O Captain ! My Captain !

robinwilliams_2_652_featured_photo_galleryRobin Williams

Terribly sad about Robin’s death today.  I mourn privately at home, but share my grief with those that knew him and loved him, as well as Robin’s fans the world over.

I fell for him immediately as a loveable, curious alien trying to figure out life, earthlings, and grow up in the process.  Robin was wacky and fun, full of life and over the top…all of which made his still waters and great depth all the more poignant.

I tweeted a Dune passage today about the universe, captioned it Pisces Moon.  I was thinking about how Virgo loves to organize thoughts and things to find and feel the sacred while its opposite, Pisces l e  t   s       g       o      .         .               .
It is a Pisces Moon, soon to go void of course for 21 hours, we will pause to reflect.

Dune quoteI am wowed by this choice of quote earlier, it seems a message because Robin had Pisces Moon tightly conjunct North Node of Destiny opposite Venus in Virgo.
South Node (always opposite N Node) was exactly conjunct Virgo Venus, making it a tough placement, for South Node is the past and has a restrictive quality to it, akin to Saturn.

There was always a lesson for the public (moon) in Robin’s work … how can we be more loving and kind ?  This is his feeling Pisces Moon in addition to Leo Mercury conjunct Pluto (powerful drama delivery) at MC from 9th (teaching) in trine to Jupiter (teaching) in Aries.*

He was a late degree Cancer Sun in the 9th, a sensitive teacher with Moon quintile Chiron.  Empathy and understanding for others was his path, for he also had Neptune (film) and North Node of Destiny quintile Chiron.  Chiron was the wounded teacher, herbalist, mentor to heroes, and Robin’s is in Sagittarius, well-placed in a teaching sign.

Neptune opposes Jupiter in Aries – both square a tight Cancer Mars/Uranus conjunction, making them dual focal points in a T-Square.  This is the wild and wacky artistic exuberance tailor-made to: first get rapt attention; then sensitively shape shift  viewer imagination into more creative, courageous, altruistic paths for themselves.*

This last Aquarius Full Moon that was difficult for so many with fixed sign placements was opposite Robin’s Pluto, meaning Sun (always opposes full moon) was exactly conjunct his Pluto. The luminaries squared Saturn in his first house of self, causing much self-review.

Such a beautiful soul, gone far too soon.

My heart goes out to all who cherish Robin…
… I celebrate the gifts of love he so joyfully gave us all.

In peace
Gneiss Moon

My highest respects are paid by sharing one of my most favorite scenes that perfectly encapsulates how I (and many others) feel by Robin’s passing into the next adventure…

Butch & Sundance

TBS-butch-sundance1-e1339219532880Butch & Sundance (Newman & Redford)

Love Love LOVE this flick – these two pros brought it to life.  They remained life-long friends, loved pulling hilarious pranks on each other.

Mostly I’ll miss the fun we had. We played lots of pranks on each other. I used to race cars, and after he took this rare Porsche I owned for a drive, he began to get into racing. He had incredible reflexes, and he got really good, but he talked so much about it that I got sick of it. So I had a beaten-up Porsche shell delivered to his porch for his 50th birthday. He never said anything, but not long after, I found a crate of molten metal delivered to the living room of my (rented) house. It dented the floor. I then had it turned into a really ugly sculpture and dropped into his garden. To this day, neither one of us has ever mentioned it.
Robert Redford , The NYDO

Newman was an Aquarius with a Capricorn rising stellium opposite Cancer Pluto riding the horizon line.  He had a Grand Water Trine – a kite with Capricorn Mercury/Venus/Jupiter opposing Pluto in Cancer; Saturn trine Uranus trine Pluto. Interestingly, his Pisces Moon had little to no major aspects save a separating trine (7 degrees) to Scorpio MC.

Redford (who reminds me of my brother in the photo above) is a Leo with a Big Virgo stellium: Virgo Moon conjunct Mercury conjunct Neptune loosely conjunct (6 degrees) Venus. Venus trines Uranus exact (the rest if you follow transference of light) Leo Mars trines Jupiter ruling in Sagittarius – that Jupiter also serves as focal point of a T-Square between Pisces Saturn opposite Virgo Neptune/Mercury/Moon.  Redford has NNode in Capricorn conjunct MC – staying power in career, obviously working that one perfectly.

These two have powerful hard aspects running their natal charts, propelling them to success, but I am curious what energies they created together.


As far as synastry goes, Newman’s Capricorn stellium was in trine to Redford’s Virgo stellium – lots of personal planets in the mix to keep them easy with each other.  This same stellium trined Redford’s Toro Uranus.  Their Saturns were trine each other (work, ties that bind).  Redford’s Sun trined Paul’s Mars in Aries fueling the racecar link.

Composite chart: Sun/Mercury/Venus in Scorpio 9 trine Pluto in Cancer – hilarious.
These two had/have huge sex appeal (Pluto) women (Cancer 5) swooning all over the globe (9th).  Further highlighted by Sagittarius Moon opposite Mars in Gemini, they talked good game, clever and funny.  Composite Uranus (ruling composite chart) in Aries squares both Cancer Pluto and Saturn (ruling) Capricorn.  The bandit on the run thing, wild and free really worked for them both in this film, as well as in life – they loved surprising each other.

Use enough dynamite there, Butch ?

celluloid splash

PacinoAl Pacino.  Scarface, 1983

Iconic scene of supreme 80’s decadence.
Who could ever forget this scene ? esp. if you have a bathtub thing like me.

Al is a 10th house Taurus Sun tightly conjunct Saturn both square Pluto in Leo.
Sexual pan type energy, power and stamina over the long haul, also combined + in square – decadence. Mercury in Aries 9 is a quick, open mind – clever.  Mercury is far from Sun aka not self-preoccupied, but with Leo Rising and Jupiter in Aries at MC – there is a cocky attitude on tap + Jupiter cranks up the me Me ME.  Taurus Sun/Saturn, with Leo rising loves to work and play hard.

Al has really spot on astro for this bathtub scene – tubs are Neptune, Moon also Uranus as well as 5th house of pleasure.  He has Uranus trine Neptune (film, glamour, bath, drugs) which is focal point in a T-Square with Venus conjunct Mars in Gemini (flirt extraordinaire) opposite Moon in Sagittarius 5.  Sagittarius Moon (public) in the 5th trines Jupiter in Aries – abundance of passion as well as a completely over the top spa/tub career moment.

Virgo Neptune in 2nd square Venus/Mars – “all you ever talk about is $$$….  Moneymoneymoneymoney, that’s all I hear in this (moon) house.” – all while Al soaks in the bathtub. Watch clip with Michelle Pfeiffer in comments.
Scene nails his T-Square.

What led me to post this ?
Poseidon’s Underworld, ck it out – dudes in the bath, on film.
It’s a win-win !  My backdoor Mars approves this message. heh.

Peace out

bad kung fu

photo 46Vibrational Energy Oracle

I pulled this card Cellular Collapse to focus on Pisces Venus and Neptune as they relate to Jupiter in Cancer.   Venus is applying trine to Jupiter.

Distillation into ONE card, best focus, highest manifestation of these energies.

Are you at war with your body – ? – the hostility has been too much.
Now is the time to heal, be well ON ALL LEVELS.
Accept the changes in your vibration and let go of the stress that is making you sick.  Listen to your body… it whispers before it screams.

Transformation incoming, invite it in & accept it.


Interestingly, I pulled this just prior to lunch, then read afterward on twitter Norman Reedus has a broken bone in his foot from kicking Djimon Hounsou while filming the sci-fi movie Air.
Bummer.  I’ll send some reiki later this eve after work, always helps.  I put people right to sleep, Theta waves let the natural body healing take over.

I’ll pop in Norman’s quickie transits here:

Norman’s a Capricorn Sun at 15.
Transit Mars Rx at 15 Libra squares.
Transit Jupiter at 13 Cancer opposes.
Transit Mercury at 18 Aries/Uranus at 13 opposing transit Mars Rx and squaring natal Sun at 15.

Norman’s Sun in Capricorn is getting lots of stress at the moment.
Capricorn rules bones, work, particularly the career.
Feel better Norman !  

+ Everyone else, all my readers – be careful out there, ok ?

Peace Out

Rolling Thunderboil

normanNorman Reedus also here

I gave myself the Walking Dead for Full Leo Moon in my 8th house for VDay.
Marathon of intensity for Lunar rush between my Venus/Jupes.  I loved it immediately, particularly when the phrase “we have been through so much, but I hardly know you” came up.  Very Saturn in Scorpio, Uranus square Pluto – cut to the chase, work to be done, the rolling thunderboil.  It resonated, was exactly what I needed.

Daryl is such an interesting character, I read Norman wanted him to have a heart of gold under that rough past, made it happen onscreen.  Savvy Moon in Leo (rules heart) touch, I love it.  Well done.

Norman showing some IL love right onNorman is a Capricorn Sun square Saturn (refined) in Aries (action), with Mars (rules Aries) well placed in Scorpio (ancient ruler, regenerative power) in trine to Venus exalted in Pisces.  Quiet strength, resilient, fair – ready to kick ass into high gear metamorphosis when need be, also good senses re: heart of what matters.

Scorpio Mars square (internal tension) Mercury (communications) exalted in Aquarius, brain gears running rebel warp speed, yet not oppressive or showy but intense.  He speaks volumes when he doesn’t speak at all (see rolling thunderboil).  Late Virgo Pluto (Rx) out of sign conjunct Uranus conjunct Jupiter in early Libra – sweet rolling trines to earth Sun and air Mercury by transference of light.  Practical balance, exploring the intellectual intensity of relationships (Venus square Neptune).

Norman Reedus WD
Sideways, interesting divinations.

In a close up in the episode I was just watching (3/7), I noticed Norman has two moles on the left (private) side of his face near his mouth.  Moles are metal, considered lucky on the face, I have one on my left also – we will age well. More face reading info in previous posts here.

Jupiter (archer, travel) is conjunct Uranus (adoption, friends) in Libra (partnerships) which is well suited to both Daryl and Normans journey. Norman has spent many years traveling the globe since he was young – travel make camp, then pick up and move on.  Living the 5 life path dream.

Mercurial, (rules 5, and is exalted in Aquarius) thoughtful, kind…he says and does interesting things that shifts my perspective into high qi. He also likes cats (Leo Moon) which is always a plus in my book, having plenty of Leo myself.  Here he is with Eye in the Dark.  I’ll pop a vid in the comments as well.

Norman and Eye in the Dark

Scorpio Neptune trine 29 degree Pisces Chiron finds healing via discernment of emotional connections between all living things.  Very strong healing vibe worked well through the vehicle of film, (Neptune rules) both behind and in front of the lens.

Mercury exalted loves the intellectual perspective shifts creation delivers.
Venus exalted loves the emotional transcendence.
Norman is the best of both worlds, brilliant and compassionate.

The chosen work of the artist is always evident in the natal, as well as the person themselves.  I find it endlessly fascinating how we all manifest spirit through our work on earth. (Sun is spirit; Saturn, rules Capricorn, earth and work)

Norman archery

Interesting also – my brother was punctured by his arrow in a fall, pulled it out himself and hauled his ass outta the woods, alone.  Deets, story in previous post here.  Norman’s Leo Moon (actors, drama) is conjunct my brothers triple Leo Pluto Mars Saturn.

I came back specifically to edit in this amazing pic.
Norman Reedus bein all tactilePeace out ass kickers


billy_boyd 2

May I introduce Billy Boyd.
Billy is a not only a multi-Virgo with my heart up his sleeve, Billy is a Virgo wonderment. 
My Virgo stellium looks like chump change next to his.  Dig it !

Sun 4
Jupiter 13
Pluto 22
Mercury 22
Venus 23
Uranus 28

Now THAT is a stellium.

Billy ScotsSix Virgo Planets, Mars in Leo, Saturn Rx in Aries.
Outbound expression of Leo creativity via Mars power trine North Node of Destiny & Chiron Rx in Aries circumscribed by intense intellectual analyzation. + Cheeky !
Goal-enriched, focused, streamlined creativity.

Virgo restraint is brought to a crux by Pluto, Mercury, Venus (22,22,23) respectively; tight triple conjunction, mind you – straight to the chase, he is.  Perceptual shifts ongoing, daily routine reveals sacred patterns, philosophical shifts and psychological breakthroughs revealed via a mind busy with practical matters.

Virgo Pluto, Mercury/Venus are tightly sextile 23 Neptune in Scorpio, leading to much opportunity and ultimately success on stage in theater (Mars, Leo) as well as (Neptune ruled) film and music. Billy has an amazing voice, Beecake is fantastic, see vids in comments.  Well done.

Billy spies appleSaturn Rx as Yod focal point indicates adaptation, improvisation re: elements & modalities in re: to work, identity, intellect and expressing desires.  Points of a Yod see, feel and react differently – integration, co-operation needed; adaptation, improvisation on call.

Saturn Rx is not only in its fall, but also retrograde – which makes the reconfiguration of actions undergo continual reconsideration.  Actions are slowed and internalized while figuring out how to best express them.  Growing older, at which point expressing the planetary energy has been perfected, the energy is delivered outwardly.  (I have Saturn Rx in Aries, as does Thom Yorke.)  Seeking perfection is inherent – streamlined power in progress, editing on hand 24/7.  Aries Saturn as focal point indicates the need to overcompensate, overachieve and cover all the bases prior to action as well as in the process of doing it.
 Stardust and Melancholy photoStardust and Melancholy

North Node in Aries calls the spirit forth to bushwhack a new trail via impulse & instinct, the emphasis is on self-acceptance rather than seeking accolades through others.  Chiron Rx here is much the same, leading with the spirit of connection, new beginnings, meet/greet/make it neat (fast), move on.

Fire signs (as well as any planets therein) are the cheerleaders of the zodiac; Aries, doubly so – they are the I AM / WE ARE doing it FIRST primal people.  Aries North Node of Destiny, Chiron Rx, Saturn Rx are notable as they are Cardinal – focusing the drive of Billy’s mutable (adaptable) plow.  Mars in Leo is fixed, creative and backing with major powerhouse instinctual energy towards destiny via trine.

Cardinal inspiration, ideas, creativity, exceptionally vibrant healing* are given the reins here especially during fire sign transits. *For those who are of the *Chiron rules Virgo crowd; Sun & Chiron are in tandem giving and receiving great reception as Sun is exalted in Aries.

Beecake BillyBeecake on Twitter

Saturn prominent not only indicates restriction, but also older people, authority figures, ambitions a long-standing career and a love of work.  Billy lost his parents at a very young age and was raised by his grandmother.  Pluto, Mercury 22; Venus 23 Virgo indicates a woman stepping into his life to undertake personal responsibilities while he was young during a major life transition. (Pluto, death, transformation; Mercury, youth; Venus female; Virgo service to others.)  As a comparison, I’ll pop in my own deets: I’m Saturn ruled (in 3, siblings) all bros & sis are over 12 + years older than me.

Note current astro transits: Transiting Capricorn Pluto; Venus direct trine Virgo Jupiter (beneficial, though transformative change via art, communications, balance); Jupiter Rx sextile Virgo Jupiter (opportunity expansion); as well as transiting Uranus conjunct North Node of Destiny.  Uranus rules astrology…and you, my friend, are up to bat this time.  Welcome.

Amin merna quen, Mellonamin
alu telttyene meivseere
Yallume amin rin
Diola lle


whatever suits the sitch

shia-labeouf-transformers_1307732135The work of Shia LaBeouf is really not on my radar…that is until recently. 

It is all over the internet he is plagiarizing material right and left – interviews peppered with bizarre performance art/social commentary glee.  Here’s the gist: LaBeouf has been served a cease and desist from comic creator Daniel Clowes whose material was allegedly lifted “word for word” for a short film Shia claims to have written himself.

Today’s update here, links galore – knock yourself out. 
Now the astro, click on his name above for the astro deets.

Fourth house Gemini Sun, Leo Moon in six, Aquarius rising on 29th (last) degree.  Uranus Rx (ruler) in Sagittarius 10 opposite Sun exact – both square Jupiter in Pisces 1, making it focal planet of the T-square, one degree off exact.  Uranus in 10th signals a need for variety, changeable career, often large-scale career genius – but, poorly aspected to the planet ruling the house it sits in, can indicate a fall from grace.  

Mercury rules plagiarism; Mars, Neptune rule theft. 

Note: Oppositions expressed hi qi are co-operation; low qi are projection. 

Fifth house (creative house, Sun rules which is in poor aspect) Cancer Mercury opposite Neptune.  Cancer Venus conjunct (out of sign) Leo Moon both opposite Mars Rx in Capricorn.  Venus and Neptune are the lower and higher octaves of artistic expression, respectively. 

Transits, here is the interesting bit: natal Mars Rx in Capricorn parked at 23 degrees, and you guessed it – Sun Capricorn 20 conjunct Venus retrograde 21.  BAM.
Not to mention transit Pluto (struggle) in Capricorn is opposite natal Mercury within a degree; North Node of Destiny bang on natal Pluto in 8.

Venus Rx in Cap: Re-thinking the work, or perhaps the lack thereof. 
Whatever suits the sitch. 
We are all doing the same Venus transit, he is just doing it in spades.

Also of note is the incoming Full Moon at 25 degrees Cancer.  It first shines on his Cancer Mercury, then grows full on his natal Venus in the creative 5th house at 24 degrees opposite natal Mars. 
If you didn’t read the link above, I’ll save you some time.  He is reportedly retiring from public life. That would be Capricorn/Cancer axis indeed.


Skywalkers, Stargazers


Mark Lone

You knew this day was coming.
More Star Wars.
Specifically, Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker.

There are a multitude of micro/macro perspectives to be gleaned from one natal chart.

It is very similar to reading a 36 card Grand Tableau where each card lands on a house, connects to another card on another house…all forming energetic connections, a web  that begins to take shape and flesh out the bones of the story.
Shift focus onto another card, the story also shifts focus.
Reading cards or charts is akin to seeing shifting rainbow facets of a crystal prism. 

I read Mark’s natal and see Mark’s life journey.
I read Mark’s natal and I also see the journey of Luke.
I wrote about this prismatic sight before here.
Kind of like..Jedi Mind Tricks !


Mark is a Libra Sun/Saturn, Leo Moon, Capricorn rising, Neptune at MC.
North Node in Pisces further indicates work in the creative arts is a natural choice.
As does Mars/Pluto in creative Leo, a signature of creative drive/metamorphosis, particularly in the 8th.

Uranus is in Moon-ruled Cancer conjunct DC in the 7th forming the focal point of a T-Square with Jupiter Rx in Aries opposite Neptune as well as Sun/Saturn in Libra.
The need for creative freedom in relationships, both intellectually (3rd/9th axis) and emotionally (Cancer) is highlighted with this placement.  Communication is paramount with oppositions falling across the 3rd/9th house axis.

Star Wars - A New Hope (1977) Factors Commercial Poster by  Hildebrandt


One way out of that tough T-Square is Aries Jupiter trine Leo Moon – learning creative flexibility. Moon sextiles Sun/Saturn elevated, allowing a way around the mountain or(Saturnian restriction to spirit/Sun), if you will.
Another way out is a sextile from Cancer Uranus to Virgo Mercury (strong, it rules) or inventive thought, or in Mark’s case, building (Virgo Venus out of sign conjunct Leo Mars) not only a career in film, but also a rich career in voice work.

I also popped in asteroid 8958 Stargazer, for my fave scene (I’ll pop it in comments) where Luke watches the binary sunsets on Tatoonie.  Asteroid Stargazer is just what it sounds like, named in honor of amateur astronomers who love to gaze at the heavens.  Mark has Stargazer in Gemini (ahem binary) trine Neptune (film) in Libra at MC, square Mercury in Virgo (he doesn’t have to say a word in that scene, we totally get it).

milky-way-bulge-5NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESO/R. Hurt

Also of giddy note : 3 Jupiterian Jedi facts !

1 Mark’s Chiron is tightly conjunct the Galactic Center in expansive, higher minded Sagittarius and rising aka strong. 
2 North Node of Destiny in Pisces (cosmic healing) is quintile (special talents, genius expression) Chiron in Sagittarius.
3 Leo Mars is in harmonious trine to Galactic Center, quintile Fortuna in Scorpio 10, art changing how the world sees USE of personal power.

First, Chiron interp, then GC.

Chiron is the wounded healer, teacher / philosopher / healer who through learning how to deal with his own pain, gained vast knowledge in herbal medicines, ethics and fighting.  Chiron trained heroes.
Chiron in Sagittarius trains a LOT of them.
Just sayin’.

To interpret anything, you first have to know what it is.
The Galactic Center is about 27,000 light-years from Earth, (see our Sun near the Orion spur above) filled with dust, gas, 22 million red giant stars and a
supermassive black hole called  “Sagittarius A”.  Not unusual, scientists say black holes are at the center of most galaxies.

Center of Galaxy via NASAImage credit: NASA/CXC/UMass Amherst/Q.D.Wang et al. 

This Chandra X-Ray image (above) shows three massive star clusters: the Arches (upper right), Quintuplet (upper center), and the GC star cluster (bottom center), which is near the enormous black hole known as Sagittarius A.  Cool, yah ?!

A black hole is mass is packed into a tiny volume, squished to its ultimate density.  Black holes create stable deformations in the fabric of spacetime that affects matter moving around them.* Gas swirling around a black hole acts like the record needle, but instead of producing specific sounds, it produces certain frequencies of X-ray light. *First clue.
X-rays consist of electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths shorter than those of ultraviolet rays and longer than those of gamma rays.

E magsScientists think that gas particles moving in warped spacetime near the black hole exhibit two types of motions, each giving rise to a unique frequency. One motion is the orbital motion of the gas as it goes around the black hole. This produces the 450 Hz frequency. The lower 300 Hz frequency is caused by the gas wobbling slightly due to the spacetime deformations. source

To understand what happens inside a black hole, we need to invent new physics. Mathematician Juan Antonio Valiente Kroon 

ESO center_of_Milky_Way_GalaxyThe image above spans the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius, with the Milky Way’s dusty plane along a diagonal.  Surrounding the galactic center are narrow threads known as nonthermal filaments (NTFs), the most prominent of which are called the Arc, the Pelican, and the Snake. source

So how to interpret Galactic Center ?

First we are in a barred spiral, the bulge (central) stars are normally older red stars,  dating back to our galaxy’s beginnings 13.2 billion years ago.  These stars lack heavy elements needed to create planetary systems and life as we know it.*
That’s the second clue.
 mentioned frequencies scientists find shooting out of black holes above. Sagittarius A is supermassive, likely producing 300 – 450 Hz (+ ?) as well. 

The frequencies for each chakra energy center are:
Root – 256 Hz
Sacral – 288 Hz
Solar Plexus – 320 Hz
Heart – 341 Hz
Throat – 384 Hz
3rd Eye – 448 hz
Crown – 480 Hz

Of the six holy frequencies (ravi solfeggio here) 431 to 600Hz is associated with whole brain quadrant interconnectedness, connecting relationships. Sounds like a singularity  to me.*  You ?  More on chakras here.  *Third clue.

You can see from the electro-mag diagram above the visible light spectrum is just a small fraction of the information incoming that we are currently able to consciously process without technology.  Advancements in science have allowed us to communicate globally, see through matter (X-rays), presumably when conscious energy reaches gamma and upward we can experience time / space / dimensional singularity as well.*

Boiled down, my interpretation of Galactic Center is:
Information incoming/outgoing, lots more information still out there/in here.
Spacetime / mind over matter.

Curious exploration coupled with optimism.
Wisdom through experience, and all that implies.
I’ll let you stew on that last one a bit… 

Mark’s Chiron conjunct GC, Leo Mars trine, and N Node quintile ?
I see the Jedi Master plain and simple.

Mark brought the role of Luke Skywalker to life – that character, and his struggle to expand his perceptions captures the hearts, minds and imagination of anyone who has ever hoped and dreamed of learning, seeing, and being MORE.
Luke embodies the hero’s journey we all are on in some form or fashion. 
See Joseph Campbell here.
We all strive to connect cosmic meaning to everyday existence – impatiently so, which is largely why our Earth is in such a mess today – desires run rampant rather than sense.  Once Luke makes peace within himself, he begins to make peace with everyone else – he becomes the hero in his own story.

Like I said in post 7 (Solo), (Vader here) Star Wars changed my life.  As far as posts go, I am nearing a grand, I wanted to wait until the universe moved me to write this very special one.  Mars is coming to conjunct Mark’s Sun; Pisces Moon/Chiron are smack on his N Node in Pisces.  Now might be a good time to mention Mark’s Jupiter is conjunct my Saturn Rx in Aries, just like both Doctor Who and my former husband.  It is a fantastic, hopeful, buddy on tour energy that really helps me keep going in dark times, I am not surprised my first Jedi has this gift for me !

A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. 

So I promised to tell you how I see Luke in Mark’s chart.
Uranus in Cancer (separation from home, family, mother – yes Mark also moved house many times while young, see how astro switch hits ?!) Uranus also rules adoption, and Luke was secreted away to live with his Uncle Owen on Tatoonie after Leia died.  Mark’s MC – Neptune aka the hidden, also spiritual intelligence aka Jedi. Uranus rules rebels – in Cancer, Luke’s family is full of ‘em.

Surprise ! (Uranus) your quirky new droid (also Ura) has a message (sextile Mercury). You don’t know it yet (surprise/ knowing/Uran), but that hot chick is your twin (Mercury again, rules Gemini) sister.

See the Yoda quote above ?
Sun conjunct Saturn in Libra (Saturn is exalted here) that is a serious commitment to justice also heehee this is so fun with Neptune at MC, Luke was prophesied (Neptune)  to be the one that would bring Balance to The Force. (Libra MC)

May the Force be with You

Count Double Dooku Gem


My morning astro coffeechat & double Gemini Sir Christopher Lee.
YaY !  4 R A double Gem (Sun + Moon), Christopher has a very powerful chart with 2 T-squares.

Focal planets : Saturn, Uranus
SoOo not exactly surprising to find him voicing an astrology vid.
Saturn is trad ruler of Aquarius; Uranus the modern – Aquarius rules astrology.

Libra Saturn Rx focal (on the strengthening critical 0 degree, also exalted – BAM !) bang on the ASC (conj N Node and Jupiter Rx in 1st) square : Mars Rx in 3rd; Mercury in 9(ruling Gemini at MC – BOOM !); chart ruler Venus (Cancer 10).  Mercury and Venus are straddling MC. 
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clear for takeoff

Even with a life chock full of strange, these aspects feel weird.
Synchronicities/brainstorms are flying/raining in so fast I am losing count.

Shifts in the crusts post on the 9.27 for example, coincided with the most sublime focus in perspective – bending the crystal prismatic to YES. 
I knew I would know when I was ready, turns out I was not the only one.

I will explain…

First weekend of September I was chatting with one of my students about films/books she really digs Buddy Holly & Zac Efron, so I did a quickie run down for fun, explaining how the energy of synastry works.  Turns out Zac’s Sun is on her Moon (trine her Venus).  Sun/Moon is a great couples aspect (Yang male on Yin female), toss in harmony to Venus and that’s a great start.  Just a start – the whole wheel has to be considered, most definitely Mercury (communication) and Mars (heat !) as well.
Casting agents must moonlight in astrology – the good ones are certainly very intuitive about combinations of people.

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Mantis Monaghan

Dominic Monaghan with some kind of mantis.  I looked through 90+ pages of mantis in the bug field guide couldn’t ID it.  He ID’s bugs for peeps on twitter sometimes if you’re losing sleep over it. You can always find the guide in the sidebar under Earth if you get buggy curious, like me.
Mantis as totem highlights personal chi, focus, patience and stillness from within.  To African bushmen, the mantis embodies God as ‘the voice of the infinite in the small’, mantis is “the one who teaches”, they are wizards of perception – visible and invisible as they choose.  more mantis Previous mantis post here.

Timely…full Aquarius moon squares Dom’s Jupiter Rx in Toro, falls in his 3rd solar house: learning, thinking.  WoW.  No kidding, immediately after writing that sentence, I spied a single big black ant on my right (future).  Ants are without a doubt Saturnian.  Ants are social, industrious, hard-working and they carry more than their own weight.  

Dominic is a rollicking fun house of Sagittarius, 16 degree Sun, Neptune and Mars tightly conjunct following at 13 and 12 degrees, respectively. Honestly just a few days ago he wrote something on his twitter that made me burst out laughing with ‘I can’t believe you just said that !’, which was followed by ‘of course you just said it – you’re a Sag!’… hilar.

*Sun Neptune and Mars = Jedi vibe.

Perfect illustration of his *Spirit, Dreams, Action conjunction is this tweet from a few days ago: Visualize your dreams before you sleep at night. You will move closer to making them reality when you wake. Xxx be curious.

I knew the Jedi/natal aspects going in, (I have similar) but I forgot about this tattoo, (I’ve been cable free for years) until today. I love it !
Watch Kat ink Dom – -  tatt 1 - -  tatt 2

You have likely seen Dom as Charlie in Lost, Bolt in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and of course as
Meriadoc Brandybuck in Lord of the Rings. I just watched The Day last night, I liked it, gritty suspense that led me into funky dreamland.
Dom is currently living the sweet Sagittarius dream, globe-trotting and making friends with bugs & critters the world over for his hit BBC show, Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, which was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Reality Series in its first year.

I drug out rabbit ears and did the 2hr tweak for both the 11th Doctor and later, Dom.  (Having absolutely no luck, (local affiliate didn’t pick up either !) – me and my tv had a very bad, noisy break up.)  I have requested DMWT at my local library… where I have oodles and gobs of faith, I just have to have…patience……patience !


You can call Dom Spider-Man, because he just had a spider Ctenus monaghani named after him !  YaY
How cool is that ?!  
This pic is from Spidey 2 premiere in 2004.

Foreshadowing..?  Perhaps.  Spoilers .. !  haha It fits with your strong Saturnian vibe, very cool.

Dom has been an avid environmentalist for years, this pic is from one of the LotR premiers – check out more about Dom’s asteroid wood in previous eco / tree post here.  He owns a small forest in India, good work !

Nat’l Geo: Scientists believe that insects outnumber humans by more than a billion to one and that the world contains thousands of insect secrets waiting to be discovered. What is known about insects is that they are essential for ecosystems to thrive.
Dom rings peremier TreesSagittarius Sun tightly conjunct Neptune, Mars is an outward bound thrust toward spiritual teaching, karmic enlightenment, higher octaves of nature, art and the beauty in all that IS – actively pursuing, revealing and becoming ONE with the light behind the spiritual sun (cosmic expression rather than self expression).

Nature (Neptune) is the ultimate (Mars) I AM.
SEEing (Sagittarius) the Goddess/God particle as it manifests in all creation.
Note: Those who conserve nature are Saturnian 

Dom has 16 degree Leo Saturn Rx in exact trine to Sagittarius Sun in this triple conjunction indicating an active teaching, belief in a higher strength, willpower delivered by the infinite divine as is manifest (Sun rules Leo, life) here on Earth (Saturn) via the diversity of creatures across the globe (Sagittarius).

Uranus (diversity) and North Node of Destiny (future path) in Scorpio (research) trine  Moon (home, emotions) in Cancer (Moon strong, it rules) indicates both a love for living the rad boho home life as well as the research of it in transit (Uranus in Scorpio).

Our world is truly his oyster, and he delivers the pearls of Sagittarius wisdom.  Dom shares his unique brand of personal world-wide WILD research (Uranus, Scorpio) via what he SEES, what he experiences (Sagittarius stellium) on television. (Uranus)

Dealing with poisonous (Neptune) critters is all in a day’s work (trine Saturn).  Moon is instinctual feelings, Uranus is instinctual thinking – when both are in trine it sets up an avenue of non-verbal communication between species.  (I have Uranus trine Moon, my bro had Uranus Cancer in mutual reception with Moon in Aquarius)

All animals (yes, including humans) and especially wild animals communicate non-verbally, they know the friend or foe vibrations (Uranus) right off.  They KNOW that you are here as a friend to speak for them.  This is favorable, but remain sharp, Saturn (time) squares (friction) Uranus (fanatic, odd), resist the urge to go too quickly due to strong excitement.
Every being has a different baseline (natal, life chart) from which to operate.
Some relationships are more difficult than others – those that are difficult will be highly rewarding because they force growth.
Don’t be hasty.  Be careful out there.

Saturn in square to Uranus needs to cultivate love, patience, planning, humility and concentration for sudden surprises (Uranus) can be detrimental to the vital life force (Uranus square Leo).  This is an aspect of stubborn willfulness (fixed signs) that needs to fully tap into co-operation and understanding in relationships of all kinds (Saturn opposes Aquarius) in order to work high qi.  Saturn constricts; Uranus sets free - this is a restless energy from within (square) that needs tempering – find your middle ground between the two.

Fantastic Sag Wild pics on his instagram here.

There is an opportunity to USE (Saturn) the benefits of fame to teach others via (metamorphic) Pluto sextile Leo Saturn (creative work) and sextile Sagittarius stellium (teaching).  Pluto is focal planet of a T-Square (fulcrum of inner conflict) in Libra  bringing justice, transformative relationships – communication (Mercury) of feelings, family, home (Moon in Cancer) and the transformation of all of them into sharp focus.

The urge to penetrate cultural understandings, research the passionate spirit of humanity at large drives him to responsibly communicate the innate similarities between all peoples, cultures and critters.  He is a powerful storyteller that initiates action in others.  (Cardinal T-Square)

All life has the right to explore what it means to be alive.
Gneiss Moon

Metamorphosis, power struggle and re-birth arrive via partnership, bonds, women, harmony, diplomacy.  Great success hinges on seeing both sides of any and all situations regardless of sexual, cultural (Libra, Venus rules) or communicative differences – tap Moon in Cancer (rules, strong) sensitivity, sharing feelings, also cultivate adaptability to change.

Power over oneself, sharing power are hallmarks of the truly powerful.
This is also my lesson.  Just sayin’.

Pluto square (inner tension) Mercury in Capricorn (solid communication re: material responsibility), and Pluto square Moon in Cancer (emotions, home and sensitivities to fluctuating perceptions) are key points of power struggles and change with others.

Mercury in Capricorn (Saturn rules) indicates a serious thinker, bare bones communication that gets the job done. It is the epitome of dignified, logical, material goal-set.  While in opposition to Moon in Cancer, thinking, communicating and perceptions require compromise.  Family, women, the public, home (moon rules all 3) both personal and global, are calling for an awareness of duality.  Pluto in Libra transforms through seeing both sides.

What you say matters.
A Sagittarius stellium with Mercury in Capricorn..?
You walk the talk.

MY HOME :::opposes::: OUR WORLD
(Cancer :::peace talks::: Capricorn)

Obviously deep feelings backed by a deep commitment not only to cultivating and maintaining the balance of life, but also actively communicating it, often.
Great work, keep it UP !

Taurus Jupiter Rx square Saturn Rx in Leo is an aspect of inner tension re: work, expansion, long-term goals, how you are able to express yourself creatively.  Saturn constricts; Jupiter expands – the urge to go BIG is sometimes met with blockage.  Being fluid, rather than fixed (Taurus) and patiently waiting for the right time, and/or going around obstacles is key here – this is a test of patience re: authority (Saturn) and/or romance (Leo).

Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde which indicates a turning inward of these energies as they perfect expression to your satisfaction, at which time they will be expressed  outwardly.  Around the 40 year mark, the North Node of Destiny kicks in as innate spiritual willpower demands true self expression, much the same is true of retrogrades.  You are kicking it into high gear now, and will continue to do so.

Jupiter sees, teaches; Saturn streamlines, conserves.
You love travel, teaching and the Earth.
Boom – WIN !

Your North Node is ruled by Pluto – very powerful transformation is yours both creatively and romantically when you are in your metamorphic (Pluto, Libra) niche – the powerful need (Pluto) to express harmony, beauty and balance (Libra) is key.

I saved more of the good stuff for last…Capricorn Venus trine Jupiter in Taurus is sweet harmony between benefics – love (Venus) and expansion (Jupiter Rx) will be directly involved with how you USE (Capricorn) what you HAVE (Taurus).

I am a big fan of altitude, keep yours UP – if love, creative freedom or work is not delivered in what you deem a timely fashion (Venus in Capricorn) - remain patient, work hard, play hard (plenty of fire in your chart) and it will come to you in time - BIGTIME, if you remain flexible.

Cormlle naa tanya tel’raa

Falling into Pace

May I introduce Lee Pace.

I have loved his work since I first saw him in Wonderfalls, the loveable, quirky, hilarious show where the gift shop tshotshkes force cranky retail gal (Lee plays her brother) to grudgingly comply to their do-gooder bidding.

In Pushing Daisies, Lee is a strangely sweet mystery solving pie-maker that can spark life back into dead bodies, but can’t touch his childhood sweetheart.

I fell in love with The Fall and the vivid fantasy scenes imagined during story-telling sessions woven between two bedridden friends in hospital.

Obviously I was at the midnight showing of The Hobbit, but while mesmerized by the entrance of the Elvenking, I failed to recognize Lee as Thranduil.  I know weird – what can I say…?.. transfixed by the whole scene, his elven spell / fog threw me.
More on that below. **

Also, I am keenly rabid to keep away spoilers on the way in.
Trailers only for me.

…so…how did I finally figure it out ?

His voice.

I watched Breaking Dawn again.   Lee plays Garrett, the nomadic vampire who falls for Kate, the vamp who whammies everyone with a psychic electrical shock.  His rollicking sexy portrayal was all kinds of fun to watch.  He spoke, and I knew instantly.

Lee is a Aries Sun conjunct Mercury Rx – both trine a 29 (culmination) degree Cancer Jupiter.  Obviously a gung-ho to go Aries !  Jupiter expands any contact it makes, and in Lee’s natal, it trines his spirit (Sun) as well as revolutionary, innovative Uranus.

Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries is quick to get to the gusto of any conversation, also just as quick to move on.  Enthusiastic and bold, this combo in trine to Jupiter Rx exalted in Cancer indicates a very caring, generous and open-hearted person that is happy to be a team player working towards a common goal.  Room to roam at home (Jupiter) is a hallmark of this placement as is being a gracious host and being well-liked by the public (moon) at large. 

Lee has a grand water trine: Jupiter in Cancer; Uranus in Scorpio; Mars in Pisces.  All indicating strongly sensitive outward bound energy coupled with an underlying subtlety of instinct.  Water trines indicate emotional, intuitive vibrations, compassionate souls with a desire to delve deep into the subconscious world.  A great core to tap into while acting – the psychology of people and what moves them – Lee’s got it !  Confidence and chutzpah while not in your face about it – fire happening in water can do that sneak up on you while you’re not looking thing, very, very well.

Scorpio Uranus Rx is square Venus in Aquarius, that’s a love of the odd and unusual, the dark and deep knowing of one’s personal magnetism – yet also the reluctance to rely upon it.  It is an aspect of boho beauty and magnetic charm that bucks trends by making them instead.  It indicates a strange dance between magnetic attraction of Venus and the repulsion that is innate to Uranus with the shocking undertow of regenerative Scorpio power.  Scorpio desires intensity while Uranus demands freedom, working in tandem, they are a fascinating combo onscreen.

Aquarius Venus also trines Pluto Rx in Libra, air to air – or intellectual and artistic rebirth in order to find balance and explore differing cultures, ways of living, ideas and art forms on all social levels. Conversations with friends (Venus in Aquarius cultivates  friends in droves, and the lover must be the best of them) are rich and intense with a surprising kicker popped in on occasion, this also appears in his choices (Venus) of art forms.  Emotionally sweet, quirky / funky with a powerful underlying sex appeal + a zap of surprise – the jolly good transformation of perspectives and ideas.

This is Lee as (the sensationally sassy ~>) Calpernia Addams in Soldier’s Girl.  I just watched a clip, I gotta get ahold of this, obviously a must-see. 

Lee has Saturn Rx in Virgo showing a detail-driven worker who can be overly critical of work performance – Saturn restricts, perfects, streamlines.  Saturn Rx adds a blessing of concentration to balance an emotionally hair-trigger water trine.  Mars, Jupiter and Uranus (grand water trine) in aspect to one another is a tremendous positive outgoing force that inundates slowly like a stealthy Jedi Master on top of his game.

That brings me to Mars in Pisces, Jedi vibe all the way – energy directed towards healing, universality and transcendence on a mass scale via inclusiveness and high qi love.  Pisces is high magick aka baptismal waves in the arts/film/music in some form or fashion – suffering leads to transcendence and nirvana – fueling the art form.  Literally fueling, as Mars squares Neptune Rx (rules Pisces) exact in Sagittarius which indicates an internal tension between rash, enthusiastic exploration at high tide, and the need to recede, ponder and dwell at low tide.  Very aware teacher, kind, understanding, sees the good in people.

It is worthy of note that Lee has 6 retrograde planets, indicating an inward seeking perfection that slowly reveals itself outwardly as he grows older and channels the planetary energies to his satisfaction.  Six retrograde planets and a grand water trine ?  Lee is undoubtedly keeping quite a bit very close to the vest.

Now the bonus round – quintiles or uncommon gifts.
Lee has Aquarius Venus quintile Chiron in Toro – intellectual balance, acceptance of human foibles meets steadfast desires to unify through love and patience  … wounding and healing through teaching, mentoring regarding same.

Virgo Saturn Rx quintile Uranus Rx in Scorpio spotlights intellectual boundaries and  perceptions broken, altered and reformed.  The no-nonsense phoenix of the future, probing the universal subconscious, the global heart.

Now, onto my moose dream. **
I posted about the dream on Feb 8 2012 here, but did not elaborate because it seemed irrelevant at the time.
Turns out it was relevant.
I dreamt I was with a friend (I haven’t seen in years) of mine from the Pacific Northwest, we were 4 wheeling out there, and I saw a moose.  I pointed it out, said “Moose”.  She glances over at me as we bounce on the ruts, and says “That’s not a moose”, I disagreed and the discussion continued along this vein until it ended with her saying, “You’ll see”.
Ok. ..  wtf ?
I remember thinking when I woke up: dream clarity = predictive.  How odd,  Moose ?!
I live in the central US – cornfields – no moose anywhere near me. So, I e-mailed her, we chatted and it pretty much ended there.  Then 10 months later is the midnight Hobbit, Thranduil enters on horned animal, I gape in marvel of Peter Jackson’s wizardry: thinking Elvenking +  psychic horns, Brilliant, etc…

The scene lasted a few seconds, I didn’t dwell on it – only when I went hunting up pics of Lee as Thranduil did I realize there is a ton of online moose/elk hilarity.
So for the record, it’s an Elk.
An Elvish Elk.

Vanya sulie, mellon en mellonamin


say Grace.

Mesmerizing Grace Jones.
I was transfixed as a teen by her stunning individuality and provocative presence. I read, watched everything I could get about her then, and I still have a pic of her from an old Creem mag from ages ago – and obviously Zula was a win for Conan freaks like me.  When I saw this cleverly caustic video ripping corporate culture, I had to look up her deets !

Taurus Sun and North Node; Libra Moon/Neptune – Venus co-rules both signs – so yes incredibly artistic, knock-out gorgeous and with Venus in Moon-ruled Cancer, she is all woman, very feminine.

Yet Grace possesses such an unusually innovative femininity.  Mercury conjunct (its higher communication octave) Uranus (the unique) in Gemini while trine to Libra Moon/Neptune delights !  – delivering an edge of rebellion and a revolutionary approach to conventional, traditional beauty.  Gemini thinks about Libra balance; tinkers and tweaks the thought processes of the public re: image. (Moon, Venus)

Grace exudes refined intellectualism (Mars in Virgo as well) coupled with the rolling thunder sensuality of her Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo aka. formidable willpower to transform through artistic creativity.

Mercury/Uranus opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius (sign it rules) is pushing the edges, the awareness of boundaries (gender, race, power) exploring the philosophies of people and the inter-relations between them on both a personal and global scale.

Grace has Jupiter in Sagittarius – both rule the legs and thighs.

Zula in the comments


Even when I’m dead, I’ll swim through the Earth,
like a mermaid of the soil,  j
ust to be next to your bones.

Jeffery McDaniel

I love this photo because it is not the hollyweird glam money shot – instead, concentration whittles Elijah’s brow, while he manifests his magickal mojo, mister encyclopedia of music.  He is quite astounding really, rambling conjunctions of musical genres tumble out organically, he binds the knots between arts, it has been thus for years.  He is quite committed to The Art of Elysium, which brings the arts to children battling serious illnesses.  Elijah spins vinyl all over the world (since his breakout NZ spins during LotR) with his friend Cowie, under the name Wooden Wisdom.  You can listen to daily picks from Cowie aka Turquoise Wisdom at play it as it lathes.

In this photo is Elijah delving deep into his intellectual water element: Neptune (seas of music) in Sagittarius (exploratory teacher of music, film, memories, mysticism) sextiles his Aquarius (Mercury exalted) / Mars conjunction making him a curious  intellectual researcher; he desires the unique, he is a brilliant communicator.  This aspect also endows him with insight into the human electrical (heart, North Node in Leo) spiritual power grid.  Unusual powers of communication, love, balance and acceptance through trials are his forte – he sees the future – the big spiritual picture.

This is likely more keenly felt as Elijah’s 29 degree (previously more private) Scorpio Uranus has progressed into Sagittarius, giving his thinking a more philosophical, expansive, worldly curious vibe.  This rare progression is also evident by his public presence (publishing his ideas – ‘succumbing to the wiles of twitter’  lol.) on the web since November 2010 here.  Check him out, he posts really cool stuff.

Elijah’s Neptune (film) in Sagittarius also sextiles Pluto Rx in Libra (transformative, provocative art tweaking the balance).  He is fascinated by reflection images (Moon and Venus rule), his photographs incite intellectual perception probing.  He is in the viewers face, yet he is not – he represents the hidden portion of ourselves – we look at not only what we see (others , Aquarian), but how we see (ourselves, Leo).  He engages the viewer in curious contemplation of fame/infamy, of the extraordinary/commonality of all people, everywhere.
He forces us to perceive him, how we are – he showing us our guts, beautifully.
Libra Pluto Rx trine Aquarius Mercury/Mars; both sextile Neptune in Sagittarius – harmonious melding of personal/public (social) viewpoints, the ethical philosophy of SEEING.

Now would be an excellent time to mention Elijah’s pre-birth Lunar Eclipse (8 days prior to his birth).  Zero degree Aquarius (other) Sun opposite zero degree Leo Moon (self) – both square Pluto in Libra.  Learning to detach from the collective in order to nurture his emotional ego while creatively expressing unique traits and individual talents is his vibration.  Most of this growth will revolve around provoking intense transformation of both himself and others via relationships and creativity.

Elijah is a powerfully fluid dancer (Neptune) full of kinetic energy.  Pluto Rx trines his Mercury/Mars conjunction in Aquarius which is a fabulous representation of two of his childhood nicknames: Spark plug Monkey.  (Mercury rules names) Pluto Rx trine  Aquarius is electrical rebirth; Monkeys are Mercury (conjunct Mars in Aquarius – high octane monkeyshines).

Elijah, astute in business, (Venus in Cap mutual reception Saturn in Libra) has diversified interests including producing films (upcoming Black Wings Has My Angel), and running his own record label Simian Records.
He has a massive vinyl collection, is a self-confessed foodie (his parents ran a deli when he was living in Iowa) with a particular penchant for pizza pies and slow smoked dry rub meat.  He takes pictures of his food like I take pictures of my tarot spreads, cute.
Below Elijah is interviewed by Jason Z, another music freak friend – see JZ’s page here for tunes he posts daily.

Venus in Capricorn in mutual reception with Saturn Rx in Libra (Jupiter Rx tightly conjunct) finds balance through work, love and love of work.  Elijah (working in film since the age of 8) is pictured below as Huckleberry Finn in 1993, the same year he was awarded the Best Performance by a Younger Actor for Radio Flyer.
His earliest work includes a cameo in Paula Abdul’s Forever Your Girl video, and Back to the Future II as a video-gamer.  Elijah IS an avid gamer – he and Dom have a great time ripping on each other at the KNUCKLE Fantastic Debates.

Elijah’s tight (big/time) Jupiter [Saturn exalted] conjunction in Libra indicates a serious work ethic, long-term, broad artistic vision as well as a philosophical bent toward old school craftsmanship and tradition.  Which by the way, I LOVE.  Capricorn Venus in mutual reception with Saturn [Jupiter conjunction] square Pluto Rx in Libra has a particular desire to transform old school traditions/values of the past into the future across the broad social stratum.  This conjunction/reception in addition to Aquarius Sun makes Elijah an outstanding team player * note fellowship, and curiously Venus rules rings; Saturn, restriction; Pluto, delivering it to hell and back again.
Jupiter expands the burden, but also brings hope and luck.

Ye olde books say this conjunction (Jupiter/Saturn) is a sign of a “fresh start” chart, or coming into this life free of past karma – it requires hard work and other tense aspects to challenge the native to excel.  Interestingly, Elijah has no oppositions* (read Georgia O’Keefee, no squares)  indicating he gets along with others very well – the bulk of his learning in this life is centered on inner conflict and creative tensions.

Saturn Rx and Jupiter Rx in Libra trine his Aquarius Sun – he is a forging a loving bridge, (Mercury trine Pluto [both rule bridges] Libra; Chiron Taurus) weaving creative, diplomatic connections between the past and present.  Elijah’s Chiron is smack on my Moon and I find this true of him.  Sun square Moon also creates tension/potential between the past/future.  Which leads me to his Moon in Scorpio which is opposite  Chiron – his one opposition.*  Moon opposite Chiron indicates a strong female presence in the early life (also mother/public, Moon rules both) who has served as a catalyst for intense emotional growth.

Capricorn Venus square Pluto Rx in Libra indicates the same growth through restriction  of love, creativity, time and patience which produces intense deep-seated personal metamorphosis that strives for ultimate harmony and balance.  The love/art he craves must penetrate the psyche, provoke intense transformational experiences and reveal fascinating alternative perspectives.  It must also withstand the test of time.

Aquarius Mercury/Mars square Uranus Scorpio indicates a highly energetic mind that tends towards being high-strung.  This aspect signals deep rooted intellectual powers that revolutionize psychological boundaries through eccentric experiences.  Unusual willfulness and the desire to control (fixed signs) coupled with power struggles sparked by keen powers of intuition into the human psyche (both personal and global) need to be tempered by patient understanding and adaptation.
Elijah handles this explosive, reactionary (sometimes violent) aspect quite well by immersing himself in the horror genre, his most recent offering Maniac is a remake of the cult classic William Lustig slasher flick.  He is also owner/partner in a new horror/fantasy/sci-fi film/music management company, SpectreVision.

Sun square Moon indicates powerful lessons between conscious/subconscious, spirit/ instinct, extrovert/introvert, will/emotions, home/career, Mother Moon/ Father Sun, private psyche/public acclaim.  North Node in Leo opposes Sun which urges Elijah  further into the spotlight as he ages, particularly as his outer planet retrogrades in  Venus-ruled Libra kick in and he takes a more executive, behind-the-scenes role in creating films.  (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Rx)

Elijah is in my mind, a Scorpio rising without a doubt.  Magnetic, quietly imposing, heavy eyelids (bedroom eyes), intense gazeScorp rising puts Uranus (the extraordinary) on the 29th (culmination) degree of the first house (appearance) which rules the eyes and Elijah is well-known for his mesmerizing big blue eyes.  He is also Capricorn strong (Jupiter conjunct Saturn, Venus in Cap) and has lovely bone structure.

sic itur ad astra


Cate as Galadriel of Lórien

Cate is phenomenal, just adore her work . . . and she bronzed her elvish ears.
I am soOo on board with that !

Cate is a Taurus packing 5 retrograde planets: Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto; indicating introverted planetary expression in the younger years while finding the personal compass.  Retrograde energies prospect their internal ground – fine tune, hone their craft well into later years, when they blossom outwardly, radiantly.

Cate’s Aries Venus is trine Mars in Sagittarius - Love of passionate FIRE – the urge to explore and express the ethical dilemmas born of the human instinct.  Mercury in Gemini (ruling; strong – also rules Virgo) opposes Sag Mars – gathering the info is only pulling back the bowstring for Cate – the possibilities are endless, but she brings the delicate minutiae to each role (Mars square Pluto in Virgo) fleshing out each character believably.

Toro Sun finds the worth of artistic expression through opposition with Neptune in Scorpio.  Neptune opposite Sun can mean a suffering, battered ego made stronger – a path of transcendence – soul and spirit wants and needs to both experience and express the depths; wrangling, funneling Mercurial communication through the Virgoan combine of self-improvement is part and parcel of healing others through common expression.

Cate has Uranus 0 degrees in (Venus-ruled) Libra –  a boho planet on a springboard Cardinal degree – signifying  a sweetly compelling yet surprisingly uppercutting rebel artistic streak.

Explanation and exploration (Mars square Ura/Jup/Plu) of human frailty reveals itself through an artistic earthbound lesson – the shades and shifts of human ethics. Cate’s artwork is passionate, courageous, surprisingly bold yet brilliantly understated.

The Lady of Light, The Lady of the Wood.

The Lady of Light bears the ring, Nenya, also known as the Ring of Adamant, the Ring of Water, which was made in the Second Age, along with the other two Elven Rings, Narya and Vilya.  Nenya is not normally visible; Frodo can see it by virtue of being a Ring-bearer, Sam tells Galadriel he only “saw a star through your fingers.”

Nenya’s power was preservation, protection, and concealment from evil.

Neptune much ? 
Preservation of life, nature.
High qi magick, spirituality.

Such is the longing of Pisces . . .gazing anywhere anyplace and anywhen . . . feeling the oceans of life, adrift and ever feeling.

Rescue, healing.

Buddhist non-attachment or barnacles encrusted.  ?
To wear a ring of power is to be alone.

I have them (Venus Neptuner) squared, in my natal.
The present energy – conjunct is sweet - gifty.

(rather than grifty)

The balance is so delicate – always – it requires / re-wires finesse.
Experience is the best teacher.

Merc Rx + Sat Rx

I am drinking it in, feeling, learning, adapting.
May the octaves of love wash waves of cosmic knowledge over you when you need a light in dark places….

Seasamin arwen en amin