pause to reflect

New Moon in Libra
Moon is void of course until it enters Scorpio at 7:06pm this evening CST, USA

Full Moon in Taurus
Monday October 29, 2:49pm CST, USA

New Moon signals a time of new beginnings; void moons a time of contemplation and insight.  

This Libra New Moon delivered me off the scale fluctuation of feelings, restoration of balance using the sword of truth . . . rapid-fire insights were incoming from all quarters.

Did you feel a shake up in your Libra house ?

Libra is my MC, Moon passed over my Merc on the way to the new phase – so women, public and my thoughts and feelings surrounding relationships, balance and reciprocation were either folding themselves up for good, or spreading their wings to fly like paper cranes all around me.

Beautiful Venus does love her mirrors.

When I drew the Mirror card in the Wild Wood Tarot it perfectly described my fluctuating thoughts, feelings, and perceptions revolving around status, power, fame and friendship during this moon phase.

She also describes qualities of both luminaries meeting in the sign of balance and fairness – the house of others.

Unlike the Hooded Man who chooses solitude, the Mirror indicates being forced to surrender personal will, forced to be open to the ways of the universe, forced to quietly, patiently await for insights to reveal themselves as they will.
The Mirror sees both sides, she is uniquely attuned to both the inner and outer realms.
She is aligned with the Hangman, sacrifice, insight, Odin and the runic alphabet.
The Mirror is the Lady of the Lake, keeper of the magikcal sword, Excalibur.

Swords represent AIR: thought, insight, clarity, truth and justice.  Very Libra.

The mirror brings gifts of emotional growth, clarity of purpose, the bare truth of subconscious made manifest in waking life.  She reflects a wounding, the keen instincts and insights that come from passing through the dangers of the shadow world where warriors seek enlightenment.  She is dual, polarity and reveals a complete shift in awareness.

Is this not true of all relationships ?

What was one (Sun), now becomes two (Moon), the shift in balance is ongoing thereafter.  Diplomacy and compromise, bonds and contracts, love and war are also present in the world of Libra, the world of two, the world of mirrors. (First house Aries – ME opposes seventh house Libra YOU.)  Oppositions often play themselves out in the form of projection / reflection. 

Libra New Moon (conjunct Sun – all new moons are conjunct Sun) is particularly geared for understanding developing relationships and creatively loving the seed of willpower that lies deep within ourselves.

Although every moment holds the promise of change, New Moons accentuate this promise, they urge us forward in the process by holding up the mirror to ourselves.

During New Moons we (conscious – solar / subconscious – lunar) are side by side looking into the mirror : two FEELS more like ONE.  Instinct and will are a team, setting intentions for growth during the coming lunar cycle.

New Moons force us to grow into the knowledge of the next full moon.

During Full Moons two FEELS more like TWO, because we are at odds with the other side of ourselves, at odds with the reflection, at odds with the OTHER.  (Full Moons are always opposite Sun) Instinct and will are in peace talks, they are AWARE of their separateness.  Understanding, illumination and growth is at a peak – knowledge courses in from all sectors.

The Full lunar orb reflects / mirrors the rays of the solar force.
Instinct and willpower are eyeball to eyeball.
Subconscious self SEES the conscious self SEES the subconscious self.
Our creations are locked and loaded – visible.
Full Moon illumination – new moon intentions – are manifest, realized.

One becomes Two.
Choice is inevitable.
Everything changes.
I choose the way of the Jedi.
I will use The FORCE for defense only.
I choose balance.
I choose peace.
I choose love.

May the Force be with you.
amin mela lle.

Alchemical Jedi

Yes dahlinks, of course I have STAR WARS ‘winkie’ decks !

Quick draw for clarity regarding upcoming
Sun, Uranus, Pluto T-square
leading to highest good for all of us

Wise ally, he is !

Strength of PURE LOVE
Seeds of New Beginnings

Coupled with CHANGE
Growth brought by New Challenges

Results in an amazing

Lenticular Perceptions
Mercurial, dual, tricksy

mind tricks
HA !

Personas Purge

Arthur Hugot

While mowing the yard (Mars blade) ideas (quintiles Uranus in 9) were popping like corn with every step…  Everyone swirling around with us on our big blue ball is experiencing Aries Uranus square Pluto in Capricorn.

What houses they fall in determine your personal experience.  

(Look at your chart and go to the houses drop down for more on house rulerships – the square brings dynamic tension you need to solve between the two houses/planetary energies)

Capricorn happens to be my ASC so everything I AM is undergoing metamorphosis.  This dark – new moon phase has brought me so much to process again.  There is a reason there are 7 exact hits of this square – there is much to process.  Seven is a spiritual number, philosophical and intuitive.

Have you thought that perhaps these 7 squares are collectively purging us of our fears..? 

Saturn is fear and Pluto is mining – digging deep to give the festering wounds inside fresh air so we may heal and grow.  Think about that for a minute – fear – then look to your Capricorn house and your natal Saturn.

I have Saturn Rx in Aries 3.  Fear of being unable to communicate effectively.  (Though that is not my greatest fear, not even close.)

Sibley chart for the US puts Saturn in Libra 10 in hard aspect to Sun, Mercury and Jupiter.  Capricorn on the 2nd house.  Fear of not being seen as/ being top of the world power, perhaps ?


Among other things, I read tarot and oracle decks to help me avoid the land mines hidden on the journey through life.  I am very good at it, have been reading since I was a teenager.

Ask your decks for insight on the squares and how they affect you.

This is my tarot/ natal chart squares mystery unraveled for me…

Weeks ago, King of Wands started showing up – I was thinking King of Wands, King of Wands, who the heck is KofW ?  No one anywhere near me was King of Wands material, then . . . aha so you’re King of Wands !  Okie- dokie.  Got it.
For the record – he’s not west coast US. He’s not from across the pond either.

King of Wands is me.
me Me ME ! 

(haha yes, Matrix)  What made me think of it this way is I was doing a spread revolving around a woman I met this summer (?).  She showed up as King of Pents – in the situation, Queen wouldn’t have garnered as much attention as KING of Pents did.  She has a grand earth trine, is the main parental figure, is very strong and very steady, it fit.

This changed my thoughts on King of Wands…sOoo all this time, perhaps King of Wands is me becoming re-aquainted with my first house self  via : Pluto in Capricorn re-vision of I AM Persona/s.  My Sagittarius Mars (Mars rules 1st) and this warrior blazing into the fray wielding the philosophical sword part of myself needed recognition and was by god/goddess rightfully claiming it. 

I am finding balance (Libra is my MC, Venus squares Neptuner) between the polarities (Uranus) of myself (Uranus conjuncts Sun – the conscious self) through my actions (Mars) of writing (Sag Mars trines Saturn in 3rd).
What has Pluto been uncovering for you ?
What ideas has Uranus been jolting you with ?
I would love to hear your insights too…!
…oh, and one more thing…hello King of Swords, now who could you be ?  lol !

may your dark mysteries find enlightenment as well…


Book of Doors

Quickie one card reading (spirit card on the right) : intent is clarity regarding events surrounding upcoming Uranus / Pluto square, leading to highest most benevolent outcome for all of us.

I pulled a couple of fortunes too, they are in synchronization – groovy !
Act on those new ideas you are generating
Complete success in all undertakings

AAH: Family of the Moon
 MUT:  Mother.  Selfless love. (mut: the mouth, the uterus) Gestation – physical, mental or spiritual.  She is two-fold, North – South; Lady of the Two Lands. 

Her wings encompass the four directions, she contains both female and male energies, she births the twin energies of Sirius into manifestation.  Two vultures adorn her, they are sacred symbols of disintegration and regeneration. The male figures represent her generative qualities; the female and male energies as a whole are infinitely fertile and nourishing.  She holds the ankh and the papyrus scepter (uadj) symbolizing new growth, expansion and life energies.

Spirit card, crux of the matter
An expression of the absolute. 

Historically a standard or banner which marks a place of divinity.  They are similar to Tibetan prayer flags, which subtly emit the etheric ‘sound’ of prayers on the wind.  Sigils created with prayers develop formidable psychic powers on their own – when on banners, the symbols are offerings taken by the ‘spirit of the wind’ to a higher power, the ‘invisibles’.   The fabric itself is warp and weft – symbolizing polarities and cosmic coordination.  Neter Neturu is the concept of ALL ONE.


Awesome card draw for this square – for Uranus is polarites, the higher octave of Mercury – AIR.  Uranus knows what it knows without speech or written word, it is brainwaves plugged into the universal electrical field – it is ALL ONE in operation.

Personally, I am not gathering any moss lately, you ?  I am heave – ho-ing the past like mad and it feels great !  The possibilities seem endless, and the Neter Neteru accentuates this message : Anything is Possible, Anything Can Be Done.

Gestation during Dark Virgo Moon, sounds fab !
Moon comes to trine Pluto before New Moon releasing some more emo garbage on the way to fresh new beginnings – YaY !

I love how this reading is both polarities & nebulous advice to create our own future and roll with the unforseen changes.

I have Moon exalted in Toro, in 4 trine Pluto.  Creative gestation leading to positive regeneration is my Ace in the hole for too much Neptune square.  Find your ace in the hole and work it to your advantage !

Incubate your dark moon dreams – then give birth to them on or after New Moon (see link above) and they will grow strong with the growth of the Moon !

As anyone with Uranus / Pluto prominent can tell you – put yer cleats on and bob and weave baby ~>  Rapid – fire changes are imminent.

blessed be

ps.  I have been doing some work behind the scenes, editing, etc…so subscribers, if you got Ape Man via e-mail – be aware it is an old post that was re-posted – is not current astro. thanks !
I will be editing more in the future, will alert in text if it is a re-post.  Posts re: Sun signs are coming up next, then some editing, THEN I begin readings for those of you waiting.  Thanks so much for your patience !  You are fabulous !
Thanks for reading xo Gneiss

Blind lucks

Swampcat !

I soOo love this pic – Leo 8th house here.

Look to your house of Leo & Sun
To see how & where you flirt.

Ow.  The ex flirted at work.

My brother had Pluto in Leo 9
and he nearly died in a motorcycle accident
while traveling, he was accident prone.
Yet he also had all the women swooning
in Colorado – which is super Leo.
and far from home.

My sister does at home.  True.
She and my brother-in-law are just plain goofy.

How about you ?


I have
Venus conjunct Jupiter and Fortuna
all in 8 of death.
Intense life-altering, knock-down, drag out, ginormous
love deaths

A Leo without light
sad, sick and in the darkness

I flirted with death.
Not proud of that.  True though.
I have died every which way
slowly, killing myself by degrees
  fuquin low Neptune poisons of each and every kind
killing me and killing me and killing me
without actual physical death
though I begged for it

For years I clawed my way out
of a deep dark sick hole

it was horrible
and now, thankfully
it is OVER

I have pinpointed another turning of the tide
a sweet man said have a good day
and he MEANT it.

Such a small thing – a moments kindness
that changed

Months later, I saw him again
I thanked him
He seemed surprised one turn of phrase
had been my fulcrum
Love and kindness
 in the darkness
of my 8th house mineshaft
Still I wanted more 8th house clarity
and I think
lay out your aspects visually

Look at YOUR CHART via TAROT symbology
is very insightful

Here is my natal 8 in a tarot nutshell

Love dies, I divine
  Venus – on 8 death- square Neptuner

:: pure, untouched ::
Whammy love squares to Neptuner.
Enter fog, confusion, illusion and delusion

What is gonna
save my ass from this train wreck ? 

My secret protection
Sagittarius in 12.

if you have Sagittarius or Jupiter in the 12th
you too have SECRET ALLIES

My first shot of Jupiter
 is my natal Jupes
lives in the 8th conjunct Venus and Fortuna.

That is, in my experience, blind luck.

Here is my whammy whiz – bang gorgeous
Jupiter chaser.

Me  and  You

I write, teach astrology.
(I have Mars in Sagittarius quintile Uranus in 9.)
(Mercury sextiles Jupiter, Mars trines Saturn 3rd)

Knight of Mars shows up.
(Swords – Mars is the blade)

He is my good luck charm.  
Without a doubt.

He is my secret protection in Sagittarius.

He is my cosmic Neptuning fork

With his help I transform suffering into healing
I find blessed balance.

Low Looney Neptunooney
morphs into

He is tuning MY fork to a higher vibration
although he may not even know it.

I am reconciling my day and night.
My polarities are finding union
hrough Pluto.


One more thing.
I felt you.


Plutonic zen

Osho Zen Tarot

Intent of one card draw is clarity of purpose leading to the path towards highest good. 
Spirit card on the right is crux of situation, the underbelly.

7 = stress as we spiritually evolve, be at peace through changes – bob and weave, rather than break – be the willow that bends, juggle

evolve through love

XIII = zen (4, stability) as alchemical transformation, everything changes – evolution is the only constant

yin / yang

Be the change you wish to see in the world.
::::Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi::::

I am pitching this in just for the pure awesome
Ian & Ritchie pingponging notes started my day out perfectly !
Hey Sweets, if you’re out there, this one’s for you hon x


magicks in the air

Enchanted Map Tarot

Quickie reading for Mercury and Uranus retrograde
Octaves of communication
Intention: insight and positive direction

Coming to life: Mercury Rx
Shedding old skins, growth, new life to old dreams
manifestation – show up to your own life

Wizard of Awareness: Uranus Rx
Neutral observation of life: outer and inner
 step back observe from a distance
‘wear the world as a loose garment’
It’s ALL good.

Spirit Card: Magical Shape Shifter
pay attention to those who cross your path today
they are here to help and aid you in your
spiritual journey
blessed be


Quickie reading using Shadowscapes Tarot – illustrations by Stephanie Pui Mun-Law.
 Intention being clarity for all my readers re: recent retrogrades.
 Keep in mind retrogrades are internal insights.

Uranus in Aries on the left: positive sparks; passionate eureka brainwaves
Mercury in Leo on the right: tranquil inspirations; creative mental pathways empowered
Spirit card is 4 swords (not pictured) indicates mental meditations as both octaves of communication turn inward.
I can’t leave without mentioning Stephanie’s zodiac illustrations

Here is her gorgeous Aries image…

Click here for all zodiac signs and prints of each, and tarot images as well.

I’ll pop in a pic of my personal requested card image.
My one word cue: vibrations
Stephanie drew this for me…

I love it !
Is very Scorp Neptune in 11th, yes ?
peace + positive rx everyone

mined; treasure mind

Soulcards 2 Deborah Koff-Chapin

One card reading with the intent that the image drawn will stimulate us all to move into our highest purpose, and create the most benevolent outcome for all earthkind.

Question: What treasure mined from the depths of Gibbous Moon in Scorpio will be  highlighted as Sagittarius Moon moves to conjunct North Node ? 

Let the image speak to you.
Then you will have your answer…


Mermaid, interrupted.

Moon in Leo trine Uranus in Aries.  Sun in Cancer.
aka: Get creative with the mood swings, bob and weave. 

Uranus in gung ho to go Aries is focal point of a T-Square with touchie – feelie Cancer Sun and rigid Capricorn Pluto.  Mercury advances to late Cancer and is awash with angsty mental gymnastics as we hash out Venus and Saturn retro.

Be cranky or be creative ? ! ?
 Libra serves up prime grade A choice once again.  Sun trines Saturn Rx while it opposes Pluto in Cap – no the work is not perfect, just show up and do it anyway, let the chips fall where they may.  Mars in Virgo trines Jupiter in Gemini – keep the dialogue moving and open < ~ > the road is hot !

~ seriously ~ who out there has been able to concentrate lately…?!
Anyone .. ?
My brain pan is snapping, fired up and popping !  No cohesion, just can’t bring it lately (no I am not fishing) my thoughts are scattered and I am feeling the pressure.

Venus Rx steps up to the plate to quincunx Pluto Rx in Cap.  Oy.  Adjustment – always a fun one, growing pains all over the shop : adaptation, improvisation with the past loves and creative juices morphing into our future. Not going fast enough is it…?  (Pluto squares Uranus after all.)   Hang tough.

Are we all getting our messages from the past yet ?  (South Node dovetailing between Venus and Jupes in Gem)

I got mine twice over, nice.  A couple of sweet little biscuits delivered straight to my heart in the middle of the minefield (yes, Venus and Jupiter rule sweet things) to help keep some hope alive. bless xo

Delusion is so last week – now Sunlight shines on Neptuner Rx and that is bringing the insightful goodies, thank the goddess !  It is about time.  May blessings be with you and your insights as well.

Rough week here.  Got in a fight at work today – was actually yelling.
Return of Tentacle Dude, sheesh the fuqers grow BACK.

I need that hermit job, stat !  Where do I sign up ?. lol

Seriously, though – the square tightens – do not engage.
Protections in place.
Lock & Load.

Delusional dilemmas are often so brilliantly deciphered in a sharp one card reading.
Here is mine from the Fairy Ring TarotI actually did a whole spread, but the first card told me all I needed to know right off the bat.

Venus Rx + Neptune Rx.

I have been giving all my head space to Uranus Pluto since they conjunct Sun in my natal, then the universe steps in …pssst… Neptune is your biggie, ya know, and Venus is squashed between the other 2 in progs.  Venus and Neptune don’t vibe well in my natal either, and the screws are turning. 

Neptune and Venus Retro are squaring up now, for all of us.  Luckily they do so in mutables, so we can adapt and change easier.  Venus is nearing Jupes by retrograde as well, and that is beneficial if not more than a little scattered in Gemini. 

Heads up for your messages from the past…just remember Venus stations direct at 7 degrees on the 27th – don’t expect real clarity  until it is out of shadow at 24 degrees of Gemini.

namaste ~

Stone in pic: mook jasper – increases the capacity to feel electro- mag earth energy & use it for personal power and strength.  assists in ‘knowing’ the right direction to take.

Lady Luck

Hello everyone
 Fabulous question was posed by my friend, Donnaleigh.  Ask your  deck “Why do I work with tarot?” … and draw a card to see what tarot sees in that question for you…

The above was my answer. 
Spirit card looks like a Cap rising, Virgo Sun all right, worrying all over. sheesh.

How fun the card I drew, I love it !
Wheel !  of. Fortune !  
 Big bucks, NO Whammies ! 
(Yes, I know that’s a different game show, but you get the idea.)

I always say reading tarot is like dialing in for the cosmic time and temperature.
I would call time & temp all the time when I was younger, that and Dial-a-story…

Temperature changes are 3rd house (natural Gemini house) where my chart ruler, Saturn Rx lives.  Mars rules HIGH temps and Saturn rules LOW temps.  In my chart they are trine one another, (Saturn Rx 3rd – Mars 11) so ya know, a girl obviously needs to know  the time and temp – frequently.  lol

Wheel of Fortune is a card of polarities and changes too.
Good times, bad times and all the shades of daylight and dark in-between.

It speaks of the natal wheel as well, birth and transits, progressions, etc…at this stage we are 1/2 way through the major arcana.
The fool has acquired knowledge of all the cards before and is mutating, evolving and seeking elevation in the world (21, The World, the last Major).

The Wheel points to the fickle finger of fate, Lady Luck or Lord of Loss – it represents the decay and eventual descent of the body – in delicate balance with – the growth and rising of the spirit.

The only constant is change.


The Wheel.

… What card will you pull from your deck… ?   Do tell !


Double Blessings

Titania’s Fortune Cards

Hi all
A quickie TWIN : NIWT reading for the globe in anticipation for what is in store for us globally as Jupiter moves into Gemini.  As always, my readings are done with the intent it will bring the highest good, the most benevolent outcome for all my readers, whenever it is read by you.

I am reading these from a global perspective, as that is how I framed the question:

Fox:  Sly, cunning. the enigma.  Possible duplicity, trickster energies at work and play.
Whip: Strife, tension and quarrelling caused by the former card.
Spirit card: Key: Success and overcoming obstacles, revelations bring ideas, solutions.

Welcome to Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries times.  Globally, we have been duped – big corporations pillage the Earth, lie to consumers, deal dirty under that table with rockstar politicos all for profit.  Globally, we the people want better solutions, alternative cleaner sources of energy, poisons out of our products, and more productive smaller marketplaces rather than big corp box stores.

Solution is to work together, to individually and globally be cunning in the global marketplace – shop smarter, vote wiser, conserve energy and resources, help stop the use of (disposables that are NOT disposable) plastics and poisons, while we protect our sources of fresh water and encourage free trade for local economies.  Wise use of media outlets via social networks to spread news of global events in a grassroots movement led by the people, for the people without big business bias.

Spirit card indicates that globally we are the key.  When we en masse decide to peacefully initiate change and be the wave of the future, spiritual guidance is behind us and beside us, guiding us to overcome obstacles in order to create a better, more balanced future.
Today at 12:23pm, CST, USA Jupiter leaves Taurus, moves into Gemini where it will join Venus Rx (which stations direct at 7 degrees on the 27th of June, 10:07am, CST, USA) and Sun and South Node.

June 23 – Uranus square Pluto exact 10:19pm, CST, USA.

Expect something surprising to be revealed regarding a past love near the 25th, as South Node dovetails between Venus and Jupiter while they sextile Mercury and Uranus and trine Moon and Mars (also sextile Mercury).  Moon is quintile North Node nearing midnight on that day, this surprising news will reveal new paths of destiny.

May Jupiter into Gemini bring us all many blessings !
 Also, I would like to thank all my readers old and new, that have been showing up and reading here at GMA.  As Jupiter entered Taurus one year ago, I began writing here in earnest.  This effort turned into more than I bargained for in the beginning, but it has been incredibly rewarding, and I am happier for it.  I have met some really great new friends and learned so much just by showing up and giving it a go.  I thank you.

Yes, readings are coming as soon as possible, I am working on fleshing out the bones here, (I’m a Cap rising  with a Virgo stellium, ya know, lol) so I can concentrate fully on readings when that time comes.  Post on 3/9th houses coming over lunch or tonight.