And Still I Rise


Maya angelou-jpgThe need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind.

The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious, the desire to reach hearts is wise.

Maya Angelou, American writer, poet, performer, autobiographer, and much-loved sage died today.  Her life affirming work is a woven tapestry – her testament – of bravery, courage, love and compassion in the face of cruelty, violence and emotional hardship.

Maya was an Aries, with Jupiter conjunct Sun opposite Libra Moon both in square to Pluto in Cancer as focal planet in a T-Square.
Having both luminaries tied up with metamorphic power was no small matter – struggles with working positive changes in conscious / subconscious states leaves very little peaceful ground to rest.

Pluto forces change in spirit/intuition, leadership/withdrawal in the home/family as well as tribe and close partners.  Her opposition falls on the 3rd/9th axis.
An eternal student of life, she spoke out for all silent women struggling everywhere.   Through her words, the trauma she saw and felt was translated into hope and faith for countless others trying to make their own way to the light.

Plowing forward with creativity via a trine from Pluto to Mercury/Venus conjunct in Pisces is the higher ground where she took flight.  Pisces is the sign of inspired art, music and dance, also poetry.
When Maya was the victim of violence at the tender age of eight, she (understandably) went mute for years.  This can be seen in a tight Mercury Venus conjunction square Saturn Rx in Sagittarius.
Here is also found the silver lining, a neighborly woman gave her books to read.  Young Maya, through reading and exploring other worlds, began to blossom, she discovered and cultivated her life-long love of the arts.

Saturn Rx trine Neptune Rx in Leo, are both inspired, creative fire signs, and with the addition of Mars in Aquarius conjunct descendant opposite Neptune rising in the first, we have an artist with not only a sharp mind, but also a freedom loving woman who while writing of her own innate feminine power, challenged women the world over to stand tall and proud in their power as well.

She had the focal Pluto quintile Chiron – she healed through teaching others how she rose above her own tragedies, so they might do the same.

Phenomenal Woman

By Maya Angelou 1928–2014


Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I’m telling lies.
I say,
It’s in the reach of my arms,
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.
I walk into a room
Just as cool as you please,
And to a man,
The fellows stand or
Fall down on their knees.
Then they swarm around me,
A hive of honey bees.
I say,
It’s the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.
Men themselves have wondered
What they see in me.
They try so much
But they can’t touch
My inner mystery.
When I try to show them,
They say they still can’t see.
I say,
It’s in the arch of my back,
The sun of my smile,
The ride of my breasts,
The grace of my style.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.
Now you understand
Just why my head’s not bowed.
I don’t shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing,
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It’s in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need for my care.
’Cause I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

Maya Angelou,
“Phenomenal Woman”
from And Still I Rise.

With the utmost respect,
in peace,


giger1H.R. Giger
Cover, ELP – Brain Salad Surgery (original stolen from Prague)

H.R. Giger, the artist who delivered us the creepy insectoid xenomorph made famous in the film franchise Alien, died May 12 in Switzerland.

Giger was a 7th house Aquarius Sun conjunct Mercury square Uranus in Toro 10 – very cerebral sci-fi art vibe with a strong Venusian undercurrent.

Aries Mars conjunct Saturn at MC square both: Leo Pluto at the backdoor (12th); and Capricorn Moon – these (along with Uranus elevated) show a curious detachment from traditional sensuality in the strong robotic/alien sexual bondage themes.

Sagittarius rules his 5th with Jupiter elevated in Mars-ruled Aries trine Pluto and ASC from the 9th – flair for glory and literally, guts, skeletals (Mars conj Saturn), the creative exploration of same.  Fire is his strongest element.

Fiercer than youVenus exalted in Pisces opposes Neptune in Virgo, indicating an exacting, precise artistic expression; trine Pluto (rules insects) rising in (12) Leo is a powerfully otherworldly expression which reveals both hidden desires and fears surrounding the vast universal unknown.  Venus opposite Neptune (theft, art museums) also indicates someone stealing his art; as well as Sun in Aquarius 7th (Prague is Leo/Sun ruled, as is his chart) square Uranus in 10th. Museums are also Saturnian/10th; Uranus separates.

His work deftly merges power, fear and desire, with an unusual scientific detachment from the human component – his superb craftsmanship is shown by a grand earth trine of Moon, Uranus, Neptune.

In peace,

Zodiac Evolution

Hi folks, you know the drill.
Dim lights, go fullscreen.
This is
A M A Z I N G  !

Murat Saygıner is a visionary artist who works in the fields of art photography and
computer graphics, and is also known as a digital artist, filmmaker and composer.

The groovy video above was posted on Vimeo two weeks ago, just prior to his Venus return.  I’ll pop the other vids below – they are equally stunning. 

Murat is a Pisces Sun conjunct North Node, Venus (exalted) in early Pisces. 
Obviously a talented creator in the world of film, his North Node sextiles Capricorn Uranus exact, giving him a working leading edge in the futuristic fieldwork of computer graphics.

Uranus is conjunct Cap Saturn (ruling) bang on Neptune at 11 degrees. Opportunities for success through innovative work in the film industry is primo with this rolling work and career conjunction sextiling the rolling conjunction of exalted art in Pisces. 

Mercury (exalted) in Aquarius squares Scorpio Pluto (ruling) exact, Mercury also squares Mars by a wider orb, making it focal planet in a T-square.  Pluto opposes Mars/Jupes making research, laser-like precision, patience, attention to details of the structures and perspectives paramount. 

Mars Jupiter are conjunct in late (Venus-ruled) Taurus delivering yet another (though out-of-sign) square of artistic energy to Venus in early Pisces.  Yet another fine example of using the creative tension present in squares to best advantage.
Well done !


Rolling Thunderboil

normanNorman Reedus also here

I gave myself the Walking Dead for Full Leo Moon in my 8th house for VDay.
Marathon of intensity for Lunar rush between my Venus/Jupes.  I loved it immediately, particularly when the phrase “we have been through so much, but I hardly know you” came up.  Very Saturn in Scorpio, Uranus square Pluto – cut to the chase, work to be done, the rolling thunderboil.  It resonated, was exactly what I needed.

Daryl is such an interesting character, I read Norman wanted him to have a heart of gold under that rough past, made it happen onscreen.  Savvy Moon in Leo (rules heart) touch, I love it.  Well done.

Norman showing some IL love right onNorman is a Capricorn Sun square Saturn (refined) in Aries (action), with Mars (rules Aries) well placed in Scorpio (ancient ruler, regenerative power) in trine to Venus exalted in Pisces.  Quiet strength, resilient, fair – ready to kick ass into high gear metamorphosis when need be, also good senses re: heart of what matters.

Scorpio Mars square (internal tension) Mercury (communications) exalted in Aquarius, brain gears running rebel warp speed, yet not oppressive or showy but intense.  He speaks volumes when he doesn’t speak at all (see rolling thunderboil).  Late Virgo Pluto (Rx) out of sign conjunct Uranus conjunct Jupiter in early Libra – sweet rolling trines to earth Sun and air Mercury by transference of light.  Practical balance, exploring the intellectual intensity of relationships (Venus square Neptune).

Norman Reedus WD
Sideways, interesting divinations.

In a close up in the episode I was just watching (3/7), I noticed Norman has two moles on the left (private) side of his face near his mouth.  Moles are metal, considered lucky on the face, I have one on my left also – we will age well. More face reading info in previous posts here.

Jupiter (archer, travel) is conjunct Uranus (adoption, friends) in Libra (partnerships) which is well suited to both Daryl and Normans journey. Norman has spent many years traveling the globe since he was young – travel make camp, then pick up and move on.  Living the 5 life path dream.

Mercurial, (rules 5, and is exalted in Aquarius) thoughtful, kind…he says and does interesting things that shifts my perspective into high qi. He also likes cats (Leo Moon) which is always a plus in my book, having plenty of Leo myself.  Here he is with Eye in the Dark.  I’ll pop a vid in the comments as well.

Norman and Eye in the Dark

Scorpio Neptune trine 29 degree Pisces Chiron finds healing via discernment of emotional connections between all living things.  Very strong healing vibe worked well through the vehicle of film, (Neptune rules) both behind and in front of the lens.

Mercury exalted loves the intellectual perspective shifts creation delivers.
Venus exalted loves the emotional transcendence.
Norman is the best of both worlds, brilliant and compassionate.

The chosen work of the artist is always evident in the natal, as well as the person themselves.  I find it endlessly fascinating how we all manifest spirit through our work on earth. (Sun is spirit; Saturn, rules Capricorn, earth and work)

Norman archery

Interesting also – my brother was punctured by his arrow in a fall, pulled it out himself and hauled his ass outta the woods, alone.  Deets, story in previous post here.  Norman’s Leo Moon (actors, drama) is conjunct my brothers triple Leo Pluto Mars Saturn.

I came back specifically to edit in this amazing pic.
Norman Reedus bein all tactilePeace out ass kickers


Julian Lennon

(edit. bulk of this post originally posted 6.1.12.)*

I have loved Julian since Valotte, have written about him here at least twice before, but only just today* looked at his natal chart.  Julian recently released Everything Changes, his first album since 1998.  He is active in charity work including his own White Feather Foundation (named for something his father told him), he produced Whaledreamers, a doco about an aboriginal tribe in Australia and its special relationship to whales. (wiki)
My library has it, love it !  He has been making music and creating for 30+ years, if you want to start from the beginning, go to Hey Jules for all sorts of groovy backstories.

Timothy White Photography

While snapping photos during a surprise visit on his brother (pictured above) Sean’s 2007 tour, Julian began to take photography more seriously.  With encouragement from his friend, photographer Timothy White (see link above), Julian had his first, highly successful photography exhibition “Timeless” in NYC in 2010.

Timeless, (above) was taken while on tour with Sean.  It most definitely speaks to my 12th house Sag Mars. . .traveling the open road at night. Obviously it speaks to Julian’s 12th house Aries/Jupiter as well.  I love it !

I had to include Blue Moon, (below), yet another favorite of mine which had me dreaming in cerulean blue for several nights. Julian’s landscapes, particularly the clouds (Neptune rules, angular in 7th, strong) feel like gentle tides which build to a roar of surf – heady heartfelt moments of insight into our Mother Earth…powerfully, quietly taking care of business.

Prints of Julian’s collections are available here.

Love this pic of Julian below  – composition, color + pop in a couple of mystical glyphs  on a handsome fella and we’re good, people.

Rune: (Birch) Berkano, stillness, sanctuary, strength via rebirth – earth goddess
Jupiter: exploration, enthusiasm, optimism, truth, luck and growth

Some wingnut tried to rise my ire a coon’s age ago about Julian’s astro.  I knew the minute I saw this pic he already knew his score.**  Also, for the nutters out there  pitching fits and smacking the term ‘illuminati’ (means enlightened, not the evol ) on everything  symbolic, get a library card, try reading a few books please and thank you.

Julian is Aries Sun, born under a gibbous (nearly full; strong) Libra Moon.  Exalted Aries Sun opposite Libra Moon is ego self vs the public persona (Moon).  The desire for perfection, and the expectation of culmination must be balanced with the realization that compromise and co-operation is the way to highest potential.  Strength through working and playing well with others is key.

Being at odds with how the public (moon) perceives him is a large undertaking in this lifetime – his Libra Moon (others) opposes Aries Sun (self) and  **Jupiter on the high octane 0 degrees Aries point.  He is dealing with 4 strong oppositions involving Sun, Moon and Venus.  Creative expression is inherently a juggling act of awareness and compromised relationships with others.  Collaboration, when sought, is likely very rewarding.

I mentioned Jupiter on the (Mars-ruled) Aries point – it is trine Mars in Leo which is powering his whole chart with creativity from the 5th – Mars also trines exalted Aries Sun.  Independent risk-taking, single-minded goals, extreme sports, being a cheeky monkey (his words) are all power driven by the need to have fun, explore, achieve and move on to the next goal.

Anything on the Zero degrees Aries point is a huge outrush of that planetary energy – Jupiter here exponentially expands vibrations of teaching, philosophy, understanding, healing (12th) through actions.

I have already been on this like hair on ape – if you wanna climb on the comparison  soapbox, I suggest you read this first.
Then find the door.  Alllrighty then.

Julian has Venus (art, creativity) exalted and conjunct Chiron in Pisces in trine to Scorpio Neptune Rx.  Obviously musically talented, creative and sensitive.  (Moon is also in a Venus ruled sign, Libra)
Julian’s Neptune Rx (inspired music, photography) squares Saturn (work and father: also the energy at MC) …honestly the comparisons are old for me - but for him..?  .sheesh.

Earlier this year I watched an interview segment where some idiot news hack inserted Beatles music throughout – infuriating – Julian has been recording his own music for 30 years.  He deals with grace, (mostly) he was rightly pissed off re: the above, as was I.

As any good astrologer will tell you, the aspects do not define you – how you deal with the aspects aka energy - defines you.
Positive or negative/attract or repel, it is entirely up to you.  Saturn/ Capricorn elevated with Mercury rising smack on ASC is a double-edged sword: constant comparisons of a child (Mercury) to his father (Saturn) but it is also profound patience and clever evasion tactics of same.

In addition, Saturn is in Aquarius and let’s face it, that can mean change-ups and separations with the father, who is likely a rebellious sort.  It can also mean genius  innovative work, switch hitting between diverse work interests, a strong humanitarian streak (see Whaledreamers) and a love of the earth and earthkind (see White Feather).

Julian is an Aries with a strong sense of self who can withstand all the goofy public opinions that have shadowed him.  Jupiter in Aries also delivers faith in personal abilities.  North Node in Cancer shows his path of nurturing, and growing into his own regarding feelings surrounding family.  (see comments)

Julian has Pisces Venus conjunct Chiron (harmony, healing with women, relationships)  opposite Uranus Rx / Pluto Rx conjunction in Virgo.  That can signal not only a need for personal freedom, but also the need to give it to others.  It signals perfectionism, or high standards (Uranus and Pluto are transpersonal) placed upon him (Venus is a personal planet) and his chosen art by others.  Venus opposite Pluto Rx will bring life – long metamorphosis involving not only love and creativity, but also money, peace of mind.  Read the wiki link above for the low-down on the money / will / heirloom trail; I am not going there, it irritates me he and his mother were treated this way.

Uranus is quintile (spiritual gifts) Neptune – this brings unusual Uranian style gifts, such as inspired musical talents, far out communication skills (betting on astral travel here), healing and compassion in addition to a well-spring of forgiveness.  Julian has lived his life under scrutiny and handled it very well in my opinion.
Uranus is also trine Mercury in Aries – Julian is not only quicksilver smart – with octaves of communication trine one another – he KNOWS (Merc trine Uran) he is talented in his own right, he has just been waiting for everyone else to catch up.

Here is a photo which elegantly represents the hands of a sensitive artist. Conic fingertips denote a spiritual, artistic, sensitive creator. Gemini on the second equals lovely hands and a lively creative mind.

Quickie asteroid round-up: Julian has transformative Sekhmet conjunct Sun; nature deity Freia conjunct ASC.

Head over to his instagram here if you are wondering what he’s looking at, he also pops into his fb account fairly regularly, look him up !
Yesterday Julian released a fantastic app that is worth every penny of $12 and then some – get it on his website here.

Love your work, Julian. xo

This one is dedicated to a billion Aqua Full MooOon children rolled into ONE.
I’ll pop one of the freshies in comments.



Martial Arts

Do the Hubble Shuffle to the Big Bang BoogieDo the Hubble Shuffle to the Big Bang Boogie – Michael Pukac

Excerpt of Artist statement : Painting is a very mercurial thing. It’s a relatively simple act that has maintained relevancy throughout time and across most, if not all, cultures. For me, painting is like a collision of concepts as much as it is a combination of skill and material. It is where the creatively abstract and intellectually complex concepts of translation, illusion, allusion, and transformation find a nexus. I crossbreed different genres, eras, and conventions of painting into phantasmagorical anti-epics. I see my work as a kind of cultural aesthetic gumbo poured into its own reality, which is dedicated to honor the creative process.

Michael says of live painting “It was the best thing that ever happened to my career.”
Success Formula From Live Painting Artist Michael Pukac here.

Mars into Libra for a whopping 8 months (transit normally closer to 2mo/sign)
Saturday December 7, 2013
2:41pm CST, USA

Mars Rx in Libra
March 1, 2014
10:23am CST, USA

Mars Direct in Libra
May 19
8:31pm CST, USA

Mars into Scorpio
July 25
9:25pm CST, USA

Mars is in his detriment in Libra, aka opposite the sign he rules, Aries.
This is inherently an aspect of juggling – high qi is communication, co-operation and compromise; low qi is projection, argumentative, stubborn.

Libra is fond of being pretty, sweet, popular – is famous for weighing the options of any choice – often to the point of being unable to make one.
Mars is impulsive, guttural, impatient and hot to trot to MOOoOOve it already NOW !

Here lies the challenge – work the options to your favor.
Martian fires are applied to intellectual and/or artistic pursuits, social interaction, diplomacy. Think: Action towards beauty – make Mars push and shove towards creation.  Using blades, knives, heat to create and beautify is all the better !

Martial arts, walking meditation, go Gonzo on drums, paint like Pollack, horror queen scream, take up archery, forging, sword fighting, Scherenschnitte, woodcarving or bonsai.

Mars in Libra sextiles Leo and Sagittarius, creating and exploring, respectively. These houses hold your golden opportunities if you work them.

Gemini and Aquarius have an incoming boost in brainwaves, inventive, inspirational ideas will rise quickly with fire !

Change is imminent in all Cardinal signs.  Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer will be the houses where we grow and Grow and GROW through facing personal challenges.
Obstacle course incoming !
USE this creative energy for it will be USING you if you don’t.

Peace Love and Martial Arts

Love this term:  Crash Canvas
Found on Michael’s page – enjoy !

First female of film

kickstarter info below.
Alice Guy-Blaché

Alice was the first female film director, who completed her first work at the age of 23.  An amazing storyteller, she made the first narrative film – she saw the possibility of fun and creative play on film.  Alice was busy making hundreds of films when women weren’t even allowed to vote.  She synched sound with her films and also made the first known film with an all African-American cast.
Alice had a career in filmmaking spanning more than twenty-five years – she was a pioneer – directing, producing, writing and/or overseeing more than 1,000 films.
I love film, have a big Neptune (rules film), I had to look her up !

Sun in Cancer (storytellers spinning yarns around the tribal campfire anyone ?) trine Mars in Scorpio (confident drive to express power).   [Note: This is obviously a solar chart, no exact time deets.  I give big orbs to the luminaries, there is a 4 – 5 hour window where Moon would not trine Saturn even with my orbs, but since the odds are moon is in the other 20+ hours, I am going for grand earth trine.  – GMA]

She liked to work – she [likely] had a Grand Earth Trine (material plane) with Moon in Virgo (practical feelings) trine Saturn in Aquarius (forward thinking work vision)  The last piece of this trine is her whammy Pluto North Node of Destiny (future path) and Venus (arts, beauty) conjunction in Taurus, (which is Venus-ruled) giving her a powerful drive to create new crafts and forge new paths in the field of the arts.

Friction is needed in order for a soul to progress, for it is the hard knocks that teach us the most.  Alice has an (out-of-sign) Grand Cross which is two oppositions and four squares – looks like a big square with an X inside.  These energies force inner work and outer compromise (oppositions) with others – if solved they are more powerful than trines.

Remember I said creative innovative play… that is Mercury conjunct Uranus in Leo.  Octaves of communication in the house of creativity in opposition to Saturn (authority) in rebellious Aquarius.  Likely the men in her field saw her as likeable (Saturn trine Venus; Cancer Sun trine Mars) but odd, a no nonsense type of gal when it came to her work.  Whip smart and determined, she had a vision of great creative achievement (late degree Aries Neptune film in exact trine late degree Leo Jupiter largess - fire to fire – passionate, inspired) and she spent her life in pursuit of it !
Well Done, Alice !

ORIGINAL: By Pamela Green and Jarik van Sluijs. And seriously, donating to their Kickstarter by August 27, 2013 will help this important film be made. And share this for Alice!


Marvel us Mutants

May I introduce Stan Lee.
Stan Lee is an American comic book writer, editor, publisher, media producer, television host, actor, voice actor and former president and chairman of Marvel Comics. 
In collaboration with several artists, Stan co-created Spider-Man, the Hulk, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, and many other fictional characters, introducing complex, naturalistic characters and a thoroughly shared universe into superhero comic books.  Lee headed the first major successful challenge to the industry’s censorship organization, the Comics Code Authority, by running a drug storyline in The Amazing Spider-Man #96–98 (May–July 1971), without CCA approval.

Inductions into Comic Hall of Fame include:
The Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame in 1994
Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1995.

The non-profit Stan Lee Foundation seeks to provide access to literacy, education and the arts throughout the nation.  Very Mercurial !  I love it !

S/heroes brought to life via several artists, most notably Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko
A through M
M through Z

Capricorn Stan Lee is a life path 9 (the culmination cup runneth over lifetime), with Mercury opposite Pluto Rx as the opposition/apex of a Kite + Grand Water Trine: Mars/Uranus conjunct in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio trine Pluto in Cancer.  Water Trines are intuitive, emotionally geared to delve into the deep psyche, the well of compassion – feelers are out 24/7.  Kites will bring the somewhat ethereal lassitude of a trine into bold action via the opposition and apex energies. (see Bill Monroe

Capricorn Sun (on the decan of Saturn – perseverance of life)
Cancer Pluto is (on the decan of Pluto – protection magic, psychological transmutation & metamorphosis) trine Mars/Uranus in Pisces (on the decan of Moon – super sensory rapid-fire instincts) trine Jupiter in Scorpio (on the decan of Neptune – regenerative healing, hope in dark places)  Harmonious energies are coursing between all these placements.

Thor #1 Turner
Mercury in Capricorn (editing, writing) is a clever, perceptive and witty mind, though with a square to Saturn (the only air sign placement) probably more of a worker than a talker.  Pluto opposite in Cancer, indicates serious research, a storytelling mind where self-expression leads to profound change with: women, home, navel-gazing self-care (good thing btw), and the public – all Moon (fluctuation) ruled.  It also marks an in depth  exploration of what makes (Capricorn) or breaks (Pluto) a hero (Sun) and how the transformation (Moon rules metamorphs) between the two transcends life/death, space/time.

Capricorn Sun/Mercury opposite Cancer Pluto – that’s a call for compromise – between the dark (Cancer) and the light (Capricorn), the personas: both public and private, the hard and the soft, what we hide, what we expose and struggle re: what is ultimately secret to all.

Death and what lies beyond it. 

Unless you’re a metamorph, in which case, you’re good to go.
Death, rebirth, stunning rip evil to shreds protection good guy / gal genes.
Wake up be mutant and kick some creepo bad guy ass to the curb, get stabbed, activate healing and still make happy hour – all in a day’s work.

Rogue X-Men wiki
Ultimate Comics X-Men #24
I love trees, so I picked this one.

Stan’s Sun/Mercury opposition to Pluto is shining a light on what’s buried deep behind the closed doors of the family unit – the raw seedy underbelly of family. This is what I love Love LOVE about the Marvel universe.  Cranky testosterone pissing contests over bag lady claws vs. adamantium blades, girl crushes on the hottie who saved you, ‘borrowing’ the ride and returning it with an empty gas tank just to be a jerk, being there for each other when the chips are down anyway because you are a team, loving and fighting and forgiving and dealing with all the shit real people deal with.  

Ultimate X-Men #28

Pluto is metamorphic – pure unstoppable, raw power in the Moon-ruled sign of protective Cancer: family, home, country, roots, those who we consider our tribe.
Enter Captain America, 1941.

Stan (Marvel comics) drags up and examines deep, dark obsessions, desires and fears that live and breathe between people – complexities that lie sleeping within each family and also within each of us.  Saturn rules building, spiders and fear.
Mars rules bites, is tightly conjunct radioactive Uranus, both trine Jupiter (BIG), and Pluto (transformation).
Cool. Another win for astrology.

Enter Spiderman
Spiders are second only to snakes in fear factor phobiasMy sister freaks right OUT if she sees a spider – any size.  Me, I’m cool with spiders.  Saturn rules my chart and spiders too – they build, it’s groovy, we co-exist.

Spiderman #185

Stan has Saturn exalted in Libra indicating justice, patience, self-discipline, diplomacy in relationships, creativity, money (all Venus ruled matters) – yet Saturn also indicates restriction, hardship coupled with slow, steady improvement – balance is key.  Saturn in Libra squares both Mercury in Capricorn and Pluto in Cancer, making it the focal point of a T-Square – or where internal stress funnels and needs release.

T-squares are the shiny brass ring though they sound more like a ball and chain, they are our teachers – they create stress and friction that makes us armor UP and solve the problem, so we grow.

Leo and Sagittarius are the back alleyway opportunities for Stan – creativity, romance, honor, charity, and exploratory play and a rich fantasy life (Saturn sextile Neptune) will help ease the stress of Saturn in Libra issues.

Breaking new ground for comics, Stan listed the creative team on board – artists, inkers – everyone who up to that point had worked uncredited.
WoOoHoOo !

Saturn in Libra seeks balance, fairness and in square to Mercury and Pluto – Stan finds this through metamorphosis of relationships – personally and publicly.  World-wide perception of heroes/sheroes is forever changed by the depth of character he and his team injected into the world of comics.

Classic X – Men (back cover) John Bolton

The planetary energies below form a Cardinal Cross – which amounts to a crisis of outgoing activity – where the personal initiative meets the material world.

Capricorn Sun and Mercury are in opposition to Pluto (regeneration) in the sign of metamorphosis (Moon ruled Cancer). Aries Chiron (wounded healer) is opposite Saturn in Libra – fascinates – the wound (Mars: cuts, aggression, men etc.., rules Aries) is holding hands across the wheel with exalted Saturn (body) in the sign of Libra balance, (ruled by Venus: peace, women).  Men and women on the same team, the (perceptions of) the beautiful and the ugly, division between secret talents and public knowledge, mind control directs personal power.

Aka:  mind over matter.
Metamorphosis, yes..?

Chiron trines Neptune Rx in Leo – creative healing via the power of shared spirit – old school teamwork, leadership and co-operation.  Blurring the boundaries of what makes a hero / healer; human / savior; an outcast / mutant.

Mars conjunct Uranus in Pisces indicates powerful artistic friends, a personal devotion to intellectual and spiritual healing on a mass scale. 

Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio square Neptune (opposite my deets - how cool is that ?!) in Leo is a lesson of refurbishing the ego, self-image, learning to share, releasing the need to control everything, a tendency toward extravagance in love, money, creative pursuits, and high stakes gambling on all of them.

These aspects also show an intuitive read/bead on the pulse of the masses, a fantastic imagination, and a sign of high qi spiritual intelligence.

On deck:
Wolverine (July 26) trailer here.
Thor (November) trailer here.

Thank you Stan !
Mutant and Proud

Gneiss Moon

say Grace.

Mesmerizing Grace Jones.
I was transfixed as a teen by her stunning individuality and provocative presence. I read, watched everything I could get about her then, and I still have a pic of her from an old Creem mag from ages ago – and obviously Zula was a win for Conan freaks like me.  When I saw this cleverly caustic video ripping corporate culture, I had to look up her deets !

Taurus Sun and North Node; Libra Moon/Neptune – Venus co-rules both signs – so yes incredibly artistic, knock-out gorgeous and with Venus in Moon-ruled Cancer, she is all woman, very feminine.

Yet Grace possesses such an unusually innovative femininity.  Mercury conjunct (its higher communication octave) Uranus (the unique) in Gemini while trine to Libra Moon/Neptune delights !  – delivering an edge of rebellion and a revolutionary approach to conventional, traditional beauty.  Gemini thinks about Libra balance; tinkers and tweaks the thought processes of the public re: image. (Moon, Venus)

Grace exudes refined intellectualism (Mars in Virgo as well) coupled with the rolling thunder sensuality of her Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo aka. formidable willpower to transform through artistic creativity.

Mercury/Uranus opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius (sign it rules) is pushing the edges, the awareness of boundaries (gender, race, power) exploring the philosophies of people and the inter-relations between them on both a personal and global scale.

Grace has Jupiter in Sagittarius – both rule the legs and thighs.

Zula in the comments


Even when I’m dead, I’ll swim through the Earth,
like a mermaid of the soil,  j
ust to be next to your bones.

Jeffery McDaniel

I love this photo because it is not the hollyweird glam money shot – instead, concentration whittles Elijah’s brow, while he manifests his magickal mojo, mister encyclopedia of music.  He is quite astounding really, rambling conjunctions of musical genres tumble out organically, he binds the knots between arts, it has been thus for years.  He is quite committed to The Art of Elysium, which brings the arts to children battling serious illnesses.  Elijah spins vinyl all over the world (since his breakout NZ spins during LotR) with his friend Cowie, under the name Wooden Wisdom.  You can listen to daily picks from Cowie aka Turquoise Wisdom at play it as it lathes.

In this photo is Elijah delving deep into his intellectual water element: Neptune (seas of music) in Sagittarius (exploratory teacher of music, film, memories, mysticism) sextiles his Aquarius (Mercury exalted) / Mars conjunction making him a curious  intellectual researcher; he desires the unique, he is a brilliant communicator.  This aspect also endows him with insight into the human electrical (heart, North Node in Leo) spiritual power grid.  Unusual powers of communication, love, balance and acceptance through trials are his forte – he sees the future – the big spiritual picture.

This is likely more keenly felt as Elijah’s 29 degree (previously more private) Scorpio Uranus has progressed into Sagittarius, giving his thinking a more philosophical, expansive, worldly curious vibe.  This rare progression is also evident by his public presence (publishing his ideas – ‘succumbing to the wiles of twitter’  lol.) on the web since November 2010 here.  Check him out, he posts really cool stuff.

Elijah’s Neptune (film) in Sagittarius also sextiles Pluto Rx in Libra (transformative, provocative art tweaking the balance).  He is fascinated by reflection images (Moon and Venus rule), his photographs incite intellectual perception probing.  He is in the viewers face, yet he is not – he represents the hidden portion of ourselves – we look at not only what we see (others , Aquarian), but how we see (ourselves, Leo).  He engages the viewer in curious contemplation of fame/infamy, of the extraordinary/commonality of all people, everywhere.
He forces us to perceive him, how we are – he showing us our guts, beautifully.
Libra Pluto Rx trine Aquarius Mercury/Mars; both sextile Neptune in Sagittarius – harmonious melding of personal/public (social) viewpoints, the ethical philosophy of SEEING.

Now would be an excellent time to mention Elijah’s pre-birth Lunar Eclipse (8 days prior to his birth).  Zero degree Aquarius (other) Sun opposite zero degree Leo Moon (self) – both square Pluto in Libra.  Learning to detach from the collective in order to nurture his emotional ego while creatively expressing unique traits and individual talents is his vibration.  Most of this growth will revolve around provoking intense transformation of both himself and others via relationships and creativity.

Elijah is a powerfully fluid dancer (Neptune) full of kinetic energy.  Pluto Rx trines his Mercury/Mars conjunction in Aquarius which is a fabulous representation of two of his childhood nicknames: Spark plug Monkey.  (Mercury rules names) Pluto Rx trine  Aquarius is electrical rebirth; Monkeys are Mercury (conjunct Mars in Aquarius – high octane monkeyshines).

Elijah, astute in business, (Venus in Cap mutual reception Saturn in Libra) has diversified interests including producing films (upcoming Black Wings Has My Angel), and running his own record label Simian Records.
He has a massive vinyl collection, is a self-confessed foodie (his parents ran a deli when he was living in Iowa) with a particular penchant for pizza pies and slow smoked dry rub meat.  He takes pictures of his food like I take pictures of my tarot spreads, cute.
Below Elijah is interviewed by Jason Z, another music freak friend – see JZ’s page here for tunes he posts daily.

Venus in Capricorn in mutual reception with Saturn Rx in Libra (Jupiter Rx tightly conjunct) finds balance through work, love and love of work.  Elijah (working in film since the age of 8) is pictured below as Huckleberry Finn in 1993, the same year he was awarded the Best Performance by a Younger Actor for Radio Flyer.
His earliest work includes a cameo in Paula Abdul’s Forever Your Girl video, and Back to the Future II as a video-gamer.  Elijah IS an avid gamer – he and Dom have a great time ripping on each other at the KNUCKLE Fantastic Debates.

Elijah’s tight (big/time) Jupiter [Saturn exalted] conjunction in Libra indicates a serious work ethic, long-term, broad artistic vision as well as a philosophical bent toward old school craftsmanship and tradition.  Which by the way, I LOVE.  Capricorn Venus in mutual reception with Saturn [Jupiter conjunction] square Pluto Rx in Libra has a particular desire to transform old school traditions/values of the past into the future across the broad social stratum.  This conjunction/reception in addition to Aquarius Sun makes Elijah an outstanding team player * note fellowship, and curiously Venus rules rings; Saturn, restriction; Pluto, delivering it to hell and back again.
Jupiter expands the burden, but also brings hope and luck.

Ye olde books say this conjunction (Jupiter/Saturn) is a sign of a “fresh start” chart, or coming into this life free of past karma – it requires hard work and other tense aspects to challenge the native to excel.  Interestingly, Elijah has no oppositions* (read Georgia O’Keefee, no squares)  indicating he gets along with others very well – the bulk of his learning in this life is centered on inner conflict and creative tensions.

Saturn Rx and Jupiter Rx in Libra trine his Aquarius Sun – he is a forging a loving bridge, (Mercury trine Pluto [both rule bridges] Libra; Chiron Taurus) weaving creative, diplomatic connections between the past and present.  Elijah’s Chiron is smack on my Moon and I find this true of him.  Sun square Moon also creates tension/potential between the past/future.  Which leads me to his Moon in Scorpio which is opposite  Chiron – his one opposition.*  Moon opposite Chiron indicates a strong female presence in the early life (also mother/public, Moon rules both) who has served as a catalyst for intense emotional growth.

Capricorn Venus square Pluto Rx in Libra indicates the same growth through restriction  of love, creativity, time and patience which produces intense deep-seated personal metamorphosis that strives for ultimate harmony and balance.  The love/art he craves must penetrate the psyche, provoke intense transformational experiences and reveal fascinating alternative perspectives.  It must also withstand the test of time.

Aquarius Mercury/Mars square Uranus Scorpio indicates a highly energetic mind that tends towards being high-strung.  This aspect signals deep rooted intellectual powers that revolutionize psychological boundaries through eccentric experiences.  Unusual willfulness and the desire to control (fixed signs) coupled with power struggles sparked by keen powers of intuition into the human psyche (both personal and global) need to be tempered by patient understanding and adaptation.
Elijah handles this explosive, reactionary (sometimes violent) aspect quite well by immersing himself in the horror genre, his most recent offering Maniac is a remake of the cult classic William Lustig slasher flick.  He is also owner/partner in a new horror/fantasy/sci-fi film/music management company, SpectreVision.

Sun square Moon indicates powerful lessons between conscious/subconscious, spirit/ instinct, extrovert/introvert, will/emotions, home/career, Mother Moon/ Father Sun, private psyche/public acclaim.  North Node in Leo opposes Sun which urges Elijah  further into the spotlight as he ages, particularly as his outer planet retrogrades in  Venus-ruled Libra kick in and he takes a more executive, behind-the-scenes role in creating films.  (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Rx)

Elijah is in my mind, a Scorpio rising without a doubt.  Magnetic, quietly imposing, heavy eyelids (bedroom eyes), intense gazeScorp rising puts Uranus (the extraordinary) on the 29th (culmination) degree of the first house (appearance) which rules the eyes and Elijah is well-known for his mesmerizing big blue eyes.  He is also Capricorn strong (Jupiter conjunct Saturn, Venus in Cap) and has lovely bone structure.

sic itur ad astra

Renaissance point

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was an amazing Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer.  and that is just scratching the surface…

He conceptualized a helicopter, a tank, concentrated solar power, a calculator, the double hull and outlined a rudimentary theory of plate tectonics, and drew one of the first scientific drawings of a fetus in utero. (wiki)

Taurus Sun with Toro Venus in applying trine to Neptune in Libra at MC, genius creative expression !  Sagittarius rising – expressive and expansive – Jupiter is in Pisces 3rd of learning conjunct Moon.

Aquarius Mars trine Saturn exalted in Libra 10th: Leonardo was an idea machine – invent, conceptualize, research, sketch, design and build futuristic machinery.

The illustration below seemed appropriate for the Uranus, Pluto, Venus T-square.
Freaky drawing of coffin contraption with gyroscope !  ?
Dunno, is weird and fascinating whatever it is.

Eighth house Pluto and Uranus – highly observant – he learned anatomy in detail through dissecting cadavers (Venus quintile Pluto).  He drew detailed bone studies, and the pregnancy drawing you see above, as well as detailed drawings of architecture, water devices, animals, faces of rage, deformities, and machines of his own design.

Saturn in 10 wants to know how everything works, Neptune at MC absorbs the world like a sponge.  Neptune and Saturn in 10 are both opposite Aries Mercury in 4. Mercury trines Leo Pluto – he certainly changed the world through creative expression.

Curiously, most of Leonardo’s writings are in mirror-image cursive, perhaps it was easier because he was left-handed, or maybe it was for reasons of secrecy, perhaps both, no one knows.

As you can see, his drawings and sketches were extremely detailed and highly researched – Virgo precision at MC and Aries Mercury in trine to Pluto in Leo.

The animation above delineates the sacred geometry of the golden rectangle, which is more easily seen in colored portions below.

Da Vinci and others (including the architect Palladio) helped to revive this knowledge of sacred geometry and its application after the so-called “Dark Ages.”

Apart from the monks in Ireland, most of the older knowledge was preserved by Arabic culture that translated older Greek and Roman works into Arabic. These works were retranslated back into Latin and other European languages by scholars working in cross-cultural universities in renaissance Spain.

Study on the proportions of head and eyes

You can see above the geometry da Vinci applied to sketching human faces.  Obviously mirror image writing and building with polarities (Uranus sextile Venus in 6th) appealed with Mars in Aquarius in trine to Saturn in the tenth of achievement.

This mathematical precision (sacred geometry) is applied to Mona Lisa below, I am sure there is another for the Last Supper floating around as well.  I will look, pop into comments.

Which brings me to the point of this post. 
Mercury is numbers, counting, perceptions.
Saturn is mathematics.

(traditional ruler of the fixed sign Aquarius)
is form and matter – the building blocks – earth plane..

Uranus is the higher octave of numbers, counting and perceptions.

Uranus is spirals.
The geometric electrical energy grid that connects all life on earth.

Which leads me to believe Uranus rules sacred geometry as well as Saturn.

Thoughts . . .?

A fun morph.

Leonardo is asteroid 3000.
Da Vinci has it exact conjunct North Node in Capricorn.

Consider Leonardo your renaissance point !

Currently Leonardo is at 10 Cancer.
Dark Moon in Cancer is at 10 degrees as I write this !
Interesting it is dovetailing into the renaissance T- Square Action, yes ?
Venus will soon follow to conjunct – she is at 6 Cancer.

Just in case I haven’t pitched you enough science yet…
If you want some
to chew on awhile – here’s a porterhouse steak, pack a blade – it’s a biggie !


Fire & Ice

Pisces Moon !
Neptune rules Pisces rules FILM
My Scorp Neptuner is in the 11th (natural Aquarius house) – Sci-fi freak !


Q: What is the old movie with a guy riding a giant moth ?

A:  Maybe Gandahar by Rene Laloux ? 

I posted re: Fantastic Planet here.
How have I missed Fire and ice ?  
One of my fave sci-fi fantasy artists - Frank Frazetta !
Frank has Neptune in Leo opposite Aquarius Sun.

YaY !
I am soOoo sci-fi lounging and catching up on zzzz…

peace xo

Eye of the Tiger

Ray Harryhausen

I love Love LOVE Ray’s work.  Own a bunch of it, just watched Jason and the Argonauts again last week.  I have been wanting to look up his astro deets, his stop – motion work is simply incredible. He calls it Dynamation.  I have done claymation films myself, and it takes  f  o  r  e  v  e  r   !   Worth it though, it’s amazing to see the finished product come to life.  SoOo on to the astro:

Boom ! 
Cancer Sun conjunct Pluto at 7 degrees, conjunct Venus at 6.
(Powerful imagination leading to groundbreaking artwork)

Cancer stellium in trine to Uranus Rx in Pisces. 
(Fantastical genius)

Cancer stellium sextile Saturn in Virgo.
(Precision with puppets – Saturn rules)

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Leo.
(Dexterous communication of creative fantasy on film).

Jupiter in Leo trine Moon in Sagittarius.  Note: Leo stellium.
(Visionary use of fluctuation in creative pursuits).

Mars in Libra trine Uranus Rx in Pisces.
(Amped up genius artistic urges in the fantasy realm.)

Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus Rx in Pisces.
(Stop – Saturn – motion art on film)

A zillion thanks Ray – best creature features evah !


eye heart art

I love this  !
Is there any art in the world half as fun as a little kids drawings ?
This one says it all for me !
Art + Music = blissed out !

Where are your Venus, Neptune, your Sun ?
Where is your house of Leo (sun rules) ?
All show your creativity in the natal chart.
Venus rules the sense of color.
Van Gogh was an Aries – Venus and Neptune in Pisces
note his vivid colors !

Rembrandt was a Cancer – Venus in Gemini, Neptune in Virgo
Chagall was a Cancer – Venus in Virgo, Neptune in Taurus
note sensitivity and tiny sketching.

Warhol was a Leo – Venus and Neptune in Leo
note 15 minutes of fame

Michelangelo was a Pisces – Venus in Aries, Neptune in Scorpio (click)
note the anatomy, the hidden, the brains in the Sistine Chapel *see link above

M.C. Escher was an 11th house Gemini – Neptune in Gemini, Venus in Cancer (click)
note dual perspectives

Picasso was a Scorpio – Venus in Libra, Neptune in 10th house Taurus stellium
Georgia O’Keeffe was a Scorpio – Venus in Libra, Neptune in Taurus (click) 
note focus (Picasso had so many periods, I am speaking primarily of his line drawings)

What does your art reveal about you..?

I am a 9th house Virgo – Venus conj Jupiter in Leo 8th square Neptune in Scorpio 11th
My early art involves sex, death, secrets, (still does) then it grew to include healing, energy work & metaphysics…

…how about you ?  …do tell…!



Full Moon at 17 degrees Libra approaches…..Friday at 2:19 pm CST, USA

Viggo is Libra Sun.  Aquarius Moon.

Full Moon in Libra will be trine Viggo’s Chiron.

He is a beautiful diplomat (Libra stellium) who knows the actions (Aqua Moon trine Mars Rx in Gemini) must be thought out, researched, explored – for there are two sides to everything.  Possiblities are endless.  Life, time is in a constant state of flux, always.

Yet Saturn is exalted in Libra…he knows some things are timeless.  Love and kindness, for example. (Viggo has Libra Sun, Venus, North Node and Chiron all sextile Saturn)

The right word, gesture or tiny seed of an idea planted at the precise right time can change everything for the better. (Mercury conjunct Jupiter, both sextile Pluto in Virgo)

Saturn Rx currently rests on his Libra Sun, is approaching his North Node at 22 degrees Libra. Saturn will go direct on his North Node (conjuncts his Venus) on Monday the 25th of June.  A project, an agreement, a labor of love years in the making will flower or reach culmination at that time.  It will likely involve travel and a respected mentor.

Viggo has Saturn in Sagittarius.  The serious thinker and traveller, he works (photography, poems) while he plays, he documents and records what he sees.
If you are very lucky, he will tell you what he is thinking.

Viggo’s Libra Venus is conjunct my Mercury.
Gehn hahn-nohn
 No in elenath hîlar nan hâd gîn