Bending the Rules

FullSizeRenderSherlock Holmes Tarot

Investigations on Pluto in Capricorn square North and South Nodes of Destiny aka Future/Past and the metamorphosis inherent within making choices heading into Mercury Rx.  
What do we need to know that will lead us to our conclusion ?  
(Note: South Node is conjunct Uranus)

Peeler: Suit of Analysis
Kindness and sympathies aroused while deception takes place. (Lady Hilda has used fainting as a ploy to steal documents on the sly !)  This card points to a champion willing to bend rather than break in order to reach a harmonious outcome.
Bending the (Capricorn) rules to suit the sitch.  Analysis re: a merger or union. Guile and cunning
permeate the Plutonic situation, no surprise if you understand the workings of sleuth, stealth and metamorphosis.

Be on the alert for illusion, deception and treachery.  Be choosy in what is revealed, also what is believed.

FullSizeRender 2
Message from Spirit Card
Inspector: Suit of Deduction

A steadfast guardian of tradition.  Patience and responsibility born of wisdom and experience.   A serious nature, a good advisor who values conservation and old school methods.

Handling land, finances, relationships and/or business with a calm, steady, firm hand.  A mentor, teacher or guide of loyalty and dedication.

Stability, zen and safety understood by those of the same nature.  (Inspector Gregson of Scotland Yard who has an affinity for Sherlock.)

Gneiss Moon

Unseen energies

imageAlchemical Tarot

Quick buzz for Mercury Rx in Aquarius, leading us to highest understanding and growth on our individual life paths. Mercury into Aquarius Jan 4, (in shadow 6th) retrograde at 17 degrees on the 21, direct on Feb 11 at 1 degree (out of shadow March 4) 

Mercury travels retrograde through air signs this year.
1 Aquarius: Recharge fixed goals via polarity probe

2 Gemini: Rethink adapt/adopt new mental processes
Mercury Rx: March at 13 degrees Gemini D at 4 degrees

3 Libra: Revise balance, relationship equality
Mercury Rx September at 15 Libra D at 0 degrees Libra

Lady of Swords reps Merc Rx, I pulled another to see what she was looking at in the past, which is Queen of Vessels.  This lady speaks/thinks with beauty and elegance – she is the silence and mystery of the High Priestess given voice.  She enlightens with cutting edge intellect in tandem with love and charm.

Artistic sensitivities focused into words, poetry, voice and inspirations are evident by this card combo.  Mercury stations retrograde while sandwiched between Aquarius Moon and Venus right after the 0 degree New Moon (conjunct Sun) in Aquarius.  Stations are filled with energy buzzing/shifting – separation from one thing and magnetic attraction to another is very likely during this time.

Mercury is exalted in Aquarius granting prime functioning and optimization of thinking and communication.  This transit will be intensive for seeing two sides of everything, see your natal Aquarius house for your specific focus.

Revise, revision, rework, re-imagine most of all - REINVENT. 
Laying new neural nets is a given.

Standard Merc Rx info: great time to edit, internal process/sort – not so great for communications by the direct route.  Save all your info, machinery can go wonky esp. computers, phones, etc..  Messages from other dimensions (influence of Uranus) your past, pets (Mercury), totems and synchronicities are more likely while Mercury goes reboot in Aquarius.

Note this – you may also get the urge to pick up an old chestnut for re-examination, particularly prior to New Moon.
Think Twice.
New Moon brings new liberating energies, use them in your favor !

The Queen of Vessels represents what Mercury Rx investigates, she is emotional water coupled with logical air.  Her sealed vessel bears a question mark, contains a mystery which can only be revealed by living this transit of Mercury.  KNOWING cracks with lightning/storm – ozone buzz.  It defies logic, it is beyond emotional feeling and earthly manifestation of proof – it just is what it is.
No need to know how you know – know anyway.

Queen reminds us that there is a destined time and place to ground unseen energies.
Shaman square Wizard that is Uranus square Pluto.
A wizard arrives precisely when he means to.

Gneiss Moon

F l y

David Oldridge Woodcote PhotographyDavid Oldridge - Woodcote Photography

Beautiful image, yes ?
Perfect aerodynamics, concentration and what a fantastic angle for the black mask.  Click the link above for much more photography for Neptunian folks. 

Animal intuitive spoke to me tonight to usher in transiting Mercury (pets, small animals) nearly on Venus in Aquarius (birds, flight).  First thing – a flock of birds surrounds me.
Not entirely surprising as I am a Sun conjunct Uranus (rules Aquarius) girl.  I like birds, just posted a cool porcelain artist over on my tumblr an hour or so before the call.

Cardinals were the most vocal messengers of all the flock.
Cardinal totem: They don’t migrate, 12 month season, tap it anytime.  Red. (more below)  They whistle, sing – listen.  A mated pair shares song phrases, but the female may sing a longer and slightly more complex song than the male – working together. In spring and summer, both males and females are fiercely territorial and will aggressively protect what is theirs.  More here.

Fixed signs: Taurus (2nd), Leo (5th), Scorpio (8th), Aquarius (11th)
These houses/signs are fixed aka steadfast, but tough aspects to/from means inner conflict ingrained…deeply ingrained.  One might say aggressively protective.
More here.

These birds are named for the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, with their bright red robes.  I did not know that, odd/funny though that my Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto lives in 9th house of religion.  I’m not catholic, but very happy with the new Pope, Francis (named after Saint Francis Assisi patron of animals, including birds, and ecology) going all environmentally active.

Marc_Chagall027Would you find it interesting that when my reading began I was also holding a Chagall card (Night of Venice) that a friend sent me ?  Messages.  Zinging !

More incoming ~>  Earlier today I posted (here) a crop circle card for healing.  It did not come with a book, just instructions to meditate, infuse H20 with the frequency of the card…not much beyond the link I provided in that post (under the card).
Perhaps you saw it…mulled it over…?  Wondered what it meant ?
I did.

I of course, being naturally curious with plenty of Uranus (and Leo !) energy…was not satisfied, I wanted more.  I went looking…good thing I am a crack detective – it was worth it, so I share it here with you.

Crop Circle Longwood Warren HampshireThis crop circle I posted earlier today is (well obviously) a Solar system glyph, from Longwood Warren, Hampshire, 22 June 1995. It depicts the Sun, Mercury, Venus, the Earth’s, Mars, and Jupiter’s orbit. (The super cool more precise bit…?)

According to Gerald Hawkins, it shows a planetary alignment that occurred on 6 November 1903, the day the Wright brothers proved that man could fly, and again on 11 July 1971, during Mariner 9’s journey to Mars.  More here.

Incidentally, Mars rules Red.  What is red ?   See Color and Chakras.

[Edit: 11.6.1903: Mercury in Scorpio, Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Pisces
7.11.1971: Mercury in Leo, Venus in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio ]

My reader was telling me via a flock of cardinals that I need to f l y.  I was also flat out told I have (figuratively) one foot nailed to the floor.  Ha  Exactly one to be precise.
Fixed Neptune (feet) squares from Scorpio 11th to Leo 8th & an opposition to Moon in Taurus.  A reluctance to surrender … stubborn… yeah it’s an issue.  I’m fixing it !

I laughed at how perfectly on pointe, then found this crop circle flight ref just a little too good not to share.

I’ll leave this post with a message straight from cardinal himself.

May we all find our wings and fly free…
Gneiss Moon

Sub Atomic Knowing

imageFreddy Silva

Crop Circle Resonance Cards are founded on the sacred geometries and harmonic laws of sound.  Frequencies and harmonics inherent in the designs are capable of influencing the human vibratory field down to the sub-atomic level, because DNA is also based on geometric structure. 

Crop circles carry electromagnetic fields, Uranus rules.  This card has been chosen in the highest interests of healing for all my readers,  I chose with positive intent, highest healing to help move us into our future in harmonious alignment.

How the symbol heals You is up to You, only you know.
Again, Uranus: rules knowing.

Much more in GMA archives re: sacred geometry here.  Four here.

imageJody Bergsma

Doozy of a full Moon is throbbing away behind us with Mercury nearly on Venus in Aquarius and Mars also in Aquarius while the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus is on the Dragon’s Tail, aka: South Node.  Uranus also square Pluto after that big emo moon is shedding and re-invigorating – simultaneously.

We now head toward disseminating moon (also a Crazy Ivan style void moon) and that means processing what went down at full.  (Or UP ?)  Go easy, take your time – Uranus will bring you what you need when you least expect it. 


Gayatri Mantra


Om bhur bhuvah svaha
Tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yonah prachodayat

Praise to the source of all things.
It is due to you that we attain true happiness on all planes.
It is due to your transcendent nature that you are being worshipped and adored.
Ignite us with your all pervading light.
(translation via Deva Premal)

Happy Full Moon Peeps


hooks up like tesseract

Gneiss Moon:

Mercury into Aquarius Jan 4, (in shadow 6th) retrograde at 17 degrees on the 21, direct on Feb 11 at 1 degree (out of shadow March 4)

Originally posted on Gneiss Moon Astrology:


Elzo Durt

Mercury loves Aquarius, is exalted here in the sign of electricity and shifts of perception.
Mind matters are lean, keen – deftly mainlining intel from the grid of consciousness linking all life worldwide. 

The trickster planet is warp speed x gigawatt while travelling this house, savvy and streamlined, ferreting out like minds and kindred spirits – snap !  Connections are precise, on point = knowing, instantly.

Linking like ideas, humans and projects fire up like sparks of brain synaptics – this Mercury hooks up like tesseract.  Wit and wisdom of Mercury comes alive in Aquarius, cogitations are eccentric, progressive – wordsmiths proliferate in this placement.

Brain games appeal a la innovation of mind. Mercury hears its own heartbeat (drum) very loudly in Aquarius, responds to it alone, breaking from the herd.  Aquarius Mercury flies the torch of change into the future – KNOW it then grow it. 
Lightning strikes – perceptions shift, earthkind evolves.

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Loving the Cutting Edges

Originally posted on Gneiss Moon Astrology:

tumblr_md9e98oggg1reohnuo1_500Jason Engle

Venus in Aquarius
Venus in fixed air sign Aquarius is a bubbly, quirky, Venus – buzzing with bohemian perspectives on art, love, friendship, partnerships of all kinds.

Venus here attracts equally as often as she separates due to the influence of Uranus which rules Aquarius.
This Venus is born and bred into a life of innovation and change – they hook up connections between others – they are uncannily perceptive electrical conduits between people  – artistic and intellectual ideas come in a flash.

Venus in Aquarius understands chaos IS harmony, revels in it.  Balance to this Venus is a dance of fluctuations – common sense dictates life and love are eccentric. Venus in Aquarius relationships are fixed and stable, yet need lots of air and space to grow wildly and free.

Venus and her relationship with money is just as strongly progressive in this placement.  Money is a means…

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Maven of Monstrous Moons

Boris Vallejo 6Boris Vallejo

Full Moon 14 Cancer
Jan 4 Chicago 10:53pm
Jan 5 London 4:53am
Melbourne 3:53pm
Maldives 9:53am

Hands up – who is having a word vomit moon ? Truth spewing misunderstandings all over the shop ?
>>> Feelings meet wildharecard metamorphosis that is Uranus square Pluto/Sun with an undertow of emo, touchy feely Moon strong in ruling house – quincunx Saturn.

Smoldering agitation with likelihood of emo/cerebral lightning strikes !  Deluge of desires including lust, power, achievement, recognition and make it snappy !  See me ( ! ) bursts of Saturnian work frustration square Neptune in Piscesan fog and dispersion.  Arcane moments of clarity/convergence coupled with wounding/healing unearthing private revelations.  YES.

1 – Tonight I had a talk with my mother, who has incoming Full Moon on Pluto opposing her Sun and Mercury.  On Christmas Eve she said to my nephew who has recently been writing for a newspaper, “we’ve never had a writer in the family before”.
What.   ?! !
As you can imagine, this went over with me like a #@(*%&@ ?!  lead balloon.  Moon opposite Neptune girl.  It is what it is.  I had an instant fit that passed quickly – ya know helladays and all – tba aka: to be addressed…later.

2 – Then I wrote something equally surprising suggestive/revealing with t. Venus trine my natal Uranus/Sun.  Ah well.  Is true.  It’s out there in public now, may as well roll with it.  I have Moon trine Virgo Pluto/Uranus/Sun…saying what I feel often works in my favor as personal growth if nothing else.  I am learning firsthand Venus on Venus is charming, pleasingly flirty, magnetic.  It is what it is.

So what is in store for you ?  Keep an eye on
- house Aries (Uranus focal of T-Square at 12)  for massive inner growth
as you deal with the hardballs (co-operation) others are pitching you between

-houses Cancer (Moon 14) in opposition to Capricorn (Pluto 13/Sun 14)

Signs/houses to read for inner growth: Aries 1, Taurus 12, Gemini 11, Cancer 10, Leo 9, Virgo 8, Libra 7, Scorpio 6, Sagittarius 5, Capricorn 4, Aquarius 3, Pisces 2
All houses are in the dropdown menu above this post.

Signs/houses to read for peace talks: Aries/Libra 4/10, Taurus/Scorpio 3/9, Gemini/Sagittarius 2/8, Cancer/Capricorn 1/7, Leo/Aquarius 6/12, Virgo/Pisces 5/11

Also note Nodes of Destiny are squaring this lunation.  The future is upon us – like it or not – and it is Venus-ruled. ~> Interp here.  The past – take the best – leave the rest !
Squares lead to growth via friction and work.

Note also that Chiron sextiles Sun/Pluto from Pisces, so believe in healing through the wounds.  Have compassion for yourself as well as others.  Forgive and move on.  The healer is also healed.

peace, balance, love with sex
…and industry
Happy First Full Moon of 2015, may they all be bright and bearing blessings. 

Gneiss Moon

22 Halo


moon_halo_Jupiter_12-23-2012_Danny_Crocker-Jensen_Wardsville_MOJupiter & Moon by Danny Crocker Jensen 2012

A ring around the sun or moon, means rain or snow is coming soon.

Moon dogs are formed when light passes
through hexagonal ice crystals
in cirrus or cirrostratus

Light gets bent twice
 at an angle of 22 degrees

Six is ruled by Venus
Balance within flux

If the moon shows like a silver shield,
You need not be afraid to reap your field 

But if she rises haloed round,
Soon we’ll tread on deluged ground.

Of interest:
The MOON RING is HUGE here tonight
22 degrees got me looking

Mars is applying within 14′ at 21 Aquarius
Jupiter Rx is receding within 19′ at 21 Leo


Take time to listen.

sp_oasis_by_balance_sheet-d766ssjSteve Hamilton

December 23 2014 Saturn into Sagittarius
March 15 2015 Saturn Rx 4 degrees Sagittarius
June 15 Saturn re-enters Scorpio
August 3 Saturn Direct 28 degrees Scorpio
September 18 Saturn re-enters Sagittarius
March 26 2016 Saturn Rx 16 degrees
August 14 Saturn Direct 9 degrees
April 7 2017 Saturn Retrograde 27 degrees
August 26 Saturn Direct 21 degrees
December 29 2017 Saturn enters Capricorn

Perhaps you can recall the previous Saturn transit through Sagittarius ?
November of 1985 to March of 1988

Quick recap: Ozone hole discovered over Antarctica, Live Aid for famine relief, Voyager 2 flies by Uranus, Chernobyl nuclear disaster 133,000 evacuated, ‘Black Monday’ world stock market crash, US and USSR sign treaty banning short & medium range missiles.  More history can be found here.

Relevant themes in your life during that time may be revisited, now.  See it as circles coming back around – lessons that may not have been honed to your liking at that time are now getting another shot.  Work it ! 

Saturn is one of two social planets (Jupiter [rules Sagittarius] is the other) that link our inner subjective world (luminaries, Mercury, Venus, Mars) to the objective global consciousness and what (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) lies beyond. Saturn gives form and structure to the aetheric realm, it is spirit made manifest on the material plane.

Saturn harbors the first law of manifestation – limitation through form.  Spirit is grounded by Saturn; is both Father Time and Grim Reaper (Saturn rules Earth School) and is the necessary, temporary proving ground of spirit. conservation, limitation, restriction – tests leading to strength of spirit.  Taking responsibility for personal flaws, faults and working diligently to change them into gifts will redeem the spirit from tough karmic lessons that Saturn delivers.

Saturn (earth) in Sagittarius (fire) may initially smother passion, inspiration and courage until it instead learns to focus them like a laser beam.  SEEING learns structure and efficiency.  Long range vision, distant travel of all kinds (including astral), exploring personal versus global truths, student/teaching, higher learning coupled with expansive philosophies are experienced in tandem with manifestation.



I will speak to the above, but only a tiny bit.  I could reveal much, much more than I actually will be.  Years ago, a friend handed me a tangible physical thing.  I felt its weight, its softness, I turned it over in my hands, saw the color and I could smell it as I did so.  I could see the time it took to make it, feel the spirit with which it was given.
One magnificent catch – it was 4 years before I actually crafted it. 
Yes, you read me correctly.  That’s the sort of thing that’ll twist your noodle, believe you me…and it did, for quite some time.  I was very sick for years (stomach) making sense of it until I just accepted it as It Is What It Is.  Oddly enough it happened during a whammy Cancer stellium (rules stomach, feelings, safety) every personal planet was in my 7th house. (solar 11th, telling !)  If anyone else had shared this moment with me, I likely would not have taken it so well.  You know who you are.

I thought long and hard about revealing this, knowing it is now, forever out there.  I am of course aware Saturn is square Neptune as well.  Reality versus Illusion.  Saturn in Sagittarius delivers the possibility of harsh judgement.  Life is not worth much without honesty and few risks, Sagittarius style.  You don’t have to understand, I don’t fully myself.  I have learned to live with it, and work with it to the best of my ability.  My story illustrates how my truth might not be your truth, but both truths are not necessarily negated if they do not coincide.  Truth is often stranger than fiction.  That’s a fact.

Saturn in Sagittarius defines and delineates the shot, the target is seen, achievement is obtainable, no matter how far, how high.  Patience and persistence that is not usually the forte of fun-loving Sagittarius is pervasive.  Saturn pilots freewheeling Sagittarius into a practical pro of all trades.  Saturn accepts nothing less than excellence of the highest quality, while in Sagittarius – unequivocal comprehension is cultivated.

Saturn in Sagittarius will find us trying a bit of everything (see 9th house) until finding something that WORKSThe nature of Jupiter also offers your work a measure of protection and grace.  Saturn in Sagittarius is the vision quest, the totem messenger, the wise monk on the mountain in communication with the mystical realms.  Note that Saturn in Sagittarius will be messages finding ground on the material plane.  
Take time to listen.

Gneiss Moon

Magician on the Mountain

1821-934xVladimir Zotov

Mercury in Capricorn
Magician meets the Mountain.
Mind makes a Mark on the Material.

Mercury in Capricorn is focused, structured, it builds and fortifies.  This is air in earth therefore slower, more responsible and goal oriented on the material plane.  (Note Mercury rules wind instruments and small pets, Saturn aged stones.)

Where Mercury in Taurus thinks of their own comfort; Mercury in Virgo (earth) is duty bound to service within their community;  Mercury in Capricorn is determined to reach a broader public scope via the world at large.  This Mercury puts thinking and communicating to USE in socially responsible ways and means.  Mercury in the sign of Capricorn is serious and disciplined, tactful and conservative – here is a man/woman of few  but weighty words.

Mercury in Capricorn indicates diplomacy and justice with the written and spoken word - don’t be hasty !  In addition, this placement of Mercury tends towards melancholy due to the influence of Saturn (rules Capricorn) note also the tendency towards pessimism and severity.

This Mercury is capable of high qualities of concentration that more than makes up for the restrictive quality of Saturn’s influence.  This Mercury perseveres and will not give up, no matter how hard the climb.

Thinking positively and cultivating joy is of utmost importance or fear can set in and warp the circuits. Mercury in Capricorn can also reveal more than one career or work path, father figure or perhaps working with siblings.

Mercury is capable of genius multi-tasking, Saturn of much concentrative study.  This is quite a lovely pairing for writing and teaching as well as communicating and diplomacy.  Curiously, this Mercury placement feels old when they are young + feels young when they are old.
Mercury and Saturn rule youth and age, respectively.

Gneiss Moon



frogsnailSnails will only thrive where the atmo is clean and clear.
Pretty sure Dom mentioned this in Wild Things… don’t ask me which episode ..!?

Snails are super sensitive and directly in contact with all they touch through their skin. 
They are watery moist animals ruled by moon (and in my opinion) also Neptune.  Yes, I know that seems a bit counter intuitive as land snails and salt are a deadly combo, but there are salt-water snails like the conch for instance.  So yes, also Neptune.
Skin is Saturn, sensitive skin is Aquarius.

My Neptune is in 11 (natural Aquarius house) opposite (peace talks) Moon in my natal. Dealing with tons of public (Moon) is draining (Neptune), even if the public is sweet as pie.  I am an empath, a receiver.  Whatever they carry, I also end up carrying a bit of it.

– Recently my day job has been super busy and I have been feeling it.
– I missed a personal (private) deadline (though I was previously warned over 10 years ago I would, I did my utmost to avoid it) I freaked out, and broke out in a rash (hives?) started peeling like a freakin lizard.
How’s that for a Uranus Pluto transit ? I’m moulting.? really ? wtf !
– The last foray into Middle Earth, very bittersweet.
– My anti-anxiety meds (yes, nerves: I have Mercury at MC and Uranus elevated conjunct Sun/Pluto) were cancelled by my pharmacy (why ?!) and I have been days getting that straightened out.
– No meds = stomach (moon) issues
I finally got them last night, took two and slept for 10+ hours. yesYesYES

Neptune is the giant sponge of the zodiac.

If Neptune (or Pisces) is in contact with other outers only aka Uranus or Pluto you predominately feel it as a generational member.
eg. all late 60’s born have Uranus conjunct Pluto, those born now have the square

Neptune in contact with the socials aka Jupiter and Saturn means you will feel it when in large groups or when dealing with society at large.

Neptune in contact with the inners aka Mercury, Venus, Mars means you feel Neptune when you communicate, love or take action – with – young people, women and men, respectively.

Neptune in contact with the luminaries aka Sun or Moon means you mainline Neptune as part of your spirit or emotional life 24/7.  Your self and instincts are light bearers for the spiritual sun.  Conscious and/or subconscious are feeling the tuning fork always.

Planets with Neptune contacts or planets in Pisces will feel the mystical powers of the planet of visionaries, artists and healers.  Use the power of Neptune wisely. 
Speaking of Dom, he has Sagittarius Sun conjunct Neptune and look at all he does to educate humans about wild animals, brilliant !

Here’s a bit on Neptune rulership to give you a better idea.
Read the short descript of the symbolic meaning here, speaks volumes.

Gneiss Moon
ps. 1 Orli, 2 Mercury in Capricorn, 3 Saturn into Sagittarius
Please bear with me, I know I am behind.  This is my one day off and I am obviously working.  Thank you x

ps. 2 Just realized I have been without my usual allies for around two weeks when my mother had surgery.  Misplaced my fave feldspars: Rainbow Moonstone & Labradorite.
I’m a Capricorn rising (stones/earth).  More on crystals here.

Freebasing Darwinism

anndr Withering Flameanndr

Uranus Direct 12 Aries 
Dec 21 Chicago 4:45 pm 
Madrid 11:45pm
Dec 22 Melbourne 9:45am

New Moon 0 Capricorn
Dec 21 Chicago 7:36pm

Dec 22 Madrid 2:36am
22 Melbourne 12:36pm

Uranus Direct in Aries is of course, square 13 degree Pluto in Capricorn. Also along for the ride in the Capricorn stellium are Mercury at 7, and Venus at 14.
AND within 3 hours we’ll have a New Capricorn Moon (conjunct Sun) at 0 degrees, fresh and new New NEW Emotional (Moon) reboot.  All in the sign of work, time, fathers and material world accomplishment via career choice.

Thoughts of the womb and the tomb (Cancer opposes Capricorn) and everything that has happened in between are commonplace.

Streamlined practicality and resourceful USE of tools is in Full Flush.  Time rolls out the earth trail …. New vistas beckon in:

Mental workings/communications
Emotional safety & home, family
Spirit expression via creation

>>>Transformation of all<<<

When OLD FORMS have stagnated and crystallized into USELESS FORMSUranus the eccentric electric crashes and CUTS (Aries/Mars blade) straight to the chase.

Just Do IT !  

Keep the best & %#$!@ the rest.

Uranian direct motion square Pluto with a tribe of old goats feels like freebasing Darwinism.
>>>Evolution on Steroids<<<

This will be evident in houses Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra – they are feeling inner tension in spades.  Forcing change via re-invention, sideways approaches and fresh new perspectives/mindshifts re: old problems.

Uranus stations are keen to reveal the SACRED on the material plane
Strange omens
Wild Totem animals
Divination becomes super-relevant and third-eye-opening.

Keep your eyes and ears and mind open – much will be revealed !
Gneiss Moon

Second Sight

FullSizeRenderElemental Tarot

Insight into healing for all in tandem with current dark moon astro energies, scroll down to former posts for deets.

Matasignais = the moon in autumn.

Daughter of water = receptivity, clairvoyance, fantasy and heightened imagination.  A vulnerable adolescent girl full of dreams and visions who is awakening to sexuality.

Blood & Water.

What I love most about this card is the intellectual/emotional elements combined aka Moon (now emo, dark and very yin) conjunct Uranus the inventor/enlightener lightning bolt of a new world cracking open below and within us.

Uranus direct on the 21st –
Ozone crack of electric messages incoming.  Surprises abound, perspective shifts are prolific !

FullSizeRender 5Njord = Goddess of Sea and Ship

Twilight time of truth.
Dark Moon coupled with rigidity.
This is navel gazing at it’s finest !
Plutonic abyss in tandem with Venusian balance = the loving metamorph.

This snake has dual potential: poison or pleasure.
Venus conjunct Pluto is choice.
Loss but also Gain.

Pluto conjunct Venus in structured Capricorn, Mercury also in Capricorn with Sun on the way with New Moon in Capricorn at zero degrees.  

Plutonic degree !
Zero is a doorway, a portal, an empty vessel holding space, the Alpha and the Omega, the breath of God.
Void & Nirvana

Note this card is the vibration of Neptune & Pluto.  Wildly magnetic and full of secretive stealth.
This is a calm and a storm.
The Eye.
The disc of the Moon holds the eye of self-knowledge and inner vision.
Second sight.

Gneiss Moon

The Eye

FullSizeRender 4Thoth

Contemplation of Venus conjunct Pluto 3 degrees of separation, or if you are like me with an 8th house Venus (Scorpio/Pluto is natural 8th house) we are at perpetual zero, full immersion.

Venus in Scorpio/conjunct Pluto/8th house is not for the faint of heart - Fair Warning.

This queen is water of water – psychic perception, psychological depth and packing a plethora of passions.  This one is unafraid of feelings, she is fond of provoking with a firm hand – she is magnificent with mystery and manipulation. 

Still waters run deep and mystical, she is receptive and reflective, infinitely subtle – the pure lotus of calm, the eye of the storm born from the defiled.  

FullSizeRender 3Spirit message

Reborn is the star-goddess of unlimited possibility – she wrestles with material plane points of view.  The eternal coming and going of energies in motion and play.  Born of Fire.

Final decision in respect of the past, new current in respect of the future; always represents the taking of a definite step.

Gneiss Moon
Work is crazy busy and I am running on precious little sleep…