Shiny Scepter !

pet chakras

Venus in Aquarius is opposing my late Leo stuff, so of course I am on the line this eve with a pet psychic trying to find out why my new girl cat is so neurotic fussy.

Seriously – her tail speaks volumesstiff little divining rod
When she’s tweeked the very tip only will make the teensiest jerk.
Meanwhile, sister kitty weaves sign language novellas with her fluffy gizmo.

I laughed out loud when psychic gal tuned in, totally nailed it when she said kitty is really wiggy about her paws.
Just so happens to be what I had the nerve to be touching when I got clobbered a few days ago giving a DYI demonstration of scratching the new sisal mat.

Evidently, she’s a genius, knew what to do with it.  Well, duh. ! 
My helpful Virgo attitude was way outta line and she was clearly miffed the tacky mat I delivered was subpar to the kitty cat mansion she had envisioned.



Tonight’s intel reveals she is an Imperialist neurotic kitty.
I stand corrected.
:: rolls out carpet, steps back, deep bow  :: 

Her Highnesses kitty cat clout obviously trumps my puny Venus/Jupiter/Fortuna.
Wtf was I thinking ?
*Snap out of it lady – I’m the only one with the shiny scepter in this palace.

What Leo type isn’t certain of inherent royalty by birth..?
10th house Leos are esp. ridiculously convinced of superiority.
Sharing the spotlight ? Up there ? At high noon ?  In the house of stick & stay ?
Doubtful.  More likely you’ll grow old waiting.

cat godEscorting Ms. Queenie Puss to safety during tornado warnings last summer went over equally as well as the crunky mat.  My mental image of safety in the box equaled being tossed into a boiling vat of acid in her squirrely head.
I got the drift real quick – fuck this – ain’t. gonna. happen.
Pitch in laundry room, block door.  Mischief managed, tragedy averted.
Meaning I got to keep my hand.

Pesky Uran/Plu square aggravates, accelerates this Virgos learning curves.
Saturn on Neptuner 11 squares my Leo stuff while Venus opposes it.
Mars Rx in Libra on Mercury 9. Computers & cats freak freely.

cat showersSo we here at chez luna move forward into Cardinal Cross Eclipses and hopefully a more peaceable kingdom, by starting H20 + rescue remedy, hunting up dehydrated kibble (who knew ?) and going First Class DE-LUXE all the way baby, all the way.

Meows, PurrRrrrs & Peace

Felix & Oscar

Strangely my two rescue cats are like
Felix and Oscar

If you have no idea, watch.


This kitty is so very Felix
tidy, lady-like, prissy
[aka Felix]

Christnips 14

she sweeps all the stray nibbles
under their food mat
sweeps all the offensive litter
to the back 40
seriously, every. visit. takes. eons.

even nipping
is so so dignified
paws tucked under – all fours neatly on the box
sniffing the nip
a la connoisseur

and then there’s Oscar
living it UP
Viva la Sagittarius Vida


 gung-ho to go
whole hogging it for all she’s worth
messy, rolling, covered in nip
snort !
Lemme try somma yours
time for more cat rodeo, swatting things
gotchas, YaYs !

Kittycat Christmas
cracks me UP

Sad truth, bad Virgo

Meet my girl cat, hiding in the tall weeds of my garden.
Yes, that’s right, my garden.
Bad Virgo.

Sag Moon opp Gem Sun prior to eclipse
and I tell on myself.

Communication spillage.

Gemini is my 6th
(natural Virgo house of daily routine neat freak)
but with everybody and their uncle in there
( Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter )
it seems to be taking me forever
to catch up
the daily chores.
I worked up a storm today
half days both packed – day job, night job
Gem on 6th is twos, two jobs.

Where is your Gemini house ?
Think in doubles !

Where is your Virgo and Pisces
these houses are packing a one two punch !
Mighty big metamorphosis
internal discomfort.

Swaggering Sagittarians in your face a bit
it’ll pass…they’ll wander off soon enough.
once they flash you
the mirror of awareness

::: Creative action is where it’s at :::
Opportunity awaits you
Fire up your Fun
let your spirit pour forth – internal wattage set to
infinity and beyond
Full Moon Eclipse in exploratory Sagittarius
Make it so.


Harmonics & health

Shannon Novak

Music, in the absolute sense, is the invisible geometry of the cosmos, a delicate tracery of frequencies that harmonise with each other and from which all matter manifests.

Pretty cool, huh ?  Sacred geometry of musical notes.  I have been on about sacred geometry here before…fascinating stuff.  You can click the Novak link above and play a few notes and see more visuals / music.

Really hits up my multi – Virgo / mega – Neptune sense of harmonics and health.
Music, bells, the human voice, spoken word, intonation of sounds, chants – all in order to create harmony on the cellular level.  Awesome.

This strikes me as a very Uranian (scientific) way to implement Pluto (metamorphosis) via Neptune (divinely inspired music).
Especially as Neptune is once again swimming in the spiritual seas of her home, Pisces (healing).

The universe is infinitely complex – forms brought forth from the simplicity of ONE.

How cool is that ?!

Planets orbit in sacred geometrical patterns (Venus pentagram), life corresponds to the golden mean, our DNA spirals – it makes sense that to properly use music is to heal from the inside out.

Pick your planetary problem, tap a Tibetan bowl, let the metamorphosis begin.
At the very least, we’d get our zen on…

comments welcome…

birds of a feather

I’ve been thinking about Saturn, totems, time, family, promises and bonds.

Totem poles are carved to delineate family ancestry, clan history, folklore or real life, or to commemorate a particular individual.

A widespread hawk swooped down today as I was driving and landed in the median next to me.  (No, I am not going to tell you if he landed left or right – time in my life is fluid, in flux, always.)

We were in synch - hawk landed at the exact moment I passed – just as I was speaking my heart aloud.  Yes exact is the term I use because in that moment my words formed a bond.  Hard to explain, but messages from my brother are accentuated in hawks – hawk messages are exclamation points.

Hawks form a bridge between past and present.
Hawk was a manifestation of Grand Air Trine meets physical plane

My brother and Father recently visited in an intuitive reading, via Mercury, Pluto, and Sun in Capricorn….totems, time, family, promises and bonds.

I feel their presence, sometimes more than others, but then I feel your presence as I write this too.  You…yeah you !  My readers, wondering where I am leading you…and showing up regardless of the strange paths I takemany heartfelt thanks (deep bow).


So you are wondering why I speak of hawk, when a macaw greeted you at the door ?

Life is not so easily explained.

Many times the larger electro-magnetic spectrum is not apparent until the faceted human crystal is turned, attuned, Neptuned to the proper frequency.

What is said two years ago may not make sense until tomorrow.
 bird of the SUN, a Macaw, enlightens me
Is it You ?
Or is it Me ?
Most likely it is US.

Macaws are bold, colorful and Mercurial – they are very intelligent observers, mimics that communicate bird (Uranian) world – – to human (Saturnian) world.  The Macaw is a builder of bridges; an ambassador, a diplomat (Libra).  Clever and cheeky – they watch, pull pranks, turn jokes to delight and amuse. (Leo)

Macaws ARE portals between worlds.

Mercurial Macaws can also be repetitive copycats that speak without thinking.  Their words can be hollow, shallow, gossipy and twisted to be pleasing to the ear for a time, but not necessarily grounded, or in any way promisorial in nature.  Tricky pranksters that enjoy a leg – pull, they are master manipulators, who enjoy clowning around – not necessarily on any shared emotional time schedule, if you get my drift.

Macaws in my head are thinkbirdtankbrains : Mercury Uranus Libra and Leo.
Most importantly, the Hyacinth Macaws pictured above are red listed.
Thoughts ?


calling in the note

Sun into Virgo and right away I am tending the sick.
Girl cat gone missing for 2 days finally came home with a big puffy bruised spot.
Catnip rub down was much appreciated.
Virgo rules practical magick as well as pets.

Current astro is a bit spicy / dicey.
Saturn and Mars (work and men) – they are in the sign of love & balance
trine WoOo WoOo Neptune – steep grades sharp curves
objects are not as they appear in the mirror
With that in mind – this IS fabulously funky astro to

Dream it – then BE IT

Mars into Scorpio
 Thursday 10:24am, CST USA

Mars in Scorpio
hits the ground running with transformative desires
in high gear ::: opportunities abound
reform – reshape – rework
shift ancient paradigms ::: new more efficient
structures are shifting and locking into place

Mercury in Leo is a very creative thinker
and when Mars hits Scorpio
– the sign of Uranus exaltation –
::: expect some incoming inventions, intuitions :::
lightning strikes & ozone buzz
from the still watery depths of your Scorpio house

Follow your inner compass to transformation station
North Node is in Scorpio square Sun
find and fulfill your destiny 

Sun opposes Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx
 magickal mojo is working ::: healing vibrations
between you and another
 are already taking place – Neptuning fork
is calling in the note
Lay low.  Stay grounded.
Free associate.
Let the waves wash us clean.
peace & love

lay lady ley

I have mentioned before the magnetite found in human brains.  Click here  and here for more fascinating info. If an energy surge, or drain is noticeably felt – try constant contact or grounding with the earth –  bare feet on ground is very beneficial, flat out laying on the ground is better..

I am going to get in the grass here shortly before bed, headache.  Tr. Mars exact Pluto and activating my Uranus has prompted (wavy vision, and headaches) and also more explorations into ley lines and earth energies.

For those following the sense of direction bit Perianne and I have been talking about recently: (from link above) some humans, particularly Polynesian navigators, seem able to judge direction in the absence of all obvious cues (Sun, Moon, stars, waves and so on)

Interestingly, the book I am reading mentions blurred vision is an effect of abnormal serotonin levels. The gastrointestinal tract (Virgo rules, that’s Mercury) holds 90% of the bodies  serotonin (my Virgo stellium is getting hammered by Mars now) the rest can be found in neurotransmitters of the central nervous system (Gemini rules, also Mercury).  All the benefics are in Gemini house at the moment, so am in pain, but mellow, thankfully.

I tell you this so maybe you can tune into the energies too … consider it a Uranus Pluto experiment with GneissMoonAstro …

 Current astro…

For now, keep in mind Uranus in Aries means an activation of the electrical brain (Aries rules: hemispheres are Mercury right; Mars, left.).  Uranus is in square to Pluto in Capricorn which means a changing of the earth, and how we relate to it.
 No, I am not meaning macro scale earth changes – I mean micro changes, our brains, our bio-energies in relation to the changing earth as we walk upon differing fields of magnetism present in the earth.

The human body acts as an antenna – it will pick up and absorb energies from the air (ions) and the earth.  Which polarity depends on the position of the body (we absorb horizontally polarized energies while prone; the opposite when walking around upright.)

Magnetic fields in the earth will vary depending on the type of rock, buried ore and type of fault lines nearby.  I feel the Smokies are a slower, older and wiser energy; the Rockies near the four corners is crisp and quick; the energies around the Northwest seem erratic, restless.  That’s the large scale impression I get, but every square mile has its own properties, and if you live near power lines – they attract even more electrical energies from the ground to broadcast, and this will be felt if you are sensitive to it electricity or magnetism.  See how you feel when you walk around….

I will be dowsing and watching for any weirdness – well more weirdness, that is, lol.
 I will be likely be revisiting magnetics, electricity, the brain and ley lines during the
 Ura/ Pluto squares … so check back…

peace love and solidarity through life’s polarities

attitude = altitude

Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines

Building, long-term, hard work and patience. 

Sacred Valley Trail, Peru

Practical, skillful and ambitious.  

Nazca Lines from Sky

Steady, persevering, and responsible.

Nazca Lines from Earth

ANALYZE what you HAVE and USE it.

Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn mottos.

Mercury Rx sends it back over Uranus, Sun.

Mercury Rx in Aries in mutual reception with Mars Rx in Virgo.

Look for your houses of Aries and Virgo, the analyzation is getting cranked up a notch.

Moon moves to conjunct North Node of Destiny in Sagittarius bringing expansive ideas and visionary goals into focus, optimism is sky high.

Venus conjunct Jupiter today, benefics in tandem = luck Luck LUCK.
Grand Earth Trine = work it !

blessed be~

the Force and flow

The Book of Doors Divination Deck by Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

I was curious, so I dealt a one card draw asking how we (meaning me, you, the world) could best deal with the energies of Neptune into Pisces in order to bring the most benevolent outcome for all.  The card on the right is the Spirit card at the bottom of the deck, a message of what lies underneath the situation, that my not be evident.

TA – Family of Earth
Loyalty. Materialization of plans.  Find nourishment through connection with Earth energies.

Askhut – Family of Fire
Marriage, attraction and celebration.

Pisces rules the feet which connect us with the earth every day.   We will be feeling opposition or compromise with Virgo, which is a sign of health and service to others.
For Neptune in Pisces, there are no others.
This marriage of Neptune and Pisces will bring health and healing of the spirit – acceptance of the Earth and her creatures as a part of US  – worthy of respect and compromise.  She deserves our loyalty and commitment to wise management of limited material resources.

Pisces is yin – passive, introverted and reactive.

When Neptune advances through Pisces, we will be feeling Water on mutable Water (Neptune/Pisces), squares to mutable Air (Gemini), mutable fire, (Sagittarius) which will bring thinking, brainstorming (air), and actions (fire) and we will be in compromise with Virgo which is mutable earth, (building) or making the ideas work.

Cardinals initiate, Fixed signs build, and Mutables can do either.
Mutables are primarily involved in completion and distribution.
Pisces is often called the completion sign because it is the 12th house sign.
Neptune rules Pisces, and Neptunian power will be a mutable force.

Water can lap at stone for millions of years to form the Grand Canyon, for instance.
It is not immediately evident. Yet, it is very powerful.

Neptune in Pisces motto : Go with the flow


heal thyself

Monday January 23, 2012

New Moon at 2 degrees Aquarius: 1:39 am CST, USA 

Mars Rx at 23 degrees Virgo: 6:54 pm CST, USA (click for more)  

January 23, 2012 – February 9, 2013
Chinese Year of the Water Dragon (click for more)

Red Sonja – Paolo Rivera

Fair Warning – no trespass against any and all Virgos !

Virgos are born to solve, perfect, and protect.
When a festering boil erupts, it will be rooted.

Resistance is futile.

Mars direct Friday April 13, 2012 at 3 degrees Virgo: 10:53pm, CST, USA

Read: Mars has been jammed up our nostrils since entering the sign of Virgo on November 10th aggravating, initiating & rousing any and all micro – minutiae analyzation in full throttle force.

Mars has been mainlining energy into all Virgo planets via direct motion since November 10th.
Now – planets situated between 23 and 3 degrees of Virgo will be taking a retrograde hit, followed by another direct hit.

Read:  Direct and perfect, retrograde and turn the blade.

Mars is the blade, the power, the energy outgoing while direct.
Virgos prune.  Virgos heal.  They are duty – bound to serve others.

Virgos perfect by nature.

Mars while retrograde, is the blade, the power, turned inward  to re-assess the re-visions already made by the firm and steadfast Virgo intellect.  During Mars retrograde, Virgos will heal themselves.
Any and all work not deemed perfect by the perfectionist within will be revived, re-invigorated and resolved.

Natal planets between 23 and 3 degrees of Virgo will feel this Mars Rx strongly by conjunction.  Pisces planets by opposition, and Gemini and Sagittarius will feel Mars Rx by square.

Red Sonja- Gabrielle Dell’ Otto

Monday Jan 23rd : New Moon in Aquarius will bring communication undercurrents, intuitive, zaps and transformative vibes with Mars, Pluto and Sun/Moon/ Mercury activating Uranus – sharp intuitive powers !

Creative solutions will present themselves – be aware the Goddess vibe is strong with Lilith opposite Saturn at the culmination degree of 29 Libra.

Energies will be shifting, do not pick battles with authority – Lillith is square New Moon/Sun and opposite Saturn, and Mars is shifting to Retrograde.

Do not pick fights during Mars retrograde – plot and plan, yes – confront, no.

By evening, Moon passes the tense emotional squares, the atmosphere eases as Mars stations Rx, freeing us to enjoy the fizzy Aquarian Moon.

She who would slay dragons must first learn their habits.


Glassy (detail) by American Artist, Fred Tomaselli.

Click on Fred above, watch the video and tell me he’s not a Virgo !
(educated guess – no info)
Whoa – the sorting – it boggles !
He laminates !
I get that !
I laminate !

I am a Virgo Sun/Uranus /Pluto in 9th and I laminate all my hand drawn study guides. hilarious.  (You don’t have to tell me, I already know. haha)

What brings me to this post is New Years Eve. (USA)
Are we supposed to review?
I am Virgo.  I LIVE  to review.
Also, I just completed a reading for a client who has 6 planets Rx (retrograde).

Retrograde = revision.

Currently all planets are direct ~> do you feel the forward motion ?
The next planet to go retrograde is Mars.

Mars is our drive, so during Mars Rx we will be nit-picking our brains, going inside our little Virgo headspace to analyze our actions while Mars was direct.  Mars retrograde in Virgo or Earth will bring big time Virgo analysis of material earth matters.
Have we been sorting ?  labelling ?  list-making ?  organizing ?
Well, I have.
I have been super-powered Virgo the last few weeks and during Mars retrograde we all get to re-vise our re-visions !
YaY !
Perfection awaits.  heh heh.  SoOo Virgo.

Mars Rx (retrograde) January 23, 2012 at 6:54 pm CST, USA at 23 Virgo
Mars direct April 14, 2012 at 10:53 PM CST, USA at 03 Virgo

Click here for Mars Rx in Virgo house by house info (bottom).

I have one retrograde planet, my chart ruler Saturn, which is already in its fall (uncomfortable) in Aries.
Saturn Rx is in my 3rd house of writing, and here I am – where I wouldn’t have guessed I would be a year ago – writing this blog.  (Yes, I have written before, but it was only viewed by friends, not publicly, that was a big step for Neptune girl.)
So please don’t let retrogrades throw you off your goal, even if you have 6 of them.

Planets obviously don’t turn in their orbits and go backwards, it only appears so from the vantage point of the Earth.  Earth moves between the planet and the sun, passes the planet, and from a geocentric (Earth centered) viewpoint, the planet appears to slow, stop, and reverse it’s motion in the zodiac.

Click here for a visual of retrograde motion.

View retrogrades as a challenge to transform, transmute and transcend.

Retrograde planets cause frustration in expressing energy.

It requires constant vigilance – exercising the planetary energy over time brings strength.
It will take work, patience and practice to own the energy.
Lasso and herd the energy, before you can ride and steer the energy.

Those with a natal chart free of retrogrades often find a life circumstance pushes them to become introspective.
Those born with many retrograde planets, often find the opposite is true.

Retrogrades are flavored by the Sun - how we express the retrograde planet via the ego (Sun) is reigned in, subjective, an internal struggle.
The energy of the planet feels overshadowed, needs patience and cultivation.

It is a natal point where we drive the same roads over and over until we feel confident enough to express the energy outwardly.

What element holds your retrograde ?
This is where you will focus !

Fire = ego, creativity, self-expression
Earth = material plane, work, recognition of labor and achievements
Air = communication, thinking, social skills
Water = emotions, intuition, psyche

From the study of John McCormick: The Book of Retrogrades

Born with 0 retrograde planets:  7.7 percent
Born with 1 retrograde planet:  18.7 percent
Born with 2 retrograde planets: 29.2 percent
Born with 3 retrograde planets: 26.7 percent
Born with 4 retrograde planets: 12.7 percent
Born with 5 retrograde planets: 4.15 percent
Born with 6 retrograde planets: 0.66 percent
Born with 7 retrograde planets: 0.005 percent

0 Rx planets = perseverance, determination to reach goals, needs company to be happy (Common in US Presidents, successful athletes and dancers.)
1 Rx planet =  independent, a loner that can work, achieve alone.
2 Rx planets =  people are drawn to you, they feel comfortable around you
3 Rx planets = operate more behind the scenes, need to excel
4 Rx planets =  writers, solitary expressions, and professions
5 Rx planets = solitary occupations, avoids people pleasing professions, less likely people feel comfortable around you
6 Rx planets = so rare (only 51 days out of the whole 100 years), no conclusions. (Angela Davis, Muhammad Ali are the only famous examples he found)
7 Rx planets = even smaller, no conclusions

Enough revision !!
Enough minutiae !!

 Happy New Year !!
WooOoo HoOoo !!

   om mani padme hum

O + 8 & Z

Funny sometimes how astrology plays out … subtle planetary nuances, whispers of moods, or screams ! – depending.
Yesterday I was really feeling the pressure cooker.


I am a civil servant.  (I know, how Virgo of me !)  I serve the people…this of course escalates at this time of year.  Did somebody say time ?!  yeegads.

I have Pluto transiting my Capricorn 1st house (opposite 7th- others) and here come the people – all wanting my time (Saturn), a piece of me, lol.  (My Saturn is Rx in Aries, the house of me.)  Pluto is coming up to square my chart ruler, which is Saturn, the immovable Earth (or so it thinks, lol- Pluto is sayin’ oh yeah..?! watch this ! )

Work, work and more work.  Guess what, staycation is More Work.  I wake up from working out the daytime issues at nightime, (crazy dreams last night) so Saturn never sleeps.  Oh, and did I mention there is an eclipse coming ?
Oh goodie !  .whatever.
In Gemini, the twins (anybody here do cloning ?) on my 6th house of bingo ! work and service !  
*insert maniacal laughter here*

Pluto is a shakedown planet, and so is Uranus (3 days from going direct !) and both are conjunct my Sun in Virgo.  When planets, particularly the outer, transpersonal,  s l o w e r  moving planets get moving, I feel it.. and the days before direct are akin to water on fire boiling to a whistle.

Uranus is the wildcard of the zodiac, and how do I know it ? … well  how much time ya got, lol?!
Mars is quintile Uranus (its the higher octave of Mercury, Lord of Eclipse ) in my natal chart, Mars is trine Saturn, and Mars is transit my Virgo Sun, Uranus, Pluto Stellium, so when the Plutonic pressure is building ~>  take . cover .
jus’ sayin’ !

Yesterday I thought the pressure could use some intense primal scream therapy  Mars !  but I was in the parking garage and thought it might freak people out.  a.  little.   My little Aries head might have just popped right off with all that Mars screaming- who knows !?  With my Toro Moon it would be loud, perhaps even operatic, lol !

SoOoo I burst into maniacal laughter instead ! ~ which is Venus.
I got loads of oxygen coming in and put out the fuse.
…and there is your happy ending, folks.

happy eclipsing

O= oxygen, with an atomic number  ‘Z’  of 8
8 protons / positive electrical charge
8= strength

* edit, came back to add clarity after my busy day (wrote this before work) and found a special Uranian/Plutonic surprise (they rule mistakes) waiting - snap ! is fixed !  Considering aspects such as Merc Rx, and the others detailed above, should have checked 2x, my apologies.  Nobody’s perfect.  peace out.

Red List

Endangered species Red List

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.  ~The Lorax

(Transit Mars in Virgo square natal Mars in Sagittarius 12th…I speak for the trees who have no tongues.)

Amin harmuva onalle e’ cormamin~

Telin le thaed

Mercury goes Retrograde November 24 at 20 degrees of Sagittarius, direct on December 12 at 4 degrees of Sagittarius.
Retrograde is when the planet in question appears to go backwards from the vantage point of the earth.
It is a time to re-consider, re-evaluate, re-invent all things written, spoken, thought or travelled in the previous Mercury cycle.  It is a time of slowing the outgoing messages and increasing the intake, a time of review, and revision.

I love this image, and have used it before — so he may just be my Mercury retrograde ‘go to guy’, many thanks to Andy Park, illustrator.

Ok, now down to the nitty gritty of this retrograde regarding communication in the sign of far reaching vision, Sagittarius.
Every chart has a theme, a central point that is the emphasis of the life or event in question.  

This eclipse chart emphasis points to a change in direction revolving around the central theme of communication – both personally and globally.  As I mentioned in this post, the eclipse can be felt leading up to and for many months afterward as planets make aspects to the eclipse point.

I graduated with a communications degree and incidents of late have me concerned to say the least.

I have Mercury (communication) in Libra (sign of balance) at MC or midheaven at the top (peak experience) of my chart, I am a 9th house (natural house of Sagittarius and visionary higher learning and study) Virgo Sun (Mercury rules Virgo) conjunct wildcard Uranus and metamorphosis Pluto.


Personal back story : I grew up on a rural route with a party line phone.  That means several houses on my road shared the same phone number, but each house had a different ring indicating who was being dialed.  Anyone on the line could pick up and listen, but politeness (Jupiter and Venus ruled and are conjunct in my chart) dictated if you mistakenly picked up, you excused yourself, apologized and hung up the phone. (except when the news was juicy, lol ! ha kidding !)  I remember gathering around the tv for the moon landing, Elvis live from Hawaii (both huge memories for me) and the tweaking of tinfoil and rabbit ears for good reception.  The advent of FM radio in the late 60’s early 70’s was orgasmic to a Taurus Moon (sensate art) girl with Saturn (rules hearing, in addition to Mercury) as chart ruler.  I remember listening to Beatles 45’s with my older sister (Ringo, if you were wondering; me- George) and this cool new swing-arm thinger that let us stack 45’s so we could hear 4 or 5 songs in a row– they would drop down automatically — one after another, so we could dance longer.  Amazing, huh !?  lol.  Fast forward to 24 hour Music television and I had a personal revelation, a second coming of sorts — music is huge for me with Neptune most highly aspected, and here it was, artistry multiplied – audio and visual – all day and night.  My parents literally had to drag me away from it every night.  I mean who cares about sleep (Neptune) when there is music television ?!  Fast forward to the internet and communication around the globe instantly, the people’s media – the worldwide university of thoughts and ideas accessible from the comforts of home.  Think about it – how cool is that !?        Now, I ask you, may we please may we observe a moment of silence for the ipod.         Dear goddess, the heavens parted and the angels sang – my entire music library grew from allowance money vinyl that filled several boxes to compact discs then onto a heavenly object that fits in the palm of my hand.  Yes it is compressed and not nearly as lush as vinyl, but still. in. the. palm. of. my. hand. WoW !  Then when MTV turned into whatever t.f. it is now NO MUSIC TV, sheesh, whatever – there was born in the eyes of some of my homeboys- Youtube.  Music video library, university courses, lectures, ufo sightings, the whistling language of Silbo Gomero, spitting goats, you name it- it’s up there.  I love it that I saw Radiohead, spent hours waiting to get out of the lot, drove home in the wee hours- and by the time I woke up the next afternoon – the show was already posted multiple times – in its entirety !  sswa -eeet 2x over mmm, yes ! Blessed be ye tapers, oh mani padme hum.  I recently had a shift in viewpoint when I bought an iphone — internet instantly in my pocket- snap !  Again, I am just WoWed by all these new forms of communicating and being Neptune girl, telepathy is next we all know it, it’s coming !

So you are gathering communication is a biggie for me, yes..?
(I would have done Helen Keller’s chart by now if I had the correct birth time, and I may yet anyway – she is one of my sheroes)
Camp Mercury
The ascendant at the time of the eclipse is diligent, work and service – oriented Virgo, making Mercury chart ruler.  Mercury is closest to the eclipse point at the time of eclipse and rules the Ascendant (identity) and Midheaven (peak experience, and how we use communication).  What and how we communicate is paramount to who we are in this chart personally and globally.
Mercury is conjunct (power operating) Venus (love, kindness) and sextile (opportunity) Saturn (justice, tact, discipline).
Mercury is also Quintile (gifts of spirit) Chiron – the healer, philosopher and teacher.

Mercury retrograde at the time of eclipse, hand in hand with Venus is giving communication a vibe of Peaceful Resistance.  Mercury squares (inner tension) the Ascendant or the vibe that is put in the world from the visionary sign of Sagittarius.  What is ethical speech, what are the consequences of what we say to one another ?

Camp Chiron
Virgo Ascendant with Chiron as ruler placed in the sign of spiritual intelligence, idealism and divine harmony is squaring (inner tension) the eclipse point.  We as a people feel (Chiron conjunct Neptune opposite Mars in Virgo the fighter for the little guys) we are not being heard – worldwide – but with the Quintile to Mercury, rest assured, We Are.  We hear one another loud and clear.

Listen to the end and hear the call of the Sagittarius eclipse approaching…this page got 21 new comments in nearly as many seconds, and if you google UC Davis you will get more police brutality against peaceful protesters.
I find this very disturbing.
Mars (force) is in a T-square (imbalance) with the eclipse, and Uranus is square Pluto – that’s a wildcard…ponder that and you be the judge.

In addition to the above, congress wants to enact censorship on the only people’s media (front lines reporting from the people on the street via camera phones etc. ) available to us in the face of bought and paid for cable networks and their biased (non) reporting of events.  See below.
At the time of writing, US Congress is considering two bills, the PROTECT-IP Act (PDF) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) (PDF). Some of those in the media industry argue that the acts, which will allow an unprecedented level of internet censorship under US law that will impact on the web worldwide, are necessary to protect jobs.

Opponents argue that the bills could turn the internet into a glorified version of cable TV and destroy innovation. Tumblr has been active in encouraging its US users to call their representatives and argue against “using the same domain blacklisting technologies pioneered by China and Iran”; elsewhere, an open letter also sent to Congressional leaders has been co-signed by AOL, eBay, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Twitter, Yahoo! and Zynga, all of whom rarely agree on anything else, which says a lot.  Click here for entirety.
I am not here to forecast doom and gloom, only to spread the word, and let you decide for yourself.


I would like you to keep in mind this partial solar eclipse is a new moon and is the time for planting seeds that will be harvested when the moon is full on December 10th, 2011, which is also a full lunar eclipse.  (more on that later)

Solar is ego, ambition /  lunar is instinct and emotions.
November eclipse will activate the solar / December, the lunar.

Be mindful of your thoughts, focus on the positive.
Be love.

On December 10th, we not only have a full lunar eclipse at 18 degrees of Sagittarius, but also Uranus direct.
That will shake things up a bit, I am thinking.

If your actions grow from a loving heart, then loving fruits your actions will produce and  multiply.
Blessed be.



Partial Solar Eclipse November 25, 12:10 AM CST, USA.
Visible to New Zealand, The Cape of South Africa, Antarctica.

If you have ?? about visibility of this eclipse, or science ?? regarding eclipses in general, click – here.

Now I delve into the astrology !   Micro & Macro YaY !  (rubs hands together)
Pictured below is the astrology of the eclipse, though keep in mind the energy of an eclipse will be felt before and after the actual eclipse.

Eclipses are signposts indicating new directions in life, both personally and globally.

Events prior to the eclipse can signal what issues will be brought to the table in the coming months, both personally and globally.   The energies surrounding the eclipse are in flux ~ ride the wave ~ we are approaching the dark of the moon on the 25th.

Dark Moons are times of introspection and quiet, a time of planting your seeds for fresh new beginnings that will expand with the waxing of the moon.  Conversely, a solar eclipse is a very outward, ego powered opportunity for leadership and co-operation.

This eclipse is in Sagittarius, making Jupiter (rules Sagittarius) the Lord of the Eclipse.  Sagittarius loves to have friends, and lots of them from all over the world.  Jupiter is the exploring philosopher, the optimistic teacher who likes to have fun.   Jupiter also expands whatever it touches and it is in Venus ruled Taurus.  Taurus is patient, dedicated, hard-working and practical and they want and need security – both financially and in love (Venus).


You can see by the eclipse chart above there is a Grand Earth Trine, that’s material goods, wealth, recognition and success.  Jupiter is in slow and steady earth, building something big with a fiery creative Sagittarius Venus (money, art, earnings, kindness) with a perfectionist Mars bringing the practical power behind the climb.

Uranus, which can be one heck of a wild card is square both Venus and Pluto – so set intentions to be malleable in the face of changes.  Don’t back yourself into a corner financially.  Yes, that means personally and globally.

Did I mention Jupiter, Lord of the eclipse rules bankers ? Well, it does- and it is opposite (a call for compromise) responsible, thrifty Saturn in the sign of the scales of balance, Libra.  What does that tell you..?  exactly.

The quincunx from the solar eclipse point to Jupiter, the ruler of the eclipse ?!
Whoa ! ~ That indicates adaptation and improvisation.  In this case it indicates a regeneration and transformation of character, both personally and globally – a need for adjustment between wants, needs, and ethics.   It is a growing awareness that greed will no longer work for any of us – personally or globally.

Note that Uranus is at 0 degrees in Aries – and it is trine the eclipse degree – that’s a major jumpstart !
Uranus is the rebel; Aries, the pioneer –  first out of the gate to start something new ~>
Imagine all the fabulous new things you can do with the power of an optimistic solar eclipse behind you in the sign of expansion and enthusiasm.

There is a kite with Neptune and Chiron (the only body in water in this chart) at the spiritual helm.  Neptune is inspiration, idealism, spiritual intelligence and yes, suffering.  Neptune just went direct and is building up steam to get the heck out of Aquarius, and Chiron, the healer has already passed into Pisces, which is the sign of divine, faith-driven healing.

Chiron is blazing a trail for Neptune to follow ~ this is a good positive influence, bringing mass attention to the bigger scheme of earthkind / Gaia / Cosmos healing on a global scale.

Mars is in Virgo (Virgo is Mercury or Chiron ruled- depending on who you ask) and Mars is the focal planet of the kite.  Clever Virgo Mars delivers communications regarding the health of the general public via the internet – completely circumventing the useless corporate owned mass media.

Neptune and Chiron opposite Mars in the 12th ~> that’s the Jedi, the sacred warrior – forcing change through spiritual stealth instead of direct confrontation.  Yes, light sabers are deadly, I know.  I am referring here to thought light sabers, the higher octaves and qualities of healing in action with Mars being the blade that cuts away the unnecessary thoughts.  This is the pen (mind) is mightier than the sword aspect. 

Mercury (perception, logic, communication of kinds) is Quintile -gifts direct from spirit- Chiron the philosopher/healer.  Mercury is the Lightbearer for the Physical Sun & this is a Solar Eclipse.  Mercury holds the torch of intellect to alight the the path before ego arrives.  This aspect results in healing thoughts and perceptions.

The Eclipse point, North Node of Destiny, Mercury Rx, and Venus all in Sagittarius in a rolling conjunction (with Pluto popping out on the end in Capricorn) means all these energies are pinging off the eclipse vibe as well.  That is a lot of energy finding internal and external balance (solar / lunar) and expression regarding the philosophy of where are we going on a personal and mass global scale.

Manifest your best destiny and ride the eclipse wave~

In closing, although this eclipse is only visible to portions of Antarctica, New Zealand and the Cape of South Africa, it is felt by all earthkind via the energy grid, similar to the rolling conjunction I mentioned earlier.

Also, after the eclipse occurs, every planet that moves over the eclipse degree, (by conjunction, opposition or trine) pings a bit of its energy into the eclipse vibe for months afterward.  With that in mind, choose your thoughts and manifest wisely in the days to come…