Cat Vulture

Meet rowdy kitty. 

Voted staff favorite at the shelter, often found escaping the kitty cat common area via the rafters, dubbed miss great personality.  Independent, yet buttery – and who couldn’t love that face ..?.. bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 24/7.

First few days she was Cat Vulture staring me awake at 3am. Jolting awake to hairy eyeball first thing at silly o’clock is a bit eep.
My astro : Venus conjunct Jupiter in catty Leo 8* square sleepy Neptuner in 11.

Venus just popped into Saturn-ruled Capricorn yesterday, Saturn rules time and Father**.  Jupiter stations Rx tomorrow (see * above) and the current square between Uranus Rx and Pluto*** (both of which are conjunct Sun in my natal) finds Uranus Rx parked on my natal Saturn Rx (see ** above) in Mars-ruled Aries.

Mars is accidents and Leo rules hair/fur, and stations are tricky, a bit like juggling the energy, Sagittarians (Jupiter rules) can be clumsy on a good day.  My natal Mars is in Sagittarius (trine natal Saturn), so yah, I am familiar.

Sun is conjunct Saturn in Scorpio – spotlight on Father Time ?!

Tonight while cooking I heard a BIG CRASH from the other room.  I found my (late) Dad’s Seth Thomas clock keeled over onto a pile of cds (some of which are my former Sagittarius husbands – Jupiter, Sag; Venus, partner) with tufts of rowdy grey cat fur hanging off the top spindles.  yipe !

Obviously a narrow escape.
Jupiter is a fabulous fun planet, often bestowing blessings and/or luck.

The only thing displaced in the crash was the pendulum, (which Uranus rules, see** &***) otherwise, the clock was unharmed.  I think I can fix it.

Now how cool is that ?!?!
More..?  haha 

Vultures are ruled by Mars, Uranus and Pluto, which was not on my mind at the outset.
Seriously folks, can not make this stuff up – astrology is amazeballs.

Peace Love & Purrs

ps.  Pendulum dowsing here.

sharply defined barrier

The brain – in particular the left-side linguistic/logical part, that which generates our sense of rationality and the feeling of being a sharply defined ego or self – is a barrier to our higher knowledge and experience.

Certain members of the scientific community who are pledged to the materialist worldview, have insisted again and again that science and spirituality cannot coexist.

They are mistaken.

The unconditional love and acceptance that I experienced on my journey [NDE] is the single most important discovery I have ever made, or will ever make.

Eben Alexander, M.D.
Proof of Heaven
A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife

Near death & living to tell – Sun/Jupiter hitchhiking via 8th house/Pluto, eh ?
Love GMA

Dray Horse

Jupiter is Expansion.
Saturn is Restriction.

Jupiter is faith, trust, enthusiastic exploration into understanding the whole world.
Saturn is discipline, limitation, sharp concentration on success via excellent work.

I have a ton of Sagittarius vibe – packed 9th, Jupiter smacked up with benefics in the house of Sun (Leo).  Yet, Capricorn is my ASC (Saturn rules) making my outlook serious, reserved – I am bound by karma (Saturn is karma).  My actions are, as are all people’s, bound by karma – but somehow it is particularly relevant to me.  (Yes, each natal shows a particular theme of Earth School Study)  The ruler of my ASC, Saturn Rx is in Aries (Mars rules) and it also trines Mars in Sagittarius – Mars quintiles Uranus, the planet that rules astrology. 

Asteroid Karma is 3811 pop it into your natal for insights.

Karma is the law of moral causation. It is the result of our own past actions and our own present doings. We ourselves are responsible for our own happiness and misery. We create our own Heaven. We create our own Hell. We are the architects of our own fate.  More philosophical karma info here.

My Karma is smack on my 9th house Virgo Uranus.  (Sun/Ura/Plut)
Relevant..?.. yes !  
When I began to grease the wheels of my life with astrological study, my life improved.  I (Sun) was reborn, I regenerated (Pluto).  I not only understood myself better, but I could understand others better as well.  I don’t take arguments as personally because I can read the energy signatures, be more empathetic.  My good karma is writing here at GMA, helping to guide you to the enlightenment you seek to improve your life.

Years ago when I began my strange journey, I was fear (Saturn / restriction, mind 3) based, it was my filter, my lens with which to view my world. 
Where attention goes, energy flows – my outlook and actions (the web I wove) caused far more trouble than I knew how to deal with at that time.
 Karma kicked my ass to the curb.  I had to pick up my pieces, start over and over and again while in the throes of debilitating illness (which Cap ASC is prone to).

In time (Saturn), I learned (Mercury) to be Jupiter (optimism / fire, heart in Leo 8) based.
I have excavated, picked the bones, made mental lists, compared and contrasted my brains to the moon and back trying to figure out how to change my life for the better.  I noticed everything, sought clues and connections, eventually I learned astrology and the universe began to speak to me.  I began to understand my obstacles, my strengths, and I began to work with the energies, rather than against them.

That is the past, now onto the future…

A few days ago in conversation with my Mother, I casually mentioned I am a Buddhist.
::: She hung up on me :::  
Is normal, her Scorp moon opposes mine – cuss and discuss is quite common.
I identify most strongly with Buddhism, but technically I consider myself a nature-based pagan, wiccan, et al.  I am a rebellious inclusionist (Sun/Ura/Pluto) in the house of Religion – 9, I study everything.
She is
Sagittarius ASC – Jupiter in 5 Toro.
Hmph. Go figure.
In this case, my Cap ASC – Saturn Rx in 3 Aries is far less traditional.

The Uranus Pluto square is poking the ribs of traditionalists across the board.

I see it in others, I see it in myself – even my kitties are fussing about accepting a new stray in the yard.  Card reading peeps are hotly arguing about reading styles (traditional vs. freestyle), power tripping astro-fiends are onside – esp. as Uranus rules astrology, my way is better than your way, etc….Changes are upon us and some are stressing about losing ways that used to be.
  I got news for you, everything is staying – it is only changing form.  A well-known political astrologer once wrote of her generation, ‘we survived the tumultuous 60’s’, …hmmm…I immediately thought, ‘try being the living, breathing, walking tumultuous 60’s’ – that’s a fun one, I guarantee you.

Where the masses are feeling the square, each according to their chart, those of us born in the late 60’s are getting it on a more personal spiritual (Sun) level. 
I am most certainly feeling it rather close to home.  My natal Moon trines my Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto conjunction – men, women; privately (Moon 4), publically (Sun 9); consciously and subconsciously.
All of it ass over teakettle at the mo.  Plus 3 lovely eclipses knocking on some personals to boot – yeeHAW !

May 21 Uranus Pluto Square exact:
Uranus at 11 degrees Aries Pluto Rx at 11 degrees Capricorn

May 25
Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius

Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is surely a test of faith, expansion in love, money and philosophical communications with a bent toward healing via fellowship. Ego and work will be hardcore shifts on this one – strange alliances will be your emotional redemption.
This is ultimately my point -
Saturn Rx in 3, what can I say – sometimes takes me forever to get there, thanks for your patience !

Jupiter is frolicking in Gemini (with Venus) being all wild free agent, touching (yes, literally – Mercury & Venus rules touching) base with everyone.  Did your brain go there ?  Hahaa Go ahead and UNthink it now !   (You can thank me later.)

Sagittarius /Jupiter energy in the sign of thinking and communication is a fantastic remedy for working this square / eclipse shizz out.
Sharing & Learning
Ultimately understanding differing viewpoints, perspectives.

Jupiter unaspected is akin to Biggie Sizing the BIGGIE SIZE of all GOOD Jupiter qualities if we channel the energy correctly.
Tap it ! 
See how it feels, explore it and have fun – let your mind go love tripping with Venus.
Be positive & harm none – Be it light !

Those with a case of natal Jupiter squares (internal lack of hope, trust, abundance or faith) could learn quite a bit under this boho Jupiter…
Go on tour with it – cozy up next to the campfire and let your mind weave stories of how you SEE your shiny new future. 

SEE it, dream it, BE it.

peace, love and kind veggie burritos

silent morph

Fallen Angel
Enchanted Map

Card on the left is Saturn energy ::: card on the right is Jupiter energy
Cards I pulled this am.
Fortunes I have pulled in the last couple of days…they have been laying on my workbench in command central…waiting.
They pinpoint the planetary energies well.

Even Saturn people get tired of Saturn, but we are resigned to it. 
Suck it up, keep moving. 
Saturn restricts, limits, tests – Saturn is karma.
Saturn in the natal is the house where you will WORK and WORK and WORK.
Same holds true of where it transits.

On the upside, (cause every planet and sitch has two sides) Saturn is focus, patience and justice, the reward delivered at the end of the line.
What you give; you get.


Jupiter is the planet of fun-loving frolic, luck, long distance travel, optimism and expansion.  It sounds like a good time because IT IS.  On the downside, Jupiter scatters, is extravagant, over-confident and it makes bigger every energy it contacts – good or bad.

Jupiter in the natal and by transit indicates growth, exploration and philosophies garnered through travel of both the body and mind.
Capricorn Moon is conjunct Pluto as I write this (restriction/metamorphosis of feelings), the aspect will pass very soon, pressure will release.  (Apologies, I checked out for a bit – Saturn opposing my natal Moon & Moon transit in Cap kicked me into hermit mode – Saturn is hermits, alone)

Mercury, Mars and Neptune are square Jupiter in Gemini.

Taurus and Capricorn are the places to find your opportunities at the moment – investigate and act on the feelings / actions inspiration to be found in those houses.

Cancers and Scorps are getting ease through the trine to Pisces – thinking, actions and healing inspirations are primo for you – full speed ahead !

Virgosbong – peace talks.  Someone in your face forcing adjustments in thinking, actions, artistic inspirations and boundaries.

Geminis and Sagittarians are facing inner metamorphosis regarding thinking, actions, spiritual / artistic goals, boundaries.
Now for the reading:
Both cards drawn are 25 - seven is a spiritual number, ruled by Uranus – sevens signal rebellion and spiritual growth.  Ironically also polarities and dualities – very appropriate for current astro.

25 Forneus
Element Earth; Planet Moon
this read is amazingly accurate, yes ?  love it when that happens
Rhetoric, fluency and speaking in tongues – this gift coupled with honesty will serve you well in all dealings with others.  You will be respected by all, including your enemies.

This angel’s totem is a sea monster, indicating deep subconscious healing and mystical inspiration.  Know the trickster – see the dualities – be aware of both sides of yourself and others.  Light and shadow side, intelligence and justice – the sword of truth is double-edged.  Interesting also that Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception – or in each other’s signs, a form of sharing and dualities…

This card points to honesty with others and also being honest with yourself.
::: Apply this card to your house of natal Saturn as well as house Scorpio :::

25 Metamorphosis
Pain, transformation and letting go – (Plutonic) energy of death and rebirth.
Powerful force, intense struggle which results in profound change.  The thing about metamorphosis – you are virtually unrecognizable to your former self.  This power destroys, uncovers ALL – metamorphoses – to make ALL shiny and new.

This is not an invitation to USE the energies - you are forced to change - like it or not.
(yes, USE is a Pluto in Capricorn reference)

When applied to Jupiter energies, which was what I asked the cards… It points to the recent Jupiter retrograde – thinking and philosophies about it turned inward in dual Gemini.

Metamorphosis card speaks of the polarities of shrinking, tweaking, examining the innards - aka retrograde – so that the aim is more accurately directed now that Jupiter  is direct.
:::: Apply this card to your house of natal Jupiter, as well as house Gemini :::

Quickie rundown on houses here.


may the fork be with you

Happy Day everyone –

Void Moon in Leo
begins 9:27am CST, USA
ends with
Moon into Virgo 10:35pm CST, USA

Samhain crossquarter day – Sun at 15′ Scorpio…more on that later

Libra Venus trine Jupiter Rx in Gemini : Air to Air with Mercury in flux ?  haha all kinds of interesting information is popping up, yes ?   Saw that comin’.

Neptune is stationing direct Sunday, with Mercury in Rx flux – cue sleep of the dead replete with wacko dream scenarios ? Check ! 

Mine ? : Music festy cuss and discuss (surprise ! on live cam) morphs into surrounded by antiques, quilts and stitching – but not just any stitching – heirloom stitching, recorded for historical and $$ value, and of course, cue Mercurial man, shiny object, white clapboard stairs leading everywhere, construction workers and we have a sign of Neptuner turning this ship around ! 
My sweet old quilting bee ladies in New England got me covered, stitching up the pieces.  Hallelujah Amen sistah !   Let’s get on with it  !

Scorpio Saturn trine Chiron Rx in Pisces and it occurs to me all this purging of the old deadwood is fabulous, healthy and vital – but in truth – many events in our lives are forever a part of us and simply have to be morphed into a form we can live with.

Hold a death / change / metamorph ceremony for your memory.
Dig a hole in the earth, ground the energy, the awful memory – really deep six it if you have to.  Release the energetic connection it has with you / and you with it – with the burial …let it go…  Fill the hole with dirt, make an offering of tobacco, bless the earth and the seed with consecrated water.  Consider your memory the fertilizer that will nourish the new flower seed you plant.  New fresh life will grow and form new memories that feel better.

Jupiter rules ceremonies – faith, optimism and HOPE.

It helps – I’ve done this very thing – and it works.
Only one thing I keep from my horrible time and that is my tuning fork. 

blessed be


Triquetra / Tripod of Life / Borromean rings

The number three symbolizes growth, creativity and self-expression.
Three is ruled by Jupiter,
it represents the first stage of growth begat from the intermingling of opposites to produce a third independent energy.  

Three is a number of increase, development, social contact, entertainment and play.  

Three people are gifted with the energy of flowering, exploration, and they are frequently the life of the party.  Threes thrive in the fields of education, they are joyful, intellectual, communicative, hopeful and destined for success if they are careful not to scatter their energies too far and wide.

Threes are loving, affectionate and generous, which leads to popularity and achievement in their chosen field of work.  Due to their creative vibration, the three life path is common among creative writers, poets, actors and musicians.

The tripod of life symbolizes the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Three is a very spiritual number associated with the Trinity of many religions:
Babylon ::: Anu, Baal, Ea (Heaven/Earth/Abyss)
 Egyptian ::: Khepri, Ra, Atum (Sun; Rising, Midday, Setting)
Christian ::: Father, Son, Holy Spirit  (God, Jesus, Resurrection)

Three is an odd number giving it a yang energy, which indicates change.  Threes are very inspirational to others, but they need to guard against being easily distracted, unorganized and overly generous – their creative energies work best when honed and focused.  Threes tend to be very versatile, they are good salespeople, broadcasters, creators and they love to ingest and redirect information of all kinds.



The Zia Pueblo is one of 19 Pueblos in New Mexico, it is located 16 miles north of Albuquerque.  They are a Keres speaking people.

Their symbol, a red circle with groups of rays pointing in four directions, is painted on ceremonial vases, drawn on the ground around campfires, and used to introduce newborns to the Sun.

Four is the sacred number of the Zia and can be found repeated in the four points radiating from the circle. According to the Zia’s belief, the number four is embodied in:

the 4 points of the compass
- north
- south
- east
- west

the 4 seasons of the year
- spring
- summer
- autumn
- winter

the 4 periods of each day
- morning
- noon
- evening
- night

the 4 seasons of life
- childhood
- youth
- middle years
- old age

the 4 sacred obligations one must develop 
- a strong body
- a clear mind
- a pure spirit
- a devotion to the welfare of others

If you are a 4 life path, you are practical, down to earth, stable and focused on the structures and foundations in your life.  Four is ruled by the planet Saturn, symbolizing time, building and earth.  Four is the number of fruition, the basis or manifestation of an idea.  Fours want to reap tangible results, they like having power and control.  They prefer reason, logic and reality over dreaming and fluidity.  Fours are patient, steadfast and reliable.

Fours dig problem – solving, justice, the methodical approach and above all, honesty.  They possess rare discipline and perseverance, they are responsible and diplomatic, traditional and courageous.  Their weaknesses are being too rigid and reluctant to change.  Once committed to a goal, they are relentless in the pursuit of it, they do not give up.

Buddhists recognize the Four Noble Truths.
The Four Humors are the metabolic agents in the human body.
The Four Elements that constitute all matter are Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

If you live in a four house, you can count on stability and structure.

If you don’t have a four house, and want one – write the number to add to your house number that will equal four in your doorjam.  For example: if you live at 22 Jump street you are set, as  2+2 = 4.  If you live at 12 Jump street, write “1” inside your doorjam.
Quickie numerology rundown is here.

I grew up on rural route 4 and I loved it.  Once we moved to a 32, (5) all hell broke loose.  Screaming and fighting 24/8, it sucked.  I live in a 7 now and am mystical gung ho spiritual hermit jedi chick.

I wrote the symbol for Jupiter, which also happens to resemble a 4 on my doorjam, giving me a master number 11- illumination, inspiration and intuition.
Oh yeah, and  King of Wands, lol ! . . . (wave, wink xo) . . . hopefully some Jupiterian good luck will rub off on me !  Eleven is the higher octave of 2, it brings balance to the force.

namaste and May the Force be with You . . .


Jan Hess

The Great Queen Rhiannon, is a Welsh Moon goddess whose name derives from two Welsh words: rhiain : meaning sleeping maiden and Annwn : the name of the Welsh Otherworld.  She is found in the medieval Welsh tales of Mabinogion, riding a swift white stallion.

Defying her parents wishes to marry an older god she did not love, she instead chose to marry the man she loved, a mortal, Prince Pwyll.  Rhiannon gave birth to a son who disappeared under the watch of six women servants chosen to tend him while Rhiannon  regained her strength after childbirth.

While all her hand servants slept, her son was taken.  Upon awakening, the terrified servants fearing for their lives, smeared blood on Rhiannon’s cheeks and claimed she  killed her son.  As punishment, Rhiannon was bade to serve seven years as a ‘horse’ posted at Pwyll’s castle gate, bearing all visitors to the castle on her back.

After serving four long years without complaint, Rhiannon was overjoyed when a farmer and his wife arrived at the gate with Rhiannon’s son in tow.  Having found him abandoned, they had lovingly raised him as their own until seeing the growing boys resemblance to his parents, they returned him at once to his mother.


Rhiannon, asteroid 16912, is closely linked with inspiration, dreams / nightmares, change, being steadfast in crisis, magick, horses (sacred to the Celts) and mystical birds.  The singing birds of Rhiannon were said to ‘wake the dead, and ease the living to sleep’. (see Welsh tales link above)

She also indicates strong emotions (Moon), lost loved ones and forgiveness (Neptune), life essence and powers that thrive within the depths of wellsprings and lakes.  

Also consider Rhiannon a place where you regain what you have lost.

Rhiannon’s story is said to have grown into the legend of the Lady of the Lake, the water spirit who was foster mother to Sir Lancelot and presented King Arthur with the magickal sword Excalibur.  It was commonplace for Celts to offer gifts to water spirits, especially valuables and weapons, a tradition that continues today in the form of wishing wells.  Lady of the Lake is synonymous with Lady Luck.


In typical Mars quintile Uranus fashion, I stumbled upon this while looking for something else, much to my delight – because I recently dreamed so vividly of a swift white horse.  When I say swift, I mean superfast – full tilt at least 80, when quarterhorses  clock 50 tops.   A wild blur of white against the dark night sky, his intent, his eyes were following me so closely . . .  when he turned to race back towards me, I saw a large gash on his flank.  I was undone – really upset, begging my companions to help us.
. . . I was thinking and feeling in terms of US . . .  hmmm . . . fascinating.

Particularly fascinating as I have Rhiannon exactly conjunct Jupiter which rules horses.

I haven’t remembered any dreams for quite some time, they were too upsetting, I asked for them to remain quiet.  Well, I am back in the saddle now - online in the stream of unconsciousness, I am dreaming of moose, white stallions, dimensional space and time travellers, I’m getting messages for friends across the world I have not met in waking life, all kinds of far out stuff.

If you are wondering where I have been – I am getting so much incoming, I am in heavy duty process mode 24/7.  This Venus Uran/ Pluto thinger is binging all my bells and whistles since they are jammed together in my progressed - it’s a wild ride baby ! !

Figuring out how to funnel the multiverse through Aries Saturn Rx in 3rd.
Chrysalis stage.
 O & O

Double Blessings

Titania’s Fortune Cards

Hi all
A quickie TWIN : NIWT reading for the globe in anticipation for what is in store for us globally as Jupiter moves into Gemini.  As always, my readings are done with the intent it will bring the highest good, the most benevolent outcome for all my readers, whenever it is read by you.

I am reading these from a global perspective, as that is how I framed the question:

Fox:  Sly, cunning. the enigma.  Possible duplicity, trickster energies at work and play.
Whip: Strife, tension and quarrelling caused by the former card.
Spirit card: Key: Success and overcoming obstacles, revelations bring ideas, solutions.

Welcome to Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries times.  Globally, we have been duped – big corporations pillage the Earth, lie to consumers, deal dirty under that table with rockstar politicos all for profit.  Globally, we the people want better solutions, alternative cleaner sources of energy, poisons out of our products, and more productive smaller marketplaces rather than big corp box stores.

Solution is to work together, to individually and globally be cunning in the global marketplace – shop smarter, vote wiser, conserve energy and resources, help stop the use of (disposables that are NOT disposable) plastics and poisons, while we protect our sources of fresh water and encourage free trade for local economies.  Wise use of media outlets via social networks to spread news of global events in a grassroots movement led by the people, for the people without big business bias.

Spirit card indicates that globally we are the key.  When we en masse decide to peacefully initiate change and be the wave of the future, spiritual guidance is behind us and beside us, guiding us to overcome obstacles in order to create a better, more balanced future.
Today at 12:23pm, CST, USA Jupiter leaves Taurus, moves into Gemini where it will join Venus Rx (which stations direct at 7 degrees on the 27th of June, 10:07am, CST, USA) and Sun and South Node.

June 23 – Uranus square Pluto exact 10:19pm, CST, USA.

Expect something surprising to be revealed regarding a past love near the 25th, as South Node dovetails between Venus and Jupiter while they sextile Mercury and Uranus and trine Moon and Mars (also sextile Mercury).  Moon is quintile North Node nearing midnight on that day, this surprising news will reveal new paths of destiny.

May Jupiter into Gemini bring us all many blessings !
 Also, I would like to thank all my readers old and new, that have been showing up and reading here at GMA.  As Jupiter entered Taurus one year ago, I began writing here in earnest.  This effort turned into more than I bargained for in the beginning, but it has been incredibly rewarding, and I am happier for it.  I have met some really great new friends and learned so much just by showing up and giving it a go.  I thank you.

Yes, readings are coming as soon as possible, I am working on fleshing out the bones here, (I’m a Cap rising  with a Virgo stellium, ya know, lol) so I can concentrate fully on readings when that time comes.  Post on 3/9th houses coming over lunch or tonight.


írima laicë

pineapple amethyst, rose quartz, amethyst, rhodochrosite, blue fluorite

Venus (love) in Pisces (inspiration, devotion) is conjunct Neptune (memory) in Aquarius (the awakener).

Mercury (words) is trine Jupiter (optimism, faith, charity) in Venus -ruled earth sign Taurus (self-worth).

Mercury (thoughts) are quintile (gifts and talent from spirit) Saturn in Venus-ruled air sign Libra of harmony.

Venus (love) is trine Saturn (tact, rocks) in Venus – ruled Libra the balancer.

There are  changes and hard aspects in our skies with ourselves & others.
Beware .?

Be aware of LOVE.
yes !



Golden Bough by Jeroen van Valkenburg

Sun (spirit, ego) is rooted in Capricorn, focal point of a T-square involving Saturn (testing,restriction) in the latter degrees of Libra, the balancer, and Jupiter, the expander, is in the early degrees of Taurus.

I balance (Libra) vs. I have (Taurus).

Expand or restrict ? …Or both, most likely – just not the way you expected to.
Be aware both Libra and Taurus are Venus ruled.
Venus is love art, money and yes…women.

I had a great night with a girlfriend watching Game of Thrones and talking art and business.  We are both finishers…by that I mean the work is full bodied – 360 degrees and then some.  She finishes the underneath where most people do not even look, it is a complete effort head to toe.  Her work is fabulous, and she has won many awards and was recently recognized nationally in her field.  YaY !

I described my work as a porterhouse steak.  Plenty of facts and meat to dig into if you choose to look and click the links I provide.  I am 9th house heavy (visionary) in the sign of Virgo (details).  Neptune touches nearly everything in my chart, so the writing is mystical, yet grounded with facts to back up the intuitive leaps. Eighth house and Pluto strong, so I go deep, every time.

My friend and I are women artists, (Venus is conjunct Neptune now – both octaves of art) so we spent the evening enriching each other with solid friendship support.  That’s Aquarius at work, the tribe.

The Mercury and Pluto conjunction in the sky in the sign of Capricorn (career and status) made our business/art convo rich, deep and satisfying.   (Mercury is communication, and Pluto rules the depths)

May your transformations bring you the insight you crave and the peace you deserve…


gifts of spirit

Jupiter stations direct 0 ’22 Taurus, Sunday December 25 at 4:08pm CST, USA

Jupiter brings abundance, hope, faith, wisdom, visionary philosophies, charity, and optimism to the house of Taurus in your chart with today’s direct motion.  It is considered the greater fortune, the bringer of luck and prosperity.

Venus ruled Taurus represents what you have, your earnings, money, love, art and self-worth – in addition to how, what and who you value, and how others value you.

Jupiter goes direct in a trine to Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn – expect optimism and forward motion concerning those changes you have been making, and those changes being forced (Pluto is struggle) upon you.

Uranus is at zero degrees Aries, Jupiter goes direct at zero degrees Taurus – new beginnings – new horizons and unexpected events are a part of life, feeling positive is easier with the gifts of Jupiter at your back.

Moon is quintile (spiritual gifts, special talents) Uranus (which is sextile Venus) as Jupiter goes direct, sprinkling a blessing of fairy dust on the growing new moon for beautiful awakenings as she grows to full…

Jupiter goes direct in Taurus in opposition to Saturn in Libra / square Venus in Aquarius which is also square Saturn.  Venus is the focal point of the T-Square in the detached intellectual airs of Aquarius.

Venus rules Taurus and Libra, take time for the mending of fences and balancing the budget, the relationship/financial teeter-totter of balance is still in flux while Saturn lives in Libra.

Want more about Jupiter direct..? click here.

Jupiter in retrograde has been a time of envisioning how you will achieve your highest good.
Make it so~


caverns old

Venus (love, friends) square Saturn (earth, hobbits) square Jupiter (travelers, adventurers).
Squares are friction and they get us up and moving…! 
Trines are easy, somewhat lazy.
For the record, I actually think hobbits in general are Taurus, but…
Bilbo and Frodo have The One Ring and that’s Saturn without a doubt.

Dwarves !  Dwarves live in the Mines of Moria and mines are Pluto.
Sun is coming up to conjunct Pluto, so expect a light in dark places very soon haha stop me with the elvish quotes already !
Another year until The Hobbit.   Ack !   Patience, precioussss…
Mercury communication is square Mars the tease.
Saturn patience opposite (compromise) Jupiter (distant travel) teaser trailer.  haha