Seeing is Believing

imageCrowley’s Thoth

Quick read for the fresh new Pisces Moon, Sun conjunct Neptune all square (transference of light) Saturn in Sagittarius.

Seeing is believing !  
Several shake-ups with 29 degree Aqua Moon, yeah ?
Ride it out…

Mars into Aries tonight, Venus follows tomorrow !
Cardinal fire energy is on the way thank the goddess !

Mars and Venus in Aries (see 4 wands above) signals solidified fire, togetherness and balance of opposites.  (Ram & Dove)  Charm and grace applied to fighting spirit and the desire to conquer.
See your house Aries for where you specialize.

Healthy tension that gets work done, seeing visible results on the material plane.

Let’s do this !   
Gneiss Moon

Year of the Wood Goat

Goat-1-The-leapRoger Dean

Happy Chinese New Year of the Yin Green Wood Goat !

Chinese Lunar New Year accompanies the second new moon after winter solstice.  

Goat years are full of art, beauty, luxury and style.  Romance, abundance, creative gifts and artistic muses proliferate.  Painting, sculpture, music, singing, dance and literature are ideal pursuits.

Goat years emphasize tolerance, whimsy, dreams and drama.  Schedules are often interrupted by romantic daydreams, goats prefer to do their own thing in their own time.  Goats can also tend toward being pessimistic and overly sensitive, cranky and sulky.

Goat years enhance relationships and permanent bonds for sheep is emotional in nature.  Upsets may occur for this very reason, for sheep are sensitive.  Goat years deliver affection, kindness and consideration for they enjoy company and fellowship as well as entertaining. 

Yin wood goats tend toward worry and anxiety.  Note this and take steps toward meditation and stepping out into nature to soothe frayed nerves.  Dive into creativity and self-expression, keep your engine running clean, for sheep years are sensitive years.

Duty and obligation are strengthened, as is taking responsibility for yourself and those in your herd.  Consummate networkers, goats immerse and entwine well with others to the point of clinging.  They are at times manipulative, yet also loyal to a fault.

Goat years enhance adaptation and improvisation both at work and home.  Sheep nourish: the herd, the earth, their loved ones.  Strong Yin influence drives navel gazing, personal improvement and physical, mental, and spiritual attunement into high gear.  

Four Pillars of Destiny here.

FullSizeRender 2I Ching

Quick draw for all to contemplate for Year of the Goat
Collective force:  Struggle and risk with both self and others.  Is it just and necessary?
If so, deploy all your strength, use iron discipline, strategic skill.  Perseverance and justice are necessary in order to maintain control.  Remain courageous and understanding – foster a sense of unity among your allies. Be patient and forthright.

Gung Hay Fat Choy !
Gneiss Moon Astrology

Sword, Pen, Guitar, Bone

Mads scruff,dirtMads Mikkelsen

I mentioned in a previous post I am watching Hannibal.  (Soon to start Seas 2)  A bit odd for me, and I’ll tell you why… I knew going in: GMA will not ever glorify crime, serial killers or violence for the sake of.  Long time readers are thinking huh?!
I know  – conundrum – there is a plethora of sword & scruff all over this site.  (see dropdown menu: Magick, Sci-Fi/Fantasy)

Lemme ‘xplain.
High noon/MC in my chart aka day hours = Libra/Mercury.  Communication of balance, justice, fairness, love and beauty.  The hidden stuff aka midnight/IC + Aries/Saturn NNode.  Structured power, concentrated self-starting, independent achievements, quite a bit of risk-taking and confidence with my blade.

Sword, pen, guitar, bone – all kindred.
I celebrate the spirit inside that rises up against incredible odds.
The s/hero within that finds a glimmer of hope in the midst of utter turmoil.

Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto in 9 learns intellectual violence (read: destruction) by making optimistic/logic defying mistakes.  Yes – being overly optimistic/destructive is a foolish turning away from one half of the lesson.  One must know dark to understand light.  Ignore your shadow at your own peril – it has much to teach you: subconscious drives, how to navigate your path through the thickening woods in the dark of night.

Do not dwell in darkness, but know it intimately, as a weapon you wield wisely.
That said, I move on to the astro…

Mads Tristan gif

The image above is Mads as Tristan in King Arthur – note also stellar turns in Valhalla Rising as One Eye, as well as Draco in Clash of the Titans.

Mads is an actor I noticed right away due to his beautiful facial structure … part and parcel of strong Capricorn energy.  More here.  Now after looking at his chart, I see the resonating Capricorn/Scorpio energy that appeals as well.  Like attracts like, every time.
Without specific deets I run a solar chart aka high noon – planets in signs are (unless near the cusp, thus sketchy) the same; Moon cannot be read (except generally) as it moves the fastest of all (app. 2 days per sign).  Mads is by solar chart a 29 degree Scorp, but note if he was born after 2pm, he is a Sagittarius. IMDb lists him as Sagittarius, so that is what I will defer to.  Also see his official site for Sagittarius (rules horses) horsey trivia hereAlso, speaking of Knights of the Round table, Mads was Knighted on April 16th 2010 by Her Majesty Margrethe 2nd, Queen of Denmark.
FYI: Knighted same day as Viggo.

So we have Sagittarius with (dark, introspective) Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio trine Saturn/Chiron in Pisces – mentorship, psychological underpinnings, crafting the intangible on the material plane.  This is highlighted by Saturn/Chiron opposing Uranus/Pluto in Virgo – all square Mercury focal point of a T-square in Sagittarius. *  Consider it corralling the details that speak universally into a fine delicate whisper.  Virgo/Pisces axis is yin, contemplative – Sagittarius Mercury tends to blurt what everyone is thinking but not saying: hence the squares or inner turmoil surrounding communication – is it necessary, practical, sensitive, of use ?  Jupiter at 29 Gemini is also hugely communicative, but retrograde aka funneled, and opposite Mars in Capricorn – thinking & acting are a two-way street – restrained Mars is stronger.

Mads as DracoI ask a million questions, and I insist on having answers. I think that is what we have to do. I have to know what the director wants. Some are very much in their head, and I need to force it out of them. I just can’t play around for eight hours and see if something happens. – Mads via IMDb   Note: Mercury is Q&A*

Sun conjunct South Node will also be somewhat circumspect, especially when coupled with Venus and Mars (exalted) in Capricorn – studied restraint, artistic integrity.  This is why cookbook astrology (Sun/Merc Sag, Jupiter late Gem exuberance) only goes so far … nuance is present in every chart, and I am just skimming the surface in these mini interps. 

One last random oddball thing: Mads often plays a character with a defective left eye  (deets).  Left eye in a man is ruled by Moon which he has conjunct Neptune (film/dance) trine Saturn (work); note also a pro dancer for 8 years.  Sight is Mercury and Mads has Mercury square (Mercury ruled Virgo) Uranus (the odd) exact. 

Sword & Scruff forever
I am off to watch Age of Uprising
peace out
Gneiss Moon

Love Matters

FullSizeRenderOracle of the Radiant Sun

Quick heads UP prior to New Moon at 29 Aquarius.
Interp/deets here.

Query:  Focus points prior to New Moon to enhance highest manifestations of personal goals for all.

Saturn exalted in Libra – balanced thinking/responsibility.
Scales & Sides.
Life & Death

Ambition coupled with justice.  
Trying hard to please and promising more than can be delivered.
Read the fine print prior to partnership.

Form stable enduring efforts, solid relationships.
Love matters.
Awareness/concentration re: an agreement of importance.

peace out
Gneiss Moon

Saturn in Spades

birth of a world TrepanBoubTrepanBoub

Turtle Power. 
Ruled by Moon/Pluto, both.
Slow steady burn to atmo…we’re good people.  We’re good.

Capricorn rising here with transiting Saturn trine Aries Saturn Rx. 
Saturn is building, business, career, time and restriction. 
Doing The Work. 
Responsibility for how you Use your Tools.
Karma, Justice and Perseverance.

Saturn in hard aspect delivers slow, fluctuating growth through friction.
Saturn in good aspect delivers steady, concentrated growth through ease.

Keep in mind Saturn in hard aspect is tougher, more disciplined, also concentrated via thrift simply because it is continually uncomfortable.  Authority, diplomacy, tact, justice, conservation and value are highly prized though often withheld until tests are passed. 
Saturn uncomfortable equals getting the lead out over time via hard work.

Today, in tandem with transiting Saturn-ruled Capricorn Moon/Pluto trine natal Taurus Moon trine Virgo Pluto, I became curious about a highly lauded online business course, dove into research.  I wanted to test the waters, see the offerings/finances, get the time and temp so to speak.  How good is the guide..? 
Is the guide honest and true ?
Honest with themselves and others ?
What I found surprised me.

I linked Marie Forleo and Kate Northrup on know peace (Venus in Capricorn), here. 
The video linked in that post stands alone, is good, true and honest re: personal money management.  Marie’s B-School, I only investigated today, as she is amping up the sales pitch for registration in 3 days.

My research inquiry:
Is B-School of practical value/service to those who fork over 2G’s, for ‘insider’ business tips ?  Is the organization honest and reliable – delivering what was promised, and what is the customer interaction/satisfaction rate…?

Of course, visit Marie’s affiliates for their experiences, but you might also want to read these short reviews/links/comments from those participants who are not affiliates.  In the interest of research & informed opinions/decisions, I bring you Saturn in Spades.

Just remember you are your own wizard – always.
Work your own brand of magicks…Just Work.

Crawl/formulate, walk/execute, run/innovate.

peace out

Gneiss Moon

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

J.R.R. Tolkien



Quickdraw, you interpret !
Card above is the spirit card (card undearneath the deck) aka message from spirit.

Shiny little Leo creative head… I love it !  Leo is creativity & kids & fun !

ErosFlood of Pisces at the moment…pic via StarWalk

The quick astro on current transits of Venus and Mars here.
Venus in Pisces here.
Mars in Pisces here.
Neptune here.
Chiron here.

Eros and Venus are bang on today ! (read below)
Note: Venus moves out of orb quicker, but Eros and Mars are on (in orb, aka interacting) for the next 20 days or so.

imageThe card above points to is the high qi expression of current astro.

Eros (asteroid 433) is joie de vivre, passion for life !

Eros delivers pleasure + pleasure seeking, flirtatiousness, artistic urges, creative solutions and living life by the seat of your pants.  Eros in tandem with Venus and Mars in Pisces is spiritual love, soul recognition, the desire to connect, turned on to the max.
Sneaks up on you kinda thing.

Enjoy all the creativity flowing in, through and around you.

peace & LOVE peeps
WoOoHoOo !
Gneiss Moon

Ride the Lightning

The Way by AudreyBenjaminsen on deviantART
Audrey Benjaminsen

Wednesday February 18
New Moon 29 Aquarius
Chicago 5:47pm
London 11:47am
Tokyo 8:45pm

New Moon/Sun in Aquarius is conjunct Neptune in Pisces while square Saturn in Sagittarius (out of sign).  Here we have a lovely dark moon wildcard – heady silent undercurrents of personal resolutions – past/future/now collide.  Dark moons are restful, contemplative and quiet – this moon awakens interior tectonic shifts.  Work it !

Culmination degrees are filled with energy expression of that sign, this Uranus-ruled new moon delivers innovation in spades.   We are heading into the last exact square of Uranus and Pluto on March 17 at 15 degrees of Aries and Capricorn, respectively.  This time both planets are direct and ready to seal the deal.

Mars at new moon is also at the culmination degree of Pisces ready to rock n roll into his ruling sign, Aries on the next day, Thursday the 19th, 6:11pm Chicago time.
Venus follows Mars into Aries the day after at 2:05pm Chicago time.  These two lovers meeting in Aries delivers an onrush of brand new shiny hot to trot energy that is backed up by Uranus in Aries trine Jupiter Rx in Leo.  Note the illustration above was also chosen as a nod to Chinese New Year of the Sheep…more on that soon.

This new moon we’ll be revving our engines & layin’ tread at the 29 degree stop light.  Get your head right prior to, these energies are ripe for change – juicy red fruit is ready to be picked.  (Just got a visual of Sharon Osbourne pitching a ham over the fence at her noisy neighbors, so putting it out there for ya.  Like I said, 29 degrees – over it.)  

New Moon in Aquarius accentuates change, innovation, polarity therapy, yin/yang, electricity, angelic intervention, clairvoyance, and the curious.  If you are seeking a shift in perspective, output/input, altitude – this is your new moon !

Squares to Saturn in Sagittarius with Jupiter Rx indicates rolling with your changes, though you may not SEE the whole enchilada or bullseye goal set at this time.  Just keep walking, swimming, flying or crawling if you have to.  This new moon delivers the beginnings of lasting change – it is upon us, we may as well ride the lightning.

peace out
Gneiss Moon

All things great & small

imageTarot of the New Vision

Explorations into the combined retrogrades of Aquarius Mercury/Jupiter Leo.
Mercury is direct, (out of shadow March 4).
Jupiter direct at 12 Leo on April 8.

What can be gleaned from these thinking, communication retrogrades ?

Sevens are mysterious, different, intellectual and metaphysical.  Ruled by Uranus (Aquarius) seven represents freedom, change and inventive eccentricity.  Seven of pents represents contemplation of action, patience and being at a crossroads.

I am feeling this one.  No longer waiting for Bloom, it’s done.  Hallelujah !  Orli’s chart was one of my most read posts here.  I completed a major undertaking recently, was left wondering …”now what ?”  Actually I do know my next few steps, but with the giant project over, I had to re-form another big picture, brainstorm another lofty goal.

I had lost what, over time, had become my refuge, or so I thought.
This card points to re-evaluation for all of us.

Uranian/Seven rant:
No one is alone, truly alone – for we are all on this rock/boat together in a vast sea of space.  Not only are we physically (via the elements) and psychically connected, but know also other dimensions are present as well.  We have guides, angels (Uranus rules angels and Aquarius) and messenger friends in the animal world as well.  We are loved and supported though we may at times have felt abandoned, that is not the case.
This one in particular is for all you single folks out there…keep going…if I can keep going through hell, so can you – just keep going.  I’ll see you on the other side.

imageWild Wood Tarot

Now for Jupiter which is still retrograde for several weeks…
What have we to glean from this transit ?

Not growing fast enough, creative misses, skillcraft fumbles, uncontrolled waste, scattering energies.  Oh yeah…Jupiter does love to explore new vistas, and the seemingly relentless navel-gazing may be getting a bit old.  Believe me I get it, my 8th/12th solar, just call me swamp thing.

Fives are ruled by Mercury – flexible, full of surprises and opportunity.

This retrograde is here to teach us creative patience, control and stillness.  See the irony and laugh at distractions for they are great teachers.  Goats, gators, elephants and birds are totem messengers, but so are flies and mosquitoes.
All things great and small.

peace & acorns
Gneiss Moon

Power of Attraction

1082102638.jpegKaterina Bodrunova

Venus and Mars meet up soon…
They are within 3 degrees of separation on the 14th (USA) – though they will not reach exact until the hop into Aries on the 21st.

Power behind Venus in the sign of her exaltation ?
Divinely inspired art, love, music, film, dance swim in lush emotional waters.  Ideals, shared spiritual sympathies, divination and romance are at high tide.

Body language, shared glances, speak volumes.
Breath deepens, pupils enlarge, and the blood warms, gets pumping.
Mars conjunct Venus is the power of attraction.

Peace & LOVE
Gneiss Moon


Dolphins1Andrew Wong

I’ve been doing something uncharacteristic – watching Hannibal.  I know from experience I have to be selective with what I let in my brain/body/vibration/field.  I have strong boundaries, yet still unconsciously tune into what is around me, for better or worse.  (Giant Neptuning fork in 11 square 8th, can’t hardly keep from it.)

I went in with curiosity, and found it very stylish, well done.  Thought processes are filmed in dream-like sequences, it’s rife with psychological twists and turns: predator, prey, psychiatrists and police.  Plenty to satisfy my high 8th Leo creative heart that keeps me around even through the low 8th murderous creepfest.

So last night I cleaned my house, watched several episodes, thought of Hannibal eating people.  Pinkies out gourmet meals, fine wine, angelic opera and eating flesh.  Akin to how a heart transplant patient begins to feel the traits of the former owner, Hannibal  and killers like him seek spiritual communion by material means.  In some fashion they seek to take on the spiritual strength of that being through their flesh.
I know, creepy – but fascinating.  I also know the photo above is incongruous with the ramble above, but bear with me, here comes the Pisces stuff…

What am I getting at here ?
Pisces stellium soaks up as much as it disperses.  It is private, prophetic, represents secrets or that which is hard to verbalize.

There is a time for material work, a time for spiritual work.
A time for talk, also for silence.
Proper balance enhances function of both.

We have a plethora of Pisces with Mercury Rx (direct on the 11th) and Jupiter Rx.
These retrograde planets rule the signs Pisces squares (inner obstacles).  Gemini and Sagittarius (and Virgo opposite/others) are mutable, malleable, more easily re-wired. Use this time to rethink . . . see how you feel about your path.
You know yourself and your destiny better than anyone – if you are on the right path, you will feel it.  You will know it.

Lasting change is easier under these adaptable (signs/retrogrades) aspects.  Right now forming new neural nets is center stage. Taking a break to think/feel get centered is exactly what the universe is supporting.

Play, create, dream, brainstorm.
Go with your flow . . . .

Gneiss Moon

Weaving Worlds

imageMary-El Tarot

Three degrees out on Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces.

Quick question before work to apply to everyone re: what hidden insights re: this aspect will help us reach our collective highest manifestations.

Strength of God is evident in the artistic representation of Archangel Gabriel.  Saint Gabriel who rules Moon (currently in Virgo), is the patron saint of messengers and all communications workers.  Gabriel helped the prophet Daniel interpret dreams, and is often associated with blowing the horn of judgement.

Gabriel is pictured with a white lily which represents Mary receiving the news of her  blessed pregnancy.  S/he delivers sacred texts, is associated with making seemingly simple messages drop onto our path at the precisely right time resulting in profound perspective shifts.

This is the final marriage of the two trees of life – good & evil, knowledge of both; the wedding of soul & body; time and eternity. Gabriel harmonizes opposites, integrates spirit with manifestation, delivers divine gifts.

This card also exemplifies freedom of spirit consciousness; the heights of sexual flame (genie lamp) known as the little death, heavenly ecstasy on earth.  Divine messages in tandem with working heart, mind and soul results in humanity skillfully executing physical manifestation of higher realms of spirit consciousness here on Earth.

Note Chiron is closely tied to the hero’s journey because he trained heroes.
Everyone is the star of their own Monomyth.  I love the hero’s revelatory journey.
We each have several in one lifetime running concurrently.  Where are You ?
Click for biggie size.


In closing, find your balance between your wound and your healing.
Go on your own s/hero’s journey whatever that means to you.
Merge opposites.

Write, communicate, watch and listen closely, speak your mind with a loving heart.
Note your dreams and visions.
Childbirth.  Orgasm.
See what is right in front of you with new eyes. 
Experience profound shifts in perspective.

Follow your Bliss.
See Joseph Campbell’s interp here.

Gneiss Moon


de_world_2_by_balance_sheet-d4ie1v4Steve Hamilton

It is the “try” that is the more often counted as righteousness, and NOT the success or failure. 
Failure to anyone should be as a stepping-stone and not as a millstone.

‎Edgar Cayce‬ 
reading 931-1

This quote has previously appeared here on a post about mistakes.
Virgos are not fond of them, but as far as my mistakes go – a typo or error once and awhile does not send me into a melt-down like it did when I first arrived here.  My mistakes are elevated, I see them, you see them, everybody sees them.
Big deal.
So I make mistakes, who doesn’t ?

Get back up + keep going is the only sensible option.  
Earth signs are sensible.

I have been giving Uranus square Pluto a great deal of thought.
(I am a Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus/Pluto in 9)
Finally I distilled what this square has taught me into one word.
As you can imagine I was thrilled when I later heard Elrond specifically say “I’ve heard that Hobbits are very resilient.” (I share Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday)
So yeah, the last Ura/Plu square is getting tighter and we have a plethora of Pisces.

Mars, Chiron, Venus, Neptune (ruling)

My query today: What do we most need to know to work this passage of Pisces prior to the incoming square ?

62 Dream: precognition, unconsciousness, limitless soul journeying
now we absorb information from the multi-verses.  Linear rules are out the window, we form straight from heart/thought/soul space – not/space.  Making your dreams reality.

45 Mars: power, courage, conquest, passion and energy outgoing/pouring, normally dominance and lust, Mars in Pisces is concerned with others.
Mars in Pisces: Hang Loose

67 Empathy:  Hearts joined in a clover shape, radiating green heart chakra energy into the cosmos.  Open hearted understanding of another’s journey.  Emotional sensitivity.

FullSizeRender 2
Mars powers the hearts, see..?
All One.


The Voice.


If you want to study the astrology of singing look to Mercury and Taurus.  Mercury is air in the (Gemini) lungs, Taurus rules the throat.  Scorpio (opposite Taurus) is also worth noting as it is power (ruled by Pluto) opposite, therefore a give and take/unit.

Voice aspects have always been a subject of interest, as I have Moon in Taurus, a Virgo stellium and Libra Mercury at Midheaven.  I love to sing, and sounds directly influence my state/peace of mind.  The most intelligent, interesting lecture in the world would have trouble sinking in if I had to listen to a whiney, grating voice throughout.
It is what it is…just one of my quirks. 
Now onto the astrology of voice.

Clear voice: Sun, Mercury, Venus well aspected, on the angles
Deep voice: Saturn highly aspected (esp in women) afflictions to Mercury, Venus
Fluency: expressive dexterity corresponds with 7 degrees Capricorn/Pisces

Rumbling, course voice: afflictions to Scorpio; Saturn in hard aspect to Taurus/Libra or Venus, also in hard aspect to Mercury
Gifted: Venus or Mercury in Taurus, 2nd house; Air signs on cusp of 2nd
Melodious: Venus (Taurus/Libra) on the angles (esp with Mercury) and well aspected
Vocal control/tone: strongest at 16 degrees Taurus/Scorpio; 17 degrees Aries/Libra

Voice strain: Uranus or Saturn in hard aspect to Mercury, Venus, Taurus or Air signs

The larynx is said to build its power from the sexual nature of the Scorpio axis – the sex drive kicks in with the deepening of the male voice in puberty.  For this reason hard aspects (restriction) of Taurus/Scorpio will manifest in a high pitched voice in men; a low voice in women. 
Venus and Mercury strong with benefics can compensate for hard aspects to Taurus.

It is wise to remember that any contact is an exchange of energy a square or opposition can be stronger than a trine when solved – aka worked properly, honed to your highest expression of it.

:::I’ll toss a few names & deets:::

Thom Yorke: Libra Sun and Scorpio Mercury Rx opposite Aries Saturn (8 degree orb)  Thom’s interp here. 
Joe Elliott:
Leo Mercury tightly conjunct Uranus – once on weeks of strict silence due to vocal strain
Tom Waits: Mercury rising bang on ASC in Sagittarius square Saturn in Virgo; Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius
Demi Moore: Scorpio Venus, Sun, Mercury opposite Taurus Moon (exalted); Mercury square Saturn in Aquarius
Richard Armitage: Sun tightly conjunct Venus; Mercury w/in 7 degrees in hard aspect – but Gemini Saturn in good aspect to Uranus in Libra.  Richard’s interp here.
Ann Wilson: Venus in Taurus  conj DC trine Saturn in Virgo; Mercury 7th well aspected to Libra; Venus quintile Jupiter in Pisces
Nat King Cole: Aries Mercury and Venus, both trine Saturn in Leo
Ian Gillian: Sun tightly conjunct Mercury in Leo trine Moon rising; Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer; Venus exact quintile Jupiter Virgo

Also see asteroid Melpomene.




Quicksilver retrograde runaround:
Mercury into Aquarius Jan 4, (in shadow 6th) retrograde at 17 degrees on the 21, direct on Feb 11 at 1 degree Aquarius (out of shadow March 4)

Quicksilver was fathered by Magneto - brill, yeah ?  
Mercury is the lower octave of Uranus aka magnetics.  

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is particularly weird because perceptions of space-time are skewed – shifting and changing like prismatic flashes in a crystal prism.  Thoughts emerge from odd spectrums.  Waves and vibrations flare – deliver clarity – then fade, for another idea has already taken its place.

Accept the intuitive leaps and inventions your synapses are firing across the chasms.
The greek root of synapse means join together. 

Track patterns, note insights !
Full Leo Moon opposite Aquarius Sun is delivering heaps of creative brainstorms with Jupiter Rx in tow.  Mercury Rx in Aquarius is ahead of its time & ahead of your time.  Messages incoming may not make sense at this moment – but do not idly dismiss them – they will make perfect sense in the future.

File your Mercury/Jupiter Retrograde (lower/higher mind) insights for analysis downstream.  Right now, just let your consciousness flow.

Peace Out
Gneiss Moon