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Gold Vein

Kate Balay olive fairy book Kate Baylay – Olive fairy book

Full Moon 14 Taurus
Thursday November 6
4:23pm Chicago
Click here for calendar

Full Taurus Moon is heading into negotiations with Sun, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio.  Peace talks, awareness and yes, often someone on the other end of the wheel poking you repeatedly with the aggravation stick.

Mars is applying within 3 degrees of Pluto at Full Moon while Venus is in Scorpio.  Desires take the head – front and center.  Desire to join resources/power boost.  Ownership of stuff, shared stuff, power struggles over all.

Sensuality, creativity is lively & peppered with flair and drama as the luminaries square Jupiter in Leo.  

see me See Me SEE ME Jupiter in Leo is the Lunar obstacles Gold Vein to Go For – the inner frustration/faith that will lead to the most personal emotional growth.

Leo house boosts willpower, inspired by creative self-expression.
How, What, Why and Who do you love ?  Desire ?  Venus on the barrel head.

Your Taurus house is getting the insight of a Full MoOon very soon.
Messages straight from the Power Octaves – Mars & Pluto.
Heads UP

Gneiss Moon

Anima Iter Itineris


FullSizeRender 9The Vampire Tarot

Calling on direction for the Mars Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.  

This powerful team of Mars – Pluto will be applying by 5 degrees on November 3, and felt through November 12th when it begins to fade (separate).

Ace of Holy Water
Baptism in the Tree of Life, squaring the circle (hexagon).
The physical and the spiritual meet on the material plane – pure power.

Mars is fire power and Pluto is its higher octave - spiritual power.

Mars rules bites; Pluto death.
Pluto is also REBIRTH on the material plane. (While in an Earth sign.)
Continually re-identifying your spiritual purpose/promise.


While in Capricorn we are reminded of the little deaths faced each day.
Breath, meetings, illusions and moments and yes – orgasm.
Oh God.

The number six (hexagon) is ruled by Venus. 
Six is the vibration of compassion, social consciousness and balance within flux.
Love is the sacred center of all things.

FullSizeRender 10Crux Card of Spirit: The World, 21 (3)

Purified soul at ONE with the universal force.

Four cardinal virtues depicted in tarot (Justice, Strength and Temperance) are all under the rulership (according to Medieval/Renaissance) of ONE – Prudence aka Wisdom.

Mina/Anima (latin: Soul) surrounded by earth’s bounty: half dead/thorn & half living/lush.
She represents the Fool’s (Sheroic) journey.

Swallowed by initiation (snake) into the mysteries of life/death and light/dark, Mina walked the path between living/dead and conscious/unconscious.  She gained wisdom and the inherent power that accompanies it by facing trials and tribulations during the journey of life.  Capricorn (Saturn) tests/refines – Mars and Pluto meet in this sign.

Mina escaped torment (baptism of blood/undead/soulless eternity) with her purity of heart and soul restored, symbolized by the flaming heart.  Her human knowledge gained from experience reflects back to her in the mirror.
Mina has the power to reflect upon her soul – Dracula does not. 

Spirit Crux Card encourages us reflect upon (define/know/use well) 
The Middle Path between: 


Self/Others – Family/Community


Primal Fire

FullSizeRender 7Elemental Tarot

Intent: sideways insights that will lead us our collective highest expression of Uranus square Pluto in the coming weeks.  Two exact hits left:
12 15 2014 Uranus Rx – 12 degrees
03 17 2015 Both Direct – 15 degrees

This card carries the vibration of Jupiter at MC: generosity, wisdom and earned respect. Optimism and work, sharing what you know.  Freeing oneself via forgiveness, breaking the chains of guilt through self-acceptance.  Understanding/Using the human path in order to enhance spiritual growth.

Pluto’s glyph rings around the neck symbolizing the transformation crucible: culling leading to contentment.
You be the judge – feng shui your life your way.
Energy clearing tips here.

The two smaller figures represent frustration and anger at the mental, emotional and physical blocks we ourselves make that hold us back from our greatest destiny. Bending Willpower tips here.

Being open to acceptance, invulnerable to the trappings of the mundane world.  Ascending through intellectual, emotional and physical transcendence.

Spirit of the Primal Fire.
The Trumpet Sounds Within.
Change in the Face of Everything.


peace out

Saturn Around the Wheel

giphy-3I am in the middle of having a hard Saturn transit from natal Neptune to my Venus/Jupiter in Leo.  Fun times !  Heh. yeah right.  Mmm..not so much.

Saturn is many great things including: focus, tact, discipline, conservation and good old-fashioned hard work when operating high qi and/or in good aspect.

Saturn is many not so great things including: restraint, obstruction, slowing, stiffening or hardening, (yes I know what you are thinking !) karma, sorrow and pessimism – particularly when operating low qi and/or in hard aspect.
Capricorn and Saturn rule the bones and bone structure.
Right now my lower back – yeow !  Neck is not so great either.
With that in mind, I bring you Saturn around the wheel.

Listing “hard aspects” seems a bit misleading/ironic because Saturn IS hard, also keep in mind rulers of these signs when interpreting.
Hard aspects: conjunctions, squares and oppositions

Saturn in hard aspect to these planets may cause pain in these areas.
I can testify to Aries, I am a Capricorn rising with Saturn Rx in Aries and I always carry pain relief for constant headaches.

Aries – head
Taurus – neck, throat, ears
Gemini – hands, lungs, nervous system *1
Cancer – breast, stomach, yoni
Leo – heart, lower back
Virgo – solar plexus, bowels
Libra – kidneys, ovaries
Scorpio – excretory system *2
Sagittarius – things, legs
Capricorn – bones, knees
Aquarius – ankles
Pisces – feet

*1 – Do not smoke with this placement !
*2 – Literally a pain in the ass.
I will come back to edit in more after lunch.

Time’s UP !


Do or Die

Moon CapTarot of the Origins

Moon In Capricorn (Animal of Blood)
Hunter and prey. 
Do or die.  Following instincts.  Survival.

Merc NN
Mercury on North Node in Libra (Magician)
Shamanic wisdom meets the power of confident change. 

Spiritual intelligence coupled with mental agility.  
Knowledge of worlds – weaving the path of the present between past and future.



Bob Pepper - StarburstBob Pepper

Steel cleats locked and loaded for Mars in Capricorn. We are climbing the 29er.
Exalted Goats Take the Head.

Controlled concentration and sharp focus are the blade cutting through less hardy competition.  Patient, steady endurance powered by single-minded enthusiasm to succeed is behind the skillset of this placement.

Prolific practice hones work to perfection.  Mars in Capricorn is driven by an unwavering determination for position.  Goals are set & met for they are Cardinal: primal energy put to use.  They aspire to achieve a living legacy for not only themselves, but also seven generations of descendants thereafter. 
This is High Noon on Fire.

Diehard Mars in Capricorn actually loves work, but they ultimately work for status.  Honors, fame are simply by-products of being the best, the authority, number ONE in the coliseum. I AM gladiator hates to lose: be it in business, creativity, love, ownership, transcendence – whatever your Capricorn game (house) – Mars will bring it in spades.
The hard-headed Boss of organization and profit is driven by the risk taker – blinders on to all – save WIN.  Respect for the challenge, the work as well as fierce competition will drive them harder.  They crack the whip like none other.

Mars in Capricorn carries responsibility of the sacred task – making the material plane work – better, faster, stronger.  They are committed to using their time wisely for their work will benefit Earth as a whole.

Willpower of Mars in Capricorn will incur karma into generations of future/past.
Use your power wisely for yourself and our Earthtribe.

Power UP Peeps
Gneiss Moon

Let it fly

am ScorSolarEclipse heron 002Heron on the lake morning of Scorpio Solar Eclipse, Gneiss Moon

Mars IS in Capricorn since early am today, post incoming asap.
Funny how last day of vacation creeps up.  I need to get busy.
Hauling brush to burn, cleaning garage, readying for winter months… with pauses in between to marvel at blue sky and bright red maple leaves and breathe crisp, cool air.

Tonight, I was going to run to the store, but my truck wouldn’t start, the battery had mysteriously run down.  (No doors open, no lights on and it ran yesterday.)

When my neighbor came over with a charger, he shared terrible news about a friend.
Uranus rules batteries and shocking insight.

Saturn by transit is conjunct my natal Neptuner and square my natal 8th house Venus Jupiter conjunction.  Deep sadness, heinous sensitivity coupled with the determined refusal to put up with overbearing, intrusive fuckwits while I work my ass off. 

Mercury stationing opposite Uranus while both square Pluto, is for a Virgo with 9th house Sun/Uranus/Pluto, forced altitude adjustments 24/7.  It is often hard to get my head around it, changes are so fast and furious it is hard to SEE straight for ten consecutive minutes.

Jean PhoenixJean Grey, Phoenix

Tricky mental maneuvers proliferate – one hand/half of brain blocks all entry while the other hand/half of brain is open to receive.  Cogs in the wheel grind, I am understanding to a point.  Some things won’t ever make sense (Mercury) no matter how I look at it.

Clarity rings like a freedom bell with Uranus.

Pluto forces new material into consciousness – grappling for efficiency, understanding and the  s  p  a  c  e  to do so increases exponentially.

Scorpio season with Uranus square Pluto…?
Give spirit the space to phoenix.
Gneiss Moon

Seeing Stars

jennifer-jason-leighJennifer Jason-Leigh

Incredible actress.
I watched eXsistenZ again recently after gamergate exploded.  I love that dark little gem, and who can ever forget her scenes in Shortcuts ?  I won’t ruin it for you if you haven’t seen it (click the link) but it is NSFW and it’s Altman, so plan on 3 hours.

Jennifer was absolutely fantastic as Dorothy Parker and she doesn’t shy away from playing really intense screwed up people, see Bastard Out of Carolina, The Anniversary Party for starters.
Something made me think of her last night and I thought she probably has a very interesting chart, she is so riveting onscreen.  Was I ever right !
Jennifer has one of those natal charts that amaze, like Bruce Lee and Nostradamus.

Jennifer Jason Leigh natalWe have an incredible amount of intellectual Aquarius happening !
Soaring idealism, craving for fresh experiences, communicating extraordinary socially conscious visionary realms – all shown in her packed 9th house of philosophies.  Very passionate thinker/communicator who teaches through film.  Amazing.  Now I see how/why she nailed Dorothy Parker so brilliantly.

Venus bang on Jupiter and Mars bang on Saturn in addition to Aquarius Moon conjunct MC opposite Uranus conjunct IC is mesmerizing.  Moon at MC is in the public eye for work, Uranus at culmination degree of Leo at IC leads a private life, but for the screen she will rise brilliantly to the occasion.  Conjunctions are power operating, and Venus on Jupiter is sexy, but eccentric in Aquarius – the intellectual needs fed first.  Mars on Saturn (with the former conjunction in mind) is the macho femme fatale – the tough girl, smart and sassy, works hard/plays hard.

Gemini rising with Mercury (ruler) combust Sun in that powerful stellium with Moon elevated is tricky – at once flirty and nimble but also very strong-willed, focused in purpose and aspirations.  Leo North Node opposite Venus/Jupiter delivers immediate awareness of the art form, a hold-over from the past, an innate knowing boosted by a plethora of Aquarius.  Aquarian motto: I know.

She seems drawn to uncovering the raw humanity inside us all, urging us to see what we don’t want to see.  We have to look at it, know it, in order to change it.  This is a product of Chiron, the wounded healer, elevated in Pisces 10.  Using the work to heal.

Not a bit surprised by bitch goddess Lilith conjunct Pluto, either.  Lilith, she who would not be tamed or an any way subservient to man or god.  She is of course sextile Neptune (aka film) which is in hard aspect to Jennifer’s entire Aquarius stellium by transference of light.  Here lies the friction which has driven her success.  Scorpios and Aquarians are amazingly resilient for fixed signs.

Gneiss Moon

crazy cat lady

seed-pod-song-eric-edelman Eric Edelman, both

Mercury stations direct in a little less than an hour – hallelujah !
2:17pm CT, USA

My keyboard has a much closer time/ratio between typing/screen – brilliant, as I don’t fancy taking 3 hours to write a two paragraph post.

This Mercury Rx bookending the Eclipses been a particularly buggy pet retrograde at my place.  I’m a multi-Virgo, Mercury rules Virgo, rules pets. Mercury retrograde on my natal Mercury has found my cat hanging out in the oddest places.  She has taken to kitchen ceilings (we had words) and second story balcony rails. She’s sleeping on the most uncomfortable thing in the house rather than the posh, carpeted, 4-story crow’s nest I drug in here for her (and her now AWOL sister). Natch.

Kitty’s been dive bombing me :: Geronimo ! :: from the stratosphere while I sleep.  Talk about rude awakenings – silly o’clock in the morning – my little 3 lb  fuzzball (lb = Libra) makes the whole couch rock n roll.  Just this morning I was tossing laundry towards the basement, didn’t see her and it knocked her off her perch (two foot drop).  whoops ! sooOorry !  

Mercury out of Rx zone November 10 at 2 Scorpio.
Expect communications, ideas to pick up speed as we near this date.  Dexterities surrounding all will improve, also note Mercury direct will sashay with North Node of Destiny through the 30th.

Heads up – Mercurial/Venusian horizons will be expansive – info will be on deck.  Keep your eye out for synchronicities, clues.
Doors of creativity will swing wide open.  Love, friendship, self-expression, money and trades of same will be geared towards the future.
Let’s do this !

Hang in there baby
Gneiss Moon

Time Warp Agaaaaain

time in a bottleHey astrofreaks !  Happy New Moon !
We are thick as thieves in Scorpio – New Moon, Sun, Venus, Pallas Athena.

I am back working/writing with a vengeance after a nice long break from both jobs to get my head and heart right.  I culled plenty, still more to finish up as I move into the weeks ahead. I got a wild vibe and went outside and started trimming and cutting everything in sight during the eclipse so I could be under its rays/shadow – then salt water cleanse.
Felt great !  You ?

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Right on.
Thanks !

Peace out
Gneiss Moon


wonderwomanMichael TurnerMichael Turner

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. - various

Pallas Athena (Roman, Minerva) conjunct Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse/Venus is incredibly liberating.  Scorpio New Moon resonates with the deep voice of individual truth burning from the life-force within.  Eclipse interp here.

Athena, the Amazon warrior goddess was born from the head of Zeus fully armed, locked and loaded, ready to fight.  She is the daughter of Metis (wisdom, thought)  who was foretold to have great power.
Power enough to defy Zeus himself.

Pallas was discovered while on the 29th culmination degree of Mercury-ruled Virgo conjunct (out of sign) Uranus in Libra.  Leo Jupiter was conjunct Saturn (out of sign) indicating not only a truth seeker, but also a wise leader.

Sun (exalted) was conjunct Venus in Aries, opposite Uranus – Pallas Athena is an independent radical, a noble defender of truth and justice.  She is a point of brilliant strategy and creative logic.  She is fierce, resourceful, perceptive, intuitive.

When conjunct Moon, she resolves emotional conflict with females/mother/public.
When conjunct Sun, she resolves disputes that arise due to ego, willpower, honor.
When conjunct Venus, she resolves disputes over money/love/harmony/equality.

It is of note that in Scorpio, Moon is in its fall; Venus in its detriment.
While Athena is one of only three goddesses who can resist the love charms and spells of Aphrodite.
(Venus) source

Peace out
Gneiss Moon

Mars has Mail

Messier 6 and Comet Siding SpringOpen cluster Messier 6 and Siding Spring – Rolando Ligustri 
Astronomy Picture of the Day

Siding Spring likely formed 4.6 million years ago in the Oort Cloud.  No comet has come anywhere near this close to Earth in recorded history. source

Siding Spring will flyby Mars at a distance of 87,000 miles on October 19. 
That’s one-third of the distance between Earth and Moon.  Siding Spring’s tail could extend from Earth all the way to our moon. Its gaseous coma, the fuzzy head surrounding the nucleus, might stretch halfway to the moon.

If you would like access to all my posts, including the incoming New Moon Solar Eclipse as well as Siding Spring, and access to my 2015 astrological calendar, please visit the hands/heart tip jar on the main page.  Thank you

Heads UP  !

Jolly Good Insight

Air no title artist
Luis Tamani Amasifuen

Libra Venus on North Node of Destiny with Sun and Mercury Rx deliver signposts into your future.  Opportunities abound to carve out your creative niche with plenty of guts & power to back it up via the Grand Fire Trine.  Love, money, messages are incoming with a plethora of Libra opposite Uranus and Venus on North Node – listen UP.

Mercury in reassess, revise, reintegrate mode in the house of harmonious partnerships redefines finesse inwardly.  Mercury Rx in Libra signals abundant navel gazing (Venus rules both Libra, navels) which will birth new growth outwardly when Mercury stations direct on the 25.  Clarity increases as Mercury moves out of shadow November 10.

Note Leo Jupiter square Scorpio Saturn (in mutual reception with Pluto) calls forth vision in the work, faith in the work, working even though the weather does not permit full visibility.  Power forward, quietly keeping your personal momentum – for creativity is on tap.  Saturn restricts, limits and seeks depth in Scorpio while Jupiter in Leo wants largess and a boatload of fun.  Find your balance while managing both.

I thought I had posted this before, but evidently the timing wasn’t right until now.  I found the image above and thought of my crystal Fulgurite (sometimes Fulganite).  I have only blown it twice; once was today, seemed appropriate.

FulguriteIt’s a roughly 1 3/4″ (4 cm) long piece of fused silica (sand) formed into a natural glass tube by lightning strike.  The temperature at exact strike has been calculated to be hotter than the surface of the sun.  The tubes are formed from the melted sand down the middle which vaporizes at electric strike.  Mine is from Egypt, long story.

This is obviously a storm manifestation stone which delivers lightning fast kundalini awakenings, purification and creative acceleration.  Fulgurite shifts physical energies into a higher frequency/vibration.  It enhances intuition and clears the path to divine purpose by clearing or attracting the energies needed for spiritual progress.

Fulgurite 2This is also a stone of spirit (latin: spiritus; Greek: pneuma; Sanskrit, prana) or breath.  It enhances communications with higher realms via the breath when blowing through the bones of the electric tube.

Fulgurite is ritually used to ‘blow away’ troubles, cloud-bust or rain-make, call higher beings or purpose, as well as assist healing diseases of the nose, ear and throat.
Vibrates to the numbers 4 and 6 (source: Melody)

Think of these communications as throwing Thor’s Hammer – they will be coming back, so be wise, prudent with what you are attracting.  Power over yourself shall prove you worthy.  [see Thor 1 if you get tangled up on that last bit.]
Interesting as I write this asteroid Wodan 2155 is conjunct Moon at 12 Cancer; asteroid Odin 3989 is at 23 Leo trine Mars.
More Norse, Odin stones (another natural stone) here.

I left the weirdest until last…beloved Uranus and the bolt from the blue, the Freak Flag waving proudly in the thunderstorm.  I love it. 

With an elixir of Fulgurite we find more focused thoughts, assimilation of vitamins A & C, and a strengthening of the thymus, tendons and neurological tissues.
In Lemuria* fulgurite and quartz were used to divide the human race into two genders.
* Continent of practical earthy peoples; foil to the more intellectual Atlantis.
Fulgurite is androgynous.  (Gurudas)

Interesting as Mercury is androgynous – picking up the energies of whatever sign it happens to land in or whatever planet it is near.  Mercury Rx is a detached perspective particularly in Libra – while closing the opposition to its higher octave, Uranus, it calls us into intellectual awareness/balance between self/humanity.
Rethinking the I Am – We Are in order to balance both.

Jolly good insight approaches.

Gneiss Moon

Agile Analysis

andrew-lincoln-001Andrew Lincoln

I love, Love, LOVE The Walking Dead.  Crazy mind fuq tv.  See prior TWD posts here. 

Andy is a Virgo Sun, Aries Moon with a tidy T-Square between Scorpio Venus opposite Taurus Mars both square focal planet Jupiter in Aquarius.  Reserved (ala Virgo), but packing an underlying intensity of drive, purpose and intellect.

Mars in Taurus is relentless, will not back down or give an inch re: work, love or money.  Great work ethic and when working high qi, aggressively practical, peacemaking and commonsensical.  They are patiently cool as a cucumber until their Mars gets ahem aggravated, then all bets are off. Hair-trigger monster you can’t stuff back in the box.  (Familiar, Toro Moon here.)  Tapping this obviously works in his favor during zombie apocalypse freak-outs.  Killer Within –  stunning, brilliant scene, well done.

Venus in Scorpio, always an interesting placement, is in detriment aka opposite its ruler and immediately in peace talks to express itself well.  Scorpio doesn’t always excel at diplomacy being a sign of power struggle.  (I have a similar energy, Venus in 8th.)  While Venus trines Saturn in Cancer (also in detriment restricting/refining emotions) delivering an emotional depth and steadiness, it squares Jupiter in Aquarius which indicates periods of high energy expansion followed by separation.

Mercury/Pluto in Libra in tight trine to Jupiter Rx in Aquarius (all within 3 degrees) indicates a powerful transformative thinker; relationships with faith, honor and trust and the balance of same deliver mental transmutation/mind-expansion in odd unusual ways.  Resiliency of thought, perceptions, viewpoints while also tuning into the subtle vibrations of a group.

Aries Chiron opposite Uranus in Libra, is a lightning bolt of unusual awareness when dealing with justice and weighing all the options.  Thinking & acting fast with precision (Chiron quintiles Saturn) offering family and bonds where there were none.  Uranus in quintile to North Node in Capricorn also magnetizes steady work, unusual alliances and unexpected balance and harmony through the same.

Saturn is focal point of a yod aka receiving pressure from Neptune in Sagittarius (which sextiles) Jupiter in Aquarius – bonds of family/genetics, home/work, film/teaching.
Ok, here comes the perspective shift - I love it that everyone who is part of TWD says it is everybody’s show, they feel like family and they feel like we are family too.

Saturn is structure/rules and Cancer is family – this is revealed in TWD by a code, a pact, an alliance – no one gets in unless they answer the questions correctly.  This focal Saturn is a brilliant expression of a tool they have used to survive as a family.
Andy’s Saturn squares Mercury tightly conjunct Pluto in Libra; squares Pluto exact.
Mercury rules questions; Pluto, death.

Here are Rick’s questions:

How many walkers have you killed?
How many people have you killed?
Why ?

Amazingly succinct astrological synchronicities, I love it.

In closing, Andy has Venus in Scorpio at 1 degree which means he has new beginnings in store at the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio on October 23.
Well done, can’t wait to see the new season !

Peace out
Gneiss Moon


Ray Kalfus - The Road to Sinharat, 1963.Ray Kalfus – The Road to Sinharat, 1963

Eyes up for Venus. 

We have achieved Libra, or are damn sure getting messages leading us directly to her.
Beloved equality, balance, beauty, justice incoming with Libra Venus, Sun conjunct North Node of Destiny.  Goals & spirit meet & greet, destiny reset – get moving on UP.

Where Lunar Eclipse knocked some emo ass to the curb and back, this Gemini Moon picks her up, dusts her off and starts her all over again.  Barn/brainstorming strong communications with quick thinkers and headstrong women sharpen the culling blades.

Leo Jupiter squares Saturn; trines Mars in Sagittarius – faith meets actions, we gain traction while in full faith/status/throw down – work speaks for itself.  Mercury Rx deals from under the deck, tricky diplomat of Desires & Balance reworks the groove in tandem with these eclipses. 

Full Lunar Endings deliver New Solar Beginnings in 11 days.
Where do you most desire balance ?
You Already KNOW.

Work IT !

T-bolt !
Gneiss Moon