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bad kung fu

photo 46Vibrational Energy Oracle

I pulled this card Cellular Collapse to focus on Pisces Venus and Neptune as they relate to Jupiter in Cancer.   Venus is applying trine to Jupiter.

Distillation into ONE card, best focus, highest manifestation of these energies.

Are you at war with your body – ? – the hostility has been too much.
Now is the time to heal, be well ON ALL LEVELS.
Accept the changes in your vibration and let go of the stress that is making you sick.  Listen to your body… it whispers before it screams.

Transformation incoming, invite it in & accept it.


Interestingly, I pulled this just prior to lunch, then read afterward on twitter Norman Reedus has a broken bone in his foot from kicking Djimon Hounsou while filming the sci-fi movie Air.
Bummer.  I’ll send some reiki later this eve after work, always helps.  I put people right to sleep, Theta waves let the natural body healing take over.

I’ll pop in Norman’s quickie transits here:

Norman’s a Capricorn Sun at 15.
Transit Mars Rx at 15 Libra squares.
Transit Jupiter at 13 Cancer opposes.
Transit Mercury at 18 Aries/Uranus at 13 opposing transit Mars Rx and squaring natal Sun at 15.

Norman’s Sun in Capricorn is getting lots of stress at the moment.
Capricorn rules bones, work, particularly the career.
Feel better Norman !  

+ Everyone else, all my readers – be careful out there, ok ?

Peace Out


I always get major brain downloads when I am driving and/or mowing the yard.
Mars (the blade) in Sag trines my Saturn in 3rd house (short commutes); quintiles my Uranus in 9 (walking).

So I am thinking Uranus square Pluto – Shaman square Wizard.

We have all we need right here.
Fire – Aries
Earth – Capricorn
Air – Uranus
Water – Pluto

Not to mention Cardinal Cross is Across
Aries – Fire
Cancer – Water
Libra – Air
Capricorn – Earth

Robin Wood Tarot

Intent for todays read:
What we need to focus on while magickally using ALL the elements, ALL the signs of seasonal changes at our backs as we move toward the perfected square and the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Look who shows up…

RobinWoodTarot-HighPriestessHigh Priestess is the Yin Magician, the void.
Mars Rx in Libra is Fire in Airwe actively THINK our way out of the box BEFORE we ACT on any decisions we make – we navel gaze as the moon grows dark.
Venus rules navels – 2 eclipses + Mars Rx all Venusian; Venus is in Pisces, exalted.

What is ending with FULL BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE ?  What will be born with NEW MOON in Taurus ?

This birth is hidden, veiled, even from ourselves.  Eclipses bring intense speed, fluctuations.  As we approach New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 29th, our insight sharpens – we focus our intent + manifest.

These eclipses highlight Love, Money, Artistic and Partnership realms.

Below is the High Priestess I pulled, from the Mary-El tarot.  She wears a shield, grows roots into the earth, she has antennae – very spiritually attuned, she rises from the Temple of the Subterranean Waters on a Full Moon with a lotus blooming in the mud at her feet.  Master of internal seas - she is a healer, a psychic, a dreamtime visionary.

photo 43High priestess is the hymen priestess (barrier shifts, elasticity), guardian of the gates between life and death – the hidden wisdom beyond the veil.  She shadows and shades, creates mystery – perceptions unused in broad daylight are sharp, heightened.  Instincts rule the night.

She is the unknown, a contrast to certainty - she goes with the universal flow.
She is the darkest of nights before the dawn.

Priestess speaks of the spirited female who will not be subservient to the male yang principle. She is Lilith, first woman bitch goddess who refused to lie below Adam in biblical Genesis.  She is knowledge, temptation, darkness, chaos, destruction, death - vilified as serpent.
This gives rise to thoughts of the unsullied, the unbroken.  Spirit may rise and fall, like the tides and phases of the moon, but spirit is not ever, truly, forever broken. 

Foil to yang Magician, she is the dark night that gives birth to the day – coupled, they form the primordial universe.

Priestess symbolizes that which remains hidden, but will eventually come to light.
She indicates a time of deep reflection, following inner guidance, tapping the ancient source of spirit from the well within.

photo 44Message from Spirit:

Lilith, logic and lungs unite – knowledge of good and evil, first breaths of free will.
Enlightenment and redemption of thoughts after the fall from One.  Born locked in a prison of flesh and desire, we grow aware, learn, seek our exalted destiny through hard work and self-reflection.

Two of Swords rises to create through intelligence and communication, the highest art form of earthkind.  Two of swords is the airy space between heaven and earth that is filled with thoughts and flight – very Uranian !   

Words and thoughts have wings – be careful what you wishbone for.
Intelligent creative manifestations via language - temperance, transformation.
Brainstorms in your inner landscape leading to new altitudes and peace of mind.

Be fierce, clear a space your future can grow in.
Be specific
in your new moon intentions, but not overly – give them room to breathe and grow.

peace out

poles of perception

The observant few will note this lecture is 6+hours. 
haaa No, I do not think anyone but the McKenna freaks will give it a go, but it IS loaded with mind expansion ideas.  I fall asleep listening to lectures all the time, packed 9th house, Mars in Sag at the backdoor.  Facts seep in while I sleep.

I think of Uranus square Pluto as the Shaman square Wizard transit.
We are working out our personal power expressions, honing our skills, sharpening our blades, streamlining our moves.

Terence is a 12th house Scorpio Sun Venus Jupes, I dig him.  He barely takes a breath in this, dude has plenty to say about journeying.

A bit from Ralph Metzner who is speaking at the intro.  I paraphrase here, but it’s the first 4 minutes or so…

He disagrees with Jung who said alchemists project their unconscious into matter.  Metzner says ancestral mythologies are consciously projected, what we have been taught is already surface material.  Our projections are a combination of both conscious and unconscious.

What he says after I find fascinating because it speaks to the psychic boundaries needed when you are a sensitive, psychic, empath.
Whatever you call it, you are tuning IN.

Think water houses Cancer/Moon, Scorpio/Pluto and Pisces/Neptune.

Projection and perception are the two poles or processes of intention.
We need to cultivate reception or more specifically apperception – or the ability to assimilate what is incoming via Fully Conscious Perception. (Uranus)

Discernment between what is coming from within and what is coming from without (Saturn is the closed door) keeps the psychic healthy, our intentions & manifestations impeccable.


seat of the shamans

photo 41Secret Dakini Oracle

Quick read, tons going on at the mo.  Last night I watched Game of Thrones with a friend who is kind enough to wait for me to arrive on Mondays so we can watch it together.
Ok.  So I watched that, then Blood Moon.  Yee gads.  creepfest.

Doing a quick read for the short term energies up to bat.
Long term: Full Moon dissipates to New Toro Moon Solar Eclipse at 8 Taurus on April 29 while Uranus square Pluto perfects on the 20-21 at 13 degrees.
Short Term: Moon in Scorpio coming to trine Neptune in Pisces, Venus in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer, Chiron in Pisces before it conjuncts Saturn Rx.

Waterworks, research, fine tuning our feelings via some deep digging, personal reflection.

Intent: Most insightful direction that leads to our highest manifestations of these trines.  Working those well is the key to helping us overcome a sky full of Cardinal Cross.

25 – Three-Fold Riddle aka Seven
Seven is an intellectual, metaphysical number that symbolizes choice and spiritual development; ruled by Uranus.
Discrimination: This card is Air/Swords, which Scorpio knows all too well with its traditional ruler being Mars, the blade.
Identity is secret, they represent growth done in secret.  (3 is Jupiter)  Their clothing is akin to spirit flesh taken on to dwell on the earthy plane.  They are Guardians of the Great Illusion.

Humans seek enlightenment, research karma, metaphysics in order to understand the meaning of life.  Where do I belong, why am I here, what do I do, etc…
Finding the answer to this riddle is an individual process, a spiritual quest, a shamanic path only you walk, only you know.  Look into the depths of your unconscious mind; be open to emotional answers coming in waves.
Later, assimilate with practical Saturn on board alongside prior to New Moon.


photo 42
44 – Heart Drop aka Eight; Eight is ruled by Mars, it is a number representing power, strength, effort, success and regeneration.  Eight is a number of leadership, management and accumulating wealth.  Mars Rx in Libra decides relationship directions, deftly pruning the out of synch,  privately.
This card is Water/Cups which again indicates the need for processing and regeneration of the heart/love space as we balance two eclipses in TWO VENUS RULED SIGNS.
From the third eye rubies fall representing the distillation and crystallization of the mystical on the earth plane.  Integrating both Male and Female principles is the alchemy of these eclipses involving Moon (yin) and Sun (yang).
Realization of the power of the heart as the seat of wisdom.
Very plainly on the menu as Venus and Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces healing up our wounds with the help and faith and optimism of Jupiter alongside in Cancer.

Make this Scorpio moon work for you – DIG DEEP into heartspace.
Answer your own riddles.


points of prosperity

fuhismi lukerobinson gadling dot comLuke Robinson

Fushimi Inari Taisha is a shrine dedicated to Inari, the Shinto god of rice. Tens of thousands of these gates form a path that winds through a forest and up Mount Inari. The gates themselves are typically donated by businessmen – who pay upwards of thousands of dollars – with hopes that it will bring them good fortunes.

Okay, so I know diddly about Japanese mythology, but low and behold, there is an asteroid for this god.  Sometimes Inari is depicted as an old man on a bag of rice,  others, a young woman on a fox. more here

Asteroid Inari 1532

Inari is the offspring of the impetuous storm god, Susanoo.  Inari is protector of rice cultivation, who furthers prosperity and is worshiped particularly by merchants and tradesmen.  Inari is patron deity of swordsmiths and is associated with brothels and entertainers.
Inari is currently at 4 Libra.


Eric Montfort  + More amazing terraces here

I have Inari conjunct MC / Mercury from the 9th in Libra which is interesting considering in a past life I was available for the highest bidders only.  (Venus/Jupes 8th !)

I do love sifting through the natal for these tidbits.  One life, I was a witch burned at the stake; another, I was an artist of royals who was killed by a jealous rival.  Every time I became known, recognized - I was killed.  Sun/Uranus Pluto much ? ! … and I thought it was just my biggie shy Neptuner.  Nope.

I mention all this is because I am having a nodal return.
As if Pluto Rx on Moon degree, Full Moon Eclipse, whack Saturn/Neptune transits are not enough to process, lol.
SN on NN, vice versa.  Bang on !

Explanation of Lunar Nodes here and here.

North Node transit North Node - all pistons firing forward growth, situations culminate and destined meetings clear the path for you.  People incoming that help guide you, assist you in reaching your life goals. Approximate ages: 19, 38, 57, 75
If you are on the ball at 19-20, hey right on.  Most people get into the nodal groove at 38 after they have played out their younger years and are ready to get serious.

North Node transit South Node - doors to the past close via your future beckoning you.  Concrete decisions in the now force closure of past events. Cohesive clarity of talents and contributions.  Understanding what benefits personal growth, leaving behind that which does not.  Yes, help from others that makes these choices ring like bells.  Approximate ages: 9, 28, 46, 65

Note: Nodes are points, not planets, so they may be missed if you are not aware of them.  They are not like planetary energies gnashing via transits, rather they are an open door to walk through or not.
I can tell you I have definitely felt a tonnage of closure recently, due mainly to the work I have done here at GMA, including synchronicity out the wahzoo specifically regarding past events.  N Node on S Node (vice versa) is most definitely a cosmic weigh station, the check UP, the check IN and
Move It On Up vibe.

Live Long and Prosper

Curing Chronic Cairns

Thunderbird Moon Art Card by Joe WilsonMoon  Joe Wilson

So yeah, hope everyone out there is doing fabulous for Full Lunar Eclipse, tax season, Uranus square Pluto nearing Rx station, though if you are just hanging on by a thread, you are not alone. 
I am having my share of body issues with some heinous Saturn/Neptune transits. Feeling exhausted by the slightest effort when my brain is finally whirling with clarity and wants to write, complete and explore a million ideas is not my idea of fun, but I am rolling with it as there is no other option at this time. 

Or is there ?

No big secret Virgos are health conscious neat freaks, but being one of the late 60′s variety, I am really socking the life lessons away with this perfecting square.  Venus is moving towards Chiron which is another whole Chronic emotional / spiritual / mental health issue I have been working on for. what. seems. like. ever.  So I will share what I have been reading watching and learning of late on my own healing journey…

In the interest of Lunar and Solar – one is a bit woo woo; the other more science based.
Both are worthy of exploration and end up meeting in the middle.
Truth is truth after all

First: Theta Healing (founded by Vianna Stibal)
Theta is REM dream sleep (4 – 7.9 Hz) primo for healing and access to unconscious mind and deep behavioral changes.  I wrote re: Theta here in Deep in the End Zone.

This healing modality works on 4 levels.

CORE – beliefs from conception to present
GENETIC – DNA / cellular memory going back 7 generations
HISTORY – past lives, morphogenetic fields, group memories
SOUL – completely individual past life memories

I love how in the video below Vianna says that each pain or health issue serves some life purpose - consciously or subconsciously we are creating it.  Very similar to the old astrology axiom:

The body is the end terminal for difficulties.  If handled on the mental and emotional levels, they need not manifest on the physical level.  Individual vibrating to highest self saves pain and suffering.



Vianna takes a Theta journey through 7 Planes of Existence, directly tapping into healing from source.

1  non-organics
2 organics
3 humans animals
4 spirit
5 duality: negative entities, egos - angels, Council of 12, ascended masters
6 Cosmic Laws -  here on a previous post, Vairagya
7 Pure Energy of Creation

There is of course, gobs more in her books, this is just a peek to get you thinking.
I’ll pop the 7 planes meditation in the comments.

Sun Joe WilsonSun Joe Wilson

Next up is Dr. Lissa Rankin, the daughter of a doctor who is an MD herself, she had a Saturn Return (right around age 30) from hell that changed her whole life path.
She wrote Mind over Medicine.

Saturn kicks asses to the curb – BIG WALL, BIG TEST - been there, done that.
Do the work, don’t give in, get stronger - Life becomes so much more authentic.

Lisa highlights a need for a whole healthy life


health surrounding the

Inner Pilot Light
Work & Life Purpose
Financial Health
Mental Health

Health in all these areas will lead to PHYSICAL wellness.  Symptoms disappear as we become less stressed, more relaxed and happier.   Seems obvious, yes ?  I love to hear it from a Doctor’s standpoint.  Fantastic !  So two vids from her as well.  Love the story she tells below about the happy gardener, wine-maker who beat the odds given him.

Happy Healing !
Balance and Grace and Peace on the Planets

LoS LyonsCairns
Salmon Fest – Lyons, Co.  09.2000

Zodiac Evolution

Hi folks, you know the drill.
Dim lights, go fullscreen.
This is
A M A Z I N G  !

Murat Saygıner is a visionary artist who works in the fields of art photography and
computer graphics, and is also known as a digital artist, filmmaker and composer.

The groovy video above was posted on Vimeo two weeks ago, just prior to his Venus return.  I’ll pop the other vids below – they are equally stunning. 

Murat is a Pisces Sun conjunct North Node, Venus (exalted) in early Pisces. 
Obviously a talented creator in the world of film, his North Node sextiles Capricorn Uranus exact, giving him a working leading edge in the futuristic fieldwork of computer graphics.

Uranus is conjunct Cap Saturn (ruling) bang on Neptune at 11 degrees. Opportunities for success through innovative work in the film industry is primo with this rolling work and career conjunction sextiling the rolling conjunction of exalted art in Pisces. 

Mercury (exalted) in Aquarius squares Scorpio Pluto (ruling) exact, Mercury also squares Mars by a wider orb, making it focal planet in a T-square.  Pluto opposes Mars/Jupes making research, laser-like precision, patience, attention to details of the structures and perspectives paramount. 

Mars Jupiter are conjunct in late (Venus-ruled) Taurus delivering yet another (though out-of-sign) square of artistic energy to Venus in early Pisces.  Yet another fine example of using the creative tension present in squares to best advantage.
Well done !


continuous becoming

photo 40Tarot of the Origins

I was thinking of hope for all of us when I drew this card.  A card of hope that will lead us to our highest manifestations on the Earthly plane as well as the spiritual, emotional and mental planes.

The nature of flowing and continuous becoming.

Venus on Neptune today – the octaves of artistic expression, healing and music in harmony plus in trine to Jupiter in Cancer.

Transformative cure of issues involving faith, beliefs, and personal zen are incoming to houses:
Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio.

This card is going with the flow, practicing adaptability - which is certainly needed during these tough aspects of the Cardinal Cross.  Inner growth in tandem with outer growth, with very little rest or rebound time.  Go easy, rest up and bob & weave.
This card relates to Temperance.

I read this recently, found it indicative of the current aspects above us…

The soul desires empowerment and expansion through new forms of knowledge and new ways of deeply relating to others and the world.  The ego requires security through familiarity,  seeking to defend its own comfort zone from the powerful urge to transform past prior limitations.

Mark Jones – Healing the Soul: Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes



outside the box

Boris Vallejo


Eclipses interp here - Power Steering.

Like many, I am having one hell of an eclipse ride, and yes, I have a few choice words to add to the celestial gumbo.  Moon IS in Virgo, after all.
I am finding my voice, becoming stronger.

Astrology is the best tool for understanding wtf is going on with me & you & everybody else.  Above and beyond the clarity it delivers as an intricate personal life map, astrology delivers amazingly profound insights into how & why people approach life differently.  Any expectation of similar reactions between any two people becomes decisively idiotic when one is intimately familiar with the myriad of astrological variables.

Trust – Virgos LOVE being intimately familiar with a myriad of variables.

Asteroid Logos 58534 – Logical, rational, reasoned discourse.  Data, variables, weaving sacred patterns, shamanic distillation, extraction or assemblage.
currently Logos Rx at 28 Virgo (at the nodal degree)

I had yet another eclipse deal breaker moment earlier this evening.
I think outside the box, do my own thing, which is not often appreciated, or accepted.

Pfft. Fuckit.  I’m done.  It has been a loOong time coming.
FiveFiveFive on the clock when I left work + a nanosecond after my circuit breaker finally blew, Ganesha popped off the wall.  BOOM

That brings me to something else, my writing.  The circuit breaker I am referring to above is my brain – I know my writing sometimes throws a tangential curve Phrases drop into my brainpan via Saturn Aries 3 trine Sag Mars quintile Uranus 9 + Merc MC quintlie ASC.  Many times I have heard that I have said the exact word/phrase called for in a reading that confirms, clarifies, is the catalyst for change.

These phrases from the multiverses are triggers meant to shift your perspective.

I don’t and won’t write ponderous prose pieces with corners tucked so tight you can bounce a quarter to the ceiling.  I don’t slip chocolates under your word pillow or give you the tit.  My writing style is Aesop’s, Cliff’s Notes, Dynamic Ditty.
Countless times what I write is correct at the backdoor, only to disappear/change via strange computer blips upon public post. (Sun/Ura/Plu 9) 
I don’t like it, but I live with it, I am the unapologetic Queen of Edit.

Next full disclosure - I cover addiction astrology here at GMA for a reason – I am one.
Classic Venus square Neptuner issue + when you toss in biggie-size Jupiter…well it ain’t pretty.  Several months ago, someone said something that pissed me off, triggered something else that pissed me off and next thing I know, deamon brew has me by the throat again.  I was doing all I could to fix the sitch privately without a win.  It sucked. 
Then my catalyst walked in, recalibrated my headspace – cold turkey, just like always.  Eight weeks out today.

Speaking of deamons and Archangels, I have no qualms about using both decks side by side.  Why ?  I know my shadow side - I don’t live there - but I know it.  Those who refuse to look are (as my old therapist used to say) frosting the turd.
I have far too much Scorpio for that. + I am a multi-Virgo intimately familiar with a myriad of variables.

Love and light decks lean too far to the saccharine, equate the devil to a bad day, 10 of swords to oops ! the unicorn fainted – while some deamon decks are too far entrenched in the negative abyss, the devil becomes spirit possession in need of exorcism, 10 of swords becomes serial killer rampage.

My intent as Divenusian is to uncover the truth - plain and simple.
I use each deck as a foil to the other.
Part and parcel of Libra MC.

Todays cards drawn for incoming Full Moon Eclipse in Libra.
Fallen Angel Oracle

ForneusElement: Earth
Planet: Moon

Forneus teaches the knowledge and understanding of languages and tongues, the art of rhetoric.  Being a worthy and honest opponent leads to a good reputation, makes one beloved by foes as well as friends.
His totem beast is a sea monster, signifying deep knowledge and understanding of the subconscious, including the shadow side – the faults we prefer to disregard, but which trip us up when ignored.

EpipArchangel Raziel
Student teaching & mentorships – lights passing each other on spiritual journeys.

Self-discovery, contemplating mysteries.  Steering your ship.  Wise advice incoming.
Hermit heeding own counsel.


cups overflowing

YemajaYemaja is the Nigerian Goddess of flowing water, bringing luck and fertility – her name means fish mother, hence the net for luck during fishing season.
Brazilian goddess Iemanja is the spirit of the ocean, bringing foresight, divination and psychic abilities.   Yemaya is the Yoruban Orisha, Goddess of the living ocean, source of all rivers.  The amneotic fluid inside the mother’s womb is also a sea where the embryo must transform and evolve (through a form similar to a fish) before becoming a human baby, in this way, she is Mother of all.

OlokunJames C. Lewis

Olokun is patron Orisa of the descendants of Africans that were abducted during the Transatlantic slave trade, aka The Middle Passage, or Maafa which means great disaster in Swahili.  This Orisa’s name is dervived from Olo (owner) of Okun (oceans) and can be called on to assist with future visions and enduring hardships with patience and grace.

Olokun is patron of unfathomable knowing – spiritual quests across lifetimes, psychic abilities, dreaming, meditation, mental health and water based healing. Olokun is one of many Orisa known to help women that desire children.

Venus in Pisces

Venusian cups overflow in Pisces.  
They are compassionate, genius artisans, sensitive to vibrations and highly intuitive.
Venus attracts – in this sign she attracts musicians, artists, poets and creators that spin their rich fantasy lives into magnificent manifestations on the material plane.

Venus in Pisces transcends, often through a painful process of separation from others.
Pisces naturally inclines to inclusiveness, leading the love sensitives to full immersion in murky waters of over-dependency or co-dependency.  They attract mysterious mystical partners who tend to be elusive themselves.

Hopeful romantics seduced by ethereal beauty of people and lush experiences, Venus in Pisces is often the martyred patron saint of doomed relationships.  They are born with rose-colored glasses, seeing love in everything and everyone – devastated if that love is not returned equally.  Choice of partner is of the utmost importance for this Venus placement – for they will unconsciously absorb many qualities and traits of their partner.

This tendency to immersion experiences is the tipping point for many Venusians in this sign.  Loss of boundaries and the incoming rush of feelings and vibrations from others is heady and intense, but often leads to a need to numb the senses when the noise outside of oneself becomes too overwhelming.

Here is where Venus in Pisces falls and rises like the tides with the feeling moon.
When seclusion is needed, silence craved, they can often mistake alcoholism, drugs, dependency on anything that stops the tidal flow of sensitivities as a good solution.

Tender psyche, feelings need poised reflection  +  boundaries set.

Forgiving others comes all too easily – devotion to forgiving oneself needs cultivation.
This placement of Venus also is known to have very strong angels guarding and protecting them throughout their lives.
When vibrating high qi – this placement of Venus is extremely compassionate towards all people, particularly the underdogs living in poverty without hope.  Here, in Pisces, this Venus rises and shines brightly – the light bearer for the spiritual sun – they excel at helping those less fortunate, for they see the beauty and grace behind the eyes of all earthkind.

Venus into Aries
May 2
Chicago, Lima 8:21pm
May 3 Perth 9:21am
May 3 Kyoto 10:21am


gets brains storming


Chris Samnee

Nothing has greater power than an idea whose time has arrived.
Victor Hugo

Mercury in Aries

Mercury rules the brain
Hemisphere rulership is split 
Mars rules left hemisphere - Analytical
Mercury rules right hemisphere – Creative

Mercury in Mars-ruled Aries cuts to the chase.
It thinks on the fly – the highly analytical revolving door of ideas spins like a top in this sign.  Like most fire signs, they tend not to filter.  Words pop out in fits of passionate interchanges, they keep the communication superhighway HOT.

Driven by a need to be THE FIRST to say, think, + lay tread on new intellectual roads, they are adept at speed.  Speed reading, speed pattern recog + connects, Mercury in Aries is an enthusiast of IDEAS rather than a philosopher who ponders them. (Sag)
Genius extroverts, they get brains storming – then ditch that idea for the next new thing.

Aggressive speech, thought is due to the Martian influence - witty banter brings out their best game.  Mars is the blade, after all.  Negotiation, sharing of thoughts, seeing other perspectives is hard for this impulsive, ego-driven Mercury placement. They are impatient, but have lively minds full of sudden insights and flashes of fired-up clarity.  They make great life coaches full of inspirations, quips.
Mercury in Aries is adept, agile with advice on how to GET MOVING + DO IT !

Mercury into Taurus April 23
Chicago 4:36am

Barcelona 11:15am
Qaanaaq 7:15am
Melbourne 7:15pm

Track this shift, you will notice a difference between Mars Merc + Venus Merc.


ps. How about weird brain pic – is Wolverine.
Fantastic feral Mars Mercury represent !

Soul reBirth

photo 39Tarot of the Origins

Man ready for power of spiritual insight/transformation via ritual sacrifice.

This card is reminiscent of the Lakota Sun Dance.
An abundance of angles rather than a cacophony of curves.
Odd, that.  A personal message/bolt from the blue.

I saw this card – right away I thought of A Man Called Horse, you can watch it here in comments of Metamorphoset.  Then I thought of Jupiter of course, which rules horses + this is the Year of the Wood Horse.

This Anima card is 9 – Soul Saturation – a culmination, a reckoning.
It looks like the Hanged Man from another perspective, yes ?
A leap of faith – a test of personal endurance.

My most recent epiphany was a past life reading given with 3 cards.
Ace Cups
I laughed out loud !
My Leo (Obv. lion + sun ruled) 8th house Venus Jupiter BANG ON.

Crux: this life was me returning with many of the same obstacles I had last liife as a female Caribbean slave, who died young fiercely independent despite chains.
Now in this life I endure similar obstacles that reveal and test my inner strength…
Only from a completely differing perspective.

Work out how you can alter your perspectives during Cardinal Cross, make a change for the better – see clearly – RISE ABOVE.



Wars on Kinkade Digital Art by Jeff BennettWars on Kinkade – Jeff Bennett

So…is it just me…or is life itself a tad bit incongruous of late ?
haaa eclipse mambo WoOoHOOo

I used to do framing here and there, once worked in a refurbished gristmill selling wildlife art.  So very Saturnian, yes ?
Some folks love Kinkade, ‘painter of light’, bow-legged Amish stick figures, Caucasian looking American Indians – and I’m not one of them.

As you can imagine, I was happy to move on from that gig, I’m not such a good art liar with 8th house Leo Venus/Jupes in square to Neptuner.  I would regularly get tossed questions on the value of wildlife prints and duck decoys which were so not my forte. 

Hanging in my house was the wire helmet of an art school poet, Doug, who had worn it during a legendary performance art piece when he drank his own piss.  The helmet was then handed off to a friend who created a paper sculpture with dripping flesh hanging from it in protest to a large chemical company moving into town.

So yeah, incongruous.
Part & parcel for Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto.
You get used to it.  When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
So, on to the astro…

Cardinal Cross – starring Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn
Power Steering 2 eclipses here 15th & 29
Pluto Rx
April 14 Chicago 6:47pm
April 15 Cairo 11:45am
April 15 Wellington 1:45am

war_on_kinkade_01_by_rolanddeschane-d6rmek0Seven hits of Uranus square Pluto as follows:
1. 06 2012 - Pluto Rx – 8 degrees
2. 09 2012 Uranus Rx – 6 degrees
3. 05 2013 Pluto Rx – 11 degrees
4. 11 2013 Uranus Rx – 9 degrees

5. 04 21 2012 Pluto Rx – 13 degrees 
6. 12 15 2014 Uranus Rx – 12 degrees 
7. 03 17 2015 Both Direct – 15 degrees 

Uranus transits here.
Pluto transits here.

Perfecting the square forces us to run the obstacle course in the houses they transit.
I love the switch hitting retrogrades leading up to the last meeting when both are fully operational, all pistons firing in the same direction.
I do so look forward to that.

war_on_kinkade_07_by_rolanddeschane-d6rmedkAlso of note – these eclipses are, as previously mentioned, happening in
1 Libra
2 Taurus
BOTH are ruled by VENUS.

Another spin around the Rare Venus Occultation of June 2012 is advised.
That event happened June 5, these squares began shortly thereafter on the 24th.

Second, Venus is - as of today - in Pisces for this set of eclipses.
Venus is exalted in Pisces aka ringing like a love tuning fork – universal compassion, balance, justice, forgiveness, spiritual intelligence, inspired creativity, transcendent love.

Harmony is on the horizon – seemingly illogical quirks are required resets.
Relationship rules / roles are in a mystical metamorphosis phase.

Cardinals initiate – literally, initiate. 
We’re surfing the probation/purgatory, student/teacher apprenticeship eclipse waves.

Learning curves incoming - be resilient, diligent, vigilant.
Show your QUALITY, the very highest.

peace & love
Gneiss Moon

ps. Quality, ruled by Jupiter, is currently exalted in Cancer