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Cosmic Prosperity
With this prosperity comes divine responsibility
prepare to receive and accept. 

Always be in a place of highest good.
Positive Vibrations

The love you take is equal to the love you make.


I actually pulled this Pisces Moon card
yesterday am, but I am
posting it now


O Captain ! My Captain !

robinwilliams_2_652_featured_photo_galleryRobin Williams

Terribly sad about Robin’s death today.  I mourn privately at home, but share my grief with those that knew him and loved him, as well as Robin’s fans the world over.

I fell for him immediately as a loveable, curious alien trying to figure out life, earthlings, and grow up in the process.  Robin was wacky and fun, full of life and over the top…all of which made his still waters and great depth all the more poignant.

I tweeted a Dune passage today about the universe, captioned it Pisces Moon.  I was thinking about how Virgo loves to organize thoughts and things to find and feel the sacred while its opposite, Pisces l e  t   s       g       o      .         .               .
It is a Pisces Moon, soon to go void of course for 21 hours, we will pause to reflect.

Dune quoteI am wowed by this choice of quote earlier, it seems a message because Robin had Pisces Moon tightly conjunct North Node of Destiny opposite Venus in Virgo.
South Node (always opposite N Node) was exactly conjunct Virgo Venus, making it a tough placement, for South Node is the past and has a restrictive quality to it, akin to Saturn.

There was always a lesson for the public (moon) in Robin’s work … how can we be more loving and kind ?  This is his feeling Pisces Moon in addition to Leo Mercury conjunct Pluto (powerful drama delivery) at MC from 9th (teaching) in trine to Jupiter (teaching) in Aries.*

He was a late degree Cancer Sun in the 9th, a sensitive teacher with Moon quintile Chiron.  Empathy and understanding for others was his path, for he also had Neptune (film) and North Node of Destiny quintile Chiron.  Chiron was the wounded teacher, herbalist, mentor to heroes, and Robin’s is in Sagittarius, well-placed in a teaching sign.

Neptune opposes Jupiter in Aries – both square a tight Cancer Mars/Uranus conjunction, making them dual focal points in a T-Square.  This is the wild and wacky artistic exuberance tailor-made to: first get rapt attention; then sensitively shape shift  viewer imagination into more creative, courageous, altruistic paths for themselves.*

This last Aquarius Full Moon that was difficult for so many with fixed sign placements was opposite Robin’s Pluto, meaning Sun (always opposes full moon) was exactly conjunct his Pluto. The luminaries squared Saturn in his first house of self, causing much self-review.

Such a beautiful soul, gone far too soon.

My heart goes out to all who cherish Robin…
… I celebrate the gifts of love he so joyfully gave us all.

In peace
Gneiss Moon

My highest respects are paid by sharing one of my most favorite scenes that perfectly encapsulates how I (and many others) feel by Robin’s passing into the next adventure…

Butch & Sundance

TBS-butch-sundance1-e1339219532880Butch & Sundance (Newman & Redford)

Love Love LOVE this flick – these two pros brought it to life.  They remained life-long friends, loved pulling hilarious pranks on each other.

Mostly I’ll miss the fun we had. We played lots of pranks on each other. I used to race cars, and after he took this rare Porsche I owned for a drive, he began to get into racing. He had incredible reflexes, and he got really good, but he talked so much about it that I got sick of it. So I had a beaten-up Porsche shell delivered to his porch for his 50th birthday. He never said anything, but not long after, I found a crate of molten metal delivered to the living room of my (rented) house. It dented the floor. I then had it turned into a really ugly sculpture and dropped into his garden. To this day, neither one of us has ever mentioned it.
Robert Redford , The NYDO

Newman was an Aquarius with a Capricorn rising stellium opposite Cancer Pluto riding the horizon line.  He had a Grand Water Trine – a kite with Capricorn Mercury/Venus/Jupiter opposing Pluto in Cancer; Saturn trine Uranus trine Pluto. Interestingly, his Pisces Moon had little to no major aspects save a separating trine (7 degrees) to Scorpio MC.

Redford (who reminds me of my brother in the photo above) is a Leo with a Big Virgo stellium: Virgo Moon conjunct Mercury conjunct Neptune loosely conjunct (6 degrees) Venus. Venus trines Uranus exact (the rest if you follow transference of light) Leo Mars trines Jupiter ruling in Sagittarius – that Jupiter also serves as focal point of a T-Square between Pisces Saturn opposite Virgo Neptune/Mercury/Moon.  Redford has NNode in Capricorn conjunct MC – staying power in career, obviously working that one perfectly.

These two have powerful hard aspects running their natal charts, propelling them to success, but I am curious what energies they created together.


As far as synastry goes, Newman’s Capricorn stellium was in trine to Redford’s Virgo stellium – lots of personal planets in the mix to keep them easy with each other.  This same stellium trined Redford’s Toro Uranus.  Their Saturns were trine each other (work, ties that bind).  Redford’s Sun trined Paul’s Mars in Aries fueling the racecar link.

Composite chart: Sun/Mercury/Venus in Scorpio 9 trine Pluto in Cancer – hilarious.
These two had/have huge sex appeal (Pluto) women (Cancer 5) swooning all over the globe (9th).  Further highlighted by Sagittarius Moon opposite Mars in Gemini, they talked good game, clever and funny.  Composite Uranus (ruling composite chart) in Aries squares both Cancer Pluto and Saturn (ruling) Capricorn.  The bandit on the run thing, wild and free really worked for them both in this film, as well as in life – they loved surprising each other.

Use enough dynamite there, Butch ?

celluloid splash

PacinoAl Pacino.  Scarface, 1983

Iconic scene of supreme 80’s decadence.
Who could ever forget this scene ? esp. if you have a bathtub thing like me.

Al is a 10th house Taurus Sun tightly conjunct Saturn both square Pluto in Leo.
Sexual pan type energy, power and stamina over the long haul, also combined + in square – decadence. Mercury in Aries 9 is a quick, open mind – clever.  Mercury is far from Sun aka not self-preoccupied, but with Leo Rising and Jupiter in Aries at MC – there is a cocky attitude on tap + Jupiter cranks up the me Me ME.  Taurus Sun/Saturn, with Leo rising loves to work and play hard.

Al has really spot on astro for this bathtub scene – tubs are Neptune, Moon also Uranus as well as 5th house of pleasure.  He has Uranus trine Neptune (film, glamour, bath, drugs) which is focal point in a T-Square with Venus conjunct Mars in Gemini (flirt extraordinaire) opposite Moon in Sagittarius 5.  Sagittarius Moon (public) in the 5th trines Jupiter in Aries – abundance of passion as well as a completely over the top spa/tub career moment.

Virgo Neptune in 2nd square Venus/Mars – “all you ever talk about is $$$….  Moneymoneymoneymoney, that’s all I hear in this (moon) house.” – all while Al soaks in the bathtub. Watch clip with Michelle Pfeiffer in comments.
Scene nails his T-Square.

What led me to post this ?
Poseidon’s Underworld, ck it out – dudes in the bath, on film.
It’s a win-win !  My backdoor Mars approves this message. heh.

Peace out

Celestial Symbols

Sun animatedThe Sun glyph harbors the eternal circle – life without beginning or end.  The dot inside the circle represents the divine spark within all life forms.  Sun is the center, the heart, the will, the being, the personal expression.  House and sign of natal Sun shows where significant contributions are made during life on Earth.

Moon animatedMoon glyphMoon
Circumference at Equator: 10,917.0 km
Diameter: 3,475 km
Mass: 73,476,730,924,573,500 million kg (0.0123 x Earth)
Average Distance from Earth: 384,400 km
Length of Orbit: 27.3 Earth days
Surface Temperature: -233 to 123 °C
Age: formed 4.6 billion years ago
Rotation: synchronous; same side is always facing the Earth.
First unmanned mission:1959 Soviet Lunar Program
First manned landing: Apollo 11 in 1969.

The glyph for Earth’s only satellite, Moon, is a half-circle, symbol of the personality.  Moon reflects light of the Sun, as personality reflects the true spirit – this reflection is where emotional tides arise and fall.  House and sign of natal moon indicate our manner of experiencing and expressing feelings.

MercuryMercury’s glyph features a cross, the symbol of manifestation on the Earth plane.  The circle of spirit rises above the earth, and the crescent of personality is uplifted to the heavens.  Mercury is neither male or female, but rather a neutral mirror reflecting surroundings – moving ever inward and outward to connect and communicate.
Mercury is the link – between heaven and Earth; soul and personality.  House and sign of natal Mercury shows where attention is keen, awareness focused – here we learn.

VenusThe glyph for Venus features the circle of spirit over the cross of manifestation.  This represents spirit overcoming matter through love.  Venus attracts and gives love, the house and sign of natal Venus shows where love, partnership, synthesis and cohesion reign supreme.

EarthEarth’s glyph harbors the circle of spirit crossed by manifestation on the Earth plane.
This symbolizes Earth School – eternal spirit made flesh and bone, on deadline, so we may learn and grow through personal experience.  Earth or Gaia can be found in the center of the natal chart, the geocentric viewpoint of our experience in the cosmos.

MarsThe glyph for Mars shows the arrow of the instinctive animal self – rising from and being redeemed by – the circle of spirit.  The sign and house of natal Mars indicates where enthusiastic energy and personal power drives self-expression – it is how and where we make our mark on the world.

JupiterJupiter’s glyph represents the crescent of personality rising above the cross, free from confinement.  In the house and sign of natal Jupiter is the superconscious higher self that communes with the divine.  Here, expansion of the mind, exploration of global philosophies are seen and experienced though the optimistic lens of faith.

SaturnThe glyph for Saturn shows the cross of manifestation above the crescent of personality (the dark self).  Saturn harbors the first law of manifestation – limitation through form.  Spirit is grounded by Saturn; is both Father Time and Grim Reaper (Saturn rules Earth School) and is the necessary, temporary proving ground of spirit.  The house and sign of natal Saturn reveals conservation, limitation, restriction – tests leading to strength of spirit.  Taking responsibility for personal flaws and faults and working diligently to change them into gifts will redeem the spirit from tough karmic lessons that Saturn delivers.

UranusUranus glyphThe glyphs of Uranus differ as you can see.  The above is more often found in modern science (see my sigil) and represents the spark of life inside each spirit that is pure wild animal instinct, the arrow of energy and power is uplifted to the heavens, symbolizing the connection to divine knowing, cosmic consciousness.
The symbol of Uranus pictured below is the more traditional symbol, usually found in astrology.  It is comprised of two pillars; (polarities) one human, one divine – joined by the cross of matter.  The circle of spirit found below pushes them into higher octaves of being.   The natal house and sign of Uranus is where we find the wildcard of destiny.  Here is the inventive rebel, the curious eccentric, the oddball genius whose actions can be neither predicted nor tamed.

Neptune’s glyph features the cross of matter piercing the cup of personality so that it may be free to manifest on a selfless level.  Neptune is the mystical medium, the tuning fork that wants Heaven as keenly as it feels Earth.  The natal house and sign of Neptune shows where we hook our feelers into the emotional supercosmos, where we are sensitive, psychic dreamers in service to others.

pluto animated onePluto glyphPluto
Circumference at Equator: 4,493.7 miles
(1.305±0.007)×1022 kg
Known Satellites: Charon, Styx, Kerberos, Nix, Hydra 
Average Distance from Sun: 
3.7 billion miles 
Length of Orbit:
248 Earth years

Orbital Tilt: tilted to solar system plane by 17.1 degrees
Orbital Shape: eccentric, Pluto is sometimes closer to the Sun than Neptune
Day: 6.4 Earth day
Surface Temperature:
−229 °C
: February 18, 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh

The glyph of Pluto shows the cross of matter with the crescent of personality uplifted to the heavens.  The circle of spirit is free from matter, which symbolizes journeying into the unknown so that deep spiritual understanding and transcendence may take place.   Pluto is the great leveler – through life and death all must pass.  The natal house and sign of Pluto indicates our most profound enlightenment born of total and complete transformation.  It indicates new life found after metaphorical (and physical) death.



Originally posted on Gneiss Moon Astrology:


Also called August Eve, Harvest Home, Feast of Bread, Festival of the Green Corn is named for Lugh, an Irish solar god.  This is the time of Earth’s sorrowing Autumn, solar light is lessening and the nights are growing longer.

Lughnasadh, (Lammas or loaf – mass is from the anglo-saxon hlaefmass, or loaf festival) is the first of three harvests; others following are Mabon and Samhain. Traditionally celebrated on August 1st, it astrologically falls at 15 degrees Leo.

Harvest is beginning, crops are ripening, and the gathering of food is celebrated with gratitude.
Southern hemisphere celebrates Imbolc and the light of the Sun returning, while in the northern hemisphere Lughnasadh is celebrated as the sun’s light begins to lessen.


Ceres (Roman for Demeter, also the root word of cereal) the Goddess of Grain was the Great Earth Mother of Persephone.  When Hades abducted Persephone to the underworld, Ceres searched the world, grieving for her…

View original 210 more words


photo 10Tarot of the Origins

Quick read for energies into Full Moon – insight leading to highest manifestation.
Card 1 Saturn
Card 2 Uranus

1 Animal of Soul – A man following the tracks of a rhinoceros.  Supervision.
HA !  Is this card not SaturnMan ?  Well, of course it is – but with a kicker -the Knight of Soul is the proper way of stewardship.
This card reflects Uranus Aries – a singular horn, a psychic feeler at 3rd eye.

Supervision with love.

Apply the lessons of this card:
globally – environmentally
personally – self supervision
jointly – how you walk upon our earth *

* Jupiter quintiles Part of Fortune bang on Taurus Descendant at Full Supermoon Lunation
while Jupiter is quincunx Neptune in Pisces.


photo 11Elemental Tarot

2 Eight of Water – WELL
Naaki is the Finnish Spirit of the Waters

Moon and Saturn – Self-control and consideration

This figure sits in meditation, head bowed.
His left hand (symbolizing the past) reaches into The Well, the circle of life, the Triad of Birth, Life and Death. A nod to Jupiter, which rules 3 and growth.
Reflect upon your past while moving into your future, avoid making the same mistakes twice.

The checkered panels show dualities, polarities of day/night, love/hate, etc… while the waning phase of the moon on the card indicates withdrawing to THINK & FEEL.

Saturn squares both Sun/Mercury & squares Full Moon – time out, restriction, pulling back the reins, doing your own thing.

The doors on the wall symbolize opening new paths to Emotional Expression that will accompany this Full Lunation in Aquarius.  The hills represent highest aspirations.

Uranus ruled Full Moon opposite Sun both square Saturn urges us to think creatively while also working with others – as we are able.  Boundaries are, at times, most beneficial.

Respect the search for your individual inner truth – your path to enlightenment is yours and yours alone.  


the weirding way

jelly animated
Heavy energies of the squares I spoke of yesterday are offset by
Mars trine Neptune
Saturn trine Chiron
Sun and Mercury moving to trine Uranus
prior to a full Aquarius Supermoon at 18 degrees Aquarius

Healing the past through present actions
Clever thought processes, inventive solutions
the weirding way

Uranus Neptune and Pluto are all in
retrograde revision mode
These are generational planets made personal
through direct contacts in your natal

Saturn going full pistons forward in square to both
Sun/Mercury opposite full Aquarius Moon
makes Saturn and Uranus major players

Feelings of balance, past, future
clinging and releasing
time – out of time – timeless
ambition, family
Thought patterns surrounding same.


are coming into sharp focus
with this full Moon
Choose wisely.

-Tim Gunn


psychic muscles

Alex Groseth
Click the link for the artist’s take on this piece titled subconscious change.

This is livewire astro – if these Scorpio – Leo squares feel easy – you’re doing it wrong. 
Squares are obstacles forcing us into facing our personal abyss of fear or shortcomings or deep rooted stumbling blocks (fixed signs).
Worked correctly, we give painful birth to new life from the deep rooted insides, we create a new, more harmonious way of doing things. 
This obstacle course run correctly, can be more powerful than a trine because we have had to work all our psychic muscles to get to the finish line.

A_Teachers_journey_back_by_AlexGrosethAlex Groseth

Incoming Full Moon in Aquarius squares Saturn opposes Sun/Mercury in Leo.  This is the time to form new neural nets.  Subconscious drives are active for us, running our tired, old, worn paths – even if we don’t realize it. This can be either beneficial or detrimental – only you know.

 See houses Leo & Scorpio Taurus & Aquarius in your natal, these fixed signs are reluctant to change – even under tremendous stress.


They will die hard and go down swingin’ – fair warning.

The energies of separation from the old and outdated are coming online, culminating and reaching full manifestation with Full Moon in Aquarius on Aug 10.
Uranus rules Aquarius and is of course, square Pluto – destruction with higher purpose, change what needs work, in order to reach a higher octave of harmony and love.
Inside & out.

Make it so.


Playful trickster



Mercury in Leo communicates with confidence, flair and gusto due to influence of the Sun.   Glowing positive thinkers filled with sunshine, creativity and romance are the norm for this placement.

Mercury is mutable, dual; Leo is fixed which brings a steadiness to the mind.  Sharing ideas, expressing themselves eloquently with style, grace while backed by powerful projection is to be expected.  This placement heralds excellent teachers due to the ability to hold rapt attention through their skill at combining the creative with the intellectual. 

Leo Mercury is  a playful trickster - brainstorming takes place on the paintball course or on the sports field.  You are likely to see them thinking/talking/juggling with their hands, drawing or in some way using their hands to enhance creative thought processes.

The Mercurial mind under influence of the Sun enhances physical agility, provides persuasive powers, enhances clear communication, rapport with authority figures.  Sales is a natural as is working with young people, in sports or creative writing/speaking fields.


Working together

photo 9Quantum Tarot

Spirit/Crux card first today.
6 Pents
Quarks never exist singly, they always make up composite particles called hadrons.
Hadrons come in two forms: baryons have (3 quarks) both protons and neutrons; mesons are one quark and one anti (matter) quark.  Mesons are very unstable and don’t last long.
Hadrons are fundamental to atomic nuclei, thus all physical matter in the universe.

Pents = earth, $$, also Venus (vids here)
Six (Venus) is change within flux – balance between giving and receiving, composite groupings which change us through give and take.  This card encourages us to consider the dialectic between giving and taking and what part of the spectrum we currently occupy.

Uranus is the unstable here – the enlightener, the rebel the perspective shifter – the lightning bolt, the unpredictable.

The question last – targeting the energies of Venus/Moon in Cancer against the square to Uranus/Mars energies in Aries for greatest insight.
photo 8Three of Cups – Three is a nod to Jupiter and growth

Mercury leaves Cancer to meet Jupiter and Sun in Leo later today.  Power of three – with Venus joining the party August 12.

There are two types of star clusters: large globular (old and dying stars); open clusters (less dense, younger stars).  The Pleiades is an open cluster visible to the naked eye.
Open clusters are rich in exotic phenomena such as pulsars – one star can have a dramatic effect on its neighbors.

Gatherings of 2 or more, parties and brainstorming – synergies that are on the way with thinking, speaking Mercury heading into Leo the Lionhearted.

Creative juices and stimulating encounters are happening internally with the square, but they are born when we integrate our lives with others.  We SEE what we need to change when we move about our lives in an ocean of others.

Balance within flux.
Synergy = Coexistence
The whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts.



James Paick

News came in this eve that someone close to me was the victim of police brutality.    Tasered, cuffed, kicked/beaten bloody while unconscious without provocation.  Onlookers called an ambulance (disregarding police warnings to mind their own business), thankfully putting a stop to what could have been much worse.

Mars rules police, weapons, and aggression; obviously tazers are Uranus.

Briefly, big factors via transits were Saturn return with Full Moon in Capricorn (7.12) square natal Mercury/Neptune conjunction while transiting Mars/N Node rode same conjunction.  Transiting Jupiter rode natal Uranus which squared the same natal conjunction.
Cardinal cross landed in solar houses 1,4,7,10 aka crisis and an outrush of activity.

Saturn rules justice (or lack thereof), karma, restriction; Jupiter on Uranus equals one hell of a surprise.
Note: Transits listed are not those of the defendant, but of rather those of a close relation.
I don’t have the heart to say much of anything else.
Signing off as I usually do.

Gneiss Moon

burn, baby burn


AlchAlchemical Tarot Renewed

Quick read on the energies for highest manifestation

1. Two of Staffs, Fire = Venus trine Saturn : Flames of Hermes and Aphrodite combined, united passions (2)

2. Nine of Staffs, Fire = Mercury/Sun square Mars : Grey wolf burned in a fire (to reclaim the King he swallowed) a necessary sacrifice, a culmination of passion, FYI: next pip is phoenix (9)

3: Lady of Staffs, Fire = Last two hits of Uranus square Pluto : Doing the Dance of the New in the hot, dry desert ! !

Obviously we are ! hot to trot to create !  with Lots of Leo energy & Mars amping up Scorpio.  Venus trine Saturn acts as bit of grease to the mental work wheel of Mercury & Sun & Jupiter. Square Mars.  Make your work playful to take the edge off.  Do work you love, if at all possible, or bring love to what work you are doing.  Also a lovely heads up that passion and groovy positive messages are on the UP with incoming Uranus/Pluto squares as Lady acts as Page.

This reading pleases me greatly.  I am working my ass off, if you see me disappear from here, it means I am working job 1 (6/wk) or mowing my yard or something of that nature is keeping me from here – because I love being here, exploring energies.  As a side note, Saturn direct sends it back over my Scorpio Neptuner in 11, my ankle pain is worsening again, if my work here decreases a bit, that would be why.

Mercury into Leo, Frank Herbert, et. al. (You know who you are.) up asap.

Also, I love this deck, seems apt for my Alchemical tagline, yes ?  You can see Robert Place, the creator of this deck in the supernatural tarot vid narrated by Christopher Lee on a prior post here (see comments).  He can also be found by clicking on the Alchemical link above.  He is a tarot historian, I highly rec !  I have yet to read here with my vampire deck, (he also created) but drew Mina (Priestess) for myself at first go (also pleased me greatly).

I will read with it here eventually, perhaps now that Mars is into Scorp !
Have a good day all. . .more at lunch (?) . . .


snowballs chance

Never tell me the odds by OKTotallyAndy Helms

Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1.

This scene popped into my head first thing when I woke up.
Mercury is statistics, counting the numbers; square Mars in Scorpio, thoughts of driving straight into likely certain death.

Likes and dislikes are Venus/Uranus

Cancer Mercury is (out-of sign) square Mars in early Scorpio and will be closing the gap over the next seven days while Cancer Venus closes the square to Uranus Rx in Aries.

Venus square Uranus
attracts the sublime radical weird
squares motivate us to reach our highest actualization
Just saying.

May the Force be with You