Communication Lunation

photo 7Tarot of the Origins

December 17
Full Moon Gemini 23 degrees [Opposite Sun/Galactic Center]
3:28am CST, USA

Uranus Direct 8 degrees Aries

3 T-Squares
1 Mars
2 Uranus
3 Pluto as focal points – internal stress points

Cards above read Left to Right – intent for clarity and direction
1 – 2
3 – (spirit)

1 – Mars 4 Libra: Environment of the Soul (Sun and Moon involvement) 
Lightning in the atmo & a shaman to bear witness.  Fruitful meditations.  Love overflowing.

2 – Uranus direct 8 Aries: Environment of Nature (Jupiter and Pluto involvement)
Earth support on rainy days.  Advancing into the wild unknown with solemn courage.

3 – Pluto 10 Capricorn: Age of Nature (Mars and Uranus involvement)
A child with an Odin, a natural stone of protection and luck.  A happy development.

Spirit – Stone of the Soul: Shaman magick in a circle of dolmen.  Truth surrounds Us.

More on this Gemini Full Moon, Uranus direct etc… later ! (Lunch over)
Lots of good aspects hopping on board at this Communication Lunation !


Motherstones & bones

photo-3 copyTarot of the Origins

Messages from the higher collective spirit-selves, highest vibration of aspects, activated. 
1 Sag Mercury square Pisces Neptune/Chiron
2 Sag Sun, Mercury trine Aries Uranus Rx
3 Spirit crux

1 The Great Mother: Primitive spirit of femininity attuned to the cosmic mysteries, magic and study of the same. Tweak mind to inspiration, divination, connection to universal source and healing the spirit-self.

2 Jewels, Talismans: Craftspeople forever apprenticing, learning, seeking to understand.
Tasting the variety of life, seeking new perspectives/tools, invention instincts strong.  Higher perspective on self as self relates to the collective, experience on earth, adjusting personal philosophy to match new vibrations.

3 Spirit, crux:  Bones of the Soul: Shaman throwing bones for insight, divining the future to determine the best path to follow.  Knowing your options, being open to messages from spirit – connection to spirit via the clairs, telepathy, mental clarity in tandem with emotional clarity, subconscious gut instincts and heartspace. 


standing on new visions

photoTarot of the New Vision

Strange cards to pull for what are we leaving behind with the Scorpio Eclipse.
Pulled these just before I read there has been a quake off the coast of Japan.
Eclipse in water sign of Scorpio – this is known to happen at times.
Typically, water sign eclipses are associated with water events, but since Pluto (in Cap) is Lord of the upcoming Scorp Eclipse while in mutual reception with Saturn (in Scorp), an earth/water event.

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Magnum Opus Manifest

securedownload-23Mary-El Tarot

Intent: insight, highest good.

Libra Sun square Jupiter in Cancer
The golden pillar of enlightenment between yin/yang, Sun/Moon, Rise/Set, beginning/end.
Spirit is heart (Sun) and thought (Libra, Air) which leads to actions (cardinals).
Pressure to find balance of love, money, relationships, home, family via the emotions surrounding them all through spiritual quest.
Go Big and Go Home – Where the heart is.

Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto
Raven steals the Sun from the gods/goddess, gives it to the people.
Divine Willpower (Pluto) and mental reasoning – true personal power manifest in harnessing opposing forces – moving forward.
Confidence & Freedom in tandem, your Magnum Opus, manifest.

peace GMA


energies 003
Wildwood Tarot (de-bordered), Tarot of the Sephiroth, Fallen Angel Oracle
Olympus Tarot, Astrological Oracle

Heads UP draw, focus on current high qi energies, most benevolent outcome for all.

Scorp Saturn, Mercury trine Pisces Chiron: release / transformation / healing of long-held ideas; wise use of skillsets that enables you to steer your course through emo waters to stability on fresh new grounds

Scorp Venus square Leo Mars: creatively successful, appropriate use of outgoing fire energies; balanced words of power aka: breath of life, birth and creation. (Sun, Leo) Spiritual riches and success, conquering demons
Scorpio NNode, Mercury conjunct Saturn: Fluency of tongues, honesty in all endeavors, respect garnered from allies and enemies alike for this reason.  Totem: sea monster signaling understanding of the deepest subconscious drives and shadow side.
Element: Earth; Planet: Moon
Note: Moon moving into opportunity mode at the mo.  Scorp Moon joins NNode, Mercury, Saturn to sextile Pluto. Sharp focus on emotional / headspace soul work with the intent to heal (Moon trine Neptune, Chiron). The next 7 hours emo work delivers  strong gains; intellectual focus strong for next 48 hours.

Aries Uranus Rx square Capricorn Pluto: Assistance is on the way – changes in Altitude via friends, allies, surprises incoming

In closing, where is our blind spot at the mo ? 
Lots going on in Scorp to distract – mind your Taurus house, there is opportunity for hopeful healing of emotional wounds.  Think : home, family, music, water, walk in the woods, artistic endeavors and above all work and building strong foundations.


ring…ring…it’s for YOU

Hi all !

Zombie Tarot
Mary-El Tarot

What’s UP for us during Pisces Moon…what to keep an eye on ?
Intent: insight, highest good, most benevolent outcome for all of my readers.

Just FYI:
These public reads are always activated WHEN you read them, so if it comes up for you, the reader for the FIRST time, 10 months (or whenever) from the date posted – it is Activated At That Time.  If you read it today, stumble upon it again next year, it is activated AGAIN At That Time.
Personal Experience, so pitching it out there for y’all.
Page of Wands - Very positive message on the way – leading to new growth and independence.  Fired up with enthusiasm & encouragement, this page is Flash here to fill you UP with fire.  Take a bite out of life !

Ace of Cups – Lunar Angel, YIN and Pure with Love coming back around in cycles like the tides of the seas and the phases of the moon.  Deep intuition, subconscious meanderings, the reservoir of all your relations are yours to tap into with this Full Moon.
One of Cups is purity – loving freely without expectation.

Second message is present in this card – angels are sending it down through another, your dreams or intuition, or perhaps a totem.  Heads UP !

Love bonds and contracts: Saturn conjunct Venus and North Node of Destiny all rolled into ONE.

Soulcard – This one is yours to interpret !


moving in betweens

For New Virgo moon 003

Your wish is within reach try to gain it.
Fortune cookie
Do or do not, there is no try.

Interesting dark moon, yes ? 
I consulted with : my garden, Archeon Tarot, Runes, Aleuromancy.
I wanted to know what we concentrate on for best New Virgo Moon results.

Thursday 5th
New Moon in Virgo
6:36am CST, USA

Ace of swords lives on the mental plane – Mercury and higher octave Uranus – communication across the electrical grid that connects us all.

The electric spark of all life forms create Human Ley Lines across the earth.
Thought, pen and sword - All are mighty.
We are co-creators.

Sun and Mercury (rules Virgo) are in navel gaze dark moon mental reset mode, esp with Sun opposite Chiron the bridge between thought and execution – wounds and the healing of them.

Sun opposes Chiron – how do we make peace with those we have wounded, with the part of ourselves that cannot reconcile hurting those we love, the imperfection of making mistakes ?

No muss, no fuss – Virgo works out the kinks quietly.
Recognize, reconfigure, RISE UP.

Much lurks underneath with Plutonian (death card) metamorphosis & Saturnian  restructuring holding hands with North Node of Destiny while in trine to Chiron in Pisces. Chiron the teacher, philosopher wounded healer, the seeker, the mentor urges us to face the wreckage, pick up the pieces and rebuild. 
Bionic steampunk – better, faster, stronger.

Virgo sees the dots, the connections in the web of life – – analyzes, invents, carves a practical path of healing by solving problems from the ground up. 

Virgos are the queens of self-improvement.
When they have that task in hand, they then mobilize forces to improve the situation, working ever outward from a center of diligent focus.

Heimdall’s Aett (change)
Nauthiz is the rune of Urgency and Need
Delays and resistance leading to strength and the power of will to overcome.
Exercise patience for survival.

Natural garden maters spoke to me of
Double bodied signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. 

Mutable in nature, they more easily move between the driven to achieve and be first in all things Cardinals – and the more stable, stuck in a rut, building, finishing Fixed signs.
They see and move between both sides, they are dual in nature.

Right now, healing and higher octaves of it are mutable and moving.
Best results are arrived at by thinking it through via daydreams and night dreams – logically, intuitively – one step or sword at a time.  Quietly lay plans that will come to meet the material plane on the New Moon in Virgo.

New Moon (conjunct Sun) trines metamorphosis and also sextiles expansive Jupiter in Cancer for a kick of beneficial new starts and expansion in home; family, feelings, public matters; structured work and achievements, goal set transformations, passionate power rebirth – penetrate deeply now where you will focus your most growth through daily rituals over time.  SEE what you want to FEEL, what you DESIRE to ACHIEVE.

Where attention goes – energy flows.

When Moon is New in Virgo - take the reins and yeeHAW


Keep on


Steampunk Tarot

Steampunk metamorphoses the junk of the past into useful goods for the now/future.
Today’s read revolves around North Node of Destiny conjunct Saturn in Scorpio.

Intent for highest good, most insight, forward motion towards most benevolent outcome.

What to concentrate on re: Past (left) Future (right)
What is the Fulcrum between the two ?
Lastly, the Spirit card (bottom right) is the Crux of the sitch.

Death :: Sun
 Ace of Cups :: Four of Pents

Seems obvious doesn’t it ?
 Yet, sometimes we all need the reminder.  I certainly do…constant heartache going on 10 + years now, in fact, I have quit counting…what’s the use of it ?   True Capricorn rising with Saturn Rx in 3 style, if it isn’t of USE to the mind – fuq it, chuck it already.

Wailing and moaning only makes it worse, trust me - I learned that the HARD WAY.

House Capricorn is getting ravaged & rebuilt – house Scorpio is lending a hand for better or worse via Saturn (conjunct North Node) in mutual reception.  Check the houses these land on and any planets therin – here lies your greatest metamorphosis.  These are areas of constant change – may as well deal – remain positive.

Love is the answer.
Love is the Fulcrum.
Moments of joy can make all the difference.
 That goofy little song Hugh Jackman shared that James McAvoy (X-Men, Dune freak here) shared with him oddly enough (see my Twitter feed), made my day – actually a couple of days.
Silly little thing that unexpectedly cheered me right UP.
 Yesterday I met a guy who loves astro.  He dropped trou, showed me the tatts to prove it.  Cracked me right up, it was cute and again, a silly little thing that made my day.

Death and metamorphosis is painful, truly gut-wrenching at times, but it is absolutely vital that we all remain on the sunny side.
Keep hope and lend a hand to others, be loving and kind, don’t rush to judge others harshly.
That is the Crux.  Cling to it.


tribal turf

Gypsum; Selenite and Desert Rose (thank you for that, btw. You know who you are.)

Cancer Mars opposite Capricorn Pluto today and I did a quickie read for highest most benevolent insight for all – from The Faeries Oracle.
Is asking for help hard for you ?  Do you accept your limits gracefully ?

Mars in Cancer HAS to bob & weave to survive – it lives in the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer and that means fluctuation.  Apply pressure, rest, repeat. 

This concept was so evident in the video I was watching this am, Cueva de los Cristales, or the Cave of Crystals in the Naica mine, Chihuahua, Mexico. Explorers have to accept their physical limits while in a cave with air temperatures reaching up to 58 °C (136 °F) with 90 to 99 percent humidity.  Popped in comments – is fantastic !

Caves are ruled by Saturn/Capricorn; heat is ruled by Mars; humidity is ruled by Moon/Cancer.  Pluto is the struggle to bring the hidden to the surface.

Long gone family stuff is getting a bit of a re-boot in order to cleanse and heal.  Think mineral springs, salt baths and saunas.  The big salty, ugly cry. Toxin removers, all. 

Selenite is used to enhance spiritual activation and communication with the higher self by stimulating the Ajna (Third Eye), the Sanhasrara (Crown) and the etheric chakras above the head.  Promotes flexibility and alleviates problems with the tongue and prostate when taken as a gem elixir..  Some specimens are enhydro, or containing water pockets, which would presumably help the bearer tap higher emotional states of being.
Associated with Taurus, vibrates to the number 8.

The card I drew above is The Laume, a woodland fae, and guardian spirit of orphans in Eastern Baltic mythology.  She represents unconditional giving and receiving.

We are asked to find balance in these areas – be generous with others, kind, compassionate and nurturing – giving of our time and efforts to help ease the path for others. When we fall out of balance, our spiritual life becomes blocked, we are unable to process effectively and this blockage can hinder the physical and mental planes of existence as well.
Moon is yin; Mars is yang – fluctuate – give & take.  Dealing in signs of Cancer and Capricorn means well of psyche, old stuff, tribal turf.  Nurture others and self – walk the path of balance.

Think inclusively, la familia, ALL ONE.
The best use of Mars in Cancer – power with caring.



Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world. The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same. 

Quickie read (turned into in depth borg probe) for Cancer energies (June 21 Sun into Cancer; June 25 Jupiter into Cancer; June 26 Mercury Rx, Venus in Cancer) opposite Pluto Rx in Capricorn; intent insight and clarity, most benevolent outcome for all.

Tepi – Aui – Un
Family of the Eight Primordials

Nu – Night

MidNight is 4th house (natural house of Cancer), the safety net of whatever you call safe in your world.
Nu is the number one, impulse of creation, ruled by the Sun.
Egyptians did not use zero, which is ruled by Pluto.
Interesting, yes ?
Nu is energy waves brought forth from the sky and water.
Nu is the Nile: floods / drought – – plenty / lack.
Above and below.
Past / future – – restriction / growth . . . also how energy is contained / set free.

Also interesting to note that to ancient Egyptians
Earth was male, Geb; the heavens were Nut, female.
Moon to Egyptians was also male – – this mindset was reversed with the slow advent of patriarchal society. (Perhaps we are experiencing the slow return to matriarchal society ?)

This card signifies the beginning and the end.  
Potent transformation.

A return to the way of feelings, Cancer yin.
Mothers, nurturing, growth, incubating, instincts and tides of emotion.
Outward rushing hunters (cardinal) that (emotionally) gather chicks into sanctuary.

::: Message from Spirit or Crux :::

Family of the Moon
Amon – That Which is Hidden

Amon is the mysterious and inscrutable – the primeval creative power that springs from the abyss – only the creation is visible, not the power.

Amon signifies both regeneration and sex, :: Pluto :: (see erect phallus) containing both fire and water.  The twelfth dynasty brought a melding of the all sun gods into Amon- Ra, attributes united into the powerful source of everything.

Amon is linked with the dwarf star near Sirius, the double star system.
The rising of Sirius marks the commencement of the ancient Egyptian new (sidereal) year, and the flooding of the Nile.

Sirius is the second brightest star in the sky next to our own sun, it can be found at 14 degrees Cancer.
Planetary conjunctions to Sirius are bestowed with an influence of passion (Mars) as well as a protective and benevolent influence (Jupiter, Cancer) via (hidden) loyalties.  More interps here.

Sirius derives from latin Seirios: glowing or scorcher, siriasis or sunstroke.
Sirius: Dog star, or (canicula Stella) doubles the hottest days as Sun moves to conjunct Sirius in midsummer, hence dog days of summer.  In Sanskrit, Sirius is known as Mrgavyadha or deer hunter (a form
of Shiva).  Sirius is also known as   Lokabrenna, or Loki’s torch. In ancient Persia, Sirius is Tishtrya, the rain-maker, beautifully depicted as a white horse.

While Cancerian energies oppose Pluto Rx in Capricorn, consider what parts of your life are giving birth, what is dying on the vine, and where energies are regenerating.  

What is worth nurturing ?

Our thoughts springboard from the highdive – we pop the brainboard, prep to dive and delve into deep waters of Cancer* – hold AIR thoughts, take a leap of faith
then we will be swimming through underwater EMOTIONS.
*Sun and Jupiter in last degrees of Gemini, ready to plunge

Transformation of beliefs, and integration of compassion & power is imminent, though not necessarily immediately evident. (Merc Rx)

For difficult Pluto transits (yes, I am glugging it), try Walnut homeopathic essence.
aka: the midwife, the breaker of spells.

Walnut remedy bolsters strength and steadfastness through change.  It is excellent through changes such as puberty, menopause, divorce, relocating, occupational shifts, any major life upheaval.  It assists in setting free the mind, the emotional, spiritual bodies – – allowing benevolent manifestation of higher self and goals.



Hi ho !
A quickie read for the retrograde energies – what to focus on for most positive growth.
Tarot of the Sephiroth

Saturn Rx, Neptune Rx, Pluto Rx
June 16 Chiron Rx
June 26 Mercury Rx

Retrogrades indicate review, rework, revise, reinvigorate, reinvent.
Navel gazing in order to correct mistakes is normal.

Judgment indicates

:: NOTE :: card was drawn upright !

Lifestyle changes in the face of everything.
Realization of self-potential.
Transmutation and transformation.
Choosing a path.


transcendental leap

Quickie read for the Uranus Pluto square energies.
Intent: insight bringing the highest most benevolent outcome for all my readers.

32: Squaring the Circle

Producing a square and a circle that had either exactly the same area, or exactly the same distance around the outer edge has for thousands of years been an elusive goal. 

While the square is easy to measure, the circle is difficult to calculate with because the ratio between the diameter and the circumference is π pi, an irrational number, a transcendental number.  The transcendence of π implies that it is impossible to solve the ancient challenge of squaring the circle with a compass and straight-edge.

The square symbolizes form and the material world.
The circle represents the realm of spirit.

Attainment of balance between heaven and earth.
Perfection as can be achieved on a human scale – chaos / order in harmony.
Spirit manifests down – material world rises up.
Magickal traditions.

2: The Point (spirit card, the crux)

Pure existence
Point is akin to Zero and the Fool tarot card.
The point is the space of potential present before beginning a new journey.

Choose what to do, Where to go.
Future possibilities are infinite…
Manifest your dreams into reality.



Morning all
After I responded to a comment from Cyn this morning, I looked further into the card in yesterday’s read and I had my answer. 

Jupiter and Sag rule hunters / hunting; note: bow.  Jupes is the traditional ruler of 12th.  Mars is the weapon, Jupiter/ Sagittarius are SEEING

“Advice from an old tracker. You wanna find someone, use your eyes.”
– Malcom Reynolds

Hunting requires stealth (Neptune/Pisces) and knowledge of where to look.  Many humans have sadly have lost the ability to actively hunt.  

By that I mean we have lost our chops – our SEEING skills are lax.  Humans hunt via teevee tater remote, grocery store packaged food, google search (which hashes up a repeat based on what you have searched previously), it goes on and on the ways we have lost critical thinking / SEEING abilities.
People of the world – take the opportunity to write your own life story, to HUNT up your own (spiritual) truth rather than accept what the media or corporate types  desperately dish up – brainwash - hoping we believe. 


Second card was the answer to this question:
Where do we start when we don’t know how to start, or even where to begin ?

Indicates new moon energy, universal law, high spiritual knowledge and power.  Our Sun is a star, our closest – it symbolizes the heart, creativity and WILLPOWER.


Find what feels good and positive for you, and follow that path.  Create and begin anew, every moment of every day is a chance to do so.
Follow where your heart leads you. 
If it feels good and harm none – go for it ! 

Trust your instincts.
Start small if you have to, wake up and do one good thing.

If you wake up thinking wtf am I doing ? 
Stop. Quit doing it and HUNT up a new trail, better yet – blaze a NEW ONE.

Your heart is your inner compass, it will steer you true.


moving between worlds

Hello everyone, thanks for your patience while I have been under the weather.
This is a quickie read from The Wild Wood Tarot deck for Mars into Aries.
Intent: clarity, insight for highest good of all.

Tuesday 12th
Mars into Aries

1:26am CST, USA

Moon into Aries

Mars rules Aries; is super strong and hot to trot – he begins to power UP the wattage when moving to conjunct Uranus in Aries at 7 degrees.  Uranus squares Pluto at 11 Capricorn, so expect some extra energy coming your way.
 If you have been feeling a bit low energy, this will help kick start the power.

Also note the square between super powers Uranus and Pluto are calling for change.  Use this to your advantage – clear energies and projects that have been stalled, brainstorm and be innovative !  This will likely bring surprising news your way…more on that later.

Energies strong in houses Aries and Capricorn – though all Cardinal signs will be feeling an upthrust of energies.

Page of Vessels = Mars (pioneer)

Otter moves easily between water or emotive worlds; and the world of land, material achievement and progress.  This card refers to fair play, service, loyalty and devotion.
Mars having spent time with seven planets in Pisces and followed by Moon brings with him the emotional knowledge and understanding of the cosmos.

King of Arrows = Uranus (awakener)

Kingfisher moves easily between water or emotive worlds; and the world of air, communication and thought.  This card indicates a mindfulness of thought, intelligence born of cosmic intuition.   Emotional strength meets ideas, flying free.  Humanitarian ideals born of the heartbeat of the collective, power an internal compass set to progress and evolve. Strategize how to best move forward: heart and head acting together.

Nine of Bows = Pluto (metamorphosis)

Respect for the heart of the sacred quest we all make.  The path is full of dangers – have respect for the process of life, death, and re-birth.  The seeker must be alert, and humble before the powers of the great spirit – learning is born of experience on the sacred journey.  Be better rather than bitter, self-discipline in the face of desires strengthens the spirit.

The only constant is change, bend rather than break.