultaneously separating from dogmatic science yet embracing the relationship in a deeply personal fashion. This aspect likely attracts scientists and oddballs in equal measure, it also points to a love of ideas.

Mars and Neptune are placed in Libra the sign of love, balance and a deep appreciation for beauty.  Mars sextiles Mercury (ruling) in Virgo, its lone aspect (separating 5 degrees) that calls for action and speaking personal truth (Mercury opposes Jupiter) creating/fostering bonds and harmonious relationships between all people to the universal source – Life – in its myriad of forms.  This is also strengthened by Virgo (earth) Saturn sextile Venus in Cancer.


Graham has Moon in late Pisces or early Aries (no exact deets), either way, moon is conjunct North Node at 29 Pisces the culmination of all culmination degrees – the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac, this points to embracing the vast transcendence, letting go of intellectual ‘boxes’ and allowing feelings and intuition to take the reins.
North Node here is a call to head into the mystic, trust the universe to open with spiritual purpose on the life’s journey.

Graham_stonehengeLastly, Virgo Saturn (time, structures) is quintile (genius expression/talents) Uranus signaling his revolutionary science, progressive ideas that are solidly built upon the past.


Of course, video in comments . . .


Gneiss Moon

June 21
Sun enters Cancer
Midsummer Solstice – Longest Day of the Year
Summer Solstice falls at the precise moment when the Sun’s power reaches its zenith.

Summer Solstice is when the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky – appears to stop (stations) - then begins its journey back towards the equator to its lowest point in the sky, or Winter solstice.  Click here for movie.

Litha (the Saxon grain goddess, also Demeter or Ceres) is a festival of lighting fires and celebrating the peak of solar days – blossoms, fruits and vegetables are blooming, the Earth is pregnant with seeds sown at Beltane.

Litha is a time of honoring the Lord and the Lady: the Earth Mother Goddess who nourishes us with her rich bountiful fruits, and the Sun Father God - the triumph of thriving light.

Fires lit at this time are especially magical for empowerment, prosperity and protection.  Light two candles - celebrate sacrifice and renewal – the interconnection between light and dark.  This is a time for willpower - use the Sun’s powerful light, the spiritual fire of hope - to be insightful and initiate creative positive changes.

Light one candle to honor the passing of the waxing sun, and one to honor the coming of the waning sun.  Take this time to celebrate families, children and the balance between work and play – absorb the midsummer sunshine into your heart.   

Fire magicks cast at this time are imbued with the Sun’s power of creativity, courage, healing protection, physical strength, love, romance and friendship. Spells to enhance these qualities are made stronger by the long rays of the honorable sun.

* While Northern Hemisphere celebrates Litha, Southern Hemisphere celebrates Yule.

blessed be

power of possibilities

photo The Oracle of John Dee

Investigations on Chiron stationing Rx in Pisces, and I pulled William Lilly, prominent astrologer best known for his published work Christian Astrology, published in 1647.

Eastern direction (Pisces) denotes a need to fine tune & attune attention to every aspect of life, especially health – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Wholistic attention turned inward to perceive self.  Retrogrades are individual, purely built for personal recalibration and tweaking the position / space you hold in the universe.

How do you choose to express Chiron ?
If there are wellness issues in life you have let slide, they will become apparent under this transit !  Lilly read the signs – you should as well.
Spirit whispers first  - be open, listen . . .

photo 3To concentrate on for highest manifestation of wellness ?

You have the tools – USE them !
Magician is Mercurial – we see the backside/flipside during Retrograde – monkeying around and being tricky with ourselves.
Chiron Rx tag teamMercury Rx in Gemini perception tweaking !

Mercury in Gemini is social, chatty and observant – the information superhighway both coming and going.  During Rx we look at what we have not only said, but what we have said without actually saying it.
Actions speak louder.

In tandem with Chiron Rx in Pisces, the personal health and wellness fog we are under in house Pisces shifts into – wtf ?! – how did that monkey get on my back ?
Only YOU know what YOUR monkey is.

Note that Magician has the symbol of regeneration & strength as a personal aura.
You are a being of ultimate power & possibility.
SEE it then BE it.

Make it so.



photo 63Dark Goddess Tarot

Contemplating the Yin/Yin of Pluto in Capricorn as focal point, I drew a card to hone in on the energies.
Norse warrior goddess Freya popped up, which is ironic since I was just chatting cats with the creator of the Dothraki language.  Uranus BOLTs at work !

As an aside – look to Saturn and its aspects in your natal to see what Uranus and its aspects are Breaking You Free Of – very enlightening !

Ok, on to Freya, Norse goddess of the Vanir (nature deities). 
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Fascinating draw as fixed Uranus tries to control nature – this square to Pluto in Capricorn is delivering education re: USE/misuse/abuse of GMO’s, pollinators/bees, nuclear waste, poisons, etc… in spades with these Uranus Pluto squares.

Freya is asteroid 76, she can currently be found at 11 degrees Cancer – the sign of the Great Mother.  WoW.  Very cool.

She opposes 12 degree Pluto Rx in Capricorn, signaling a juggling of energies – between metamorphic renovation of old school ideology on Earth (Capricorn) and shared passion for protecting beauty and harmony via fair and loving partnership.

Freya squares Mars Libra – actions being taken in honor of partnerships, contracts and bonds leading to responsible active stewardship of our Mother, Gaia.

Freya squares Uranus at 16 Aries (which opposes Mars) – demanding intelligent methods of moving forward that also nurture that which is precious – LIFE.

Love is POWER made beautiful.

Freya appears on The Lovers card, signaling choice.
She choose the fallen ones who would be received in Valhalla at the table of Odin.

Choose LOVE
Choose PEACE



Throwing BOLTs

photo 61Elemental Tarot

Tien-Mu, Chinese goddess of lightning

Focus on Mars opposite Uranus, which I have been feeling for days.
Always good to get a jump on the vibrations on the dance floor, eh ?

The card above symbolizes yang/masculine, raw fire energy, initiation and conception.  All very Mars and Uranus – power outgoing !
New vitality coupled with curiosity and enthusiasm – the urge to succeed, willpower meets expressing yourself with originality and flair.
Possibilities of being blunt, rash, bulldozing your agenda, overzealous.

Mars is power, aggravation, men in peace talks with Uranus the rebel who shows up unexpected from the blind side – be cautious – both of others & yourself.  This is a genius creative aspect if the energies work together rather than clash.  <– You got Mars in Libra talkin’ there, yeah ?

photo 62Pluto in Capricorn with this card

Element: Earth
Planet: Moon

You may feel you have lost your way…be patient and a ray of hope will soon appear.

This card points to the entrance of Moon into Pisces where it will meet up with Neptune (confusion) and Chiron which can mean rough emotional seas, sensitivities that need to be addressed, purged, whateversextile to Pluto here – there is an opportunity to work it in your favor.  Process through dreams, poems, music, film, swimming, dance, painting – you get the idea.  Get your ART on !

Once Sun moves into Cancer on June 21, there will be a ray of light that will help dispel confusion, as Sun will begin to trine Neptune Rx from water to water, emotional harmony will grow at that time.

peace out
ps.  GoT finale tonight ! !