satan on my heel

tumblr_mino1shqMo1qg4blro1_500Achilles, the demigod (half god, half human), son of Nereid (sea nymph) Thesis, and Peleus, the king of Myrmidons - was the greatest warrior of the army of Agamemnon in the Trojan War.  Achilles is most known for the Battle of Troy, where he slayed Hector, the eldest son of Kim Priam of Troy.

The demigod was defeated by Hector’s brother, Paris, when an arrow guided by the Sun God Apollo impaled Achilles in his only weak spot - his heel.

achillesWhen a child, Achilles’ mother, Thetis, dipped him in the waters of the River Styx, by which he became invulnerable, except for the part of his heel by which she held himthe proverbial “Achilles’ heel.”

Achilles-1The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscles to the heel bone – together these muscles produce a foot action that is basic to walking, running, and jumping.
The Achilles tendon is the thickest and most powerful tendon in the body.
If the tendon is cut, use of the leg for running or jumping is lost.

This I have discovered, is where I have more, extra special, Saturn (satan?!) growth.  My pixies are pitching sands and pebbles instead of fairy dust & glitter. haa  Saturn Rx transit on natal Neptune in 11th (natural house of Aquarius – ankles) and I can barely walk by the end of the day due to bone spurs jangling my tendon as I walk, so I looked up the astro.

Asteroid Achilles is 588
Asteroid Achilles is the
Secret Weak Spot in your natal chart.
Planets & points with Achilles contacts – practice caution, be guarded with that energy.
Note what planet rules the sign Achilles is in; as well as what that planet aspects.
Also note how the asteroid, planets and sign aspect Sun (Apollo) which may illuminate Achilles, reveal the Secret.

Currently: Achilles Rx at 10 Libra putting it squarely in the Cardinal Cross – squaring Cancer Jupiter and Capricorn Pluto by degrees – squaring Sun/Uranus in Aries.  Venus is in good aspect to North and South Node; applying semi-square to Sun in Aries.
Cautiously ease friction between intellect, love and actions.


Loving the Cutting Edges

tumblr_md9e98oggg1reohnuo1_500Jason Engle

Venus in Aquarius
Venus in fixed air sign Aquarius is a bubbly, quirky, Venus – buzzing with bohemian perspectives on art, love, friendship, partnerships of all kinds.

Venus here attracts equally as often as she separates due to the influence of Uranus which rules Aquarius.
This Venus is born and bred into a life of innovation and change – they hook up connections between others – they are uncannily perceptive electrical conduits between people  - artistic and intellectual ideas come in a flash.

Venus in Aquarius understands chaos IS harmony, revels in it.  Balance to this Venus is a dance of fluctuations – common sense dictates life and love are eccentric. Venus in Aquarius relationships are fixed and stable, yet need lots of air and space to grow wildly and free.

Venus and her relationship with money is just as strongly progressive in this placement.  Money is a means to an end – more funds means more experience across the globe.  This Venus is also keenly aware of the plight of those less fortunate and will quietly, kindly, lend a hand of support, either by volunteering, donations or direct involvement.

This Venus is loving and kind, but somewhat distant due to their tendency to be in their heads intellectualizing love.  They know they love you, think you should also know this without constant declarations, gifts.

This sign does well with innovative communicative relationships – sharing ideas of love, making mutual needs known is the key to unlocking this placement.  Also have plenty of free time of your own to develop your work and goals – show your Venus Aquarius you are the cutting edge as well.

Venus into Pisces
April 5
Chicago 3:31pm
London 9:30pm
Tokyo April 6, 5:30am


Shiny Scepter !

pet chakras

Venus in Aquarius is opposing my late Leo stuff, so of course I am on the line this eve with a pet psychic trying to find out why my new girl cat is so neurotic fussy.

Seriously – her tail speaks volumesstiff little divining rod
When she’s tweeked the very tip only will make the teensiest jerk.
Meanwhile, sister kitty weaves sign language novellas with her fluffy gizmo.

I laughed out loud when psychic gal tuned in, totally nailed it when she said kitty is really wiggy about her paws.
Just so happens to be what I had the nerve to be touching when I got clobbered a few days ago giving a DYI demonstration of scratching the new sisal mat.

Evidently, she’s a genius, knew what to do with it.  Well, duh. ! 
My helpful Virgo attitude was way outta line and she was clearly miffed the tacky mat I delivered was subpar to the kitty cat mansion she had envisioned.



Tonight’s intel reveals she is an Imperialist neurotic kitty.
I stand corrected.
:: rolls out carpet, steps back, deep bow  :: 

Her Highnesses kitty cat clout obviously trumps my puny Venus/Jupiter/Fortuna.
Wtf was I thinking ?
*Snap out of it lady – I’m the only one with the shiny scepter in this palace.

What Leo type isn’t certain of inherent royalty by birth..?
10th house Leos are esp. ridiculously convinced of superiority.
Sharing the spotlight ? Up there ? At high noon ?  In the house of stick & stay ?
Doubtful.  More likely you’ll grow old waiting.

cat godEscorting Ms. Queenie Puss to safety during tornado warnings last summer went over equally as well as the crunky mat.  My mental image of safety in the box equaled being tossed into a boiling vat of acid in her squirrely head.
I got the drift real quick – fuck this – ain’t. gonna. happen.
Pitch in laundry room, block door.  Mischief managed, tragedy averted.
Meaning I got to keep my hand.

Pesky Uran/Plu square aggravates, accelerates this Virgos learning curves.
Saturn on Neptuner 11 squares my Leo stuff while Venus opposes it.
Mars Rx in Libra on Mercury 9. Computers & cats freak freely.

cat showersSo we here at chez luna move forward into Cardinal Cross Eclipses and hopefully a more peaceable kingdom, by starting H20 + rescue remedy, hunting up dehydrated kibble (who knew ?) and going First Class DE-LUXE all the way baby, all the way.

Meows, PurrRrrrs & Peace

Dirty Women

Erda tree of life
Today I am concentrating on our Mother, Earth.
In Old Norse, she is Erda (also known as Jörd, Fjörgyn, Hlódyn). 
The ancient greeks knew her as Rhea or Gaea (Gaia). 

Asteroid Gaea 1184
Asteroid Erda 894

Instructions to see your chart here.  Choose extended, pop # in additional at the very bottom for asteroids.

I have written loads of Gaia posts click here for more.
I am a dirt-loving Earthgirl through and through – anxious for warmth so I can dig it.

Erda is the norse goddess of the Earth.
She is
often associated with the Three Norns, the spinners of fate who
 guard the Well of Urd aka Weird’s well (well of destiny) at the base of Yggdrasil, the great ash World Tree of Life.  The well is a holy place where the Aesir (Asgardian Gods) often gathered.
Growing from the well, Yggdrasil
stands at the center of the cosmos and holds the Nine Worlds – humans, gods, and all other beings live in its branches and roots. The goddess Erda waters it from the well of her wisdom. We live on Midgard (fourth world), aka Middle EarthWe are linked with Asgard (first world, home of the Aesir) by The Rainbow Bridge aka Bifrost.

Yggdrasil dwells within the heart of everything – micro and macroworlds. 

Erda is the Great Mother, the single living organism supporting all beings on our planet.  She breathes life, has heart, soul, grows and changes like humans - only at a much slower vibration.

The name Earth originates from the 8th century anglo-Saxon word: erda which means ground or soil.  Earth is the only planet whose name in English is not derived from greco-roman mythology.  Cool, yeah ?

Erda, a seer knowing origins and outcomes, often helped Wodon (Odin) who would seek her advice regarding the future.   She is the bender of fate to those she favors, she is a primordial teacher, a living being.  Erda’s ties to fate and divination* led many to use the Earth herself for omens and signs, portents of the future – animals, birds, clouds, the oceans and more.

See Divination in drop-down menu above for loads of augury.*

Not surprisingly, my Gaea is at 29 Leo conjunct Venus/Jupes in 8; my Erda in Scorp exact quincunx Sag Mars at the backdoor - I have definitely experienced my share of weird earth energies. For starters here. Travelling around on the Earth has taught me so much – at each location my experience has been transformative in accordance with the earth energies present in the rock below me.

Asteroids Erda and Gaea obviously represent your connection with the Earth. 
They indicate in which ways you are practical, skilled, also slowed.
They show how and where you ground yourself.
In synastry, they show how and where others ground you.

nornen34Strudwick: A Golden Thread

Three Norns; or spinners of fate derives from to whisper, or whisperer.  Old Norse for a practitioner of magic is norn (lower case n).  They can be found spinning and weaving webs of fate and carving runes into the trunk of Yggdrasil - in these ways they preside over life, death, destiny, the fate of all beings, Divine and Mortal. 
The Norns were often depicted in three stages of womanhood. Verdani as a young maiden, Skuld as mother, and Urda as a crone.

Past: Urd – what was
Presence: Verdandi – that which comes into being
Future: Skuld – what shall be

This Norse study led me to contemplate what is the difference between fate & destiny ?
Fate is divinely preordained, fixed.
Destiny, we have the power to shape.
(Love the one word answer to the ? given on the web: faith.)

Asteroid Destinn 6583

I mentioned study, one of the pages I found had some really great info re: fate, destiny & time from someone far more learned in Norse mythology.
I share it here, with a link.

In contrast to the Greek concept of fate, in ancient Germanic beliefs, all beings who are subject to destiny have some degree of agency in shaping their own destiny and the destinies of others – this is the dew that falls back into the well from the branches of the tree, accordingly reshaping the past and its influence upon the present. All beings do this passively; those who practice magick do it actively.  There is no absolutely free will, just as there is no absolutely unalterable fate; instead, life is lived somewhere between these two extremes.  source

Loving that viewpoint !
Norn time is as follows, which I also find fascinating…

Here, time is cyclical rather than linear.
The present returns to the past, where it retroactively changes the past.
The new past, in turn, is reabsorbed into a new present, whose originality is an outgrowth of the give-and-take between the waters of the well and the waters of the tree.
  (source link above)

Asteroid Destinn is just what it sounds likeDestiny.
attracts grand meetings on par with what it contacts in your natal.

eg. Destinn conjunct Mars: fated men, actions, aggression, power, competition

In synastry it indicates someone is your catalyst via that contact planet
eg. Mars conj Destinn synastry – someone changes your actions/plans/direction
Composite Destinn indicates coupled power to change the world at large

Yet another Home Run for astrology !  
Destinn is at 8 Cancer in exact trine to my natal Erda.

Currently Erda is at 24 Taurus opposite Saturn at 23 Scorpio.
Gaea is at 25 Aries applying to South Node (my natal NNode).
Brilliantly accentuates the incoming Cardinal Cross energies !
It is (far past) time we take care of our Mother Earth.


peace in the mindfield

HealVibrational Energy Oracle
Heal Thyself

New Moon 9 59′ Aries
March 30
Chicago 1:45pm 
London 7:45am
March 31 Tokyo 3:45 pm

During dark moon, blood slows, it’s time for quiet rejuvie, reflection, getting rid of getting rid of extra baggage.
This is a dark moon in Pisces (moving to Aries) emotional baggage needs to be jettisoned.

Apt the card I pulled refers to dreams (Pisces/Neptune) and subconscious mental workings….finding peace in the minefield.
Change the vibration of your thoughts, emotions.
Will your world to change through the power you possess inside.

Filter your soul of negative experiences via art, healing, poetry.
Repeat a positive mantra aloud, write it by hand or symbolically.

Do yoga, mudras, meditations that specifically address your issue.

New Moon in Aries (conjunct Sun/Uranus) square Jupiter / Pluto opposition is delivering forced change.  Inwardly we already feel the need to bust out of our old ruts and start new.  If ever there was a time to set the emotional past free – THIS DARK MOON IS IT !

The past demands feelings be FULLY present in order to metamorphose into our more nurturing, diplomatic, EQUALLY FAIR chosen future at New Moon.
What feels right ?
Jupiter is exalted in emotionally rich Cancer.
What do you choose to nurture ?

Mars Rx in Libra calls for justice, truth within yourself (retrograde) about any and all relationships – including those with others.

Power of Three aka Jupiter.
This card highlights the first stage of growth begat from the intermingling of opposites to produce a third independent energy.

Triangle also points to maintaining health of Mind, Body, Spirit.
Aries New Moon has Two T-Squares (triangles) with focal points being


I am familiar with this continual reboot energy.
Choice is imminent, forced, actually.
Venus and Mars Rx support each other - blessed relief.
Mercury and Jupiter support each other – student/teaching – emotional thought patterns are enriched, fueled – ALL SYSTEMS GO.

more soon…weird day.  Moon into Aries roughly 11 hours.



photo 37
This is one of my fave decks – The Book of Doors, obviously Egyptian.
The book is fantastic, very scholarly – knitting the universe together, granting sideways divinations / perspective shifts which I adore !

During all this Sekhmet work yesterday, I pulled one card for the answer to:
What is Sekhmet trying to tell us with these Eclipses ?
As always, highest intent for good resulting in ultimate manifestation for insight, success.

Family of the Moon (mind)
:::Note Mercury/Uranus conjunction at Lunar Eclipse :::
The maternal Vulture and the paternal Bull characterize this family.
The city of Ammon is considered the navel of Egypt – Venus rules navels, which is worthy of note with these Eclipses.  Our Milky Way is the Cosmic Cow, providing nourishment, stability and the fixed grounding of the bull. (Taurus)

The Moon and Saturn are bound by the number 28.
Moon orbits Earth in 28 days
Saturn orbits Sun in 28 years.
Saturn is the higher octave of the Moon  - – Fascinating, yes..?
Submultiple of 28 – 7 marks a woman’s biological fertility cycles (lunar)
7 also marks human cell replacement.  In the human body, all cells are replaced within a period of 7 years, and every 28 years a karmic change will take place, which is also known as a Saturn Return.

From Khens, “To travel”.
Khonsu once represented the phases of the moon, he was a messenger of the gods  called The Traveller.  Short distance travel/messages are Mercury; Jupiter, long.
When his father became known as Amon-Ra, Khonsu became 
identified as a young sun god, associated with the moon and sun.
See the image above – Khonsu wears the crescent of new moon surmounted by the moon and sun united in an eclipse.

Eclipses are particularly powerful for magical work.
Trust, more re: this later….

Khonsu holds the scepters representing reunion of spirit, soul and body unified in resurrection.   Lunar phases were the first way of measuring time (Saturn), ruling the tides in harmony with the cosmic law of Maat (who is considered the intelligence of Sekhmet).

Khonsu represents rejuvenation in the body
Esp. fluid functions of the blood and reproductive organs.
He makes the sap rise.

With all of this in mind, as well as what I wrote in yesterday’s post regarding these Venusian themed eclipses….

Khonsu represents Exorcism of mind or body.


Power Steering


Balance Randy GallegosRandy Gallegos

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 25 Libra
April 15

2:42am CT, USA
8:42pm London
April 16 4:40am Tokyo

New Moon Solar Eclipse 8 Taurus
April 29
1:10am CT, USA
6:10am London
3:00pm Tokyo

The balance (Libra), the blade (Mars) the breaking (cross) scales.
Incoming cardinal cross Libra Lunar / Toro Solar eclipses signal choices.

Choices dealt to you and those choices you create for others.
We are also busy changing our own evolutionary charted courses.

** Venus ruling both signs indicates choices in the realms of 
Balance & Diplomacy
Peace of Mind

The flow of details between you & another increases in importance with Libra eclipse.
Share rather than collect ideas.
Tending peace of mind, tranquility, safety & security increases with Toro eclipse.
Slow for consolidation and consideration.


Total Lunar Eclipse Visibility below.  Note: Eclipse energies generally stronger for those in the visible path, revelations are more intense. Also note: Full Moon means news incoming from your house of Libra.

April TLE visDuring this lunar eclipse, Earth is between Aries Sun and Libra Moon opposition, bringing material earth matters between conscious ego / subconscious feeling principles.  We wrestle with emotional issues as they surface at hyperdrive eclipse speeds - strive to consciously express them into genius fruition into the material plane.  This of course, has the potential to erupt into the classic it sounded waaay cooler in my head dilemma because we are dealing with a lot of I know what I wants – now how do I get its.
Practical skillsets, structured sensations, goal achievements are finding balance in the realms of I Am This & You are That aka: relationships/ partnerships THE Dance that keeps the species going.

Charm LibraAccurate Libran Aleuromancy 

Not to be outdone, Earth is also between Cancer Jupiter and Capricorn Pluto Rx opposition.  These heavyweights are demanding compromise & cooperation in the realms of Old Family & New Status.  What used to work isn’t necessarily working now. Collectively, we are finally getting on board with this game plan.  Green energy, natural foods, using earth & water & air sensitively.

We personally and globally feel the tension between all these aspects on a very personal level via squares which cause internal friction.  We are forced to face past failures and fix them, alter course to harmonious success to the best of our abilities.

Transmute cardinal square energy by TAKING POSITIVE ACTION.
Find a way around your obstacles – shift personal perspectives.

When handled correctly, Cardinal Cross creative tension leads to accelerated positive personal growth.  Getting pissy and ripping other people’s heads off for not toeing your party line is obviously not productive, BEING the CHANGE you want to SEE, is.

Uranus square Pluto heats up to the 5th of 7 exact hits for this Full Moon Eclipse. 
5 = Venus here. ** Fascinating, yes ?
7 = Uranus here.  Freedom - hallelujah !

Total Lunar Eclipse with North Node (beneficial emo changes) is ruled by Venus (Lord of Eclipse) which dovetails between Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.  Venus and Neptune are octaves of love/art/touch, obviously beneficial.  In tandem with the vibe of the centaur, Chiron: philosopher, healer, teacher/mentor, trainer of heroes – all in trine to Jupiter in Cancer, exalted.
We have healing, people, plain and simple.
ove healing, artistic healing, spiritual healing, ditching addictions for intuitive idealism, Jedi Masters in the making.

Chiron, Jupiter, Saturn Rx grand water (emotional) trine – deep well of psyche diving. Karma/genetics/wounded healers.  Something is lost, something gained.
Chiron quincunx Mars Rx – altitude adjustments in the brainpan, morality shifts re: risks, actions, men via relationships – find your sea legs, ck compass, alter course.

Venus/Chiron sextile Pluto Rx in Capricorn (mutual reception with Saturn Rx in Scorpio, ye olde skool Use it or Lose it/Trash to Treasure transit.
Use your gifts to heal others. 

Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries opposite Full Moon/Mars - please use vehicular caution, manage motor mouth – when in question, play it cool and close to the vest.  Mars Rx is not necessarily firing bull’s-eye straight at the mo.

::: These are love shakedown perspective shifter eclipses :::
1 break with outdated mental traditions
2 begin constructing new neural nets

Placing bets that someone says something strangely synchronous -in fact, two things- that blow your mind/shift your emotional perspective - causing you to alter your course to a higher vibration.

These eclipses are part of Saros Series 16 South highlighting cycles of mis-directed energy, needless sacrifice for the collective.  Brainstorms, intuitive comms likely; best used for internal re-programming rather than outward actions.

Teresa Elliott Coffee FlatsTeresa Elliott

Asteroid Sekhmet preheats the solar eclipse degree of 8 Taurus from the lunar eclipse.

Sekhmet is a destroyer goddess, derived from sekhem, or power, and khem which means dark chaos that gives birth to light.  She represents the transformation of death into wisdom and enlightenment – she is the flame, the scorching sun that burns away the enemy/dark side.  When sent by the Sun God, Ra to punish non-worshipping humans, Sekhmet nearly annihilated the entire human race, drinking blood as she killed.  Ra then ordered mandrake brew to be mixed with the blood of fallen victims.  Sekhmet drank, became happily intoxicated, ending her vicious slaughter.

embodies lust, passion, strength and magick.

How ironic the juxtaposition of Sekhmet & these eclipses – yes ?

Cardinal Cross perfects for the Lunar Eclipse and to some extent havoc ensues.
Electric ideas are popping in our Mars-ruled Aries heads ricocheting off all corners trying to find a place to ground which is btw, PLUTO.  aka: death/rebirth
Only.  Earth. Placement.
Mayhem driven intellectual Metamorphosis.

Solar Eclipse delivers much more steadfast solidarity, less freak the fuck out crisis energy. Cardinal Cross is still humming along in the background, but is less sensitive due to Toro zen luminaries, Mercury.  The choice is made, we’re making maps, building roads & bridges so we can drive our asses into the promised land.

AA ToroAccurate Toro Aleuromancy

Toro Solar Eclipse is very much Venus flavored, but the close proximity of Mercury to Sun/Moon makes Mercury Lord of the Solar Eclipse.
Visibility here.

Trickster is steady as she goes in Taurus – grounded trine to Pluto; sextiles to Neptune and Jupiter in water signs.  Feelers out – engage intellectual innovation & creative willpower for highest manifestation.

Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Taurus finds Venus past emo depth charges found in the Neptune/Chiron conjunction at first eclipse and firmly regenerating healing growth via new emotional roots with a (separating) trine to Saturn Rx in Scorpio.
The gift of a creative genius quintile to Pluto emphasizes this with Pluto/Saturn in mutual reception.
Jupiter and Saturn Rx are meeting in harmonious trine while Mercury moves to sextile Jupiter and Neptune from Toro.  It
occurs to me that student teaching gigs work.
(Mercury/Gem & Sagittarius/Jupes energy are the students & teachers)
Despite the hurdles and mistakes along the way, these gigs work because it is vital to DO the WORK – DAILY.  If we wait to make offerings until we are perfect scholars, the show is already over. 

Lunar Eclipse Cardinal Cross is JUST DO IT energy.
Mercury/Uranus Aries
Solar Eclipse Cardinal Cross is patient practice, skills earned & learned.
Mercury/Sun/Moon Taurus

Consider these things when you begin working with New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Mundane matters are favored, such as increase of wealth, sensuality, peace of mind, patience and good sense.
Eclipse energies bring wild fluctuation, but are also packed with power for positive personal and collective change.


Full of Grace

Carved Indonesian Mask
photos: Gneiss Moon

I got off early yesterday, took a nap that turned into 7 + hours. 
Ummm okay. whoa.

Welcome to transit Neptune square natal Mars, (Mars Rx 10) + total energy drain.

While comparing this sluggish transit with my progressed Moon/Mars conjunct in Capricorn transit (when I happily worked constantly for weeks on 4 hours sleep/night), it occurred to me that if we pay close attention to our progressions, transits and the energies we experience that accompany them, we as a collective could eradicate hatred due to personal differences very quickly.

Origami deamonOrigami daemon

Hence, the maskswe try on many energies while we are living here on earth.
I was quizzical during my workaholic phase (helped me better understand my boss) and I am rather resigned to accepting (understanding chronic fatigue) this lack of energy as signaling a time to be introspective and reintegrate/balance my sub/conscious drives, actions/desires.

We are each born to a static natal chart, but with every second that passes, energies shift meaning we change.   The planetary movements do not cause change, they simply reflect energy shifts occurring in us on a larger scale.

Everything is connected, related – we are ALL ONE - yet experiencing a different facet of the crystal prism of life.  We careen/balance – if we are aware, we also LEARN.

The luminary vibrations aka Sun/Moon are called The Lights – Sun is conscious; Moon the reflective subconscious.  Each planet has a vibration which is expressed individually (static natal); felt personally (how it is filtered geometrically via natal as planet moves), and experienced globally by all as planets transit each sign.

Mexican retablo pieceMexican retablo mask

I think visually, so I picture current transits like a murmuration - we are all shifting energies in the same signs.
The shifts in our respective houses and planetary placements in them - I equate to individual wing adjustments that accommodate the murmuration en masse.

Grecian HeadGrecian head

All this brings me to the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra in mid-April.
Balance, relationships, love, money & equality – all pistons are firing for relationship growth, change, and personal metamorphosis.

Eclipses are often felt weeks prior to the actual event, they occur in cycles and reverberate across our entire lives.
Pretty intense, huh ?  Just the way I like it.  heheh….

This lunar eclipse is with North Node – winds of change will alter many a course towards a more balanced, just, harmonious, diplomatic destiny.
Placing bets that someone says something strangely synchronous that blows your mind/shifts your emotional perspective - alters your course to a higher vibration.

Eclipse energies
are always speed freaks, CHANGE NOW ! 
Eclipse in tandem with the incoming Cardinal Cross, indicates energies are even more action-adventure driven.  This is true globally, as well as individually.

Fresh starts are imminent - this is CARDINAL energy.

Pinpointing ponderations….

WHO are you ?
How do you FEEL ?
How well are you USING your gifts ?
What goals do you need to RE-EVALUATE ?
Where do you REFINE your direction ?

Are you taking care of YOURSELF ?
Do you play well with OTHERS ?

…more eclipse soon…

Q & A

photo 34Tarot of the Origins

Intent: clear vision into our astrological future, keen sideways insights, resulting in highest manifestations for all my readers.

Masks we wear are related to first house (or what others see in us), Aries, also Mars which is currently retrograde in Libra.  Mars is the blades and brawn that drives the whole natal chart – currently in retrospection mode.
The Demon frees our hidden selves via masks who reveal who we truly are.

During Mars Rx, we explore our actions, desires – consider mask magick.  
Try on one, then another, figure out where to place future bets.

The Sun, spirit (also gambling and play) is exalted in Aries and today shines at the powerful Aries point – zero degrees.  Self expression and who we are will be playful in Aries, Mars Rx or not, the energy WILL flow somewhere – just make it a worthwhile expression !

photo 33The Rite of Nature aka We Wait.
Pluto in Capricorn takes  f o r e v a h.  Truth !! 
Change UPs are imminent in this house right along with Aries as the Uranus Pluto square heats up into the Cardinal Cross and 2 Eclipses. Which of course means all Cardinal signs including Libra and Capricorn are beginning to feel the heat.  
I give or take 7 degrees +/- either side of the degrees below for the hot zones, simply because the sensitives who read here are exactly that. (of course, more eclipse info later)

April 15 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 25 degrees Libra
April 29 – New Moon Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Taurus

photo 36

Tarot of the New Vision

So how to express energy with Mars Rx ?
See the happiness right in front of you.
Trust me, my life looks nothing like the card above.
See -caught myself- I do live in a home near a lake, have two cats rather than kids, no mate, but doing just fine regardless, and happiness always requires emotional shifts and altitude adjustments.
Mars is in Libra after all, be grateful, be loving, be kind.  Whatever you want to achieve is working slowly and behind the scenes, but moving slow is still moving.

Go easy on yourself.
Eclipses are born and bred to create big changes in a big hurry.

photo 35Philosophers Stone Oracle

This card is my absolute favorite answer.
I asked what is the mountainous hurdle for Mars Rx ?
We must first know our frienemies in order to make war or peace, yes ?

Formation of the right question will lead you to the answer !

Check your natal Mercury as well as keep in mind Mercury is gaining on Neptune in Pisces…two degrees of separation !
Think healing, artistic inspirations, music, healing, film, poetry, dance, mystical realms and forgiveness.


fuse is LIT

Sun into Aries March 20
11:57am CT, USA

Eostara Vernal equinox ~ equal day and night.  So named for the Eastern Star or Venus.  The female estrous cycle of fertility comes from Eostara.

Expect fresh fire as Sun – the WILL - enters Cardinal action sign, Aries – the I AM - of the zodiac, starting point of the wheel of life.

Sun is exalted in Mars-ruled Aries - power, drive - the guts going for the glory sign of the natal chart will get a massive solar boost.

Also check these houses below and apply :

Aries - power NOW
Libra - compromise NOW
Cancer and Capricorn – put your cleats on - obstacles NOW
Gemini and Aquarius - go fetch opportunities NOW

Manipura (solar plexus) the chakra of vitality, purpose, and everything outgoing (Mars) from you to the world will be activated.  Hormonal overdrive and the need to get moving will be the fuse under house Aries.

Construction or destruction ?
Enthusiasm or aggravation ?
The impulsive blade / word ?
Aahhh… but wait…

Mars ruler of Aries is RETROGRADE in LOVELY Venusian LIBRA.

::: Mars Rx - internal fire – shifts in - your – Balance of the Force :::
Mars Rx reviews before re-engaging – love, money, art, balance, partnerships until
Mars Direct at 9 Libra, May 19.

Aggro power plays or cloyingly overt passes or needless shopping sprees during Mars Rx are just.  .NO.

I for one, am not writing much at GMA for the mo since my ankle has been sprained and swollen for many weeks and writing seated for hours aggravates it to the point where I can barely walk.  

Mars Rx in my 10th, career action slows, I process Saturnian (natural 10th house ruler)  issues while ye olde cuss retrogrades over my natal Neptuner in 11th.

Six 6 natal planets tested by Saturn transit - one of the other two left is ALREADY SATURN. Heh, heh. Dark, twisted, humor.
Gentian/Larch are my new BFFs. 

WoOo HoOo Aries

Spring ?! 
Briiiing IT !

This earth girl cannot wait to dig in the dirt.
I LOVE dirt.



Mercury in Pisces

In this placement, the trickster planet processes thoughts through emotions and feelings.  
Thoughts rise and fall on waves of compassion, inclusiveness and connection to everything that is.
This is a sensitive Mercury placement.

Communication becomes more versatile here via a sponge-like intake of sonar, vibrations, frequencies – rushing in from all vectors, dimensions.  The borders with what lies beyond are a loose veil in house Pisces.  Divination insights float in waters of the global universal unconscious, waiting to be netted, gulped…

Pisces goes with the flow, thoughts transcend worldly matter to explore higher consciousness, other dimensions, other realms of existence found
O  U  T        T    H      E       R         E

Artistic meanderings of the mind are a must.  Past memories, psychic impressions drift and rise to the surface to be processed and released.  Introspection and soul work is highly beneficial. creativity natural and therapeutic.

Common missteps are oversensitivity that leads to a desire to numb via intoxicants.
Can’t drown a fish, I’ve tried, and tried.  Trust me on this one.
A tendency to fantasize and form fictitious scenarios aka lying to yourself or others, or both.

This Mercury placement can be a bit spacey (Neptune rules sea and space), so cultivate patience, go with the flow.
Truly genius creativity (film, music, art) and healing will develop when working this energy high qi !


momento vivre

photo 32Mary-El Tarot

Mercury into Pisces
Monday March 17, 5:24pm CT USA
London 10:24pm
Tuesday, March 18, 7:24am Tokyo
Mercury into Aries
April 7

Intent: show me a card that will lead us to our sharpest insight; aid in leading us towards our highest manifestations for Mercury’s transit through Pisces.

So very compelling this card came up.
Fiery red horse of the Second Seal, the rider holds the sword of war and peace.
Such a vivid image for the highest number of emotional cups, yes ?
Ten has reached peak experience, must renew at one.

Bloodlines moving from generation to generation.  The wheel of the heart pumping as we push forward on earth, stewards of the royal blood of the living.  Pumping in our veins is ancient lineage.  We are made of stars.
We are of the God/Goddess.
We are also of the Chaos/Abyss.

The riders pictured are mother and child – the Memento Mori – latin for remember your mortality.  Death is the great leveler, taking equally, often without warning.  Love, joy and also sorrow, loss are interconnected in the vast cosmic sea of ALL ONE.

Squeeze the life out of every moment while alive.
Experience the whole color spectrum, each dimension, experience – fully.

Changing fortunes in matters of the heart & mind over matter.
Carpe Diem.


O Captain, My Captain !
Dead Poets Society

Gifts of Millstones

shoulders_skatz-hates-norman-reedus*Capricorn, Norman Reedus
(note cheekbones, facial structure)*

After my marathon induction into The Walking Dead, I ran up Norman’s chart since the archer, Daryl had some weird accident co-incidences with one of my brothers (the eldest).  It turns out Norman himself has some weird accident coincidences with my youngest brother as well.  For the record, I don’t want to give the impression I only enjoy Norman’s work on The Walking Dead because that is not the case at all – I enjoy the entire cast and their work immensely.

The Walking Dead speaks to me of the current aspect Uranus square Pluto all over (high octane personal metamorph 24/7), as well as my specific aspects Mercury (walking) Sun/Ura/Plu in 9.  I find TWD incredibly dense, emotionally rich, psychologically intense & surprising.  Every single episode delivers new perspectives and ideas to chew on afterwards - I love it  - fantastic work writers, cast & crew - thank you.

The Michonne scene I refer to here, for instance.
Who is the walking dead ?
Damn. whoa.
Reality check.

I was wondering how working on TWD has changed cast members (specifically Norman’s) viewpoints on life and death.  Probably because TWD changed mine – for the better.  (No deets, it’s private.)  Then it occurred to me the car wreck Norman survived in 2005 (imdb) was likely more of a catalyst in that philosophical realm.

Norman was passenger (Gemini/Mercury/3rd rules) in a car that was hit by an 18 wheeler, he went through the windshield, sustained serious head injuries and survived. My youngest brother was not so lucky, he died in a car crash and his daughter had severe brain trauma sustained from their wreck.  (She is doing very well now after years of hard work, thank you.)

I read about Norman’s titanium eye socket, and being a curious regenerative astrocat, I had to hunt up the deets to see what Norman’s transits and progressions were in late Feb of 2005.  Only then the similarities between Norman’s chart and my brother’s dawned on me, so here I am, writing another accident astrology post for Mars Rx in Libra.

Mars Rx in Libra is researching self-reliance, resiliency and balance, reconciliations, re-thinking how, where and when to re-apply force.  It is the study of creative directions.
Bringing Balance to the Force.
C’mon…you had to know I was gonna go there, right ? lol

Mars rules accidents. Incidentally, transiting Mars Rx was applying conjunct my natal Uranus at the time of my brother’s death – he was a double Aquarian.

millstone Yeong-Hao HanYeong-Hao Han

First – full disclosure: This Capricorn Rising failed her Saturn return.
Saturn was smack on my natal Aries Saturn Rx when my brother died, my niece landed in the hospital near me for months on end, while my family tried to gain custody of her. Prior to that my folks house caught on fire, and they were both diagnosed with cancer.  Pretty heavy stuff.
I could have handled it better, but then hindsight’s 20/20 isn’t it ?  My own years of debilitating sickness followed Saturn return and I have worked slowly, steadily since then to improve my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.
Astrological know-how has been immensely helpful along with savvy card reading, I can see hard times coming and prepare.  I know how long I have to grit my teeth and deal until the transit passes.

What you read here at GMA are gifts of the millstones.
I finally figured out how to work Aries Saturn Rx trine Sag Mars at the backdoor properly - less going on tour, more quiet spiritual work.

Heads up under 30 peeps, learn your lesson from me – Saturn return will test you.
Work hard, stay clean, use your head, ask for help if you need it and you’ll be fine.
There is a Saturn return calculator on the sidebar.  (Usually around ages 29, 57, 85)
BroThis is my youngest brother with snake (Scorpio rising).  I neglected to mention earlier both of my older brothers were/are archers, crafting longbows and recurves.  So yeah, weird similarities with Norman, who I hear is an excellent shot with a longbow.  I dig it.

Now, onto the similarities…
First, my brother’s natal T square + Saturn aspects:
Aquarius Moon/Sun/Venus and Mercury in 3 opposite Pluto Rx in Leo most elevated.
Mercury & Pluto square Mars (strong, conjunct ASC from 12) – Mars is focal planet.
Pluto is ruler.

Third house luminaries square Saturn in Scorpio 12th; Moon exact.
Third house/Mercury rule short distance travel.
My brother died about a mile from his house, though he nearly died years before in  Florida (Pluto 9, long distance travel) when he was 25 or so, got filled up with metal then, after that wreck.

Accident deets:
Mars Rx in Mercury-ruled Virgo applying square to Prog Mars
Prog Sun exact conjunct natal Mercury square natal Mars
Prog Moon square natal Jupiter, prog Mars
Transit Pluto Rx applying to ASC, square prog Mercury
Transit Jupiter exact natal Sun square natal Saturn
Transit Uranus applying to natal Moon square natal Saturn
Transit Chiron Rx square natal Mercury, square transit Neptune
Transit Mercury square natal Uranus Rx

Lots of squares, indicating very restless energies looking for expression.
Most definitely a time for caution, being on guard, circumspect.

norman_reedus_daryl_dixon_vest_from_the_walking_dead_2_1Now for Norman, pictured above with one of his many crossbows.

Norman reports his wreck happened when he was headed home after an REM gig during the Berlin Film Fest in February of 2005, so I ran up the progs and transits to see what came up for Feb 14, 2005.
First off, Mercury (rules passengers) square Mars can indicate traveling accidents.
Mars in Scorpio is regenerative power and transmutation, possibly brushes with death when Mars is under tough aspects and transits/progs activate them.

The likelihood of another Mars focal point is what caught my eye.
For the record, I think Norman’s a Scorp rising (puts moon early/mid teen degrees).
He has 3 deamon tats, Omen is one of his fave movies, generally known for playing killers, gunmen etc…

Norman’s natal Mars (accident) deets.
Natal Mars in Scorpio square Mercury (similar).
Mercury opposite Leo Moon (how tight this aspect ?, tricky - Moon moves quickly)
Mars square Leo Moon. (Again, tricky, but I give a wider orb with the luminaries.)
He also has Sun square Saturn in its fall in Aries.  Aries rules the head; also Germany.

Accident deets:
Transit Mars square natal Jupiter
Transit Mars square prog Venus
Prog Mercury square natal Mars
Transit Sun/Mercury square natal Neptune
Transit Saturn Rx square natal Aries Saturn (progressed Saturn exact)
Transit Pluto square natal Pluto
Transit Chiron applying to natal and progressed Mercury

There was an Aquarius stellium at the time of Norman’s accident.
Venus/Neptune conjunct within one degree; Sun/Mercury exact conjunct – Jupiter trine all of it from Libra.
Triple benefics (Sun, Venus, Jupiter) at work.
North Node of Destiny and transit Pluto in exact trine in fire signs (energy).
This is good.
A friend (Venus/Aquarius) translated for him, Norman had surgery and lives to tell the tale. Interestingly, Norman actually ditched his hospital stay early, flew back to LA to film the autobiographical short film, Meet Me in Berlin, linked below.

That’s his black eye from his wreck.
Interview here.

Interesting dude.
I like him.

Peace out
Gneiss Moon

239 of 370

GT flightTitania’s deck, easy to see, yes…?  I chose it for that very reason.
Tiny card in lower left is from the Psychic Tarot of the Heart.
I chose it as additional crux card.
It is card 17 Heal, a man breaking chains of confinement.
Heal is companion to the Star card in the trad tarot deck.
Hope.  (Mine) aura, vibrations.

Question: Where are the 239 people of missing flight 370 ?
Moon card was charged as ‘people/group’ card.
That is 5 of 1 btw., which further supports my new moon theory below.

Grand Tableaus take up to an hour to read there is layers of deep info.  Now that I am feeling more or less human again after a week long battle with cold/flu, I have lots of catching up to do with paying gigs, so I will make this concise.

Coffin on Rider not good, Cross backing it up is loss, sorrowful burden w/out a doubt.
I def got loss of what little communication was present (scythe to birds).
Two signals (birds is two) being tracked.  Also I know documents fall under letter, but passports specifically delineate homeland so I am going with house (knighting clouds and tower) as fake gov’t docs (house also knights stork/mountain) aka get outta jail free.
I will add here, storks is often a promotion, a step up or free flight; I am using stork for what was going on after 370 went off radar aka left the nest, so to speak.
Seems the plane circled back around (stork knighting ring/garden) because there were two destinations, possibly two planes. (birds/house knighting stork; ship mirror birds)

Electrical issues with comms (heart on scythe/sun on birds knighting ship aka plane).
Ship (plane) flies over fish on key so I don’t think it sank as much as landed in the wrong place (anchor fox) which at this point remains a mystery. (Key on clouds)
Plane def met with huge blockage via bear/mountain.

I find it very interesting that star is the crux card drawn as well. Star is a card of hope and guidance, wishes and success.

Hope remains but the people are in the wrong place (star knights house/fox), also I gather separated by gender.  (Man woman far apart as well as scythe knighting anchor/lily on roads; anchor knighting birds/scythe) Men outside or favored in some way (man /sun), women in a walled (on house coffin) or otherwise confined area, also either public or gathered in a group (garden/woman).  Man is on house whip signaling arguments and strife between men re: peace (whip on lily).

By new Moon we will have more info (book open to child on house moon) and it likely will involve asking for ransom of some kind – the literal flow of something is imminent.
This situation is not necessarily evil, but has the earmarks of being very complicated snake mirrors ring.  Snake mirroring ring is also commitment to clever thinking and repeats/search parameters.  Social climbing likely (dog on stork/snake on dog).

Oddball left field bits:
It strikes me how literal that last card is “if you want your family back” tree on cross (lower back).
Bear and Mountain, Himalayas region, obviously…also possibly near *Burma…?
(Star features prominently in their flag.)
The 239 know they are being looked for (Moon on star; also current Uranus – rules aviation – focal point T-Square) which helps give them strength. (Clouds on flowers/flowers on bear)
Mars rules accidents, aggression - is now Rx in Libra (partnerships/open enemies).
*Burma (now Republic of the Union of Myanmar) and Tibet are Libra ruled, please note that the upcoming April Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is at 25 Libra in the Cardinal Grand Cross; at which time Venus will trine Jupiter in Cancer.  Venus and Moon rules public matters, Jupiter foreign matters.  More news is forthcoming, until then If I were searching, I would look near the southern Himalayas.

Edit: Moon knighting key on clouds/ lily on roads highlights peace regardless of outcome – found or not.

ALSO NOTE: I am not placing blame or fault on anyone, place, people or thing.

Just making that crystal clear.
Thank you.


photo 30Wild Wood Tarot

Quickie one card draw for energies to focus on up to 26 degree Full Virgo Moon for highest good delivering brilliant manifestations.  

3 Vessels – cranes/birds, thoughts, play and communications high with Moon Full in the sign of Mercury-ruled Virgo.  
Cultivate gratitude for all that is good.  
Good fortune and return after migration.  Fellowship and celebration of gifts.

Three is a number of creativity, growth and increase, change for the better in realms of Mind, Body and Spirit.
Cups indicate compassion, forgiveness, strong instincts.  
Expansive heartspace, feeling the micro in the macro and vice versa, being one with all that is.

photo 31Wild Unknown Tarot

This draw is the crux of what will carry us to
New Moon at 9 degrees Aries
Sunday March 30
Chicago 1:45:00am
Tokyo 3:45:00pm
London 7:45:00am

Excellence in creative realms, love scenarios, brilliant mystique surrounding artistry.  New Moon/Sun are conjunct Uranus in Aries which is of course squaring Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.  

Leading up to New Moon, Venus will begin to trine Mars Rx in Libra from Aquarius.  Brilliant juggernaut brainstorms are on the horizon that will lead you to your destiny – Mars is conjunct North Node.

Actions previously taken will be revised and balance will be the key to your success.  Note swans indicate grace, intuition, balance and self-esteem.
Consider these things as full moon dims and is reborn anew in Aries.