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Voted Miss SaturnSmackDown

justice_league_no_13_by_alexgarner-d5f8x1lAlex Garner

For the purpose of this post – the above symbolizes – me and whomever.

I’m just going to go ahead and say it.

I don’t get along well with many women.
I really don’t get along with people in general.
The astrology of Popularity here: Lionization.

It shows in my natal.
Moon (public) opposite Neptune in 11
8th house Venus (others) conjunct Jupiter (lots of others) in square to Neptune 11
Sun (self/eg.me) conjunct Uranus (groups/society) conjunct Pluto (struggle) in 9

I have tried getting around it…
I thought maybe being online not directly dealing face-to-face with people that my energy would be better received.
Not so.
Especially having Sun/Uranus/Pluto in 9 aka The Internet.
I have power, respect my power, show my power and am typically:
1 ignored
2 power-tripper magnet
I outlined the herstory of Uranus Pluto (Sun) before here on Serenity Now.

Right now Saturn is square natal Venus and I am frankly, over it.
The combo of recent astro to my natal is a mofo titan trip - Ballroom Blitz.

My saving graces are:
1. North Node in Aries – I will keep going no matter what anyone thinks or says.
2. I am Capricorn rising, Saturn-ruled (fall in Aries and retrograde) with Saturn trine Mars.

Saturn and Mars are men.  (Sun also)
As a rule, we get along just fine.
Less games, less competitive BS.
I can be who I am without them getting all judgmental & up themselves like prissy drama queens when I stand in my power.

Strong women who have enough confidence in themselves to accept and in fact applaud another woman’s power in their presence ?
We also get along just fine.
I know what I’m doing.  I study and hone my craft, and I know if another is lacking in the remedial basics but being a blowhard power-tripper despite it.

You dug your own grave.

I have only so much patience for rampant ignorance.
You don’t like me – find the door.
It is what it is.
I for one, am looking forward to Saturn the hell out of Scorpio.

Gneiss Moon

Dance of Destiny

under_the_mountain_by_balance_sheet-d5yio79-1Steve Hamilton

Seventeen degree Mars is square both North and South Node of Destiny.
Much more on the Nodes of the Moon here.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, going great gusto (even if behind the scenes on a waning moon in Libra) driving the engines of our lives with personal power and desire to not only live - but also thrive.

Traditionally North Node of Destiny in the natal is where we are headed, it is Jupiter in nature of expression, we learn new things on the ever-expansive learning curve.  South Node of Destiny is where we are living repetition, it is the well-worn path of been there, done that, it seems stagnant and predictable, more Saturn in nature of expression.

While we watch Nodes of the Moon traverse the wheel in our lives, they indicate where the current phase of expansion is indicated.  North Node is in Libra, interp here.

What I find interesting is that Mars is not only charring away exalted in Capricorn, but also rules the Aries South Node.
Venus rules the North Node where Saturn (past experience/diplomacy) is exalted.

This speaks of the desire to finish past work on the emotional home front (Moon).  Love and money balance/trades, releasing the past and working toward the future.
We want it now !
There is work to be done – find/build the balance you seek.  Finish the old, take what you need to create a better future and move on.
The past only defines you as much as you let it.

You define you.
Every single moment holds a new chance.

FullSizeRender 2Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards

Here is the card I drew to lead us into our future…an item that has deep significance and is worn as protection in spiritual matters.  Claim your talisman, send it energy, keep it close day and night, it will become stronger with you.

Mars in square to Destiny’s calling equals creative tension between past/now/future.  It also indicates rock hard determination and endurance over the long haul.  
Easing the friction is the only way we truly grow.  Trines, sextiles are grease to the wheel – but the hard aspects like squares and difficult conjunctions really make us sweat the labor, get it done.

No matter what has happened in your past, gather your hopes and dreams for the future and get to work on achieving them today Mars is behind you all the way !


Hands-on Healing

imageMary-El Tarot

Upcoming Chiron direct has led me to dig a little deeper into healing. 
Good healers tend to have the Sun in a fire sign or Scorpio.  Uranus and Neptune strong indicate absent or faith healing, the kind of healing used in reiki attunements across time and space.

Naturopaths are strong in Virgo and Scorpio, they tend to have natal charts that show adaptability and magnetism.  Magnetic healers tend to have Scorpio strong at birth, with Sun or Rising, or Neptune in good aspect to Venus and Mercury, Jupiter trine Moon, or Mars in the 12th in good aspect.  Also note hands are Mercury ruled.

Symptoms of the ill often fluctuate with the magnetics of both the body and the earth, worsening at night when the Moon (feeling) is the stronger luminary force.  Also because healing often is taking place with the assistance of another, know that those with harmonious rising signs/6th house/Saturn aspects will indicate compatibility and therefore, greater healing exchange.  The energies will support one another, allowing greater trust, energy exchange and speedier healing to occur.

I drew a card with the question:
What need we know to help us heal with Chiron’s direct motion ?

We must free ourselves from the prisons of our own minds.  The reverberations of doubt that echo must be shaken.  Change your perspective, see your situation from a different vantage point.  Perception shifts will open the door to knowledge that will change you forever.  Keep your eyes on the outcome, not the distractions that slow your progress.  Know thyself.  Be true to your brave heart.
Chiron moves in square to Sagittarius Venus, quincunx Uranus in Aries.  Higher seeing experience/knowing meets fresh new mindsets ala Aries.  Be the change.

imageNext question:
Easier said that done.  How do we begin to go about it?

Know their are wheels within wheels of Fire.  Creation, destruction, transformative power manifested on the material plane so we may experience and grow. This is the hero’s journey we call life.  Inspiration, sweat, blood and tears that form and shape the energy of our souls. We live, we learn.
Rise above everything, see the world from a divine perspective.  This is you and your life: falling on occasion, once again rising to meet your destiny, your true greatness.

Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.
Serbian proverb

Just keep swimming
Gneiss Moon

Finding the Navel


centaur artist unknownChase Stone

Chiron Direct 13 Pisces November 23
Chicago 5:45pm
Edinburgh 11:45pm
November 24
Wellington 12:45pm

Pisces Chiron stations Direct in square to Sagittarius Venus, in sextile to Capricorn Pluto, quincunx Aries Uranus.  Balance is sought, the opportunity to cultivate harmony via transformative relationship work is favored.  Houses Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries feel the stress & make adjustments.

This Venus operates healing through Sagittarius realms of higher learning, independent thinking, philosophy and adventures far and wide.  Note I am not only referring to physical travel, for Sagittarius Venus takes creative mental vacations as well.

Be Visionary.

We address values, compare and contrast healing methods/situations.  What energies help/hinder, heal/wound – and by that, yes I mean people.  Venus sees sides, Pisces Chiron has none, save One.  That which is formless and that which is tangible begin to shift into balance with Chiron moving direct.  We have to relate to others, how best to do so when the energies clash ?  Venus says find the middle, the navel, the love/peace.

We feel/see from where the change needs to come, adaptation/improvisation are working inventive solutions (Chiron quincunx Uranus).  Sacrifice of one thing will lead to the growth we need elsewhere - aka healing.  Transformation of health/character will lead to healthy regeneration.

Chiron stationing quincunx Aries Uranus – we KNOW what needs healing, where the wound is buried. This transit encourages us to find the courage to address it – head on.

Make it so.




New Moon 0 Sagittarius
Saturday November 22
6:32am Chicago
12:32pm London
9:32pm Tokyo

New Moons are yin/yang, introverted/extroverted as well as conscious/subconscious, personal /collective.  New Moons are a time of intense energy focus and concentration in the sign they occur - moving both outward and inward.
Yes, Moon intakes even in a positive sign.

New Moon conjunct Sun in Sagittarius squares off with Pisces Neptune by 3 degrees, widely trines Uranus by 11.  Sagittarius New Moon (particularly at 0 degrees) highlights new beginnings that have far-reaching consequences.  Moon is conjunct Venus leading new emotional horizons into more harmonious territories.  Refine expansions, attract reverence, wisdom.

Healing is highlighted: self-improvement and universal compassion go hand in hand.
If your compassion does not include yourself it is incomplete. - Jack Kornfield
Have the willpower to be independent in thought, you will be rewarded with this moon.

Moon first meets Sun in fire, squares Neptune in water, conjuncts Venus in fire - then trines Uranus, then Jupiter (rules this new moon) also in fire.  This is a New Moon of faith – at the outset, full of blind squares aka unidentifiable internal tension which usually reads like:

I can’t
I shouldn’t/wouldn’t/couldn’t
I don’t understand why
That would never happen in a million years
Sagittarius is allergic to words without wiggle room.  All mutables are.

As the moon travels we receive insight and grace, we luck into the sunshine spots and feel the gambles have worked for the best – provided we headed in with positive intent.
This new moon accentuates higher education, publishing aka internet, teaching, law, expanding horizons, and the great outdoors.

If you choose to work magick, know that it will reverberate far & wide across time & space.

In peace
Gneiss Moon
Ps. Atokirina are woodsprites, seeds from the Tree of Souls – very pure spirits.



Vibrational Energy Oracle

Quick card draw for focused spirit of Neptune direct for all my readers.  With apologies, I have slowed in posting – day job is very busy and I have been fending off a cold.

Skilled Craftsperson

A time of learning, apprenticeship when knowledge is discovered & shared.  Honing your craft, perfecting your skills.

Be in harmony with the vibration of success, yet unhurried.  Expertise takes time and work.

Enjoy the journey…

peace GMA

Self possession

tumblr_lc8pjaHh731qzt4vjo1_500David Szakaly

Neptune direct at 4 Pisces November 16, interp here on Tide Turns.

I found it curious that the best time to hypnotize someone is an Air Moon – particularly an Aquarius Moon.  It’s an intellectual moon, mind over matter/mindset.  Interesting, yes ?

What makes a subject easily hypnotized ?
Not too surprising is it ?  
Easily swayed like the tides, emotional and permeable, Neptune is hard to get a handle on, hidden in fog, smoke and mirrors.  Deception and illusion and/or the creatively inspired artist.
Tortured…?…well, that’s optional.

Those who are easily hypnotized show Negative Yin signs strong in the natal.
Negative signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.
Strong negative = Ascendant, Midheaven, angles, holding luminaries and/or Mercury.

Those who are easily hypnotized have Neptune in hard aspect aka conjunct/square luminaries or personal planets showing inner conflict resolution, great build up of tension/release.

This hard Neptune is particularly dangerous for those with afflicted Neptune at ASC or in the 6th, 8th, 10th or 12th.  Be cautious of water, emotions, qi vamps, hypnosis or dabbling in the occult without the good sense to back it up.

Think about these things as Neptune stations direct, for at this time more than any other, there is vulnerability – seeing around corners requires several perspective shifts and/or intense divination sessions.

FullSizeRenderOracle of the Radiant Sun

This card I drew specifically for Neptune direct – to see behind the veil, around the corner and through to the heart of the matter.

Q: What do we need to know about Neptune direct that we cannot see ? 

A: Defense of what is valued.  
Think love, money, power and personal zen.
Stuff and things are Taurus, love and emotions are Venus which rules Taurus.

Bull-headed stubborn ownership of personal place on earth, wherever or whomever that is/or you consider it to be.
Is home four walls and a roof (TWD ref haha) or is home where the heart is ?
Or have you given up on love and chosen career instead ?
Work to defend and protect what you truly value.
Only you know.

Look to your natal Venus (lower octave of Neptune) for clues.
Also note that Venus moves into Sagittarius soon after Neptune stations direct (click Tide Turns above) and that means Scorpion possessiveness gives up the ghost for more adventurous travels.

Late Venus Scorpio is richly saturated in sexual power, self-possession aka internal metamorphosis.
Make it work !

Look also to your natal Taurus house as well as natal Mars.
Note also Mars is in Capricorn, an earthy achievement sign which considers itself for good reason to be the Big Kahuna.  Mars is exalted in the sign of work, career and achievement.

cathartic art & sweet dreams

Thundering Wisdom

FullSizeRender 16Buddha Tarot, Robert Place

Last night I watched a great doco about Tibetan Buddhist Monks who are channelers for the great spiritual guides and deities of Buddhism.  
It was fascinating, so I’ll link it in the comments if you are curious.

Today’s question travels closely with our growing Uranus/ Pluto square over the coming months as well as Sun square Jupiter over the next two days.  

Q: What do buddhist spiritual guides wish us to know for best dealings with this aspect through my tarot deck ?

A:  Aksobhya is the rising sun of the east.  What is immovable and unshakeable about him is his trust and confidence.  His wisdom is direct from knowledge of The One, not theory.

All Buddhas represent love, but Aksobhya loves wisdom and philosophy.
He is seen performing the Victory mudra that Gautama used when he conquered Mara (Lord of Death).

His throne is supported by the strongest, wisest, kindest of animals – Elephants.  
His emblem is the vajra, the ancient thunder weapon of the gods.
This card represents Thinking, Confidence and Wisdom.
Mastery over thought will prove our best guide during this oncoming square.
Know when to speak – know when to listen.
FullSizeRender 17
Spirit Card: Crux of the sitch
The night of Siddhartha’s 29th birthday, full moon of the Wesak when he chose to leave his palace temple for good to seek his destiny.  

Over 547 lifetimes the Buddha purified himself and perfected the ten virtues:  generosity, morality, renunciation, intelligenceenergy, patience, truthfulness, determination, benevolence and equanimity.

Note some of these are active/dynamic – not all are passive.  
These are called the Heroic Virtues.  
We need both passive/active virtues in order to be a whole spiritual being.

This card underlies the karmic lesson that we get what we give.
Only too often we give what we get. (for good or ill)

Know better – do better.
Break the endless cycles of karma.


Pure Energy

FullSizeRender 15Quantum Tarot

Q: How to best bridge the energy of the inner & outer planetary transits, the crux of dealing with the matter.

A: The answer is, not too surprisingly, Death.  

Be the change.  
Inner planets are our personal expression: Sun/spirit, Moon/feelings, Venus/love, Mars/anger.
As we move out into the solar system planets become more social.  
Saturn/work Jupiter/higher learning.
Then we move out to the slow-moving generational planets Uranus/global consciousness, Neptune/global subconscious, Pluto/global energy/kundalini.

Keep in mind outer planets are felt personally when jammed up next to a personal planet in the natal chart.  How well I know this – Sun/Uranus/Pluto.
Matter and antimatter particles meet and destroy each other in order for New particles to be created.  Ultimately the particles are changed rather than destroyed.
They have the same mass, but an opposite charge – when they meet they create Pure Energy.

Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical adaptation allows new growth in accordance with new circumstances.  Change is stressful, difficult, we drag our feet and resist due to fear.  We cling to what we know rather than letting go and facing the unknown.

Embrace change, for it will find you regardless.


Ballroom Blitz

Chase Stone 1Chase Stone (click it for big & beautiful !)

I am feeling every bit of this image at the mo. 
Titans all over me like hair on ape. 

Saturn on Neptuner (my biggie)
Jupiter on Venus/Jupes (square my Neptune)
Uranus on Saturn (Cap ASC, ruler)
Uranus square Pluto (Virgo Sun/Uran/Pluto here)

Astrological alignment – respect !
Squares everydamnwhere and admittedly some things are giving away for the moment while I am shoring up elsewhere. It’s a horse & pony juggling act and I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

It’s a ballroom blitz, I have a fistful of lightning days.

Leo/Scorpio 19-27 degrees and Capricorn/Aries 8-14 degrees are feeling the heat, going head to head – steady as she goes.  Leave one thing to idle momentarily if you need to concentrate elsewhere, now.  This is internal friction, go easy.

Choose your battles wisely.
Find your balance.

Moon is on the wane as the square heats up with Mars/Pluto square Uranus.
Work hard, rest well.

Two exact hits of Uranus square Pluto left:
12 15 2014 Uranus Rx – 12 degrees
03 17 2015 Both Direct – 15 degrees

New Moon at 0 Sagittarius on the 22nd.
More on that later, stay tuned.

Peace out

Tide Turns

Sailor_Neptun_by_LimKisMasha Gubar

November 16 Neptune Direct 4 Pisces
Chicago 1:04am
London 7:04am
Tokyo 4:04pm

Venus into Sagittarius until December 10

The Octaves of creativity, love and devotion are on the move while in (out of sign) square to one another.  Venus in late Scorpio (until 1:03pm, Chicago) is intensely saturated with transformative power while Neptune is released from retrograde navel gazing.

Water to water – emotions run their courses.  Venus is personal transcendence and metamorphosis extraordinaire while in Scorpio.  Struggles of love/art control/desire, what is mine/ours run still waters deep, in dark secret.  Expansion has been put on hold for inward metamorphosis called strongest.  (Square Jupiter)

Lady love crossing the threshold into Sagittarius brings freedom, exploration and a much more optimistic vibration.  Neptune stations direct opposite Virgo Moon, a tidal swell of thoughts/emotions/instincts via another/public are likely.  Glean insights, move on … Moon will pass quickly.

Neptune in flux increases dreams, inspirations, healing, creative urges, poetry, music/meditation/divination benders.
Be on the lookout for low qi expressions: illusion/delusion, medicating/numbing the heightened sensitivity, spaciness, fanciful fabrications.

Venus and Neptune meet up in Pisces (with Mars/Chiron) late January.

Gneiss Moon


FullSizeRender 14Secrets of the Necronomicon
Vampire Tarot

Q: Insight for all my readers…what evil lurks, what danger lies in the shadows of Mars/Pluto in Capricorn.

Mars/Pluto in Capricorn is men, Men, MEN as well as power, time, work and career and the power to work hard to achieve goals/climb your chosen mountain.
Note: both are square Uranus in Aries = radical shifts in perspectives – weird bolts from the blue and shocking insights.

Knight of Cups – A young man who appears poised, calm on the outside – but on the inside is intense, seething with determination.  Those who keep their secrets well guarded, are crafty and subtle.  Ruthless ambition, single-minded devotion to one goal, and one goal alone.

Judging by the image, the possibility of abandoning goals in favor of pan-like drunken/love debauchery also exists.  Too much of anything is still too much – be it sun or shadow.  Material earth-bound lesson via Jupiter.

This potent, purpose-driven person can generate mistrust, dislike and jealousy.  This can obviously be you or someone else but it is likely both.

Wagon: This Chariot carries the undead.  Incredibly apt for Mars/Pluto in Capricorn. This card is forward movement up the mountain to the fortress through forces that oppose you.
This chariot is also escaping internal forces which create opposition within yourself.

Protecting life and death and love in the midst of forces that are often out of our control.  Or are they…?…not if you believe in Karma aka Saturn (rules Capricorn).
Self-control and restriction forced to the breaking point.  This also indicates home turf/ground which Dracula would take with him to ease his symptoms.

Metamorphosis and change factors heavily, as well as night hours and what happens to your energy with the cycles of the Sun/Moon.  Note also Dracula was a animagus who could spy undetected by hiding in another form.  Who is the spy ?  You or another ?  Again, likely both.

This card can represent an unexpected package, visitor – likely a man or something work or energy related.

The star is from the Magpie Oracle, created by Carrie Paris.
Even for the undead there remains a glimmer of hope.

Gneiss Moon


Richard Armitage3Richard Armitage

I love watching Richard chew Middle Earth scenery - a commanding, Kingly presence indeed – authoritative voice, confident swagger that is Leo incarnate. 

Richard is a late degree Leo Sun conjunct Venus (within a degree).  Sun in the sign it rules, tightly conjunct Venus is creatively beneficial - attracting those who stand apart, are willpowered, fun and expressive.  Leo Sun/Venus is an affectionate combo, very generous, eager to play and have fun, but also demands its due - in respect as well as love. 

Courageous Leo loves camaraderie, happily shares the wealth of spirit inherent to house of Sun; Virgo Moon is more reticent to take the spotlight, preferring to work quietly, diligently on the craft.  Moon in Virgo needs intellectual feeding to feel emotionally satisfied, further highlighted by Mercury in house.

Mental gymnastics feed the creative prowess, leading to focused self-expression.  Practicality meets perfectionism, versatility bred by sensing sacred patterns, making connections.  Clever emotional weaving of worlds holds court, thoughts pave the road to success, solving the restless tension via Mercury (tightest focal, see below) is key.

Richard Armitage2

Sun/Venus Leo is very giving/heartfelt, full of hope.  If they do not receive in kind, they are forgiving, but their pride takes a hit and their light dims. (Sun rules Leo.)  I mention this as Richard has a rolling (out of sign) stellium with Venus/Sun/Mercury collectively serving as joint focal points in a T-Square.

Squares indicate personal metamorphosis, internal obstacles leading to massive growth.  T-Square focal points are a funnel for expression.  See Bruce Lee.

Richard’s Venus/Sun/Mercury are rolling focals square both Saturn and Jupiter/Neptune indicating intense focus on art, work, diplomacy and life philosophies.  Think/see/learn/desire/analyze are all getting the workout – squares keep the road hot because we want to scratch the itch of friction.

Communicating depth perception (Saturn/restriction) breathes full flexibility into the house of Gemini, which craves nuance and information exchange.  Expression is crucial to breaking he crystallizations of Saturn – house Gemini loves change while Saturn does not – best bet is to find the balance and work it.

Leo Venus in exact square to Scorpio Neptune indicates high qi awareness/creativity when channeled correctly, low qi delusion/obsession when living in shadow.  Hard aspects between Venus and Neptune are the hallmark of a creative, sensitive soul – octaves of artistic expression working together.  Late Leo Sun conjunct Venus further highlights this strength.

Richard Armitage

Also of note is the similarity/individual nuances between Richard and Martin Freeman (Bilbo) who were both born in the UK within a month of each other.  Their charts are similar (esp. the outer planets) but the inner planets determine personal expression, hence only a wide similarity. House placements will also determine much that I am unable to tell without the exact time of birth.  I am have done a solar chart (Noon) for both men.  If you would like to compare, Martin’s chart interp is here.

Similarities include Mars conjunct North Node in trine to Uranus, and a Grand Air Trine (communication) but Richard has a much tighter conjunction between Mars and North Node of Destiny by less than a degree.  Uranus trine Saturn trine Mars/NNode circulates social/generational stream of consciousness  ideas – while driving action to change.

Richard has Mars quintile (gifts, talents) Neptune indicating a love of music, film, as well as plenty of peace and quiet to let the mind wander and relax.  Hiking and getting right with nature is a great work/stress reducer.

Now for seeing Thorin in his chart. 
Hello, the Leo has landed. 

Leo is royalty; Saturn is lineage - ancestry through the Father aka Capricorn/Saturn.
Fits the Thorin II Oakenshield bill.
(Son of Thrain II, grandson of King Thor.)
No great love of elves via Saturn opposing Neptune – King Thranduil did not assist the dwarves when Smaug took over Erebor, their lonely mountain home.

Sun conjunct Venus in late Leo ?
Leo loves the shiny gold bling (Leo rules gold) - mountains of it. (Saturn)
Just saying’.

Gneiss Moon

Revolve, Evolve

imageWild Wood Tarot

Question: What would animals of the world like to tell humans so that we may collectively move into our highest most benevolent outcome ?

Answer: Time to make decisions & choose priorities.  New challenges means developing new tools, ways of thinking that suit the new sitch.

Bows wear out, arrows warp over time changing their accuracy.
They are no longer true.
Note Leo Jupiter T-Square focal point with Taurus Full Moon – Sun opposition.

Have faith in the next step – shared power & respect for all life.

Make it so.

peace out
Gneiss Moon

Whisperings in the Wood

FullSizeRender 13Dark Goddess Tarot

Full Moon incoming in Taurus opposing Venus/Sun.
This card popped up when I asked what the Goddess (Venus) would have us know that we cannot see.  I asked for a card to enlighten us all.

Baba Yaga IX (Hermit)
Russian Witch of the Wood

Baba yaga has boney legs, iron teeth, a large distinctive nose and a house that follows her wherever she goes.
Sounds very Moonish/Cancerish yes ?  A shell of golden mean insights await us with this lunation, dive into the well of Venusian navel gazing.  (Venus rules the navel.)

As the Uranus Pluto square increases we are indeed called to re-examine bonds and contracts we make/made with others and also ourselves.  Wise council is indicated – be with your own power – the knowledge and wisdom that is your path alone.

Distractions and challenges are full of rewards for experience brings wisdom.
Trust your own momentum, Saturn need not bring stagnation but instead count on focus and determination.

Virtue, honesty and integrity are forest wild, the pure laws of Mother Nature rule here.  She is the wisest old crone of them all.

Follow your hearts intuition over authoritative dictates.
Show respect to the ancients (storm/mountains/stream/fire) and they will assist you in your journey.  Offerings to trees and wood are beneficial at this time.  Listen to the wind whispering through the trees…you will find your answer there.

peace & love
Gneiss Moon